Writer looking for writer for awesome stories [MXM, BDSM]

Started by Chapeau, September 25, 2014, 07:38:56 PM

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Hello everybody, it is I, Chapeau, looking for RPs, I'm leaving this little ad to try and find a writing partner for stories.

I am looking for someone to play MXM stories involving BDSM (my current craving) and possibly some light noncon. I am looking for literate players who like character development as well as writing mature scenes.

I am mainly looking for someone to be the dominant one, though I might be willing to dom with a good idea (or some talking about it. I'm not too hard to convince.)

Here are some ideas for inspiration, though you don't need to limit yourself to those. I might add more if I have more ideas. PM me if you are interested.

Tags: BDSM, Light NC, Modern
Pairing: Teacher (Dom) and Student (Sub)
A young man is having trouble with his grades and seeks the help/is forced to seek the help of a private teacher. The student, at first, isn't learning and his grades don't improve much. This pushes the teacher, who has been firm but nice to the student at first to impose his will on the student, using sex as a reward or punishment to force the student to learn and work.

This could go many ways and in many directions. The student and teacher could, for instance, start to bond. The student could start to like submitting to the teacher and they'd keep on seeing eachother from there, learning to be a proper sub or something. There is a variant creeping in my mind where the private teacher could be replaced by a roommate.

About that promotion
Tags: BDSM, Modern
Pairing: Corporate executive (Dom) and Employee (Sub)
An employee in a big company is looking to get a promotion and manages to get the attention of the big boss who is willing to get him to higher hierarchical positions in exchange for the employee to submit sexually to him.

It could also go the non-con road through blackmail and stuff. Another variant would put the employee as the dom and the executive as the sub (most probably through blackmail) where the employee would get what he wants by dominating his superior.