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Author Topic: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies  (Read 2682 times)

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Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« on: September 23, 2008, 09:14:28 PM »
CURRENT MOOD/NEED/FANTASY: Sub to a She-Male, Dungeon Crawl, The Tropics

Profile and Purpose

I am an ancient role-player forged in the fires of the red box over two decades ago (ye gods don't do the math, I beg of you). Able to dive into a dungeon at a moment's notice, I am comfortable by polyhedral dice and graph paper. Neverwinter Nights is my favorite video game of all time. 

In this world of I am what can be called a Try-sexual. In this mind, within these fingers, inside the words that I mold here on E, I will try just about anything except what the body calls waste. Here I fuse my imagination with my sexuality, and know that this is the only place where I do. Fortunately, I live most of my life in my mind. Some people in my life have cursed me for that and found it a blessing.

This thread is my sanctum, my blog with erotica/smut. Here I will not only advertise but vent any needs and fantasies I may have in my mind.

If you are interested in any of this please PM me

The She-Males' Apprentice

Not exactly sure of the plot, could be fantasy or modern, I am sure we can work on it. But I am searching for someone to play a dominant trans-gender, she-male, for long-term play in a growing relationship and setting . I plan on playing Erois, an afeminite male (could be elvish or half-elvish), in a very submissive role. I have very little limits (can do non-consensual or BDSM but won't do blood or body-waste of any kind). I think he does this to gain power or magic or something. I will post details as I think of them.

It would be curious to explain she-males in a fantasy setting and it would be an excellent plot device.

Do let me know if anyone is interested

Deep Space

I have been thinking about this one for some time. Two (or more) crewmembers are on a deep space mission. Nothing to do in the craft except, eat, work out, read, watch holosex, or have sex. It could be just that or the possibility of an alien invasion, marooned, captured, sexual experimentation by aliens, you name it. Let me know of ideas and what not.

This thread, like many, got alot of attention then just died out of nowhere, was wondering if anyone is interested again. I have it in the groups area

Roma Eterna
Got this idea in the lounge, a Roman servant, perhaps slave, a real gourmant as in the French and Latin; serves his master or employer in whatever pleasures them. Lush surrounding, perhaps an open pillared room overlooking a coast. I am thinking Hercalaneum before the vomiting Vesuvius. The peak of Roman resorts. The other plays the employer or master, and we can explore the Roman world, fiction or otherwise, together. And yes Roman baths are included free of charge.

Year One or Mayan Calendar

Born in a world divided by the Great Wall of Americas, Hombre is the Guardor of Sanfe, one of the few cities to be preserved during the decaying world of the American Southwest. Years of nuclear testing, and racial tension, and migration (which the former United States called illegal immigration) exploded in a social and geographical holocaust. Cities like Phoenix and Dallas rapidly ran out of water and labor as thousands of Mexicans suddenly moved south of the border. The Wheel of the ages, El Calendario Maya, appeared to have been correct.

"Scorched beyond repair, the earth seemed tired of these things called humans. All it wanted to do was rest, fold into its core and sleep for a while. We could see this with the crops becoming thinner, lazier and the sky never took on the blue it once did. Our band crossed the steppes and mesas, looking not for the life our grandparents enjoyed, in the last days before the blast, but for something else- for we were something else.

Stopping at the wall, members of our caravan marveled at the strange deities scrawled for kliks on the concrete. Some of them even identified a quetza and another remembered that far to the South there were temples that rose like the ones on the wall. My second tried to trace the feathered snake but he was gone 2 sun-degrees before turning back. As usual, the crazy ones whispered about climbing over, but the Mexa were a feared empire, whispered to have fallen back to the sacrifice of their own. Their own what no one wanted to know.

“We must continue to El Crater!” Libro, the scribe, astrologer, herbalist and brewer, shouted from his covered wagon. But it was easy for someone riding in comfort to talk of staying onto Paso.

“Oye Hombre,” my right hand said. “Why go to a place called Crater?” He had a point and wondered if following the sun, like our ancestors did, could bring us, like them, absolute ruin. But maybe I was just thinking about it too much. “Jefe, snap out of it,” he added. “There’s dust coming up and it looks like a line of them."

Damn another pack of Banditos, mierda, oh well at least Capitan will have more skulls. Maybe even something for the soup.

Vamos para ya, Hombre, vamos?"

Then the world ended.

It was reminisce of Gamma World RPG

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2008, 07:35:37 PM »
The apprentice is still open if there is a volunteer. What no Shemale sorcerer supreme?
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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2008, 10:36:16 PM »
Updated to show current condition of Cesar, went off to the Inn

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2008, 11:19:20 AM »
Deep Space is opening up into more than I originally thought. It appears we have two crewmembers, if you wish to post your ideas here please do so.

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2008, 09:34:15 PM »
Looks like Deep Space is opening into a pretty active thread. I am thinking non consent freeform exotic. I am going to start a post soon on the ship, introduce my man and go from there. Perhaps there will be a crewmember who disappeared hmmm?

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #5 on: December 07, 2008, 10:47:22 AM »
Made [Deep Space] Urania and OOC threads, in the Play-By-Post: Non-Consensual Exotic > NC: Exotic-Freeform Small Groups by all means jump in.

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #6 on: March 01, 2009, 04:50:33 PM »
Casting are being held now for the Dominant Sorceress thread, do apply in this thread. For details, see above...

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #7 on: March 25, 2010, 08:48:43 PM »
I would love to start the Dominant's Apprentice thread, anyone interested?

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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #8 on: October 26, 2015, 08:42:20 PM »
Only would like to say, I have returned and my story ideas are still good to go. Ready to start it going!

Recent thoughts are the following.
  • Some sort of starship endeavor ala Star Trek or Orville going deep into space and exploring inter-species relations and customs.
  • A dungeon fantasy romp where lovers crush the evil that is the monsters. A romantic tomb of horrors?
  • As you can see from the icon, I am a big Dr Strange fan. I am thinking of a one on one, or perhaps with more, myself playing Dr. Strange and someone else playing Mystique. For some odd reason I feel like those two would make some serious chemistry together.
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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2019, 06:47:23 PM »
I would be particularly interested in playing this out, any volunteers?

Titas from a sudden photograph, in discord. 

"I remember walking down the strip, the main thoroughfare of the capital city, straight off the first flight from Miami; and seeing her for the first time. Looking at her from across the street, there was not a straight line on her. Everything was expressed in curves.

At the nearest cabaret we talked and can say now that I did not notice a bulge or a deep voice at all (though a bit of a broad shoulder was the only thing close to a hint). On the contrary everything looked like a woman, confident and deep-throated, but every bit a woman. She drank martinis and cosmos with as if sipping from a breast.

She told me they called her "Titas," but I wasn't too sure of the name because of the big band on stage.

What really got me was the color of a her hair, a striking white, that swooped over her eyes when she looked at me. Her lipstick matched that ivory and I wondered if her carpet matched those drapes.

It did.

I thought afterward in the motel, on the seedy side of San Judas' nest district, with my head screaming as I stared in the mirror before me. My hands cuffed to the large wood-frame. He feet on the bureau as she pounded me, riding me from behind. Her tits bounced and rolled like two kettles screaming to be let off the fire. I felt her filled balls slap my open ass as she pulled my cheeks apart to get deeper. I couldn't believe she fit the whole thing in me, though she promised me she would.

The last thing I remember is she going for my neck. After one final thrust I passed out.

So here I am writing on this cheap motel stationary, my ankle cuffed to this bed, wondering when she will come back.

And with who- 

Or what."
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Re: Cirus' Needs and Fantasies
« Reply #10 on: June 29, 2019, 11:35:11 AM »
Holding for a muse... She Male Dungeon Crawl

Every time I would go off searching for a secret door, she would under her flap. If I found a hidden hole and undid the necessary traps she mounted me right then and there.

She wasn't my hero, not at all. For she felt she could not best a fight, she simply threw me at them. And that was a strange dungeon it was, for nothing tried to eat me or damage me; on the contrary. They filled my holes with members, tentacles, and one even a claw.

The only time she got jealous was when a Satyr climbed on my back and penetrated me. It just took the tip and she reacted instantly- beheading him with but a cleave of her immense sword. The body convulsed and ejaculated in me and she quickly filled me with hers just to reestablish territory.

All in all, it was a profitable romp. Titas got most of the treasures she sought, and, at long last, I was given a merciful hand-job at the end- to increase my experience.
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