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Author Topic: Echo's Book of Twisted Fairy Tales [Story Required]  (Read 316 times)

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Echo's Book of Twisted Fairy Tales [Story Required]
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:09:49 AM »

I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp. - Please Think before messaging me; Thank you.
(Dang bUtE & beast iz so hot! U b sexC baBe, & I'll tap Dat U w my beast.  - Just no..)

STOP! READ! - I am a huge fan of twisted fairy tales (well fairy tales in general), however I tend to steer away from them due to many people turning them into smut fests rather then a good story. So before we get started I would first and foremost like to point out the fact that ALL of my RPs MUST have a PLOT. So if you are here looking for cheap, one-liner smutty thrills; please leave NOW.

With that in mind I would take a go at finding some new 1x1 Rp buddies. As such I have made a list of a few general ideas I have floating in my brain for some twisted fairy; but keep in mind these are not set in stone nor none adjustable. So don't be shy if you have an idea or adjustment to the plot you want to share. Also to quickly cover that I currently have no interest in "slice of life" and/or "Modern/Urban" RPs; please for the love of reading; no thank you... However on the bonus side all of these plots are opened for Romance, as well as a wide mix of Dark and battle-filled stories.

I am also open for mythology stories too!

Quick Overview Of Me:
  • I'm not a Grammar-Nazi
  • Romance  = ♥
  • Darker Plots = ♥
  • ♥ = Action, Drama, Horror, Thrillers, Mind Twisters, Mysteries
  • ♥♥♥ = Original Ideas.
  • I type my replies to match what is typed (but generally 3-10+ Paragraphs depending how much I have to work with)
  • I avoid modern themes (they bored me to death, rarely I play them but only if they are good)
  • Fantasy, originality, Mythical, and Cultural themes are my weaknesses
  • I Don't Do Character Sheets, as I am a freelancer styled RP'er (I make all my characters from scratch/on the spot)
What will be required of you:
  • An Open Mind
  • Having general ideas and details when contacting me.
  • Over a paragraph when replying (I'm tired of tiny replies)
  • Attributing to the plot
  • Common scene
(I will ignore 1-2 linger pm's asking me to rp)

Plots Required; Avoiding Pointless Pure-Smut RPs
As much as I enjoy romance in my RPs I actually enjoy the story more. Even a story that may seem focused on romance I'd still like to see the plot go somewhere and find a decent closer. I've seen too many plots so sour from romance being overdone; whether it be myself or other RP'ers that got carried away. - So in a nut shell; No cheap thrills here, if thats all your looking for: please move along.

Character/Gender & Pairings:
  • You can be Male, Female, Any race you like.
  • I myself can play a male, or female or futanari or whatever!
  • As For pairings I am open to anything really. (Not much experience in MxM thou, just a warning)
  • For the record (since some of you people seem to care) I am a female in real life :P
  • Preferences: I'm fairly open minded; in fact my darker characters can be pretty messed up; but doesn't mean I focus on it all the time.
  • If something makes me or yourself weird I'll be sure to red flag it and avoid it heavily. - Other then that I'm fairly mediocre
Graphic violence: The other half of mature.
One thing I like to bring up that is often overlooked but yet is still classified as adult/mature is graphic violence. Whether it be Gore in the form of massive amounts of blood in a vampire roleplay, or something more gruesome as demons feeding off human entrails. Or perhaps just typical violence; someone getting kicked around or a massive beat down. - I am perfectly fine with these; in fact I love to beat up my characters; or even play villains. It's all just action, thriller or horror type stuff in my book. Though if it bothers you just let me know, I've done plenty of exciting yet squeaky clean RPs~

Modern / Slice of life / Futuristic RPs
I find that these Rp's are heavily overdone; and honestly if I really wanted to get my fill of these I can simply turn on my tv. However; On a rare occasion I will do one of these themes however they are usually only used as a starter for a more fantasy-like setting, or at are laced with a fantasy setting. Though there is always that very rare occasion I'll do something close to a non-fantasy Rp; but generally it would be a action-packed thriller sort of theme. - Your free to suggest it, but don't be sad if I turn away these ideas.

Plot Lists
Warning some of these plots are not faint at heart...

Uncommon Twisited Fairy Tales
-Hansel and Gretel- (Incest)
A few years after escaping the witch that nearly killed and ate them and their wicked stepmother died; Hansel discovers that it was actually Gretel that killed their stepmother, and not by just any normal means. As it turns out While Hansel was being fatten up to be eaten by the witch, Gretel was being taught the arts of dark magic; in fact Hansel was supposed to be her dark offering to the spirits that grant her power; but loving her brother more she instead killed the witch that was training her. Now in their teens It's been discovered that witch hunters have come into town; to which Hansel is put in a disposition to ether protect his sister, or reveal her for what she has become.

-The Princess and the Pea-
A queen is desperate to marry her son to a princess of power before her time on earth ends, but as more princesses reject her son's request it becomes harder to find a princess to even meet her son. To which the prince is in a state of depression as regardless of how nice or polite he is with the ladies they refuse to take his hand. However falling in love with one of his servants the prince gets an idea to fool his mother into believing the servant is a princess; only later to discover the real reason non of the princesses wish to marry him, is because each princess he meets mysteriously vanishes...

-Thumbelina- (size-play)
Born from a tiny flower; Thumbelina would be considered a normal woman aside from the fact she stood only a few inches high. But rather then being kidnapped by a toad, a beetle, and possibly married to a mole before she finds her prince charming. She is stolen by a merchant, sold to a richman, and later saved by a wizard; who informs her that her mother that grew her from a flower was actually a witch herself, who pulled her wings off so she could keep her as a tool for magic. To which now that others know about her many are now attempting to steal her away, which leaves behind a trail of blood as they venture off on a quest to return to her proper people.

-King Midas-
It was said that King Midas had the golden touch... But in truth he never had the ability at all; but rather a fair maiden in his kingdom did - Cursed by a satyr when her father wished that his daughter could make the family some gold; but later insulted the mythical being. The king longs for more then just her magical abilities; but knows they can never truly be intimate ; or could they? That is.. if she even wants to be... But does she really have a say in the matter?

Foreign/Undiscovered Fairy Tales

-The Twelve Dancing Princesses- (Harem Style)
A solider sets off to find the reason why the king's twelve daughters' are acting strangely; only to find that the truth is far better left unsaid. While assumingly they where only dancing with the lords outside of the kingdom. The truth is far more darker when the solider discovers not only that the princesses have been dancing with demons, but they have taken up the dark arts and have become witches... and when the solider discovers their secrets they go to great lengths to keep him quiet. (also toss in some witch hunters and demons attacking the kingdom and you got yourself a bloodbath...)

-The Nightingale- (Chinese Folktale)
I would actually follow the same story fairly closely; but replace the nightingale with a woman, and the mechanical bird with a demon doppelganger trying to over run the kingdom.

-The Bamboo cutter's daughter- (Japanese Folktale)
Again this story would stay fairly similar, expect that perhaps the daughter teams up with one of the princes as they try to escape demons that are trying to consume her; while trying to get her back to the moon.

-The one Inch boy- (Japanese Folktale) (Size-Play)
I'd change close to nothing; probably adding more demons for interesting fight scenes. (it's like a warrior version of Thumbelina only it's a guy not a girl)

Little Mermaid Tales
-Under the sea-
A twist on the original, where our darling mermaid approaches the seawitch not so she can get legs; but so she can give her prince fins. (with or without his permission)

-Pirate's Bounty-
After saving her 'prince' from drowning our mermaid doesn't make it back into the water on time; as a result the prince awakens to find her on the beach, and unluckily for her, he really isn't a prince.. but rather a pirate captain who happily takes his new prize.

-The Sea witch is the Protagonist?-
When a mermaid seeks revenge on a man for killing someone in her family, the seawitch agrees by giving the mermaid a potion that would steal the man's legs from him allowing her the ability to walk on land to kill his family while trapping him under the sea with a tail. - However as a twist of fate would have it the seawitch and the man would fall in love and work together to stop the mermaid who just started her killing spree...

-Fish out of water-
So close to happily ever after as the mermaid finally gets her prince; only to find out he had been faking his love for her the entire time as he knew from the beginning she was a mermaid. and now she is out of help's reach he plans on using her mermaid abilities and knowledge to his advantage to overrule the other kingdoms. (To restore her powers he would perhaps use a potion to return her to being a mermaid)

Mainstream Twisted Fairy Tales
(WARNING: Mainstream stories will RARELY be done! Choose with Caution!)

-Beauty is the Beast-
Woodsman falls in love with a beautiful woman only to discover she where a werewolf. (or) Man goes to save his sister who has been captured by a beast, and in exchange takes her place.. But later finds out the beast is a real bitch... (pun intended)

-Red On Snow- (Snow White) (Reversed harem)
Caught red handed with a knife in her hand, there was few that wound believe that miss.Snow didn't kill her step mother in cold blood; when in truth it was self defense. With warrants for her head began to rise it isn't much of a surprise that a group of seven bounty hunters would take interest on the price on her head. But when they realize that she is actually not at fault they give her but a simple option... Join them, and help them fake her death so they can get the reward money, or simply get send to jail where she is most likely to face beheading... The group promises her that once they travel over seas they will help her get started in the new land... However what they where not planning on however was falling in love with her... (Mostly romance, but could also turn out that miss.snow is actually quiet the fighter too on their bounty hunting adventures)

-Little Red Riding Hood-
A story about a demon hunter seeking revenge on the monster that killed her family.

(WARNING: Mainstream stories will RARELY be done! Choose with Caution!)

Got any ideas? PM ME!
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Re: Echo's Book of Twisted Fairy Tales [Story Required]
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2014, 12:58:23 AM »
All plots are currently available and open for discussion.