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March 23, 2017, 07:41:23 AM

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Author Topic: From a Pirate Queen to His Sex Slave [ M seeking F]  (Read 246 times)

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From a Pirate Queen to His Sex Slave [ M seeking F]
« on: September 24, 2014, 07:46:44 AM »

Pirate Queen Turned Slave


As indicated by the name the RP will be about a powerful Pirate Queen being torn from her station and turned into a slave.
She will fall at the hands of a renowned British gentlemen, a former Commodore of Her Majesty the Queens Royal Navy. Due to circumstance he decided to part from his naval career and took up station with the East India Trading Company.

A rough idea of how I want the RP to play out

1. The "Pirate Queen" will be relentlessly raiding cargo ships along the Indian coast and the trade routes between there and England.
2. Eventually deciding that she had kicked the hornets nest enough she sets sails to the open Atlantic to seek refuge in the tropics, Tortuga especially.
3. Having been officially named the Queen of Pirates by the brethren court three years before to fight the increasing presence of the East India Trading Company and foreign navies, she now received a cut of all illegal trades and piracy. This money was held in Tortuga where she would sail to regularly to claim her spoils.
4. Over time Tortuga had been turned into a large fortress with money invested by the renowned Pirate Queen and any Pirate  Lord who swore allegiance
5. Going unchecked for years this "Court" or Clan rather, of Pirates continues to bleed trade routes dry. Only this time the Pirate Queen bit off a little too much and the Company responded
6. The Companies response came in the form of one of the youngest Commodores to have served under the Queens Royal Navy. The reasoning behind his forced "retirement" was kept secret however it was well rumoured and known to be dark and sadistic.
7. Setting sail with with a lone ship to confront this "Queen", a secret armada hidden along the Colonies ready for his call to sail forth.
8. The Lord and Queen can meet to exchange terms or perhaps given the mysterious nature of his character he could potentially even infiltrate the island.
9. A secretive relationship could develop between the two, very briefly. It would be completely one sided though. The ominous, manipulative, conniving side of the Lord would come to light. Using her as an "in" to the Island he would call forth his Armada, perhaps as she is still laying wet from the night before in her bed. Bringing down the fortress he enslaves her as his own sexual toy.
10. The Lord could Potentially even hold Tortuga for himself from where he will break the will of the Queen and turn her into his obedient sex slave. However she will be defiant but it'll only bring him more pleasure.
11. Not exactly serving the Companies interest though too dangerous to confront he takes control of the Carribbean with his own secret army and claims the Armada given to aid him in the destruction of the Pirates.
12. At this point and through previous encounters the horrible nature of the "Gentlemen" would have been brought to light.

I can see the RP being a long term thing, it doesn't need to be rushed. I am completely open to suggestions and brainstorming.

What I'm looking for in a partner:
  • For this one I'd like a sexually submissive partner, who can still be a little bit defiant before submitting entirely.
  • ACTIVE! I'd like an active partner for this one. I hate waiting forever to get a response. I'm really busy but I can give a reply and maybe even more every day, 90% of the time.
  • Literate: No one is perfect (Especially me) but I'd like someone who can be descriptive and produce a paragraph or two as a near minimum. We all have our bad moments, typos, brain farts and the lot but you get the just.

Pirate Queen

  • Only physical restriction I'd impose - I'd like her to be Caucasian. You get to decide what she looks like from there on.
  • She'll need to be defiant and strong to start with(Makes it more fun to break her spirit)
  • You get to decide the kind of Pirate she is, ultimately she is a Queen of Pirates. Probably not the nicest or straightest arrow.
The Lord

  • A Perfect British Gentlemen in the eye of the public.Well spoken, well dressed etc.
  • Secretive, Two-Faced, Conniving, Manipulative, Dominating (Physically as well as in Personality)Sadistic, these being a handful of his qualities.
  • It would become very clear very fast how ruthless he is. He was the kind that wouldn't let anything get in the way of his desires.
  • The Lord would be very sexually driven, a charmer at court and a master in the bedroom. Purely dominating his "toys" to the point where it breaks their spirit. He loved a bit of a struggle(Mostly consensual)
  • He would be a very handsome well kept man. Escaping the side effects of being such a horrible person at each turn
  • Fearless he wouldn't be the kind to sit back and watch, loving a fight he would always lead his men into the heat of battle.
  • Most importantly the perfect posh accent of a British Gentlemen.

Any Questions of Suggestions then Just Ask or PM(I bite..hard)


Offline FedalasTopic starter

Re: From a Pirate Queen to His Sex Slave [ M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2014, 09:14:23 AM »
Partner found ^^