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Author Topic: Plots read them if you like! (F for M mostly Updated 1/28/15)  (Read 874 times)

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Plots read them if you like! (F for M mostly Updated 1/28/15)
« on: September 23, 2014, 11:24:22 PM »
Hello to all the find folks here on Elliquiy, thanks for taking a look at my thread and might I say you look lovely/ handsome today  ;).  I already have this thread posted up on the non forum broads but I have recently decided to start playing on the broads as well so I am throwing it up here to.  If there anything you like feel free to throw me a pm and we can chat.  All the plots are open to partner in put, in fact I love nothing more then to bounce idea's back and forth.   

I am looking for:
-Over email, forum or private message (In that order)
-post length anywhere from a paragraph to a few paragraphs
-okay grammar (mine is not prefect but, so I would never expect perfect from another person)
-I would prefer the female role in these plots but with the right partner I would be up for the male. 
-Blue's are my cravings at the moment though I am up for all these plots.

Preferred story to smut at the moment

Kink list
Look below on the signature, please read

Themes I always crave
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Non Con/ Reluctant
Size difference (large males small laides)
Age difference  (with in site rules)
Really any kind of power play (rich powerful men)
Arranged/ Forced marriage
Male Obsession (men being obsessed with a woman)
Inter-species (more like aliens and humans or monsters and humans then a person and a dog though)
Fan universes (Universes I would like to play in.  I only play O.C. but I am open to partners playing cannon)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Avatar  the last airbender and legend of Korra
Star trek (tng,ds9,voy)
Walking dead (comic mostly)
Harry Potter
Tortall (I don't expect anyone to know this)
Elder Scrolls
Harvest moon
Gravity Falls

Detailed plots - note most of the below are left vague for a reason, I am open to changing them around just ask  ;)

My star trek plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is still on the non forum broads but open to forum play too! But please have a good knowledge TNG, DS9 and if at all possible VOY.  Please no purely TOS or rebut based plots please

The Runaway
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She sits alone at the bus stop a worn backpack laying in her lap as she scans the bus schedule that hang on a post next to the bench.  Everything about the teen (16 or up) seems worn, scuffed or dirty.  She pulls her oversized jacket closer around herself as the sun sets and the cold creeps in.  A shadow crosses over her in the dying light and she turns to look up into the eyes of a stranger. 

(an Idea with a lot of possibilities.  It all centers around a teenage runaway and what happens depends on who finds her.  It could be a friendly strangers just looking to help, it could be predator looking for his newest victim or really anything in between.)   

The Demon
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This plot is not well hashed out but I felt a need to post it.  The demon is an opera by Anton Rubinstein that has recently caught my eye.  It’s the tale of a demon, tormented in his isolation  who becomes obsessed with a young women about to marry her prince.  He appears to her promising the world if only she would be his. She is both fascinated and scared by him, before he arrived a simple and blameless life lay before her but now he offers so much more though with it damnation must surely come.  She rejects him and he kills her groom hoping she will then love him.  The young heroine is more scared then before and flees to a convent.  The demon haunts her dreams for weeks only to appear one last time in the flesh.  Her will buckles and she surrenders to him.  In triumphs he kisses her only to have an angel and the ghost of her would be husband appear to her. Then she promptly turns from the demon and fall down dead.  The angel proclaims all her suffering has made her fit for heaven and the demon is doomed to his loneliness.

.... But what If he wasn’t? :)  What I would like to do is explore this tortured demon and the girl he found so irresistible.  What if she had given in earlier? Or hadn’t turned from him? or even still was not able to turn from him? How would his plot play out in a modern setting? would his title of demon be real or just a metaphor for a man corrupted by this world?   

Breeding brothel #203
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Okay so this is kind of an outline for a world I have planned out I would love to have some one to play it with.

In the near future nuclear fallout (or a plague or anything else you like)  has caused not only mass population drop but the gender ratio to shift.  As of 2235 only one girl is born for every five boys.  Needless to say the idea of traditional marriage no longer works so the world government steps in to set up a new  system.  Each girl upon reaching her sexual maturity (17 or 18)  is sent to live in state run brothel for 10 years.  Each girl has her own bed room with a small attached bathroom where she takes care of her clients.  For each man she serves she is given a small reward in state credits.  She can then use this to buy creature comforts, extra food, or even time off from her ten years.  Each of them is of course encourage to get pregnant as often as possible though even while pregnant they are allow to take clients though they can refuse.  After their ten years the women are allowed to leave though they may stay on they can also go out into the world to find a husband or even start there own brothel.  Child born in the brothel are raised caregivers and their own mothers if they are inclined to join in.  Boys are turned out at 18 but the girls go to the brothels as do any girls born outside.  This isn't a male dom world though.  M dom might happen but it's as it is in the real world on a personal level not on a state level.  Often they administrators of these brothels are former whores and they are not second class citizens.  I am open to changing and working this with a partner but for the most part I am happy with it.

Unlucky Number 13
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A large peaceful domain, a wive he loves, 4 strong sons, and 8 lovely daughters, what more could a ruler want? Odd how pulling one piece away can unravel it all.  When the Queen dies bringing her 9th daughter into the word the king's mind begins to slip.  He never sets eyes of his 13th child instead sending her to live in some far off place comfortably but  never to know who she truly was.  After all what would need was there for a 13th child?

18 years pass, the king still mourns in his cruel maddess but the people count on the crown prince taking over and restoring all the kingdom once was.  Then tragedy strikes again the ship carrying the 12 royal heirs sinks, none survive.  From his darkened room the king orders his most trusted men to go to a country house and bring his forgotten child home.

(Another story featuring my royal fetish.  It would focus around the young women struggle to adjust to court life and her new place.  Could have a lot of twist and turns.  A foreign prince visiting and trying to seduce her, the schemes of her own land"s nobles, maybe the kings not fully appropriate attention to his own daughter (who looks oddly like her mother) or any number of other things, I am very open to building a world with a partner in this story.       

Bloody Throne, Bloody Skirts
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A kingdom in crisis, a land which for two hundred years was blighted with constant war. Till finally a son of one of the ruling family managed to pull it together once more, but at a cost.  In his wake lay the dead bodies of anyone who dared fight him, more then half the old families wiped. He is a ruthless man of blood and steel but one thing evades him, an heir.  It had all seem simple when he had come to the throne as a young man, he could have his pick of the ladies of his court and marry the first to bare a child.  But pregnancy after pregnancy ends in a mess of blood, in early miscarriages, still birth, and in one case both mother and child both dead in an hour of birth.  The doctors time and time again have clear both would be mothers and the king of sickness but again and again it happens.  The court starts to whisper as the king ages, the blood bath that started his rule must of displeased the gods or one of the old families must have cursed him.  Then in this tenth year on the throne a young mid wife, for a far off place arrives at his court, sent by her king too help. She been said to work miracles, saving mother and child when others had given up on both. But what happens when it is the young healer drawing the kings attention rather then his unofficial harem. 

(the Idea would be the king and the young mid wife falling in love, ideally this has a fantasy setting, but it might work modern.  Also the build up for this will be long before the smutty part comes. Lots of build up lots of tension)   

Real life in the harem
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She had arrived as a child clinging to the skirts of her scared mother.  All the women, and there were only women were scared.  In the last 3 months their village had been attack, they had been capture, ship to a strange land far away and finally arrived at a grand palace.  Among the small group rumors spread like fire.  The ruler of this land has no morals and the lust of a god, they would be forced to join his harem and serve him like whores.  The truth turned out to be much less exciting.  They had been brought here to serve but not the sultan instead his sultana.  All the rumors they had heard had been wrong.  The harem was not a place of wild sexual abandon, yes the all the sultan's wives and mistresses lived there but they made up only a small percent.  Most were the servants and daughters of his wives.  They had been brought from their home for there skills.  The sultana had seen their craft and wanted their skills at her disposal.  The life was comfortable and the group lived mostly unharassed.  All and all it was a good life and she grew up quietly serving seemingly unseen in the harem.  She barely noticed when the sultan died.  Things would not change much she assumed but then again she had never guess what eyes had been lingering on her.

(a realistic harem plot.  A slave/ craftswoman  from a foreign land grows up in the harem (I wrote it in middle eastern terms but the setting could be India based as well)  Her life is rather dull mostly just work until the old sultan dies and the new sultan eyes fall on her   

Unlooked for suitor
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She never looked at anyone in class, never talked to anyone in her dorm but the few friends she had, never drew attention to herself in anyway, or at least she thought.  She had never noticed those eyes that lingered on her everyday in math class, why should she? She had far better thing to spent her time on, her work always came first, she had to keep her grades up for her scholarship to renewed.  Her family was poor and everything she has ever wanted she worked for.  Her life has been the opposite of those eyes that linger over her, the eyes of a foreign prince whose been given everything, but now he wants her.   

(a little over done, but after the passing of one of my great aunts I find myself the owner of a bookshelf of harlequins which brought on this plot which I would really love to play. This can go one of two ways in my mind, him trying to court her at school all sweet like and slowly wearing on her till she starts to give in, or the darker route that could involve blackmail, kidnapping, imprisonment, and even non con all up to the other player though I would like playing it darker)     

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The lights were blinding, stopping her from seeing anyone in the packed audience only black figures all clearly staring at the people lead out before her.  Heart beating fast she listens to the masked and well dressed man at center stage describing the giant of a man next to him in chains and with the dead looking eyes.  Not all the people before her are like that some were scared like her, others seemed calm as though this was something normal and still others seemed excited.  She gripped the loose but short wrap of a dress covering her body, as the biding on the tall man went on, white flashes of silent paddles going up in the air, the masked man shouting and calling out numbers.  In what seemed like no time the man was gone and so were the fours others between her and the fiend with the hidden face.  She could see the his mouth twisted in a leering grin as his hand gripped her arm, leading her out to the spot light.  She didn't hear him describing her to the crowd or the prices he shouted out, no heard nothing just saw the little white flashes of paddles going jump.  Then finally one word came through to her in panicked state “Sold!” and like a switch had been turned she fell to the ground in a faint, where she would wake up a Mystery to her. 

The Bastard Queen
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is a reason the northern lands are still ruled by the original royal family, the name has changed yes but the line is unbroken, The priest in the capital makes sure of that.  Only the true king or queen can approach it's inner alter and perform the rituals needed to keep the lands fertile and the people safe.  But now the old king is dead and the alter has rejected all his nephews, for he had no child of his own.   Across the land those same nephews went searching for who the true heir must be, but while they are gone the priest and priestess of the temple did find someone at the high alter, none of the royal family just a young woman who looks echo the late king's.  But what will be the fate of this young queen, unknown and unprotected from the person who controls her land. 

(possible pairings: uncle, cousin, nobleman from that land or another, foreign prince, commoner, criminal)

The ambassador's daughter
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her father had warned her not to trust, not to take gifts and most of all not to follow.  "who knows what these barbarians could mean by the simplest gesture"  He had sneered before their arrival.  She had always wondered why they had made him as ambassador when he seemed to hate the places they sent him to.  But that was father not her.  In truth she found the endless palace beautiful, the culture charming and the man who lead her along entertaining and kind.  He had promised to show her something no foreigner had ever seen little did she know that as her foot crossed the threshold her fate was sealed.

Okay the plan here is simple, two cultures her's based off the modern or Victorian west and his based off either the middle east or maybe the far east.  Her father his forced to take her along on an ambassadorial mission to a land that besides being powerful has it's own unique custom.  The prince or king of that land falls for her and sets about his seduction, which ends in him tricking her a marriage.       

A Dying Breed
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"Her species had been brought to a the brink by a war they had not asked for.  His species had brought themselves to the same brink by their pride and vanity.  Now the both kinds hang in the balance, from high to low couple all across the land couples are now staring across dimly lite bedrooms at one another wondering just how they will make this plan work.  The lowly miner, and the common merchant face the same problem as the high ranking government official and the royal family, How to deal with these new and strange bed companions.

(So two species, one much more advanced then the other but both humanoid and sexual compatible face a problem.  Well the more advance one did and passed it on to the second.  Something in the more advance one has either killed out or rendered their female infertile.  Their kind is on the brink of dying when at last they find the the more primitive are compatible.  The only problem is that our second race is none to keen on the idea a war ensues that kills almost all of the male population leaving the remaining females with little choice.  So after some treaty work and some match making we have couples meeting each other likely for the first time as they settle into their new home.  This could be take place in a sci fi setting with two alien races or humans and an alien race.  Or in a fantasy setting with two races of the players choosing.  Also it can be set at any social level from rich to poor each encountering it own problems.)       
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Re: Looking to tell a tale. (F for M mostly Updated 9/27)
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2014, 10:41:02 PM »
Added Fan universes 9/27/14

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Re: Looking to tell a tale. (F for M mostly Updated 11/4)
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11/4/14 added Breeding brothel #203

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Re: Looking to tell a tale. (F for M mostly Updated 12/27)
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2014, 12:45:10 PM »
12/27/14  Added a touch and did a little cleaning up.

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Re: Looking to tell a tale. (F for M mostly Updated 1/28/15)
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2015, 10:01:39 PM »
1/28/15 Added themes lists, smut to story ratio and did some house cleaning.

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Re: Plots read them if you like! (F for M mostly Updated 1/28/15)
« Reply #5 on: March 15, 2015, 06:47:18 PM »
3/15/15 Add "The Runaway"