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Author Topic: F/F Stories and Ideas  (Read 453 times)

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F/F Stories and Ideas
« on: September 23, 2014, 12:10:00 AM »
Alright, so this has been some time coming. I've had this posted in the Off-Forum requests for a while, but I'm actually getting into using the Forum for my stories, so I thought I'd move this post over here as well to test the waters and see who wants to play on the forums.

So, I'm looking for an adult role play with two females. I'm really into roboticization, and would love to try this in any form, be it that one character is already a robot, one character is hypnotized to act like a robot, or a character is transformed into a bot. However, I'm also willing to do several other rps of adult nature:

Please don't comment here. Rather, just PM me.

My Life's Been A Country Song
-According to the Gary Allan/Willie Nelson duet, "A showman's life is a smoky bar/ A fevered chase of a tiny star/ A hotel room, and a lonely wife..." So, perhaps the country star isn't married. This just makes for an even lonelier ride. How does the star relieve the loneliness? Perhaps a fan. Or the opening act on the tour? Who knows, maybes this new starlet finds comfort and solace in the arms (and bed, for that matter) of a legend. How does it end? In a one night stand? A blossoming relationship? Climb on board, and let's see where it goes...
(I've played this as a Country Star x Fan before, and it works pretty well as a one shot. Perhaps we could do a little more to make it last longer. I'd also be willing to try Star x Legend, if that would work.)

I'm also craving an rp where I can play a dragon shifter, preferably male (about the only rp where I'd willingly do mxf). I've done this as a short one shot, and I've also done it as a longer rp where the dragon 'mates' with a human who gives birth to a dragon/human hybrid. Up to you.

Simple Hypnosis
A young lady has a problem opening herself up sexually to anyone, so she is going to visit a hypnotist for some posthypnotic suggestions to help her feel more comfortable and relaxed during sex. The hypnotist puts the young lady under, but the posthypnotic suggestions aren't the only thing the hypnotist does. This can involve sex play, where they hypnotist takes advantage of the young woman while she's hypnotized, etc. One thing I'd like to do is have the young lady 'programmed' to be a sexbot. I'd prefer for this to be F/F. I don't really double, but this rp can allow for multiple characters (the hypnotist, the young lady's gf/best friend/both/etc.) Can be done with a group, where the young lady's gf asks the hypnotist to program her into a sexbot without the young lady knowing. Can also involve group sex.

Our Dirty Little Secret
(Incest, sisters, with one Futa)
Older sister has been away at college and is coming home for the break. Younger sister has a good girl, never even having had sex. She looks up to her older sister, as if nothing's wrong. While big sis is home, the girls hang out, possibly have a movie night alone, or something of the like. Perhaps the topic of conversation turns to sex, and little sis wants big sis to teach her about it. But can little sis handle big sis' dirty secret?

Perfection's Thrall
(Mind Control, Android Characters)

Those sexbots have always been something you've had your eyes on. Sure, the early models had their flaws, what with the strict mechanical movements and robotic speech. You fail to see how that could turn anyone on. But the newer models, with their sleek designs and flawless movements happen to catch your eye more often. Perhaps you're single and just looking to have fun? Maybe you're looking to spice up a relationship with a significant other.Whatever the reason may be, you find yourself the new owner of a state-of-the-art android woman. You activate her, and can hardly contain your excitement. There isn't even so much as a seem. There's only one way to describe the gorgeous android before you: Perfection. You soon find yourself entranced and enthralled by the stunning synthetic beauty, unable to asset your control for her Perfection. But would you even want to control her with the way she makes you feel?

Doctor, Doctor
I'm just putting the name out there, because I'm craving some wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff. This may be the only RP where I would actually consider doing M/F. Though, if you don't want to be Canon, we could do F/F or Futa/F or something. I honestly also have no real preference as to who I play, though I think I might be able to play a mean Doctor. We can discuss what Doctor/Companion pairing we'd like to do.

Gotta Catch 'Em All
So, I had an idea to play a Pokemon RP. This could be TrainerxTrainer, TrainerxPokemon, or (my personal favorite) PokemorphxPokemorph. Perhaps the Pokemorphs could also be trainers. This could lend itself to the natural Pokemon plot of gym battling/etc. I'd like to do this F/F.


Star Fox
Yes, you read they right. I want to do a Star Fox RP. I don't mind using OCs, but would love to do a Fox/Krystal game.

Other things I do (Cravings in bold):

Teacher/Student (Preferably college)
Incest (preferably Sisters, with one futa and one regular.)

As well as others, just ask!

These are some aspects I'd like to work into the rp:

Mind Control
Futa girls


I'm going to dabble a bit in the world of furries now. I've added some pics below of a few characters that I'd like to show up in a game or two. Yes, I have permission from the original user to use these. For the hyperlinks posted, the pictures might be considered NSFW.

Furry 1


Play by Picture:

Below are some NSFW Images that I'd love to write a story or two around.

Vampire x Human

Below, I've posted some pictures that I would like to build a Vampire x Human story around. Some of these images may be NFSW:

Rosario + Vampire

Evangeline A.K. McDowell

^Evangeline looks young, but she is in fact a centuries-old vampire, and when she's in
Vampire Form
she doesn't look so young.

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