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April 17, 2021, 01:04:23 am

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Author Topic: M seeking F for Romantic, Anachronistic, Forbidden Lovers, Yet to Be Titled RP  (Read 429 times)

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Offline OccidentalTopic starter

   This story is centered around a young woman who has lost her entire family in a serious of unfortunate events.    She is the resident of a small farming community where her father was the local medical doctor. That being said, these deaths were at least locally high profile, and because she was the only survivor of a family of five she is ostracized by the community. For many years she becomes a recluse living in the family manor by herself, while, the people of the small town shun her as a “witch”. On one rare outing, she stops by the library and befriends a girl her age that is the librarian. As she grows closer to the librarian she is introduced to her younger brother, (by like a year or so) and a romantic interest begins to ensue between the two. However, happiness if short-lived as bad things begin to happen all over town, and her reemergence into the public sphere is correlated with these horrible events. The story will take place in 1950’s Americana, and it will deal with themes inherent to that time such as (Red Scare and the a-typical American dream) it will also deal with themes inherent to the 17th and 18th centuries (witch-hunts, plagues, famine, ect.). The overall portrait of this place will be macabre, and I’m thinking the color palette is gray scale. I understand that this is an anachronistic story and that there were no witch-hunts in the 1950s or “Red Scare” in the 1700s, so if you can not get past the curious blend of time and space that I have put together here than you are not the partner for me. I am writing this fully aware that there will most likely be no one that is up for this role, it has been particularly difficult for me to sell, and I think that is because it seems so strange upon first glance. That being said I would like to reaffirm that at its nucleus this is a romance, plot driven, role play, that is about two “star-crossed” lovers who are socially forbidden from being with one another. This is an idea that as I said above I have been trying to sell for sometime now, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Go ahead and PM me if you are interested, or YIM me at occidental211 to discuss all the particular facets of this story. Also you should note that I am seeking a partner that is going to help me build this world, not, simply exist within it.