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Author Topic: The Last Hope Upon the Horizon. (Male seeking Female)  (Read 287 times)

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The Last Hope Upon the Horizon. (Male seeking Female)
« on: September 22, 2014, 12:28:04 PM »
Thanks for showing interest in my idea just some points I'd like to get out of the way:
-It's a Warcraft role-play
-The role-play would bend lore a little
-I'd like an active partner for this one. I'm quite busy myself and will be in a different time zone for a while but I can still pump out a reply or two a day. Maybe more on occasion.
-I'm sure no-one here does it but please I don't want a one liner response when I went through the trouble of writing a few paragraphs.
-Be creative, you have the idea of what the story is now play with it a little. Don't think of it as purely going along with my story lets make it ours. ^^
Finally, any problems or questions just ask or pm. I'm very approachable and open ^^
The Idea:
The plot would revolve around a Human male(An ex soldier perhaps, a rogue more than anything) and a Blood Elf female (A Silvermoon dignitary).

The World:
The role-play would be set post Pandaria during an age where the occupants of Azeroth only sought to advance the interest of their own people and completely disregard one another. The Alliance and Horde were simply names now, the pact that existed between races had simply faded into nothing but a dusty memory. The Humans and Blood Elves sought to form a pact that allowed their two nations to trade with one another and possibly take up arms together if war was to be called against one of them. To seal this treaty it was arranged for Prince Anduin to be married to a Blood Elf noble (Someone of high importance) however there were the few that didn't believe in the lies that were sold to them. Dignitaries from Silvermoon frequented the walls of Stormwind as meetings ran late into the nights, arguments and debating between councils of both races. The Humans were more against it than the Blood Elves who advocated the marriage and welcomed it.

Hostility towards the Blood Elves rose in the coming months due to the paranoia of a set group of Humans. A secret society soon formed with the intent of severing the bonds between the Humans and Blood Elves. Lurking in the shadows they gathered the information they needed and were soon ready to strike. With the intention of slaying the Silvermoon dignitaries in cold blood to give the Blood Elves a reason to call for war against the humans, the ultimate downfall of their impending alliance.

I've had a few ideas how the two characters can initially be introduced to one another and I'm all ears for further suggestions.
They could originally meet in the city and build a mild relationship perhaps just trust. Escalating their interaction by her being saved as the dignitaries are slain in their beds, her dragged out into the street and him intervening.

Ultimately he would save her from the edge of death and flea the city. War would be declared against the humans in the following days however he would be absent this knowledge for a while and sought to return her to Silvermoon. The two would develop a stronger and stronger relationship as he guards her on the way home. There is potential for some amazing things to happen along the road, after all war had been declared. 
The story can take a few turns for example if he gets her to Silvermoon how will he be received? Not well I'd imagine but I don't want to plan out the ending just yet I'd rather have the RP take care of that.

Random Points O.o :
- There will be plenty of opportunities for sex but it shouldn't just be sex for the reason of sex.
- It'll be one of those forbidden love stories that has a really nice ending or a beautiful heart breaking, tear jerking, punch in the chest endings.
- My character would be quite dominating so there would be potential for some really rough love making which would certainly include bondage and master slave play.
My character. I've recently used this one in a role-play and I'm just overly fond of the look and description I wrote for him. It'll be the same look but it'll still be a different character ^^

Name:Nathan Colton

Standing at a towering six feet with shoulders pinned back like they were broad wings. Ravenous hair cascaded from atop his head, creeping like the shadow of the night along his face and over his shoulders. Perfectly tamed, the thick but soft locks were delicately brushed into it's place with the odd strand moving of its own accord as if moved by an unfelt breeze. Gracing the fingers like thin strands of rich silk, a single brush wouldn't suffice nor please the increasing temptation of burying ones face into the soft haven that was his hair.

A stark contrast to the gentle hair was the experienced and stern face of a young man that had endured much. A look that would be worthy of a thousand words. Blessed with thick sharp cheek bones that protruded delicately with shallow cheeks. He carried a jaw that would seem strong enough to cut granite and it could be argued that he had done so with the odd scar littering the skin. None were as obvious as the scar running like a smooth river from his right  down the side of his cheek, it was a clear branding done by the sharp tip of a blade.Coming to a firm and prominent chin that seems like a anvil forged from the finest metals, hammered and beaten to perfection at the hands of a master smith. Soft lips sat pursed with a tempting exposure of the thicker bottom lip. Gentle in colour like an aged rose blooming one last time to the early spring sun, it would be the only feature left untouched by age, war and the chaos that had erupted around him all his life.

The pathway to his soul sat a little further into his skull, like two tombs of sapphires set ablaze by an intense fire of passion. The brilliant blue shun with a strong sense of dominance that lured and captivated any who would dare steal a glance. Even the shortest of stares would seem like an endless journey down the river into his mysterious mind, blind to the torture that sat hidden along the walls of the catacombs. Small black circles would line the outer perimeter of his eyes whether from lack of sleep or a natural occurrence it's been a question on many minds and remains unanswered.

His body was like a trophy, polishing it everyday till he achieved perfection. Lean muscle hugged the tall male, crafted as if sculpted from fine clay and hardened till it was marble. Years of rigorous training and uncompromising discipline turned the once slender man into a form of perfection, a torso like a mountain, rich with valleys and steep inclines. The firm muscle sat wrapped and dressed with firm satin smooth skin. It was rare for any to see his body let alone the art work that sat on his back.

Dressed in thin leather armour built for comfort and mobility. The leather had been cured and stained for years to give it a matt black finish. Intricate artwork lined the armour, the thin lines of silver branded into the armour in a rare almost abandoned style. A prominent skull sat right in the centre of his chest. Two blades rested on each of his side, hanging a little lower than the usual sword would. Each had a unique hilt that carried a long tradition of killing. Sitting on his left was the Wolfsbane. A hilt forged of the same blackened steel as his armour, hardened leather woven in and finished with the head of a black wolf, the eye sockets were purposely absent of eyes. Resting beneath the constant touch of his right hand rested a blade that had been dubbed Starlight. It was clearly the work of Elven master smiths. Bending almost like a scimitar it remained a slender well balanced blade that was the complete opposite of the left. It shun even in the dark as if it was an actual star descending from the skies above to grace the blade with it's light. The hilt was dressed with fine bleached leather and intricate weaving of metal that formed the head of an elk. Carrying only things of sentimental value which equated to very little. A small leather bag slung over the shoulder carried anything he could need to survive.

Ps. If you're curious about the title: He would be her only hope of rescue and her the only reason he is willing to push on to the horizon. Ultimately they find hope to live within one another and together they will face whatever happens.

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Offline FedalasTopic starter

Re: The Last Hope Upon the Horizon. (Male seeking Female)
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2014, 01:40:10 PM »
Just adding some more to this, the character more specifically. The voice of my character would be something close to Lord Cutler Beckett( from Pirates of the Carribean).

Offline FedalasTopic starter

Re: The Last Hope Upon the Horizon. (Male seeking Female)
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2014, 03:56:38 AM »
-My character would be very dominating, mostly in a sexual nature, so there would be potential for some really rough love making which would certainly include bondage and master slave play.

Update ^^