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June 18, 2018, 06:27:57 PM

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Author Topic: Quill's TOP THREE cravings, want these really, really bad (F for M character)  (Read 343 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Lord of the Rings
Long after the events of the defeat of Sauron, in a time of golden peace for Middle Earth, something amazing is about to happen. 
An ancient race forgotten by Middle Earth has chosen this time of peace to return to Middle Earth after their many, many centuries of absence. Where were they all this time? The answer is among the clouds...

Legends speak of a race baring wings of shimmering pale gossamer, hair of snow white with a silvery shine to the strands... and the most breathtaking description of all is the rumor of their bodies baring a soft silvery light blue glow like the moon and stars.

Fairest of all fair creatures, these ethereal beings said to have descended from the silver beams of the moon, are known as Moon Fairies or Children of the Moon.

As it happens, the moon fairies speak the same language of the Sindarin elves, making it possible that at one time very long ago, these fairies may have lived alongside the Sindarin elves.
The king of the Moon Fairies, Ithilrin, has sent his royal children with gifts down to Middle Earth to visit each existing kingdom to spread the word of their coming and extend to each race their good will and friendship.

Princess Celebrinel has just arrived in Mirkwood (I forget the new name) and she is about to find that her life is about to truly begin...

There are afew options here: We can go with Legolas and ignore the fact that he and Gimli went off the homeland of the elves OR we can say that Haldir never died and Celebrinel instead arrives in Lorien. With the freedom afforded by roleplay and imagination, anything can happen.

Another option I might be persuaded to try is to have Celebrinel choose Rivendell instead and we can pair her with either Lindir or one of Elrond's sons.

I'd like to get someone well versed in Tolkien as I am a bit rusty and the guidance in things Tolkien would be absolutely wonderful and so appreciated

World of Warcraft
I wish to play my original character, the daughter of Kael'Thas Sunstrider, Princess Belorea.  I would like to pair her with either the Regent Lord of the Sin'Dorei, Lor'Themar Theron or Prince Anduin.

Belorea is a hunter that had chosen her class as a way to steer clear of the forces that turned her once beloved father into such a horrible monster, she has made the decision herself to refuse any and all to do with her father's throne, she finds taking the throne to be inappropriate given everything her father had done to the Sin'Dorei and to so many others.

Further details will be discussed between partners.

What if Princess Nuada had never stabbed herself and Red instead just subdued the Prince before sending him on his way back into exile, hoping to introduce mercy to the anger filled elf... not to mention protect his friend's love interest.

Twenty years pass and Liz and Red's twins are now approaching their 19th birthdays, their daughter Usagi and their son Adrian. (Both are OC, but Liz and Red are actually supposed to have twins, it is just never revealed what genders or any specifics like that)

What will happened when Nuada returns from exile, will it be to reconcile or take revenge? 

I'd like to do a romance between Prince Nuada and Red's daughter Usagi, drop me a PM and we'll come up with something.

Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Still looking to secure one of these