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May 20, 2018, 06:41:11 PM

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Author Topic: Space Assault Carrier: "Endevor" (F seeking anyone for a long term sci fi rp)  (Read 327 times)

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Offline Atlas DaylisTopic starter

So I've been boucing around the idea of my first long term roleplay. Though, this could also be a short and smutty one if it is needed. So the idea goes like this:

The "Endevor". A next generation Orbital Earth Alliance assault carrier starship. The year, is 2278 AD. Mankind has left Earth behind as it expands outwards into the Milky Way Galaxy. All humans have left Earth's surface, but dozens of space stations and space colonies still orbit it, and the moon. Earth is recovering from a cataclysmic event know as "Heaven's Judgement". In 2178, a massive astroid from unknow origins was on a collision corse with the planet Earth. Mankind had fielded all it's weapons to try and change it's course or destroy it. As it passed the Moon's orbit, the United Earh Sphere successfully destroyed the astroid. The people of Earth were all saved from the same fate as the dinosaurs... However, the astroid had broken into many pieces now, and a fair amount still collided with the Earth. Billions perished in an few short minutes. Earth started to become uninhabitable, and the governement attempted to try and move the remaining humans on Earth into space in a last ditch effort to save the race. They were successful, and now 100 years to the day, the Orbital Earth Alliance launches the first spaceship in a line of next generation exporation crafts. The "Endevor", a military carrier ship that will lead humanity into a new era of exploration. But, a sudden encounter with an alien race known as the Halvtor threatens humanity and it's very existance. As the Halvtor ships attack the Earth's obital colonies, the "Endevor" and a handful of ships randomly jump away from the Sol System. The Great War of Survival, has begun...

The original commander of the "Endevor", one Admiral Dallas Cornard, was killed at the dock the the "Endevor" was at when the Halvtor attacked. With most of the orginal command crew now gone, a young Lieutenant Natora Savichki is thrown into the captains chair of the most high tech starship to date. And now, the inexperienced captain must command the only ship capable of saving the entire human race...

What I want to see:
This will be my first long term rp, so I'm not sure how this will go. I do want a good amount of combat in it though. My plans are Natora will find herself in a love triangle or a poligomis relationship at some point. I would love it if there were futas in this, but I'm not saying we should cut out males all together.

If your up for doing this with me, either pm me or post here.
See you later!

Atlas Daylis