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Author Topic: Cyberpunk Duels: Honor and Duty (looking for F)  (Read 360 times)

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Cyberpunk Duels: Honor and Duty (looking for F)
« on: September 20, 2014, 02:39:49 PM »

The asian beauty crawled through the vents of the Miyamoto Citadel. Her sleek black suit reflecting all sensor readings. Her face enclosed by a helmet.
Her implants allowing her full interaction with the suit.
Her gloved hands slid across the metallic surface as arrived near a grate.
A vizor activated and she found a weakness in the alloy.
She thrust her index and middle finger forward, the metal giving way. A moment later she ripped open the little bars.
Reaching down with her hand, she unlocked a little clip and then was able to fully open the grating.
Agilly the longlegged saboteur slipped through, landing crouched.
Hand on the floor, her vizor already analyzed her surroundings.
She saw the infrared laserbeams that barred her passage.
She rolled under them, then leapt and finally jumped between two. Landing on the other side, she rose up with grace and dignity.

She heard noise though and pushed herself against the wall.
An Ashigaru... combat cyborg passed by. The military-grade cybernetically enhanced soldier was clad in the blue armor carapace of Clan Miyamoto. He held a customized high calibre machine gun. It would wreck her if ever he got in a few bullets. On his back was a short monomolecular combat blade. His helmeted head did not move. He was looking forward as he walked, not expecting trouble to come from the side with the infrared detectors.
'A fatal error...' she thought. As he continued on, she quickly moved behind him. She drew a ninja-to from her back and in a single stroke cut of the man's head.
She would have let him go but he barred passage and her sensors indicated he had had something she needed.
Crouching next to him, she recovered a datakey. Attaching it to her belt, she grabbed the head and body, sliding them to the side and somewhat out of sight. She needed to move quickly.
As she entered the dataroom thanks to the recovered key, she plugged a datacord into the side of her vizor.
The upload would only take a few moments...

"Done..." she whispered. But at that exact moment she felt a powerful hand grab her neck and swing her into the wall.
With a powerful 'thud' she slammed into the steel plates and as she landed on all fours she heard a snicker.
Looking up she saw a man in a long blue trenchcoat.
A Cyborg Samurai. Top-grade. She recognized him. It was the Miyamoto Daimyo's champion. She was in trouble!
Drawing both her Ninja-To's she attacked with a grace and speed he did not have but still he blocked all her blows with a katana he drew from underneath his coat.
He smirked the entire time. He wore no helmet, blue optics flared up brightly as they fought.
The right side of his face was badly burned and scarred. His temples showed circular implants.
He suddenly kicked her full force and then followed up with an unorthodox thrust... impaling her. She staggered back and threw a gadget at the overpowered cybernetic monster. It exploded in a blinding flash of light. As she got up, she threw an explosive against the wall. The shockwave of the explosion sent both back.

Alarms sounded and bright red lights became the theme of the day.
As the lethal enforcer rose up, he could see the kunoichi leap through the wall in desperation. She bled and some circuity was visible.
As she landed crouched she almost fell onto her side.
She leapt back, only just avoiding the bladed weapon of a foe.
She faced a Miyamoto Samurai. A trained killer upgraded with hitech hardware.
The Champion leapt down and landed behind her.
A highgrade killer on each side of herself, there was no way out.
"Surrender little woman... there is nowhere for you to go..." he lashed out, disarming her in a fierce blow and then backhanding her. As she kicked upwards with great skill, he only just backed away.
He chuckled.
"You're wounded and unarmed. You cannot stop us. You are out of your league." he said calmly.
She smiled and pulled back her vizor, revealing her beautiful features. She was an older woman but in no way had age diminished her beauty. Her gaze showed no doubt and no fear as she showed him another beeping and blinking little gadget.
"No... you are out of your league. You see..." suddenly a massive form descended from the ramparts, cleaving the Samurai in two and standing before her, ready to protect her from the Miyamoto champion.

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"This Kitsune has backup" she sneered at the surprised 'bully'. "Today you face my husband. The Steppenwulf."
The man rose up from his own crouched position. An obisidan giant that despite his size maintained a bizarre grace. Sheathing his blade, he took on an offensive stance. His hand lingering on the hilt of his blade.
His ruby optic flared up a bright red for a moment.
"...Target..." the low booming voice said.
His opponent attacked first, roaring savagely as he prepared to strike with his katana.
The man never finishing his blow... his body cut into two, blood and circuitry indicating the results of the brief engagement.
Once more the mysterious 'Steppenwulf' sheathed his blade and said "...terminated".
His female counterpart knelt and took the head of the champion. "Of course dear. Now... let us get out of here. We have the information. We have the bounty..."
She put a slender hand on his shoulder "And I..." she circled seductively around her stoic armoured partner. "...have you".
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Re: Cyberpunk Duels: Honor and Duty (looking for F)
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