Medieval Madness (F seeking M)

Started by DarkRomances, September 18, 2014, 06:13:28 AM

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 I'm back and ready to find some long term roleplays :) . I have been wanting to do a medieval or a medieval fantasy rp for a while. I am very new to writing fantasy but I am open and willing to learn from anyone with the patience.

I have a few plots in my head. They aren't fully there but if you are interested, we can flesh the rest out together. I'm open to changes in these plots as well.

Plot 1: A princess is being threatened by neighboring kingdoms for a war that her father has started that they believe is worthless. Upon hearing that the kingdoms have a plot to kidnap the girl in so they can get the war to end, her father sends her away and orders her not to come back until the war is over. She has never lived outside the walls of her kingdom and has no idea how to survive. (Your character has plenty of choices on how to come in.) Upon meeting the character, he offers to help her learn how to survive and live among the "peasants".

Plot 2: A peasant woman has found herself in a bit of a bind. She is close to losing her family's house and they have no money for food or livestock to sell. She is forced to resort to giving herself for marriage in order to save herself. She also can have a previous husband and kids or not, your choice. (I don't have this one completely thought out yet)

Plot 3: A noble woman (about 18-19) is married off, by her father, to a warlord who hardly has any money, barbaric, and has no idea of the world beyond his own. Her parents married her off hoping to keep the warlord's men from tearing the city to shreds and killing them.  (If you don't mind romance)He typically only uses her just for sex and child bearing  because that was how women were always treated in his world.  After a while of spending time and learning their ways, she starts to teach him her ways and they start to form a connection in a way that he has never known. (Later on she wants to use him and his people to take revenge on her parents)

I am also very open to other plots and suggestions. I tend to write 2-3 good sized (7-9 sentences)  paragraphs per post.  I am also open to different plots as well. If interested, private message me.


Looking for partners to do Plot 3. :)