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April 22, 2018, 09:15:36 AM

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Author Topic: MLP: Friendship is romantic [MxF]  (Read 290 times)

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Offline DarknessEclipsedTopic starter

MLP: Friendship is romantic [MxF]
« on: September 17, 2014, 05:20:06 PM »
Ok, so I'm a bit newer to this site, but having come from Blue Moon Roleplaying I have a general idea of how to roleplay and also how to set up a roleplay, but I won't lie I'm not the greatest at it. Also I enjoy fanon Roleplays involving my favorite shows: Pokemon, Naruto, MLP, and a few other but those are the main three. This thread is putting out a calling for those with an MLP interest and a more romantic, probably slower, RP, but if you have any request for another RP involving the other shows or another plot idea for this RP please PM me or leave a suggestion below, I'm very open minded. Also I will update my signature with my F-list soon I'm just busy, but if you want it before you decide to RP just shoot me a PM and I shall link it to you promptly.

Plot idea: [Quite a simple, open ended idea, you may also play any female character you desire, canon or OC] Darkness Eclipsed, a shy younger Stallion was finally convinced by his dearest friend to leave his home in Canterlot and explore Equestria, a thought he was always afraid of. Darkness was shunned as a colt from his own family as he was a Pegasus living in a colony of only Unicorns, they blamed him for everything so he naturally grew a fear of ponies and finally left the colony when he was old enough. Now he was much older [about Fluttershy's age] and was a little more open and relaxed, he had met Moonlite in Canterlot and she offered him residence in her own home, which he was a bit wry to accept. He lived with her for many years, they grew a close, sibling-like, bond and he did odd jobs to help her pay for the home and food. She eventually convinced him to go out into the world and this is where he found himself, on the platform to Ponyville, unsure of the town, but after hearing good things about it on the train he sighed and went to explore...not knowing love would find him and he would end up staying.