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Author Topic: The Doctor is ready to see you now  (Read 1262 times)

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Online TheDoctor46Topic starter

The Doctor is ready to see you now
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:15:25 AM »
Hi Everyone, I am the Doctor, no not that one!

I am 25 years of age and from the UK. I have been roleplaying for a few years now and decided it was time to do a proper request thread, although it certainly isn't as spectacular as some of the amazing threads I have seen on the site.

What am I looking for?
- Correct use of capitals and grammar.
- No godmodding unless discussed.
- If you get tired or bored of the game, just tell me. I won't mind if you tell me, but will mind if you just disappear.
- My stories are always open for discussion so if the game is not going to your liking, just let me know.
- Give me something to reply on. I don't need six paragraphs but do need you to be able progress the game as well.

Please contact me via PM if you see anything you fancy exploring.

Longer Term Stories

But Daddy... I need it...

Daughter walks into the bathroom, a room that is usually locked when occupied but that lock is broken. When she gets inside, to her horror, her father is laying in the bath, is eyes closed. She finds herself staring at his large cock, dreaming of what it would feel like to touch, to suck, to be inside of her. She finds herself moving closer to it, reaching out for it, touching it before her father opens his eyes and stops her. He immediately gets out, not bothering to dry or cover himself up, and bends her over the toilet, spanking her again and again, before sending her on her way.

From here I see her asking him to touch it on several occasions, each time her father turns her down. So instead she starts asking other men (teachers, neighbours, fellow students, random men at the supermarket) and each time she succeeds she comes home and tells her father about it, hoping that it will change his mind.

Additional Info: Whether he does change his mind is up to discussion, but I think eventually he would, and an incest affair would start. The house would be occupied by the daughter, and her happily married parents. I would play all male roles in this story.

The Zoo
So around a year ago I had to finish a story I really did enjoy due to my partner leaving the site, it was a story which was probably within my top 5 that I've written.

The plot was simple. Based in a Zoo, two people go for the newly available Zoo Manager Role. The two people are a male who has worked at the zoo for the past 7 years and has really grown a rapport with the animals and the public. The other, a female who has recently come to the country from elsewhere. She gets the job and this angers him. He flips. He kidnaps and rapes her in one of the enclosures before the rest of the staff arrive. When he realises what's he has done, he knows he can't let her go and so he keeps her locked up and after a while, allows the animals of the zoo to have their fun with her too.

I am definitely open to discussing with any future potential partner, we can change bits of the storyline to come up with something new

My name is on the Board
When I used to go to school, the white board/black board at the front of the classroom used to have two lists, one on either side of the board. The list on the left related to the students who were excelling and being good. The list on the right related to the students who were being naughty and would be kept behind at the end of the day if their name was still present.

What if the lists meant more than just an indication of who'd being staying behind. What if they related to an afterschool club, one in which teachers treated students who were really good with sexual favours, and punished naughty students

Additional Info: So this is just a rough outline, story would definitely need fleshing out with any potential partner. If you are interested however, then do let me know, and we can brainstorm together.

More than just Best Friends?
A story of two best friends. They have been best friends since High School. They were in each other's classes and were in the same friendship circle, and since then, they have remained best friends, calling each other almost every day, seeing each other once a week.

But what happens when lines start to become blurred, where an innocent kiss starts to linger in both their minds. They had been thinking of getting a flat together, but would that help push them further together or apart.

Additional Info: So I see this being a story of two best friends who begin to start falling for each other. Yet I don't want a simple love story, I want a story full of twists and turns, will they won't they kind of moments. Who Knows, maybe they won't end up together

The Secret Diary of a Prostitute/Gigolo

This game would follow the life of a prostitute or gigolo (depending on which role my partner would prefer to play). From the many different customers they have, the different kinks, to their actual lives, how they interact with friends etc.

Truth or Dare

This one is quite simple. Our characters are left at home alone as a storm takes place outside and they decide to play truth or dare, whilst drinking. Can be brother and sister, or best friends.

Would be open to making in this into something longer term

Untitled - Futa

I see this story set at school/college/university. There's a new girl who is absolutely stunningly beautiful. She is also very kind and always happy to help others. She makes friends quickly and is quickly one of the popular kids. However she is hiding a very 'big' secret. She has a penis.

I'd like to discuss the other details of this story with any future partners, so please just get in contact if you have any ideas, or want to discuss this potential idea.

More will hopefully follow...

I would also love to hear any ideas for the following;

Any sort of love story
American Football
Football (English Soccer)
Teacher x Student
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Online TheDoctor46Topic starter

Re: The Doctor is ready to see you now
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2015, 03:44:06 AM »
Something a little different

I am currently writing a game with Dashenka called Everything's allowed in Prison.

It is a game about a girl who's in prison. She's been given a live show on the television and the internet in which she will get fucked.

She gets fucked basically every day by different people, ranging from inmates to guards and wardens or guests from outside.

This is where we need your help. We want to encourage players, to have a go at the girl as well. Any character goes really, as long as it's a human character and the girl should not suffer any permanent damage. Other than that, anything goes. You basically be a guest in our story. Your character will enter, do their business, and then leave, simple as that!

If you are interested, please send a PM to myself with your interest. You can discuss the how and what with me. Female characters are welcome too. It can also be a recurring character.

DO NOT contact Dashenka. She'd like to be surprised and kept in the dark about potential guest writers.

Note: We do ask at least a post per day or if it's a very good post, once every two days.

Hope to hear from you soon!