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Author Topic: Dark Carpathians (seeking carpathian males :) ((M or F players welcome)) )  (Read 794 times)

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Online MissRozielTopic starter

As a huge fan of Christine Feehan's Carpathian novels I'm always looking for someone to play their story out with me,  Below I have three plots laid out for three of my Characters ready to up against a Carpathian male. With strong wills and spirit, it'll take an equally strong man to tame these ladies

I'll accept any partner male or female player, If you want to play a female thats cool to, I like doubling and would be happy to play A Carpathian male for you if you do the same for me, Ok?

Please PM me if interested,  I prefer roleplays over forums but if you can convince me I will use PMs.


Dark Bite

Caroline is a vampire hunter, a very special kind of vampire hunter.

Caroline is a Carpathian.  A race of beings who originated in the Carpathian mountains who have a unique tie to the earth.  Obtaining sustenance from human blood and the soil Caroline’s race is easily mistaken for vampires,  and while it is true vampires come from them Carpathians are a noble race.

When Caroline was young she was kidnapped after witnessing a horrifying slaughter, Her telepathic abilities caught the attention of the vampire who committed the ac and he kept her feeding from her and using her body as he wished.  In her fear she connected mentally with the vampire and found a way to kill him.  What she didn’t realize was she also connected with a male Carpathian who began communicating with her.  However because of her age an inexperience,  Caroline didn’t realize that she hadn’t killed the first vampire who claimed her and turned her.

Many years have passed Caroline’s grown into a lovely woman and while she’d spent several years moving from place to place, her most recent target had killed a whole family before she could stop him only managing to rescue the young daughter who now looks on Caroline as a big sister.  Now facing a war on two fronts, the vampire stalking her and her vampires targets  Caroline’s growing tired but she know she must protect the little girl depending on her.. what’s worse is the Carpathian in her head keeps promising to help her if she’d tell him where she is,  she can’t do that and put Alice at risk as she believes he is a vampire too but both of them senses he’s getting closer to her and it’s only a matter of time before he finds her as well.

Dark Unknown

A powerful Carpathian rises from a long sleep his world is grey his emotions long forgotten.  he knows his duty, to hunt the darkness that is the vampire.  Males who have chosen to lose their souls for the brief thrill of the kill.  Heading into London seeking prey He is startled by a sudden shout, landing before him like an angel from heaven is a woman he is stunned her shout was not out loud, but in his head.  her hair shines a brilliant gold, colors.  Stunning him she flees and he watches as she is pursued.  he knows he must follow, this woman is his lifemate, the one he was sought for centuries, and he will not lose her to some human monster!

Dark Feast

For years he has searched.  He and his brother have hunted across the world dispensing justice on the darkness that is the vampire. as they hunt  he searches.  Something deep inside him pulls and as they travel he begins to hear it, feel it.  someone is calling, and as the call grows louder he knows he is growing closer.  What he cannot comprehend is that what is pulling at him is his life mate.  For a Carpathian male the lifemate is what keeps them from turning, the light to their darkness, but for him, his world will be shaken when he discovers his lifemate is not the usual Carpathian Female, but a beast as old as the carpathian race. one known as the Raja.  A myth told to warn of the dangers of being a vampire these creatures are said to live on the blood of the vampire.  Raja can only be born female, for a male would to easily turn to the darkness that drinking the blood of a vampire brings.

When he witnesses his Lifemate for the first time feasting on the blood of a vampire, he knows that their lives will be far more complicated then any other Carpathian couple.
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Online MissRozielTopic starter

Re: Dark Carpathians (seeking carpathian males :))
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Online MissRozielTopic starter

I'd love someone to play with me I love these books

Online MissRozielTopic starter

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Re: Dark Carpathians (seeking carpathian males :) ((M or F players welcome)) )
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