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Author Topic: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!! (Recruiting!!)  (Read 2164 times)

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Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #50 on: September 12, 2014, 04:38:03 PM »
Ive never seen that, but the idea stems from what would work for a sniper. a sniper, but not being able to walk into an office and be invisible, cause of the range needed. Maybe she could be called 'ghost'. But should I have the range thing? Maybe just say if someone is close to her she can dissapear, but at a distance she can't use it? what do you think?

Online JuggtacularTopic starter

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #51 on: September 12, 2014, 04:57:05 PM »
It sounds like a good idea to me. And the code-name is cool if you want to use it. As for the range on her Blind Spot power, maybe have it so that within a certain distance where people can see you fairly well, it works. Like 20 feet and down. But the further away you get, the more likely it is they can't make her out as well, the power doesn't really work as it's not needed. Something like that? Just a suggestion but the final choice is yours.

Offline Starcry

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #52 on: September 12, 2014, 05:02:25 PM »
I have a character idea but I am not sure he would fit. Basically he is able to go into other people's dreams and not just manipulate their dreams but also can choose to either make them forget the dream or not.

Online JuggtacularTopic starter

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #53 on: September 12, 2014, 05:07:39 PM »
Cipher Pol fights world crime on all levels. Have you ever played the game Remember Me? You can go into peoples memories and rewrite them to help you. This is something similar, so going into a dream and manipulating it so they think whatever they were going to do would be better left undone could help a lot.

Offline Starcry

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #54 on: September 12, 2014, 05:18:44 PM »
Remember Me is one of my favourite games and that was kinda sorta the idea. That and Inception. ;)

Offline Lynnette

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #55 on: September 12, 2014, 05:30:29 PM »

Basic Information

Name: Diana Hale
Code-Name: Your official handle for missions. (TBA)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Affiliation: Cipher Pol

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 foot, 4 inches (162.6 cm)
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair: Usually tied up in a ponytail reaching midway down her back, with some hair falling down in front of her hair, along with a long forelock.
Distinguishing Marks: A circular light-grey scar around both hands, around the biceps. Several piercings in both ears, as well as a belly-button.
Description: Despite not having been on field for over a year, Diana has maintained a good physique. She has a decently slim waist, while keeping up decent arm-and-leg strength. Her bust is pretty average. As far as her face goes, she usually looks like she could need an hour or two of extra sleep, but other than that, she keeps herself looking decent, taking good care of her body. She's usually seen wearing jeans along with a T-shirt and with a jacket over it.

Important Info

Personality: Diana is the core definition of negativity. She's pessimistic, negative, sarcastic and lacks humor. She isn't someone who naturally seeks out social interactions, and tends to isolate herself a lot in the archives where she does most of her work. Generally, she's not commonly seen anywhere else in the building than in the archive floor working, and delivering papers to her tends to be an invitation to sarcastic comments. She has a slightly kinder side, but it is usually covered up by a thick shield of hostility.
Power(s): Phasewalk - Phasewalking is the term for walking between planes of existence, though that's the overcomplicated model. Essentially, it means layering two worlds on top of another, allowing the person to walk between the two of them. It means that objects become penetrable, and the person doesn't truly exist in either plane, but can still affect either.

Long story short, it's a short-duration invincibility ability that grants the ability of walking through walls, while giving a semi-decent invisibility (Being almost transparent). It can be active for roughly 15 seconds at a time, before it is forcefully deactivated. The effect can be limited to certain parts of the body, though instead of becoming invisible, that part would be mostly transparent, but still visible. The ability affects anything worn on the person's body, but won't affect any other living being, meaning that if the user is pulling someone towards a wall, the users hands will still be through the wall, but the other person can't be pulled along, very useful for strangling.
Skills/Specialty(s): Good hearing and eyesight, well-structured and organized, decently strong physically. Doesn't have any notable experience with guns, but is decent hand-to-hand.
History: Diana lived a pretty normal life for 16 years. She went to normal schools, had average grades, had a couple of friends that she'd hang out with, had the stereotypical way-too-good-for-her crush and whatever other high-school cliches you so desire to throw in there. Her powers started showing themselves when she was 16 however, to the point of which they were discovered and she was invited to join Cipher Pol, without really knowing what she was getting herself into, she joined. She was met by one year of intense military training, before starting to work on-field for about two years.

However, during one of her missions, she found herself in a rather unfavorable situation. She had been told to assassinate a target, something her ability was perfect for. Everything went well until she started to forcefully strangle the target up towards a wall in his own home. He didn't seem to be passing out any time soon, and she was running out of time before her powers would be forcefully deactivated. But, due to a panic-button in the target's office, she kept on pushing, until she ran out of time, and her body tried to fully recreate while still inside of the wall. In the end, she didn't lose her hands because of it, but after the mission, she spent three days hospitalized just to get concrete out of her arms, and a long while of rehab after that again. After that one incident, she decided that it wasn't something for her, and she decided to quit. Since the archivist before her had recently quit his job because of the high workload, she took over his job, ending up in the archives moving around and organizing documents for a living.
Recruitment: Been recruited for four years. Used to work field, but is currently working as the archivist for Cipher Pol.

Online JuggtacularTopic starter

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #56 on: September 12, 2014, 05:34:15 PM »
Great minds thinks alike apparently.  XD I say go for it.

And great character Reaper.

Also guys, announcement. Take a look at this for me.

Command Chain: For the most part, all of our characters who are actually members of Cipher Pol will be the same rank, as this is the type of organization to eschew formal rank. There will be NPC's who act as the higher ups though, and on missions a team/mission leader will be selected. Aside from that though, everyone is essentially just a "Cipher Pol Agent". Even if you were a Lieutenant or a Brigadier General, at Cipher Pol you're a CPA.


I am thinking of implementing a number system though. Which would primarily be used to gauge an agents experience level and assign missions accordingly. A CP8 for example wouldn't be assigned a mission for a CP4 unless a CP4 or higher(3,2,1, or 0) was accompanying them...sort of like a ride along. On a scale of 9 to 0, 9 would be a rookie, raw recruit. 0 would be the best agents available. And as they went on missions or showed exemplary action(defeating a major bad guy or something), their rank would increase. And as the number got lower they'd be given more difficult missions and better gear. Would you guys be for or against this?
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Offline Lynnette

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #57 on: September 12, 2014, 05:51:14 PM »
I'm fine with it as long as you try to avoid it being abused as an excuse for being ridiculously OP.

Online JuggtacularTopic starter

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #58 on: September 12, 2014, 05:54:38 PM »
Oh yeah. It's not even based on actual power level. It's more based around experience with Cipher Pol and being good at your job. A guy could punch through mountains and piss meteors, but on his first day he'd be CP9 just everybody else. And if he doesn't perform well on missions, he could be there for years and still be CP9. On the other hand you could have a guy whose power is to turn paper into a weapon. Or even someone with absolutely no powers. If they are good at their job and show promise, they'll get promoted. Simple as that.

Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #59 on: September 12, 2014, 06:21:25 PM »
.....Phantom Bullet or Ghost? For a codename.

Offline johnnyboyboy

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #60 on: September 12, 2014, 06:59:29 PM »

Basic Information

Name: Alec Reed
Code-Name: Moderator
Nickname: Alec or Reed non mission, Moderator on mission.
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Female
Affiliation: MI5 To Cipher Pol

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'1
Build: Slightly muscular but not a body builder
Eye Color: Brown eyes, while using his power they turn a deep blue.
Hair: Short and curly.
Distinguishing Marks: Has a Ying and Yang tattoo on the back of his hand.
Description: See Photo

Important Info

Personality: Friendly but Serious while on comms. Alec loves his work and can be quite prideful when it comes to it. During face to face encounters he is quite reserved and uncomfortable.

Power(s): Ability to interact with computers and other machines through his own electrical signals that his body contains.
Skills/Specialty(s): He is able to sneak around and remain stealthy and undetected quite well. He likes to build his own makeshift equipment or edit existing equipment and software that works very well.

History: Having a normal upbringing Alec was a high value student with many different prospects. He had decided to go to university and get a part time job to help pay for his own tuition. Halfway through his course Alec was interested in computers and managed to learn at an impossible rate. Making his own programs and websites he found almost too easy and failed to see why people had struggled. It was not long before he started to build his own computers and improve on the current internal components. Soon his dorm room looked like a electronic/hardware store.

Shortly before he finished his course at age 20 his mother fell ill and required specialist treatment, Using his computer knowledge he set up a program on the university computers that would steal information and access credit card details. Taking small amounts and draining it into a private bank account in a fake name. As his mothers condition worsened he became more desperate for money and resorted in hacking into several banks and draining a small amount from several wealthy clients accounts. While he was successful he did not cover his tracks as well as he thought he did and was arrested for not only the robbery but also on a cyber terrorism charge.

After a month in a tiny cell with nothing in other then a small light bulb he was given a choice, stay in the cell for the rest of his life or come work for several agencies who thought his talents could be used elsewhere, After bouncing around to where he was needed either bypassing security passwords and tracing identities remotely or just to build equipment that the agents could use. Eventually after he had worked with them for a year MI5 Offered him a permanent position, In return they would take care of all his relatives. He agreed.

Three years later and Alec is one of the most capable computer expert. So far no system has been able to prevent him from accessing the data, either via normal method or otherwise. MI5 Trained him to also be a field operative to allow access to systems that he otherwise would not be able to reach. He acted as data control and supply for agents on the field for when they needed anything and as such was given the codename of Moderator as he seemed to know what data they exactly needed.

Recruitment: Recently arrived from the MI5 Headquarters and is setting up everything in his new control room.

MaiMizzu i think Ghost is quite a cool nickname!

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #61 on: September 12, 2014, 07:29:00 PM »

Basic Information

Name: Leasick Valshanner
Code-Name: Specter
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Cipher Pol

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 feet, 1 inch (185.9 cm)
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Straight and black, a simple haircut for a simple man.
Distinguishing Marks: A small scar on his lower abdomen and lower back of where a bullet once passed straight through him.
Description: As an active field agent Leasick remains in good shape, finding that athletic sweet spot of being muscular yet not bulky. This allows him to be physically strong without sacrificing agility or flexibility. His default facial expressions often has others mistakenly think that he is depressed or angry, creating quite a bit of misunderstanding and confusion, especially if they haven't known him very long.

Important Info

Personality: Leasick is the type of person whom is hard to read. He doesn't give away much in the way of emotion and often speaks with a tone of voice that makes him sound as if he's bored to death. He seems neither happy nor depressed, though his default expressions are often mistaken for depression or anger. To add fuel to the fire, he is a man of few words and often appears as if lost in thought, wrapping him in an even thicker shroud of mystery.
Power(s): Teleportation     As the name implies, Leasick can move from one place to another in the blink of an eye. Everytime he disappears or reappears a small cloud of peculiar black smoke lingers in place. Cipher Pol scientists speculate that he actually traverses through dark matter when teleporting from point A to point B, hence the black smoke. His teleportation power has a specific set of limitation. Firstly, Leasick cannot teleport further than 1000 feet (304.8 meters) in a single "jump." Secondly, he must know where he's going. This means he must either know exactly where the place he's trying to teleport to is, have visited it before, or have a direct line of sight to it to judge the distance. If he does not, he could potentially teleport inside an object, such as a wall or piece of furniture, spelling out a rather painful death. Lastly, he can take up to three people with him when he teleports.
Skills/Specialty(s): Expert in hand-to-hand combat, knife and other blades, and a level of marksmanship expected of a field agent. Other than that, he can cook up a damn tasty spaghetti bolognese and likes to collect earth from across the globe.
History: Orphaned at a young age, Leasick spent most of his youth out in the wild woodlands of Alaska with his uncle, who was a mountain man. There he learned how to survive in the wild and what hard work meant. As he had lived by himself for many years, his uncle was a man of few words, which rubbed off on his nephew quite a bit.

Just after his sixteenth birthday, during a hunt a for deer, Leasick and his uncle met misfortune when they crossed paths with an aggressive grizzly bear. His uncle mauled and severely injured, Leasick, in his panic, found his powers to have been awoken, instinctively teleporting himself and his uncle a safe distance away from the bear. Unfortunately, the nearest hospital was dozens of miles from their mountain cabin. His uncle died in his arms, out there in the cold, Alaskan snow. After the funeral Leasick was approached by Cipher Pol. Having nowhere else to go and no ambitions of his own, the young man accepted their offer, undergoing training and eventually becoming a capable field agent. To date he's been sent out on a variety of missions; from infiltration and assassination, to hostage rescue and even bomb disposal.

He often wears a creepy white mask during missions to hide his face. The reason behind this remains unknown, but it serves as good tool to keep his identity hidden and intimidate foes.
Recruitment: Has been a member for nearly seven years now.
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Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #62 on: September 12, 2014, 07:41:30 PM »
Meh... if he's taking the codename specter, I need to think of something different. Any ideas?

Online JuggtacularTopic starter

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #63 on: September 12, 2014, 07:56:42 PM »
As primarily a sniper maybe  something like Deadeye or Longshot or Bullseye?

Offline MaiMizzu

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #64 on: September 12, 2014, 09:29:43 PM »

Basic Information

Name: Asuka Tacun
Code-Name: Jaeger
Nickname: Asuka, Jaeger, blue
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. She has dated men and women, but men mostly.
Affiliation: Neutral, not yet part of any organization

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’3”
Build: Slim, muscular. Exercises on a regular basis, has to be in shape to get into some of the ‘spider holes’ she must use for her job
Eye Color: Her eyes are indigo in color. When she uses her enhanced sight power, they seem to glow faintly.
Hair: Her hair is pale blue in color, and casually short with ties on her forehead and on either side of her head. 
Distinguishing Marks: Asuka has a small birthmark on her lower back. It looks like a small red stain, circular in nature. She has small scars along her body, specifically her upper back. The ones on her upper back are the most prominent and noticeable, the other scars are able to be seen only if you are very close to her, they are very small. Most are circular or straight lines.
Description: She is thin and muscular, almost wiry one would say. Asuka is very fast on her feet, able to move from one nest to another in very little time. She always wears her hair tied into 2 ponytails on either side of her head. When on missions, she wears a very light outfit. The whole point of her presence is to remain unseen, and so she wears such an outfit to be able to move quickly. Even while carrying a large caliber rifle. And despite her size, she is actually very strong. Again, from having to carry her rifle with her. While it is nearly long as she is tall, she handles it fairly easily by now.
When not in combat, she favors very casual dress. Jeans usually, a light top. On occasion she will actually wear a light dress (she likes sundresses), but she often doesn’t think she’s pretty enough to pull that off. Especially when she compares herself to the other women of Cipher Pol (which she does a lot in her head)

Important Info

Personality: When on missions, she is supremely calm and collect. Almost eerily so sometimes. This ultimately aids in her missions, as she often must improvise when shots are missed. Or when she must make a quick escape from her nest.
She is distant to others at first, and can be very solitary. But this is only because she doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence off of the battlelines. While she might be one of the better snipers around, she is still a young and insecure girl. But passed that, she can be very warm and caring. She will passionately defend her friends, having even gotten into fist fights for them.
She is also traumatized from years of abuse, and often retreats into her own shell when she feels overwhelmed in her personal life. She has, in the past, been diagnosed with severe abandonment issues and clinical depression.
Power(s): Telescopic Vision – When she focuses, Asuka can see far greater than most humans. While a normal person could see a human sized object at just under 2 miles, Asuka can see such an object at more than 10 miles. She would be able to see a person looking out the window of the average commercial jet. This enhanced vision translates into the scopes she uses. The scopes change perception with her eyes, so the ‘bullseye’ is always centered, no matter how far she looks. Of course, this action would be limited to the range of the weapon she is using.
Blind Spot Camouflage – If someone is within about 15 feet of her, they are able to perceive her normally. But beyond that, she is able to essentially fade from sight by utilizing blind spots of the human eye. The farther out of the 15 foot (approximate) range one is, the harder it is to perceive her.
Skills/Specialty(s): Asuka is naturally talented with using guns of all caliber. She favors a .50cal though, and she prefers to use sniping as her main tool. She is very skilled at getting her target where she wants them, taking the shot, and then disappearing. She has been practicing her gun skills since she was a child, specifically rifle skills.
Due to her father’s ‘training’, she is a very capable tracker.
She is fairly competent with all things mechanical, and for most things she is able to hold her own when helping someone to repair, for example, things like engines or mechanical equipment. She’s always considered herself a good helper in that regard, but not so good when doing things by herself.
She is very good at playing the violin.
History: Asuka was born in Bluewater, Arizona. Her mother passed away when she was very little, and her father was a stern man. From a young age he made her hunt for food, starting her with a bow and arrow, and then graduating to rifles. She got very good at this, but only because she had to. When she failed to bring anything home from hunting, she would be beaten severly. The abuse lasted for years, until her father passed away from cancer about 6 years ago. Since then, Asuka has been on her own.
While hunting on someone’s farm (killing the farm animals for food), she was discovered by an older man named Dave Garcia. He recognized that she had some very sharp skills, and took her in. He, himself, was a hunter of sorts. A retired mercenary, to be precise. He was very kind to her, having also recognized how fractured her emotions and mental state was. He was able to help the young girl get on her feet and take small jobs as a mercenary, under his guidance. She quickly showed aptitude for long range battles. Her unusual physical features hinted at the facts she had unusual abilities, which seemed well suited to her chosen means of fighting. 
Recruitment: I think starting in the RP as needing to be recruited, if possible

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Offline Interdiction of words

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #65 on: September 13, 2014, 12:57:37 AM »
Can we have more then one character?

Online JuggtacularTopic starter

Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
« Reply #66 on: September 13, 2014, 02:36:25 AM »

Basic Information

Name: Moses Price
Code-Name: Psycho
Nickname: Mo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Cipher Pol

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'3
Build: A lifetime of sports and training has made Moses pretty ripped.
Eye Color: Hazel.
Hair:  Black and kept short
Distinguishing Marks: He's got tattoos over a large majority of his arms and torso.
Description: Moses is fairy tall at 6'3, and weighs in at about 215lbs, but he isn't a huge guy. He's well muscled from years of sports and training, but he's never been super big. He's not thin either, he's just an average build. He's pretty handsome with a nice facial structure, and he keeps a goatee most of the time. He tends to dress in a mix of style and function. So he's mostly seen in tight shirts, jeans, boots, etc...

Important Info

Personality: Despite his upbringing, Moses is a pretty nice guy. He always seems to have something funny to say and a smile on his face. He loves to joke around and make people laugh. He has a serious side as well, usually reserved for missions or when someone has genuinely pissed him off. He becomes a different person then; focused, and no nonsense. It takes him a bit to open up to people, but once he does he shows deep loyalty to people he trusts and respects.

Power(s): High Percentage Mental Capability- Moses uses a much higher percentage of his brain than the average person, and because of that he is capable of using several psychic powers.

Psychokinesis - Also known as Telekinesis, this is the ability of interacting with the physical world using only the mind as a conduit. Using psychokinesis, Moses can move objects with his mind, throw people around, even conjure barriers of pure thought energy to protect himself and others.

Telepathy - Telepathy is the ability to read the minds and thoughts of others, as well as to project your own thoughts outward. Moses can also dominate the minds of weak willed individuals, and implant thoughts and suggestions.

Precognition - Moses can view glimpses of the future, and how his actions will affect said future. Say for example he got into a fight at a bar. He could see that slamming his opponents head on the bar would seriously injure him, so he could alter his actions accordingly to get the best possible outcome. It's not foolproof however.

Remote Viewing - This is one of Moses' most useful powers, but also one of the most taxing and the most dangerous as his body goes into a comatose state whenever he uses it. With intense focus, Moses can separate his consciousness from his body and move about as a psionic entity. In this form he is able to float about, phase through objects and things of that nature. He can only be out of his body for a short while before he has to come back though, and he can't travel too far. Violating either of these limits results in him violently being forced back into his body, and him feeling sluggish and generally ill for a few hours.

Pyrokinesis - Moses can cause combustion of the air itself, allowing him to create fire from nothingness. Beyond simply creating fire, he can manipulate it as well including other sources of fire not of his own creation..

He is still learning about his powers and will become much more proficient with them over time. As all of his abilities are powered by his mind, they require a clear head and focus to use properly. Also extended use, over use, or trying to do something beyond him will result in debilitating migraines and serious nosebleeds.


Military Training - As his father was a marine for nearly 10 years, he has raised Moses with a mixture of love and discipline. He also always wanted him to be prepared, so he trained him in combat, firearms, survival; everything a Marine would need to make it in the field, Abraham drilled into his son.

Fighting - All throughout his life Moses has had to fight, and his father was a Marine so he taught him a lot of h2h techniques as well. He was even making waves as an underground fighter before Cipher Pol found him. Basically fighting is in his blood, and even before the CPA training, he was damn good in a scrap.

Acting - Growing up poor and nearly homeless, Moses got used to lying to protect himself. Whether it was convincing bullies he had nothing, or convincing people he was homeless to get some extra cash for a burger. Moses has become very good at lying, er acting. He can see subtle tells and gauge peoples reaction to his performance.

Cooking - When you grow up without enough food to casually buy pre-made food like snacks, lunch meat, cereal, chips, etc... you learn how to cook or you don't eat. He's been cooking since he was a kid, and while he's no gourmet chef, he knows his way around a kitchen and can cook up some pretty good food when the mood hits him.

Stealth - Again thanks to his life, he got really good sneaking around and breaking into places when he was younger. He hasn't had to do it in a while, but some things you just don't forget.

History: Moses was born in Brixton, London, but due to his mothers poor health around the time of having him, she didn't survive his birth. As such, his father, an American Marine who'd met his mother during a vacation in London, took him back home to the US. The two lived in Atlanta, Georgia up until Moses was about five. But after two tours of duty, and coming back from the second with slight paralyzation from an IED detonation( no longer able to do run or lift heavy objects for extended periods of time), Moses' father Abraham was honorably discharged with several medals and rewards. However, the problems that affect all veterans affected him as well.

He couldn't find good paying work, he didn't get the medication he needed; even down at the VA and the Veteran's Hospital he was treated poorly. All this meant they had to downsize everything. They ended up moving to Detroit as it was the only place Abraham could afford to live on the meager money he still received from the government. Living in Cass Corridor(pretty much the worst place in all of Detroit) as a child was not an easy thing. Dealers on the corners, Druggies in the alleys. No food in the house, brown water from the faucet more often than not.

 It was hard on Moses, but he and his dad had each other, so they persevered. Moses tried to be a good kid so one day he could help his dad, and Abraham tried to provide for his son in any way he could, even though he often fell short. Barely making it from paycheck to paycheck wasn't enough though. And by the time he was 12, Moses was selling drugs to help out. If he was lucky he could clear a few hundred bucks a week, and since he was a kid he got real good about keeping some kind of weapon on him in case someone tried to take what little product he was allowed.

It was hard to lie to his dad, but he told him the guys down at the Barbershop let him sweep up hair for a bit of cash(he'd only give him enough that he wouldn't get suspicious). Over the next few years though, things began to change. Moses started to get really bad migraines with no real reason behind them. Sometimes he'd miss days of school because he couldn't do anything other than lie in bed and cry from the pain.

 And as the headaches got worse, things began to happen. Books would fly off shelves, plates would shatter, things would suddenly burst into flames. It scared him and his father both, but Abraham had heard of Deviants and was afraid what would happen to his son if he told anyone. So they just tried to weather the storm. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and one day while walking home, something in his head just clicked.

Like he'd finally grown out of his awkward phase or something. Before stepping foot into the street, it was like time froze, and he saw himself getting run over by an out of control car speeding around the corner. He almost ignored it, but it seemed so real. Instead he just stayed where he was, and sure enough the car swerved around the corner, exactly where he would have been. Somehow he'd seen the future; he'd seen his own death and prevented it. He ran home and told his dad who almost didn't believe him until he proved it.

 He told him Mrs. Gibbons two doors down was going to get shot in the leg, and that he should call an ambulance. He didn't know when though. Two days later, his prediction came true, and just as his dad was sitting down, gunfire rang out. A car peeled off, and when he rushed to Mrs. Gibbons door, it had several bullet holes in it. He called 911 and the ambulance made it just in time to save her. After that he finally believed Moses. And that incident seemed to be the trigger that caused his other abilities to form and focus.

Soon he could move things with his mind. He could light a cigarette with a snap of his finger. Little things at first. But Moses was so fascinated by his powers that his life pretty much began to revolve around them. He'd always been a smart kid so he knew what an opportunity he had to make life better for him and his dad. But the problem was, his dad didn't want him doing anything illegal. He'd found out he was selling drugs a while back and beat him till he couldn't walk.

 So it wasn't until he was a fourteen year old Freshman in high school that he finally found a way to bring some extra money home. It was a simple hustle, and not really illegal. He just would bet people he could pull off seemingly impossible things. Sink a basketball shot from across the court. Reach a high ledge and pull himself up. Stuff like that. It worked for a while, but people eventually got wise and realized he could backup any bet he made, so the money from that dried up pretty quick.

Afterward he got lucky and decided he could show off his powers as 'Magic'. He started by performing on a street corner and doing tricks like setting a deck of cards ablaze or levitating peoples pets. It brought in some decent cash, and his dad while wary, knew they needed the money. And as long as Moses stayed out of trouble, it was okay. Aside from doing that though, Moses was just a normal teenager who wanted to do normal things. He played basketball and football for his school and excelled.

Part of it was natural talent, and part was because he could see where the ball would go, or he could use his powers to nudge a defender just far enough off course to miss him when he went for a tackle. He became a pretty big name in a short time as he started putting up impressive stats. And because of that people started to notice him more. So if they saw the Moses Price doing magic on the corner, they gave him bigger tips. This continued on through most of high school until his dad was hit by a car.

He survived, but it caused more damage to him and as a result he was completely bedridden. Even with the cash he made on the side, they couldn't afford anyone to take care of him, so Moses had to drop out of school and finish his diploma online. Also he tried to work full time, but it was hard to get a decent paying, legitimate job in Detroit. At age 17, he began fighting at the gym he frequented to vent his frustrations. One of the older guys there liked his technique and thought he was a natural. He was, but his powers certainly helped.

 They ended up becoming fast friends and Billy, or Billy Beatdown as they called him at the gym, became something of a mentor to him. After a few weeks, he told Moses of an opportunity to make some real money. It wasn't strictly legal, but it wasn't exactly hurting innocent people either. Prize Fighting. Underground brawling for cash. The starting pay was shit, but once you started winning fights, the money came with it.

 He agreed...what choice did he have? That weekend he met up with Billy and they drove for an hour to a decommissioned factory. It looked abandoned from the outside, but in the basement there must have been hundreds of people. They had rings set up and everything. It would have been legit if it wasn't so illegal. He was pretty taken back, and he quickly noticed how brutal these fights were. Most were bare knuckle, anything goes in the ring. Some of them even let you use weapons. He saw more than a few blood stains both dry and fresh.

But the money was needed, so he went for it. After learning the few rules, Billy wished him luck and pushed him into the ring. His first ever match was against a guy who looked like he slept with swords and loaded handguns around. Scars and bullet holes everywhere. He was a lot tougher than he looked though, and put Moses on the defensive early on. Moses won though, and he won, and he won, and he kept winning. In a few months he was the champion of his division, and undefeated. And Billy wasn't lying. The money was insane.

It started off low. 50 per fight, but as his win column got bigger, and his losses stayed at 0...50 bucks went to 200, 200 went to 800. Soon he was making a few thousand per fight. Eventually though he stopped bringing in money as he was unbeatable. The guys up top figured that if he couldn't bring in cash, then he was worthless. But he came up with an idea. Put him up against the big boss.

They called him Crusher, and he was about four weight classes too much for Moses. But he convinced them(with a bit of mental persuasion) that a fight between Crusher and "Magic Moses" would generate tons of money, even if he lost. So when the big day came, he took all the money he'd been saving up, and bet on himself to win. It was something like 50 to 1 odds, and he was the clear underdog. He fought like a man possessed though, and while he cheated...well this was illegal underground prize fighting. Who could accuse him? And who could prove it?

 He brought Crusher down after three rounds, and he beat him enough that people couldn't claim the man threw the fight. A broken nose, fractured jaw, two broken ribs and several more bruised ones. They figured he won fair and square, a lot of people lost a lot of money to the house, and Moses went home with bank. He gave Billy 10%, which was a looooot of money.

 And he contemplated quitting, or at least taking a break so he wouldn't have to pull anymore risky stunts to stay relevant. Besides, his skills in Boxing and MMA had caught the attention of a few people and he began getting offers for legitimate matches. Of course the pay was nothing like the prize fights, but he had more than enough from his fight with Crusher for he and his dad to live comfortably for a long time while he rose in the ranks. And with his powers, he figured he could make it all the way to the top. Become a pro and really live big.

His dad supported him and joked that if he didn't make it in fighting, he could always join the Military. Moses saw what the government had done to his father though and that was the last thing he wanted. The night of his first legitimate fight, he noticed some guys who seemed out of place. They looked normal and dressed normal and acted normal. It was their thoughts that stood out to him. They were focusing so hard on something it overrode everything.

And he caught glimpses of his name in their heads. He almost lost the fight because they kept distracting him. But an acicidental extra inch on a step back left his opponent wide open. Moses ko'd him with a left uppercut followed by a wide right haymaker to the chin. The guy was unconscious before he hit the mat. He was in the locker room when they came in. They were no nonsense, and told him exactly what they wanted. They'd been watching him since he started doing his 'magic' a few years ago.

They had an interest in his powers and saw he clearly had the raw talent to take care of himself. They offered him a job at Cipher Pol. He almost declined, then they talked to him about his dad and how much they could help him. They showed Moses his starting pay, as well as confirmed that they could cover any medical costs for his dad as well as making sure he was treated right by the VA. He didn't really have a choice in accepting now did he?

Recruitment: Freshly Recruited
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Moderator, Specter, and Jaeger are all accepted.

And down the road it's a possibility, Interdiction. For now though let's focus on just one and building this thing up.

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Re: Secret Government Agency Interest Check!!!
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Basic Information

Name: Alexander Deinheart
Code-Name: Evolution
Nickname: Alex or Evo
Age: About 94 but thanks to the chemicals in his body he is only twenty eight
Gender: Ambiguous but can be either gender
Sexual Orientation: Females, males if opposite gender
Affiliation: Neutral, to be recruited

Physical Appearance

Height: Five feet, nine inches
Build: Well toned thanks to being a soldier but it can change that thanks to its many form changes from his powers.
Eye Color: Bright yellow, that can be seen staring out from the darkness
Hair: No hair because it lost it all to the experiments but it grows hair on his body during some of the transformations
Distinguishing Marks: Perfectly hairless and its skin is naturally grey from the chemicals that run in his body all the time. Tattooed on its skin is four letter on his right arm and four numbers on its left arm.
Description: Not to tall and not to short with the ideal body for transformations makes up its form. Though all those transformations have left it a bit looking like a walking corpse he continues onward for a new life.

Important Info

Personality: Somewhat of a nice creature, Alex has been willing to make friendships with others that don't care that normally it doesn't have a gender off the bat. Kind heart, and a will to do good makes it closer to nature and the world around it. Shy at first it will grow to know friend and defend them from danger at every chance or sight.
Power(s): Humanoid transformation: It can change its gender to whatever it sees fit but it has to take on a half human and half animal form to be out of its trench coat and mask. Chemicals injected through the mask modify the proteins on its DNA to make Transformations to any common animal on earth though it is some what painful for it to keep changing.

Full Animal Transformation: At the cost of agony, it can transform into a full animal to get the job done though it is limited to common animals for the time being until more DNA is assimilated into the body of it. The full animal transformation has less control then the humanoid transformation so Adrenalin sends it off on a rampage.

Human transformation: It can assume the identity of any person it has come into contract with either through sexual or non-sexual means. It can only assume their identity for a short period of time otherwise it starts to degenerate but contact with the person again can fix that. 
Skills/Specialty(s): alchemical hermeticism: Its knowledge of chemicals is exceptionally high to the fact that it had time to learn of all these chemicals and what those chemicals did to its body. Being able to manufacture those chemicals will help him continue work on its body and heal others or harm. 
History: In 1940 Nazi Germany went to war with France, and England but Hitler had decided that he wanted an army of super soldiers to fight off all those that came to fight him. Alexander was a strapping young soldier in the German Army so he was selected for the trials. Alexander was subjected to many treatments of harsh chemicals that burned flesh and oozed pain. Surgery was used to remove infected bits of body and deal with outgrowths from the chemicals. Overtime he was changed into a creature between male and female with no parts to show for it. America was sweeping across Holland at this time so they hid away Alexander into an underground storage area that had been overlooked by the American solders. Alexander waited there, in the depths of darkness, for 70 years but when some people accidentally unearthed his bunker that sent him on a rampage of fear.
Recruitment: Going to be recruited

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Basic Information
Name: Nathaniel Reaver
Code-Name: The Dove (Which was named due to the pendant he wears that was a gift from his master.)
Nickname: Nathan or Dove for those who him him as such
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Cipher Pol
Physical Appearance
Height: 5'11”
Build: Nathan has the lean build of a martial artist or gymnast. He is not bulky nor is he too thin but he is well sculpted with every muscle defined. You could definitely grate cheese on his abs.
Eye Color: Gray like dark steel.
Hair: His black hair is kept short in a very military style.
Distinguishing Marks: He has a complete lack of any distinguishing marks, without a single scar even.
Description: Nathan can usually be found wearing black or dark blue docker style pants with casual comfortable shoes. For shirt it is usually a simply button down shirt in shades of blue or gray. On rare occasions he adds a casual sport coat. He always has an air of confidence about him.
Important Info
Personality: For the most part Nathan is a happy easy going guy. He will talk and be jovial with anybody around. He will flirt and tease playfully with any female he finds attractive. He is very confident to the point of being over confident I any type of situation.

While having a sense of humor and enjoying a good joke he does not go in for practical jokes especially those that are cruel. Has little tolerance for those that are into those things. He also is very intolerant of those that do not show respect or consideration for other people. He likes to enjoy life but not at another person's expense.

Power(s): Through extensive training and hard work he has developed his chi abilities beyond that of any chi master he knows of. Instead of short term requiring constant concentration he activates each power during his morning ritual kata and the remain in place until he releases them. Through this his dexterity and agility exceed normal human abilities, giving him lightning reflexes and actions.

He also enhances his strength to well above human capabilities giving the ability to lift over 3000 pounds and to make jumps and leaps that would break world records. From standing he can jump over 15 feet straight up or 30 feet in distance.

His strength and agility combined give him the ability to run in excess of 40 miles an hour which he can push in dead sprints to over 60 for a very short amount of time.

He also has a spacial awareness giving him the ability to simply feel the world around him so he does not require sight to function. This is also quite useful in spotting things hidden or obscured to sight.

He has develop the “iron skin” ability to make him resistant to damage. His resistance is such that most blades and small arms will be unable to injure him. A well placed or luck shot could injure him though. He has focused this ability hardening it as it were so that armor piercing attacks do affect him any more than normal attacks.

He has also developed a healing ability that is strictly personal and uncontrollable. Any injury or illness he suffers heals completely in a matter of hours. This is why he has no scars as his body completely regenerates damaged tissue as if the injury never happened, but it is not instantaneous.

Through using his Chi he has created virtually indestructible weapons with a near monofilament edge that can cut through just about anything except things hardened the way he hardened his own defenses. Being able to handle these weapons is why he hardened his resistance. During the development process he has shed much of his own blood by slipping with his own weapons. These weapons are a sword (katana), throwing stars and and spikes.

Skills/Specialty(s): Nathan is ninja trained giving him stealth, martial arts, disguise, climbing, concealing, lock picking, … etc.

He is skilled in virtually all melee weapons but is specialized in the katana and unarmed combat. He is also skilled with modern small arms but dislikes using firearms.

He has also trained at combat driving.

The Ninjas taught him Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
He has since learned Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic, and Russian.

History: Born the only child of American missionaries he spent the first years of his life traveling with them to whatever impoverished area they felt they were needed. At the age of 11 they were in rural Japan when he came down with an illness with all the symptoms of Polio. When his parents were about to abandon their mission and take him back to the States for medical treatment an elder local man approached them saying he could treat young Nathan.

The old man is the head of a secret ninja clan and used old medical teachings known only to the clan and teaching him their ways to learn to control his muscles. Using this method he recovers and excels at it. By 15 he was so far beyond those of his own age he was training with the adults. By 17 he had exceeded even what his master could do.

That is when he received word that his mother was very sick and going back to the States for treatment. He decided to go and be by his mother's side so left the ninjas to travel back to the country of his birth. He found himself in a large city which he was not used to. That coupled with his over confidence lead him to several altercations with criminals especially gangs. After one such incident which left four gang bangers dead and six hospitalized he was recruited into Ciphor Pol where he has remained and worked ever since.

Recruitment: Has been with Cipher Pol for about 12 years.
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Here's a link to the Character Thread -

I'll put it up in the opening post as well.

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And this is a link to the OOC thread -

It's also found in the opening post.

Well guys things are looking good enough to start. Once I finish some stuff for the OOC, I'll start the IC thread and we can get this thing rolling!

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Sorry, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get involved in this one after-all. Still fascinated to see how it goes, but just gained a couple more stories and don't think I'll have time for one more. Best of luck with this game everyone and I look forward to reading it as long as there's no objections.

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Good luck to you and thanks for the interest at least! Maybe in the future you'll come back around.  O8)

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The IC thread is up and running! A link is in the opening post, and feel free to post a few times before I call the mission briefing.