Incest Scenes [un]

Started by traci80, September 21, 2008, 04:03:28 PM

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  I don't have any scenes worked out right now, but I'm looking to play NC incest roles that involves someone from outside the family using blackmail. Open to other incest scenes as well. I like slow moving stories that don't jump right into bed in most cases.  I like..

dad/son-will play either
mom/son-will play either
older sister/brother-will play either
twin bro/sis-will play either


Hey there I have a mom and son scene in my idea (link below) called "Too much of a resemblance".
Here are my: ONs/OFFs, Ideas (plots) and my Intro.


I have an idea for the twins pairing in here.  Send me a PM if you want to hear more.
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Mom-Son or siblings/twins is fine.
Perhaps we can integrate it in one of my storyideas. (see link in sig)
Or we make a new one in a scifi, modern or fantasy setting?