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Started by theonewhoknocks, September 10, 2014, 12:49:36 PM

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Hello all,

I am looking for new partners. I am a long time YIM role player who wants to start doing forum plays. I tried them once and really felt intimidated by all of it. Knowing I was being watched, judged was overwhelming. Now I am a bit more confident and my skills a bit more polished and I want the chance to try it again. Below is a list of things I like, as well as some scenarios I would love to play. None of the scenes are set in stone and I would love to discuss any of them with anyone. Please feel free to message me with any ideas you have about any of them.

What I Like
I want a partner who is ok playing the FEMALE characters. I only play the MALE characters
I only play in 3rd person
Partners who bring their own ideas to the table and are happy to consider my ideas as well.

What I Do Not Like

A person who simply vanishes. I know this is a common complaint and I am no different. If you don't like me, the scene or whatever. Tell me first, give me the chance to fix the problem before you disapear.
You play your character, I will play mine. Ideas and request are always welcome but do not try and take over.
Grammar Nazi's. No one is perfect, not even YOU


Wedding Plans

She was in the middle of planning her dream wedding.  She had dreamed about this for years and wanted to have the most extravagant wedding anyone in town had ever seen.  In an effort to make that happen though, the price gets way out of hand. Her parents have to break the bad news to her, that they just cannot afford what she wants. She is determined though, willing to do whatever it takes in order to get the money she needs to have the wedding she wants.

All She Wanted To Do Was Help

Every high school has one. The pretty, funny, popular teacher. The kind of teacher that will go out of her way to help any student with anything.  She is excited when she is tasked with helping a  17 year old student who is spends his time staring at  female students and teachers. He sits in the corners brooding, drawing in his red three ring binder, hardly speaking.  The teacher's eagerness to do anything to help him will lead her down a path she never saw herself going down. Her job, her freedom and everything else will be at stake when her desire to help turns into a need to let this "boy" live out his fantasies on her.

Daddy's Little Gangbang Girl

He had been hearing the rumors for weeks. His small town had a weekly sex party, something called a gangbang. What bothered him the most was the girl at the center of these parties who had developed quite the reputation. She was young, pretty and from what he had heard resembled someone he knew very well. He knew it could damage their relationship forever, but he had to know. He waited for a morning when they would be alone, his wife out of the house. He had to find out this gangbang queen he had been hearing so much about was his youngest daughter.

The Hit List

She felt neglected, unloved, not appreciated. They were in their 6th year of marriage and he was always working. he worked hard and made sure she had everything she wanted. he always told her he was slaving because of her and it was true she wanted for nothing. He was never home though and she was convinced he didn't love her, he didn't care. She hated him for it. She wanted to see him suffer. She sat down at the kitchen table and comprised a list. Not an ordinary list but a list she began calling her "Hit List". Men she could fuck that would cause her husband the most emotional damage. People he knew and trusted. She would play the loving wife card until it was done and then once all of them were fucked she would finally have her revenge on the man she had agreed to marry, the man she had once loved, the man who had forgotten about her.  (I really wanna do this one. I have a ton of ideas and details for it. I've always wanted to do a role with a really cruel, two faced female)

Give and Take (Celeb blackmail)

She was rich, beautiful and famous. She had also been secretly having the funds she donated to a famous charity funneled back to her. She has been getting away with it for sometime. he was a young, married accountant who was bored with his job and his marriage. The chairty didn't even pay that much. Fate was smiling on him though when he discovered the donations being funneled back into an off shore account. After some work he tracks it back to the famous woman. He had never really been the guy to make a move, take a risk. This was a golden oppurtunity to finally be the bad guy and bring some fun into his life.

The Family Nympho

She had been away from her own family for about two years, ever since that Saturday afternoon when her mom had walked in on her and her little brother.  Nymphomania, who knew such a thing was real. That was what the doctors had diagnosed her with. She would fuck anyone, anytime. She had no control over her urges or her body.  She had spent along two years at the clinic and was advised that she could now go and live out in the world. Still her urges were there, even though she now had the ability to fight them. It was a fragile truce between her mind and body. Her family wanted nothing to do with her. So she was sent to live with her Uncle, Aunt and two cousins of whom she has never met. They welcome her, and tell her it is all going to be alright. She has no way of knowing that all three men have an agenda. Whether it is to exploit her sickness or protect her each of them has something in mind for her.   

Anyone feel free to message me anytime via PM here or on YIM. My screen name is on my profile. I am always open to discussing my ideas or any ideas you have.


I have an idea for a roleplay. It's about three women in there 40's that are very competitive with each other. They are watching Oprah one day and see a story about house wifes that work as call girls behind their husbands back. The three get in an argument about who would get chosen first. They end up posting their pics on a web page and the winner has to go through with it because they signed a contract.  The owner of the page blackmails her into going through with it.

Please check out my profile and let me know if you are interested.