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September 27, 2021, 09:01:23 pm

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Author Topic: Medieval Pokemon/Monster-people adventure Roleplay (All genders welcome)  (Read 549 times)

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A plot bunny that won't leave me alone.

Medieval Pokemon Inspired Roleplay:

The kingdom is lost. Adrift through history, aimlessly wandering towards its own demise. The gods have abandoned us, for reasons unknown to mortal man. Mankind has seized its destiny in its own hands, and by those hands has their destiny been squandered. The regions are divided, each clinging to its own territory, to its own way of life. The people toil endlessly, drawing what they can from infertile soils, from unforgiving depths, from the capricious sea. Deserters from the previous war, returning victorious but unpaid for their shed blood, plague the roadways and hidden places.

And worst of all, the King is dead. His son, the rightful heir, is too young to take the throne. A regent must be selected, and two are equally fitting. Civil war looms on the horizon, the final nail in the coffin of the land. Salvation seems a hopeless effort, but the struggle to survive goes on.

The premise:

The storyline takes place in a pesudo-medieval society, much in the same genre as the Legend of Zelda, the Ocarina of Time. Your character is a trainer from one of three castes:

The Squires: Trained from a young age in martial prowess, each Squire learns to work alongside a single pokemon. They may take on more as they learn and grow, but that first one forms a bond with them that is nigh unbreakable. A squire's main duty is to ensure the peace and prosperity of their region and the safety of their people.

The Acolytes: Mystical in power, the church once represented the people's connections with the divine. In recent generations that role has waned. While the church keeps the faith, they rely more on their vast hordes of information, studying the world around them and using that information to help the people. Unrestricted by regional divisions, the Acolytes are often people with strange and awe-inspiring powers. Grand Psychics, Mystics that can speak to pokemon, and tactical geniuses, the Acolytes are well respected in the community.

The People of the Land: Borne a commoner, raised a commoner, the people of the land lack the same training and backing as others. Still, many families know the secrets to raising strong pokemon and surviving off what little the land will provide. Used to a rougher lifestyle, and better able to work alongside their pokemon, even those with no glorious history may prove to be important in the grand scheme of things.

The plot would involve your character traveling the land, either following the plot in an attempt to save everyone, or merely exploring a world that builds itself around your decisions. In all honesty, whatever you wish to see included in the story, I'm willing to include it.

Optional: I'm more than willing to change all pokemon into poke-girls/people, if that should suit your tastes. Otherwise, if you're looking for lots of smut, I'm happy to play a fellow 'trainer' in the story, or simply include random encounters.

Skype, AIM or PM's would be preferable, but I'm willing to play on the forums as well.