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Started by Andronica, September 09, 2014, 04:41:13 PM

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I viewed the first page and couldn't find any similar topics, so I believe it's okay for me to pose this suggestion:

A mod was kind enough to provide me with a link to a particular rule I was looking for, since I was having trouble finding it on my own. After reading it, I went into the forum to see where exactly the thread was located and how I could have missed it. It's nearly at the bottom of the page. Given how important that information is compared to questions and announcements like mod activity, posting imagines, group games, etc, I think it should be moved.

I realize it's our responsibility to understand and be familiar with the rules, but it would be a good idea to highlight the Site Policies thread up to the top of the Rules and Announcements board, like the Site Rules and Procedures, for easier access to this information. :)

Beguile's Mistress

All threads having to do with site administration and rules should be handled in a way that makes them easy to locate.  With several threads dedicated to the various aspects members need to be aware of it would be helpful to have them all in the same place if for no other reason than having them scattered around leads to them being overlooks.


We don't want to sticky more topics than needed in - well, any section simply because the more stickies we have the fewer are read, but it is linked in the Rules thread, in the section titled Policies. I did some spring autumn cleaning of the R&A section so hopefully it's easier to find now.

Beguile's Mistress

My main thought was that if all the links were listed at the top of the main rules thread (which is stickied) it would actively direct people to those other threads because they are important rather than using a passive system of including links somewhere in the text where they are easily missed especially when people get overwhelmed with the amount of reading they have to do.  Even after all my time here I still get lost when looking for something.  I actually have a folder on my bookmarks bar where I moved those links to have them all in one place for easier reference.  Rules, guidelines and all those things members require to get on well here need a more cohesive system, a Table of Contents, if you will.  The posts are long and involved and it's easy to overlook something.  Whereas, if the links were all listed in one place people would realize there is actually more than one thread they need to be aware of.  It would be helpful for new people to this site and people new to forum sites who really need a helping hand with that and I think it would be a welcoming gesture as well.


That's a great idea, BM, thanks. I'll see what I can do.


I think a good place to start would be the links that can be found on the home page ->

Along the top and bottom you find various links that are all important in their own way . It may be helpful to categorize the links and quantify their importance in some way (for example, threads about the culture of Elliquiy; about punishable behavior; board-specific; etc.).
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