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May 20, 2018, 02:48:39 PM

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Author Topic: This Thread is a Net, you Are Caught (m LF Domme F)  (Read 277 times)

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This Thread is a Net, you Are Caught (m LF Domme F)
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:27:51 AM »
So, the hunt for an RP partner has begun. Well... I guess its not really a hunt, since I'm just leaving this post here and anyone who finds it can choose to read it or ignore it at their leisure... not much of a hunt. More of a want add really.

... but I prefer the term 'hunt,' because it just sounds better! So yes, this is a hunt! Hahahaha! -clears throat- Sorry... got carried away.

Anyway, if you read through that, you might think I'm crazy... or you might think I'm funny. Maybe? -crosses fingers-

Regardless, I'm looking for an RP partner to write the idea below into a story with me. Its been a while since I wrote an RP as the sub in a Domme/sub situation, and I'm kind of craving it. My Character will be referred to as MC, and Your Character will obviously be YC :P But... you probably could have figured that out in about two seconds on your own, so, moving on to the idea:

MC is a lawyer, new to the job and up-and-coming, but very good at what he does, probably in his mid to late 20's. YC is an actress, or musician, or the owner of a successful company, something where she is influential. She's got a strong personality, and demands the best from herself, expecting herself to be successful in everything she does, and while she doesn't demand that others be perfect, she does expect them to make the effort.

Now, what's the problem? Well, YC is in the middle of a nasty divorce. Her husband of two years wants out of their marriage, and is trying to take as much of the wealth that YC earned as possible with him, along with making an effort to drag her name through the mud as much as possible while things are happening. YC has hired MC as her lawyer for the case, because she now knows her husband only married her for her wealth and influence, and is leaving her now because things weren't quite going the way that he wanted them to. What way was that you might ask? Well, YC is smarter than him, more successful than him, more respected than him, and to top it all off, YC likes to be in charge during sex, and to be the one with the power, which your husband hates. YC has suspected that he's been cheating for some time, but doesn't have proof, though the fact that he's so gung ho about a divorce does nothing to reduce your suspicions.

Now, unfortunately, YC can't just put her life on hold during the divorce proceedings, and has to attend an event related to her work which essentially amounts to a party with her having to try and 'keep up appearances', for lack of a better term. She has to look like the divorce isn't impacting her at all, though she certainly is feeling the stress. When it was scheduled, she was going to bring her husband, but that's not really an option now, and she wouldn't want him there anyway. So, during a meeting with MC, YC gets an idea, and asks MC if he would accompany her to the event. Showing up with some random guy might make YC look callous and uncaring, but showing up with her lawyer who is trying to get her through the divorce with as little trouble as possible is entirely reasonable.

Eventually, during the dinner at the event, our characters would get into a conversation about the divorce, and MC would ask YC what was the “straw that broke the camel's back”, and caused the divorce to finally happen. YC tells MC about the various things she likes doing in bed and how her husband can't handle not being treated like some kind of god by a woman, and being under someone else's thumb. MC finds YC's ideas rather enthralling, and she can tell, and from there, their relationship would gradually develop from professional, to something physical, discreet and fun, and eventually into something romantic.

What I'm Looking For: Someone to play the dominant female lead. She should be something in the age range of 24 to 30, and is definitely a dominant. Her specific job is entirely up to you, as long as she's powerful, influential and wealthy, given that she's a driven person who is successful. Its also entirely up to you how she feels about the divorce. She can be glad that her husband is going to be out of her life because of their relationship being bad, or she can be very hurt by it, or anything in between.

I'd like to get at least one post a day (barring real life restrictions like a work emergency and such of course!), though I would certainly be willing to have more than that. The exact amount that is written isn't important. As long as I can understand what you write, and you advance whatever the current scene is at least a little bit, then I'll be happy. I'm not expecting you to write me a novel in each post. That said, if you do want to write out several paragraphs or more, I'd definitely be happy to read it! :D

The Sexy Stuff: in this one, YC is a Domme when things get intimate. MC will end up being quite a willing sub to her, but that doesn't mean he's going to let her push him around or be nasty to him. The domination I have in mind is more sensual in nature. There is no humiliation or degradation, no slapping the face, no pissing on MC or anything like that, and certainly no physical abuse.

The things that I want to have in the RP include, but are not limited to: bondage, teasing, post orgasm stimulation, collaring, pegging, rimming, oral, blind folds, gags, and the use of various toys.

Smut vs. Plot: Without the plot, I find this story plays out in a very boring way. It would basically amount to one sex scene and be over, and I don't want this to be a one shot. There would be some sexy stuff happening in the RP, but our characters should start out in a purely professional relationship between lawyer and client, and gradually become more intimate with one another over time.

How the divorce proceedings play out can be discussed. I'd like to see our characters come out as the winners in the end, but what is 'winning' in a case like this is certainly up for debate.

As for the relationship between our characters, I want them to actually develop real feelings for one another, and engage in a romantic relationship. It doesn't have to begin that way (and in fact, it shouldn't begin that way at all!), but eventually that's what it becomes.

PM me if you are interested! :D