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Author Topic: Infected (IC Started, Still Recruiting)  (Read 1823 times)

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Offline ArcherCC

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #25 on: September 17, 2014, 12:23:21 AM »
Awesome, i will get my character made up in the morning and PM it to you.

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #26 on: September 17, 2014, 11:00:08 PM »
As our GM suggested, I'm posting my character here in case anyone wants to make connections.  -- Red Stella

Alexandra Morgan
Character Name: Alexandra Morgan
Player Name: Red Stella
Age: 23
Nick Names: Alex, Lexie.
Physical Description: Alexandra is healthy, with a toned build and feminine curves. She has shoulder-length, wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.  She usually wears casual clothing, shoes she can run in easily (or stand in comfortably when she's working), minimal if any makeup.  She has pierced ears, but no other piercings and no tattoos.  She has an easy physical grace. 
Character Model: Jessica Biel

Weight & Body Type: 155 lbs.  Very fit. 
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Light brown.
Eyes: Hazel
Former Occupation:  Bartender


Personality: Friendly.  Easy-going.  Spontaneous.  Sarcastic.  Impulsive.  Blunt.

Likes: Root beer.  Dominant older men (could also be described as a weakness).  Swimming.  Running.
Dislikes: Spiced tea.  Bullies.  Drugs (illegal, dealers, etc.). 

History Alexandra was raised in a working class household, primarily by her maternal grandparents (Michael and Claire Morgan), as her mother (Caroline) was a teenager when she gave birth.  Despite the efforts of Caroline’s parents, she left home when she turned eighteen and fell in with the wrong sort of people; she never returned home and her whereabouts are unknown. 

School was difficult for Alexandra due to her eventually diagnosed Dyslexia, but she managed.  She loved her grandparents very much, and always did her best for them.  She graduated high school and has had a steady job of some sort ever since.   She loves her current job as a bartender - it’s fun, she gets to meet lots of people, and it allows her to take online courses towards a business degree. 

She runs and swims to keep in shape, doesn’t smoke, and never touches drugs.  She drinks alcohol rarely and very little when she does.  When she’s tending bar she is adamant about not serving customers who have had too much to drink, and she’s not above taking car keys away from people.  Alexandra is very close to her grandparents and visits them regularly.  She has a small studio apartment not far from work.  She’s not currently involved with anyone. 

Strengths: Stamina.  Excellent memory. 
Weaknesses: Mild Dyslexia.  No combat skills beyond self-defence classes.  Has never fired a gun.  Uncomfortable in formal/upperclass social settings. 
Fears & Phobias: Flying (never been on a plane).  Clowns.  Creepy dolls

Ons/Offs: Player's On's and Off's.

Offline eiselmann

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #27 on: September 17, 2014, 11:32:32 PM »
This is my guy previously PM'ed for approval--looking for potential connections

Character Name: Simon Devon
Player Name: Eiselmann
Nick Names: None
Physical Description: A late growth spurt when Simon turned 19 has left him with a slightly lanky bod. He is physically fit and has a runners body. There is a small scar on his right arm from childhood surgery to remove an arrow that an older cousin inadvertently fired in Simons direction, His chest is sans body hair. .
Character Model:Jesse Eisenberg

Weight & Body Type.: 90kgs ...198 pounds slim and toned but not overly muscled
Hair short curly brown
Former OccupationBank Teller


Personality: Cynical, Introvert  detached . Calm steadfast productive inventive

LikesKeeping busy , women who like him, soccer
Dislikes Cabbage, Stupid people drama queens

History Simon is the only boy and youngest of three to his parents Connor and Sara , he was brought up in Seattle , he was a solid B student , he made his high school track side and soccer team, he wasn't in the most popular crowd at school but was still quite popular his friends tended to pull inventive pranks at school.

He went to Oregon State for three years and completed his degree in business management , his one claim to fame his college girlfriend in his senior year Lara, become that years Miss November(Penthouse) , the relationship lasted until the end of January when Lara decided she liked fifty something multi millionaires a lot more than Simon. At College Simon started doing Kung Fu

He now works for Radobank as a teller doing his 6 months dealing face to face before he's allowed to apply to become a business account manager. His private time is filled by either building his investment portfolio , hitting clubs to pick up women or continuing with his Kung Fu lessons

Strengths:Massive Stamina quick thinking ,Knows some Kung Fu
Weaknesses: Reacts badly the criticism Not always a team player.
Fears & Phobias: Bees, fears dying in a fire

Ons/Offs: offs , Guy on Guy, sissification and cross dressing  anything best left to a toilet heavy bondage....ons pretty much everything else but strong preferences for multiple females(FmF Mfff etc) -group sex /orgy beautiful women, submissive women
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Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #28 on: September 18, 2014, 02:46:19 AM »
Alright guys I have a character story planned out and as I am not at all a fan of Playing a female character I need some Volunteers!.

I need a Bride, Who is about to be wedded, and a couple of other Female characters to help along the story Arcs, Anyone who wishes to help these characters won't be counted towards your two character quota. PM me if you are interested.

Offline Eislynn

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #29 on: September 18, 2014, 03:40:36 PM »
Might be interested. What's the cast looking like so far?

Online Chreestafer

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #30 on: September 18, 2014, 09:45:36 PM »
Still room?

Had something kinda like this going and we'll it died.. sadly and no pun intended :)

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #31 on: September 18, 2014, 11:40:33 PM »
There is always room for more people and so far we have 4-5 Sheets submitted, With a few more people who have shown interest :)

Offline Cryptic

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #32 on: September 19, 2014, 06:38:58 AM »
perks Zombies! Apocalypse? I'm game! Since I'm not a hopeless romantic I'll take the ruined bride if its still open. I'll throw a sheet together later today.

Online Chreestafer

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #33 on: September 19, 2014, 08:25:53 AM »
Sweet I'll have something up for you asap :)

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Infected (Interest Check & Looking for a Co-GM)
« Reply #34 on: September 20, 2014, 12:13:50 AM »

Players Who have submitted Sheets so far and have been Approved :

Red Stella- Alexandra Morgan
Emiko Higurashi- Emiko Higurashi
Eiselmann- Simon Devon
LSWSjr- Erin Joice Tritton
Cryptic Sayings- Chandra Williams
Katida Disu - Natalie London.

We have Six Players so far, With a few more who have shown interest but not submitted a sheet yet,
Will be Opening up OOC And Accepted Characters Thread soon, Hoping to get atleast 10-12 characters rolling when the Timeline Starts.

Offline Letrixia

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #35 on: September 20, 2014, 12:25:18 AM »
I will join! going to make character now!

Online Chreestafer

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #36 on: September 20, 2014, 12:40:38 AM »
working on sheet right now itll be up soon :)

Online Chreestafer

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #37 on: September 20, 2014, 01:17:52 AM »
Character Name: Kyler Bishop
Player Name: Chreestafer
Age: 35
Nick Names: Ky
Physical Description: tall, muscular, almost chiseled look to him
Character Model: (not quite sure)

Weight & Body Type.: 185 lbs , athletic
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Hair: Dirty Brown / Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Greenish
Former Occupation: Ex Marine / Family Bookstore Keeper


Personality: very quiet and nice, yet has a darker driven side to him, the drugs and drink he needs to sleep and forget the voices in his head have become a huge issue lately and he's become kind of odd from it.

Likes: loves to read and write
Dislikes: darkness, drug users (even though he is sort of one)

History: Kyler grew up in a troubled household, His father was a drunk, his mother popped pills, and often enough they forgot about him and his little brother.  Life continue on this way for 14 years until Kyler's little brother was found dead from an over does of pills, his mothers pills. As CYS came in to relocate him as his parents were arrested, Kyler was adopted by his grandmother.  She was a God loving, kind hearted woman, and she became the only reason Ky seemed to mellow out.  See over the years of a bad childhood, Kyler was known to be a trouble maker and a fighter.  Often he would tussle with kids who claimed he wasn't strong enough or cool enough.  Often running with the bad crowds, a noticeable drop in his grades had arrived.  However upon the move to his grandmothers, and a start at a fresh new school Ky was given a second chance.  Being 16 with a rough past was a hard thing to avoid however, and even though he was constantly working, kids began their normal bantering.  Within months at his new school Kyler was again involved in fights.  When he turned 18 something tragic happened.

While living with her, his gram taught him the ways of the church and how to control your anger so that it didn't eat you alive like the poison it is.  When school wasn't involved with its downside, the nice old lady had him working in a feeble attempt to keep himself out of trouble.  Her husband who had passed, owned the local book store.  She was the soul owner and soon Kyler's would find the store as a second home.  While kids drank and did drugs, the young man found himself buried in books to occupy his time. And when he wasn't reading, his grandmother had him learning to cook and clean.  Soon he became an expert chief, via the old ladies words, and could keep a house clean.  His love of books only grew and after graduating college he decide to become an armature writer hoping to make it big with a big selling novel.  Due to his secluded nature Ky never found the right girl only seeking friendship in the books he came to love.  That was until she entered his life and caused the tragic event.

He never really knew her, but she was the high school slut.  She was the kind who always got what she wanted, and she attempted this with Kyler.   When Ky didn't fall for it however, she had kids wait for Kyler after school and attack him.  The fight didn't last long as Kyler was found ontop of one of the kids who lay below him unconscious.  Charges were pressed and in the end Kyler was found guilty and just turning 18 he would spend true time in the poky.  There was one other option, military service, and soon enough he found himself leaving for boot camp.  7 years in the service did him good, yet months before his exit he was on deployment over seas.  On a routine scouting mission, his hummer was attacked and three rpgs later he found himself one of three surviving soldiers out of fourteen.  Burns covered his upper torso and left arm, and was quite the treat to find out after a three week coma.  6 months of hospital stay was rough, but he was granted leave and soon made his way home to his grand mother and the town he had forgotten about.

He returned to working the book store and writing.  Shortly after his return home, his grandmother fell ill and soon enough passed away.  Oddly enough it wasn't till then when the dreams began to occur.  When he wasn't working on his book, or fixing old books at his newly inherited store, he was finding ways to calm the dreams and night terrors.  Sadly his life turned to the drink and drugs, and as the years passed it sadly only worsened in his lonesome state.

Strengths: Book Smart, Decent Fist Fighter, Good Cook
Weaknesses: Drug Addiction, Lack of sleep makes his judgment bad at times
Fears & Phobias: The darkness, he knows those things lurk about silently, but in the darkness they are virtually undetectable.  The nightmares he has been having. His drug and Drink abuse getting worse like his parents.

Ons/Offs: Same as mine
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Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #38 on: September 20, 2014, 01:38:48 AM »
Reminder guys, Sheets have to be PMed to me for Approval :)

Offline Eislynn

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #39 on: September 20, 2014, 10:39:07 AM »
Posting my approved character here as instructed.

Natalie Landon
Character Name: Natalie Landon
Player Name: Katida Desu
Age: 25
Nick Names: "Nattie", "Miss Nattie"
Physical Description: Petite height and a cherubic face, she's often mistaken for much younger. She does little to her long dark blonde hair, so it often looks windswept. There's an innate intelligence in her hazel eyes. Usually wears jeans & tennis shoes with a nice blouse. Small but perky breasts. 
Character Model: Rosie Tupper

Weight & Body Type.: 136 lbs. Moderately Fit. 
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Greenish Hazel
Former Occupation: Community Youth Theatre, Program Director


Personality: She's handy and opportunistic, always seeing use in things others might disregard. Good work ethic, and likes to take care of things she sees that need done without questioning. Well read and intelligent, she wouldn't consider it of herself but others believe she is skilled at diffusing charged situations.

Likes: Theater, Stories, Helping those less fortunate, Creating, Building things, A cup of tea and a good book, A long bike ride. 
Dislikes: Witnessing others in pain, Hopelessness, Judgmental People

History Though her parents were once upper class, Natalie's Dad died in a car accident due to a faulty air bag when she was eight. She and her mother were in the car when it happened, and managed to survive the horrific crash. After the unexpected tragedy, she and her mother moved from Pennsylvania back to Grandpa's mid-west farm where she learned a little of everything, about the meaning of hard work. She was an interested learner of all manner of things, from how to handle a shotgun to how to care for animals and make things grow. Not to mention how to fix things: equipment, fences, anything she could get her hands on.

From a young age, she'd also developed a love of literature and drama. After moving to the farm, summer days were filled with hard work, and summer nights were for reading and getting lost in a book on the hammock on Grandpa's back porch. She was an A+ student all through school, and when she finished high school, having been the star of her senior play, Natalie decided it was about time to broaden her horizons. She left the farm and went away to college in California, ultimately double majoring in teaching and drama. She had her share of hookups in college, but never felt she met 'the one' so she soon stopped trying. Relationships are a hassle anyways.

A few short years later, she graduated with honors and was awarded a grant to open a community theater program for teens. For the past three years, her little program has quickly grown into a drama school for the underprivileged. Natalie loves her job, and how busy it keeps her. She lives just a few miles from her theater, and rides to work every day on her bicycle. On the weekends, she enjoys longer rides and spends time in the park reading. Other than that she has few hobbies. Between building sets, coaching youths, and sewing costumes, she has little time to seek companionship otherwise. Thanks to her passion, the program has become self-sustaining on ticket sales alone, and she's even considering hiring interns from among the recent program graduates for next season.

Strengths: Excellent leadership skills. Good at building and fixing things.
Weaknesses: Self conscious about her scars and wary of intimacy. Lasting head injury issues from the car accident: Occasional severe headaches/blurred vision.
Fears & Phobias: She has PTSD due to the accident. As such she never obtained a driver's license.


Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #40 on: September 23, 2014, 04:02:47 PM »
as of today we have one more female character up, and another one about to be put up. That makes us down to what 2-3 male characters and around 5-6 female characters. :)

I will be filling in the deficit with characters, Bringing a couple of old ones back on some requests and making a few new ones.

Although there will be a bunch of NPCs through out, even whole groups of em, to keep you guys interested. So I will have my hands full, in case anyone wants to put in plot ideas, or twists, that they think might help, well you can always PM me, so we can keep the other players in the dark and through them a surprise ;)

After all Zombies don't knock ;)

Will have the Posts up Shortly in the Extreme Section, links will be in the First post as soon as threads are up. :)

Get your Characters in Guys, Just so people have something to look forward to i will leave this here.....

This is just the basics of what I see the first two days IC to be like.

Time Line - July 5-6

10 : 45 AM - First Reported Incident in the Hospital- An elder woman Passing away, coming back to life.
10 : 50 AM - Reports Of several People Coming back to life in the same Hospital, Broadcasted on News, Hospital Praised.
10 : 55 AM - Several Other hospitals Report the Same, But are not yet in Media Attention.
11 : 30 AM - News Channels are Plastered with the reports of people coming back to life. All Sick are Quarantined.
12 : 30 PM - First Quarantine Zone breached, Location California, LA.
02 : 00 PM - Country Wide Red Alert, People are Asked to Remain indoors, Avoid Contact with the Infected. Several other states reporting Breach of Quarantine.
04 : 00 PM - Cities are in Chaos, National Guard is summoned for a country Wide Curfew and forming Shelters. All Civilians are asked to follow military escorts back to bases.
06 : 00 PM - Things start to settle down as National Guard and the Military takes control.
10 : 00 PM - Power Goes out, 70% of grid is down. Army engineers are sent to check while Bases are powered on Back-UP Generators.
11 : 00 PM - Military Bases Overrun. Power Still out.
08 : 00 AM - Those areas still with power see last of the radio/news Broadcasts.
10 : 00 AM - Military Choppers Announce Areas that will be Vaporized to remove the Infection. Civilians asked to clear zones to be Napalmed.
12 : 30 PM - Napalm is released air bombs. Does not kill Only Manages to slow down the dead.
04 : 00 PM - All communication is lost. There is no structure left.
10 : 00 PM - Every thing is Overrun. Its Every man for himself.

Offline Letrixia

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #41 on: September 23, 2014, 04:07:52 PM »
Character Name: Angela de los Santos
Player Name: Letrixia
Age: 30
Nick Names: (Whatever players decide to call me)
Physical Description: Being trained for combat and always taking good care of her body Angela always tries her best to be as fit as possible. She has muscles obviously from working out constantly. She has a tattoo of two devil wings coming out her shoulder blades and a scar between her breasts that is very old.
Character Model: Michelle Rodriguez

Weight & Body Type.: 125pounds & Fit
Height: 5'8"
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Former Occupation Swat Sniper


Calm, Strong Will, Smart
Stubborn, Proud

Likes Exercise, Reading, Smoking (only when sniping), Weapons
Dislikes Rude people, Bullies, Spicy food

Angela was born just like any other girl with a good loving family. Graduating high school with honors she didn’t go to college instead she went directly to the police academy and started giving her best in everything she did. She made friends in the department until she decided to train for SWAT which took her over a year or so but she ended up being what she wanted to be, a woman that could defend herself and others. Couple of years later she met Richard and they both got married and had three girls which were the love of her life, all four of them.

Her life was always the same at home however at her work she always did something new. Being a sniper meant she had to kill constantly, she kept a rosary with a small pendant for each person that she killed, it was a way for her to remember them and remember why she picked this job. She always tried her best in every mission even if she had to take some time off after a difficult kill. The only thing that she could not do was harm children because it reminded her of her three girls.

Firearms Knowledge, Hand to hand combat knowledge
She can be too confident sometimes that might get her into trouble,  She cannot harm children
Fears & Phobias:
Harming Children, Death

Ons/Offs: Feel free to link them or state them here.

Offline Red Stella

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #42 on: September 23, 2014, 04:15:45 PM »
The timeline has me eager to start.  So much fun potential!  :-)

Offline Nymphadora

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #43 on: September 23, 2014, 04:43:13 PM »

Character Name: Cassidy Jamison
Player Name: Nymphadora
Age: 27
Nick Names: Cassie or Cass (So far)
Physical Description: Fit and stronger than she looks.
Character Model: Katie Holmes

Weight & Body Type.: Slim, fit - 123 lbs
Height: 5’8
Hair Dark chestnut
Eyes Hazel
Former Occupation: High School English Teacher


Personality: Cassidy can be very protective of people she cares for. Her need to please people and give support where needed can come off as almost submissive but it does not hide the fact she is also extremely outspoken. She will not shy from tasks, even if they may seem unwise or dangerous.

Likes Mature conversation, logic, peanut butter cups, reading
Dislikes Teenagers, drama,

History From a young age, Cassidy knew she wanted to teach. She read a lot and would play school teacher; not house with her dolls and stuffed animals. It was even more obvious that she wanted to teach young children with the way she treated her younger sister and brother. She actually taught them both how to read before they were in proper school.

Cassidy was seen as a good two shoes in high school. Honour roll, very regimented in her study habits and tutored others. She didn’t appear to have outside interests or know how to relax, until her first boyfriend around the age of 17. He had her heart and finally she was distracted from studying and tutoring long enough to laugh and become the friendly, protective person she was when she hit college.

It was in college that Cassidy really opened up. After the first term, she broke up with her high school boyfriend to start really sowing her oats. There is a wildness inside of her now that she lets out now and then and has preferred being single to settling down with one person.

Out of school she managed to get herself on the supply teacher rotation, paying her dues. It was a tough road that hardened her a bit, Cassidy feels for the better. Her hard work and determination paid off, getting her a regular high school teaching job.

Strengths: Determination, speaks her mind, logical
Weaknesses: Stubborn, speaks her mind to a fault, Wild at unexpected times.
Fears & Phobias: Heights but more acutely, falling from high up. Big insects. Complete darkness.

Ons/Offs: Same as Player's

Offline LSWSjr

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #44 on: September 23, 2014, 05:08:07 PM »
I'd really been keen to see if this was an apocalypse we could prevent from becoming an extinction level event :-)


Offline Emiko Higurashi

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #45 on: September 23, 2014, 08:13:39 PM »
Posting Approved Character

Emiko Higurashi

Character Name: Emiko Higurashi
Player Name: Emiko Higurashi
Age: 18 (Looks about 15 or 16)
Nick Names: Emi, Emi-chan
Physical Description: Emiko is a fairly slender but still kinda average build young woman. Her skin is rather pale despite being outside in the sun a lot, but yet looks healthy. She is very soft to the touch, yet won't break in your hands either. As such she also appears younger than she really is. Her hair is pitch black, running all the way down to her hips. Her bust is a firm and large 40D to be completed with a nice set of hips and a firm backside. She also sports a strong pair of powerful legs that still complement her body nicely.
Character Model: (None)
Ethnicity Japanese
Sexuality Bi-sexual (Though a Virgin)
Weight & Body Type.: Around 102lbs. Slim, Slender, Modestly Curvy, Model-esque but not quite.
Height: 5' 2"
Hair Pitch Black and Exceptionally Long (Down to Hips)
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Former Occupation Student/Shrine Maiden


Personality: Shy, Bashful (Easy to Embarrass), Honest, Discreet, Cultured, Friendly, Compassionate, Empathetic, Dedicated, Reliable, Trustworthy, Sexually-Innocent, Vengeful, Emotional, Passively-Resentful 

Likes Making Others Happy, Making Friends, Being Helpful/Useful, Sweet Candy
Dislikes Perverts, Jerks, Onions

History Emiko is a young teenage college student from Japan. Currently visiting the U.S with a small group of classmates for an ethics field trip. Taking in the culture and even exchanging their own a well. Emiko's past has been a bit of a bumpy ride. Her parents were murdered when she was just a little girl. Leaving a bit of a deep scar in both her mind and heart. Which only served to fuel a bit of a scary and vengeful side of her. Though she does keep it well suppressed and typically keeps with her sweet and calm demeanor.

Despite the tragedy, Emiko has developed into a strong and intelligent young woman. At or near top of her class every year. Making several friends along the way to help fill the void. But no matter how hard she tries, that void will always be there. She's not really envious of others and their happy families. Instead she focuses on being supportive and helping of others in nearly any way possible. Yet there are times when her normalcy falters when those bad memories surface to where she can even be a bit resentful of what others have. Feeling cheated that her family was taken away.

Once she was old enough, Emiko took over the Family Shrine. Living and working there as a Maiden. Which her family has done for over five centuries. She tries to remain pure in heart, mind, body, and soul. But she is only human and there are those...urges. And strangely enough she doesn't seem to differ from boys or girls in the matter exactly. But still has yet to act on anything.

Emiko works hard at her duties. While sporting a near-model body, she's not afraid to get down and dirty to get things done. And despite her dainty looks, she's actually a bit stronger than most other girls her age. Not to mention an adept runner thanks to her walking most everywhere she goes. Emiko is also very skilled at archery and reasonable with a sword. But still lacks a bit of strength to fight hand-to-hand.

Strengths: Creative, Above Average Runner, High Endurance, Not Dainty nor Afraid to get her Hands Dirty, High Skill in Archery, Some Basic Combat Skills
Weaknesses: Sparse English Language Skills, Body is excessively Sensitive to the touch (feels more pain/pleasure than normal), Lacks Confidence in Herself, Nieve, Undisciplined in Team Combat, Struggles in Hand-to-Hand Combat
Fears & Phobias: Death, Losing Herself to Hate/Anger/Vengeance

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #46 on: September 24, 2014, 03:19:42 AM »
Guys Approved Character Thread is UP.

Only Post your Characters there, IF your Characters have been Approved.

The IC thread is Up. So is the OOC and Game info thread.

The links are in the First post of this thread.

Offline Cryptic

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
« Reply #47 on: September 24, 2014, 07:03:34 PM »
Character Name: Chandra Williams
Player Name: Cryptic Sayings
Age: 25
Nick Names: Channy or Chan
Physical Description: Standing at 5'6 she seems to be smaller than what she actually is, almost doll like with her ivory skin and big blue eyes. Her hair though is naturally a deep crimson, she streaks it black making it seem a lot darker than what it is. As normal for most red heads, she is plagued with freckles that cover her nose and cheeks, hidden normally with makeup when she goes out. Slender and lean, she works out constantly, choosing gymnastics and ballet as her forms of workout rather than risk building unnecessary muscle.
Character Model: Liz Vicious AKA Mindy Blanke

Weight & Body Type.: Weighs at 110 pounds soaking wet. Is active and tries to stay thin because her job requires her to be fit.
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Red and streaked black
Eyes Blue
Former Occupation Alternative Model for Model Mayhem


Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, and a bit morbid on the outside, when people get to know her, introverted, brooding, sarcastic. Completely loyal to people she calls friends.

Likes Nature, snow boarding, chocolate, spiders and snakes
Dislikes Backstabbers, Dishonesty, Bullies.


Home life was a bit of a chore, growing up poor. Though she didn't really think it mattered much at all, her parents loved her and treated her as if she were an adult. When she grew up into a teenager, they treated her as a friend, taught her how to be herself. When she graduated from high school she went out into the big bad world, University, that's where she was discovered the Gothic lifestyle. Finding the dark side a bit more appealing she fell into it headfirst and loved it. Finding out that though Goths were dark and brooding, they were some of the livest people she ever met.

When a friend started modeling, she needed a bit of a booster, a cheerleader of sorts to be with her every step of the way, so Chandra followed along. Finding that she had a natural beauty that the photographer loved, a talent for batting those big blue eyes, she found herself with a contract, a job, and a new lifestyle. Little time to be herself, she started to fall into herself, forming a shell around her around the other models. Hearing the bickering, the backstabbing, she started to hate her job, but it brought in good money, whenever the people actually paid her for her time. Depression set in, until she finally decided, enough was enough.

She fired her agent and set out to start a new life. Moving up to Northern California, starting a small agency herself for models. Knowing all the tricks of the trade, all the trouble that models had finding jobs, or keeping fit. Applying the knowledge to her new found job, even offering moral support to the few contracts she stole from her former firm.

Strengths: Observant, Flexible
Weaknesses: Naive (unsophisticated), doesn't trust people
Fears & Phobias: Claustrophobic, Losing control

Ons/Offs: Offs: Bathroom play.

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
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For those of you who showed interest, Please be quick about the sheets we are set to start the game by the End of today, I will be making a few Set up posts, Although no one has to wait for me to post, Everyone is allowed to start, I will simply be setting up a background for the Events that are about to occur.

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Re: Infected (Recruiting Additional players.)
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The Game has Officially Started, The IC posts have been made, Although if you Haven't Joined Yet, or Submitted a sheet till now There is still time before the Mayhem Begins.

We have room for More Players all the time since We humans need to stick together ;)

Also Everyone is allowed UP TO TWO characters. All the Links to IC/OOC/Approved Characters are up in the First post.