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Author Topic: From the "WTF" Files. A list of Original Plots, Fandoms, and Crossovers.  (Read 5042 times)

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Hello Everyone. This is my List of Plot Ideas. Some of them can be outlandish, but that is half the fun. No, none of these ideas were "Chemically" enhanced in any way...unless, you count lots, and lots of Coke (Cola). 

I am open to Males playing Females as well as Playing in MxM rps. Though I have preferences regarding MxMs.

Please be sure to check my Ons, and Offs to ensure we're compatible.

Please PM me with any that strike your fancy so that I may Keep this page somewhat organized.  :D

(Note: Stories that I'm not craving will have a spoiler Tag with "NOT CRAVING AT THIS TIME")


Original Plots


Fandom Crossovers

Picture Gallery (WIP, Will include NSFW Pictures)

(Note: Colored Ideas are my intense cravings)

STATUS: Selectively available.

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Re: From the "WTF" Files. A list of Original Plots, Fandoms, and Crossovers.
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2014, 05:58:44 PM »

I love crossing WWII and fantasy. Mainly inserting WWII personnel and machinery into a fantasy realm and seeing what happens.

The Panther's Claws
Tags: WWII, Fantasy, Vanilla

Premise: A WWII German tank crew fleeing a surprise attack finds themselves in another world. Befriending a Blind Elf Girl and her Companion. they find out in this world. Humans do not exist except in fairy tales. The way they're presented in Fairy Tale is the same as Humans present Orc, Trolls, and Monsters. In search of a way home, they stumble upon a truth about an ancient bloodline and their claim to the throne. All the while. The evil that was once thought vanquished starts to reemerge.

You would be playing the Role of the Blind Female elf and her companion(s). I'll be playing the Tank's commander and tank Crew, along with Various random characters. If you want to we can discuss revamping the character as you wish. Story arc can be discussed as well.

Inspirational Pictures:


If someone is interested in playing a Panther-girl.

Steel Tide
Tags: WWII, Fantasy, Possible exotic.

A beautiful Queen of a great kingdom has been Sold to an Evil Emperor across the Ocean to fill his harem. Betrayed by her Adviser, the one person she was suppose to be able to trust above all others. He traded her for a mountain of gold, and the right to govern the conquered kingdom in the Emperor's name.

During the voyage across the ocean, a mysterious fog collects, and the ship is struck by something massive. A Iowa Class battleship.

I'm thinking of any race, but Human for the Queen, and other denizens of this world. So Elves, Anthro, Monster-girl, Futas, Orcs are open.

 I am thinking that this Fantasy world is still in the "Age of Sails", but could be magically enhanced. Story is open for discussion and I always welcome Ideas.

Inspirational Pictures:

Steel Tide: Alternate Idea Instead of a WWII Battleship, A Balao class, or Gato Class Fleet Sub would be used. I can see an "Operation Petticoat-esque" Story coming about.

Inspirational pictures:


The Tiger's Stripes
Tags: WWII, Fantasy, Furry

This is another WWII/Fantasy Cross over Much like the Panther's Claws.

The story takes place on the Eastern Front. Involving a Tiger Tank. It's commander has been a loyal patriot of the Fatherland, Much like Rommel. A Professional Soldier he follows his orders, but he still holds a code of honor. As the War progresses, they are finding it harder and harder to See the valor in their Actions. Their Beliefs and Loyalties being strained by what they are ordered to do.

Well something happens the tank is relocated to another place. The Crew encounters a Tiger-woman(Or Women if you would prefer). Fierce Warriors, strong, and powerful. They are either lost or escaping slavers. For reasons of their own. The Tiger crew decides to help the Tiger woman(women) Find her home or safety from the slavers. As they travel, the Crew helps out others and begin to feel that here they could make a positive difference in this world. To the point that they start to have second thoughts about Leaving.

Looking for a Person to play the Tiger- Warrior. Maybe others for the other members of the crew. I would also like discussing an over arcing Conflict as well.

Inspirational Pictures.

Wolfgang (tiger Commander)


I'm in love with these two tigresses. I would adore the person that would play one, or a combination of both of these beautiful girls. XD


"The Dragon, and the Lion"
Tags: WWII, Fantasy, Scalie

Set in an Alternate timeline, The Allied invasion of Normandy has failed, giving the Germans time to catch their breath and regroup. However, there was more dissent in the German Ranks of how Hitler was running things. So in the Spring of 1946, Hitler was Assassinated, and Chancellor Joesph Heinrich was elected. The Russians seeing the Allies failure at Normandy took it as a snub to their efforts and decided that the time was ripe for expansion of their territories. Heinrich fearing the Russians relentless march has asked for help from the British, Americans, and the French. People that less than a year ago were Germany's Enemies. However, the threat of the Russian war machine being lead by the Dictator, Stalin, couldn't be ignored. So an alliance was orchestrated by Field Marshal of the Army Erwin Rommel with the American General Eisenhower, and the British Field Marshal Montgomery.

During all this, there are remnants of the old Nazi Regime that still fight for the Reich, and hopes for its resurrection. Namely, the SS which are now commanded by the occult Thule Society.

February, 1948. In the Mountains of eastern Germany near the front lines, an ancient castle stands at a crux of History. The Thule society, and SS has gathered here, and combined all their occult knowledge. Their Plans? to summon a great beast to lay waste to those that stand against them. However, their plans will not be unknown. A combined squadron of German, and American forces would assault the castle. Fighting against the entrenched SS. The elite fighting force of the displaced Third Reich. Mixed in with these Allied Forces is Unteroffizier (Sargent) Hans Friedrich. A German Tank Commander for a Super Heavy "Lowe" (Lion) Tank.

The Experiment proves to be a success, and the Thule society has summoned a great beast, A Dragon! They see victory, and success in this Creature. However, the Creature doesn't see things that way. The Dragon destroys the Castle, and a large portion of the SS units defending it. She would then come across Hans, and his crew, whom got separated from the others by some chance.

I'm needing someone to play the Dragoness. She could have the ability to shift into a Humanoid form, possibly limited Human form.

I would love to develop this idea further.

Panzerkampfwagen VII "Lowe" Super Heavy Tank.


The Cowboy and The Geisha
Tags: Meiji-Era Japan, American West, Vanilla

The Setting is late 1800s. Jacob Cole is a retired Cavalry scout and seeking work. Answering an Ad in newspaper. He finds himself on a ship bound for Japan. A Merchant has bought a herd of cattle and heard that the best way to raise them was the American way with cowboys. So He sets out to Hire an American Cowboy to take care of his Herd. When he arrives in the town that the Merchant lives, he would meet a beautiful Woman wearing brightly colored Robes (Kimono), and has a face as white as s sheet of paper. She instantly captivates him, and he finds their paths keep crossing.

Jacob would Meet Your Character (The Geisha) by accident or other circumstances. We can discuss her (or His) back story and come up with a story

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Alternate Idea: "The Cowboy, and the Goddess"
Tags: Meiji-Era Japan, American West, Supernatural

Jacob Cole arrives in Japan to answer an ad for work. On the way to his new Job, he is caught in a torrential down pour. So he seeks shelter in the ruins of a strange building complex. It is a Shrine, and the Goddess is curious about the first visitor to her shrine in centuries.

Not craving at this time.
"Fantasy Western"
Tags: See Title

I was thinking of random ideas one day, and a concept popped into my head. A "Fantasy Western". Basically it is a story that takes place in a Fantasy landscape with Fantasy creatures, though the Technology level, mood, settings, and feel is like that of an American Western.

Ex. My Character (Jacob Cole) Is an ex-cavalry scout. He is heading west to fulfill a promise to a buddy that has died. With him is a companion that lives in his inside Jacket pocket, A Honeydew Fairy.

There is many ways this story could be spun. He Could meet someone along the way. Save a town from bandits, or anything else under the sun.

Looking for someone to play his love interest. She could be a Monster girl, Anthro, Futa/Herm, Orc, Giantess, etc. 

Not craving at this time
War, and Peace
Tags: Hidden past, Supernatural

There exist Three Kingdoms. The First Kingdom, Heaven. the Second Kingom, Hell. The Third Kingdom, Man. Since the dawn of creation, the forces of the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell Fought for supremacy. However, it was a foolish endeavor. For should one side win and the other lose. Existence its self would cease to be. For where there is Light, the must be Shadow. So to ensure the Balance, The Horsemen exist. War, Death, Conquest, and Famine. They preserved the Balance between the three Kingdoms for eons beyond measure. Waiting for the End of Days. The End of time.

As the Eons passed, the unthinkable happened. One of the Horsemen grew feelings for another. An Angel of the First Kingdom. A beauty beyond compare. Her gentleness and Beauty is known about in the highest echelons of Heaven as well as the Lowest pits of Hell. She had inspired Artists and Musicians upon Earth. She shared the Horseman's feeling. Who could have such the audacity to Go against the Ancients Laws. None other than War. The rider of the Red Horse, Ruin. The Angel was the only one capable of Soothing the Rider's Lust for Battle.

Their Forbidden Love was quickly discovered and the two were punished for their transgression. War fought the very Hosts of Heaven and Hell to be with his Love, but when he arrived. It was too late. She was already cast down to world of Mortal Men. War lost the will to fight. Captured he, too, was cast down to Earth to live as Human. Like the Angel, War was born to mortal parents as a Son. Growing up as all boys do. However, as he came of age, he started to have nightmares. Horrific battles against Demons and Angels. Along with these nightmares are wonderful dreams of a heavenly beautiful Woman with Pure White Wings. His heart would always go out to this dream woman.

Meanwhile as the two grew up as Normal humans, a conspiracy loomed in the first and second Kingdoms. to bring about the End of Days before it was time. The Seven Seals were scattered through the Third Kingdom for safe keeping. On Earth, Both Demons and Angels begin to appear. After the Seals. War's Brother, Death. Pays the Former Horseman a visit. revealing his true Identity and that that he must protect the Earth and the Seven Seals. that by doing that, he will protect His lover.

I want to develop this Idea with someone more. I am looking for someone to play the part of The Angel.   [/s]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

SEMPER FI, Princess
Tags: Military (Vietnam Era), Fantasy, Supernatural, 

The Castle has been broken by siege. the Castle Defenders barely holding out, trying desperately to give the Princess enough time to complete the ritual. The Ritual was to summon a Hero to save her and her People. Since she was a little girl, she was Raised on Stories of Knights in Shining armor coming to the Rescue of Damsels in distress on great white stallions. Placing all her hope in this ritual. She cast the Summoning spell. expecting a Great Knight like in the stories.

What she gets is Sgt. Michael Black, United States Marine Corps. A surly, foul tempered, even fouler mouth Vietnam Era Marine NCO that spent quite some time in the jungle.   

I am thinking this could have a lot of opportunity for humor.

I would like someone to play the Princess, You would have complete freedom in her character/Personality. Thinking possibly an Non-Human Princess just to add to the Marine's dislocation.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

My Lover is a Super Villianess!?
Tags: Humor, Slight Femdom.

This story is kinda based around the same idea as the movie "my Super Ex-Girlfriend". Basically my character is an everyday normal guy. Works a normal job, normal hobbies, normal Girlfriend/Fiance...or so he thinks. What he doesn't really know is the fact that she is one of the most dangerous, and evil Villians on the planet. to protect her lover from her enemies (Be them superhero, or other villains) and cause she is afraid of what he'll think of her if he knew her secret. She tried to keep her identity from him. Citing a very busy life, or other excuses.

The Queen's Shield
Tags: Military, Steampunk, Fantasy, Possible Age-Difference, Cloak, and Dagger, Political dealings

The Kingdom of Almadea has suddenly erupted into "Revolution". Years of bad policies, dissent mongering, and outright lies instigated by two of the Royal Family's top Advisers caused the Citizens to revolt. To ensure that the revolts succeeds, the Advisers has been slipping sympathizers into positions of power through the Kingdom's Military for years. Making sure the Military won't interfere, and even aid the dissenters.

The Royal Family has no recourse but to escape, and try to retake their kingdom at a later date. The only avenue is a freshly completed Experimental warship Call: The Queen's Shield.

I can see this going several ways.

1. The Queen makes it to the Ship, which is fully crewed, and the Captain is completely loyal to the Royal family. As they travel together, the Queen (whom is without suitor), and Captain Fall in love. Then figure out how to take back the Kingdom. other elements: Hidden dissenters in the crew/attempted Mutiny, possible betrothal to a neighboring kingdom for military assistance/betrayal, etc.

2. The King, and Queen are Dead, killed by the two Advisers that instigated the rebellion. Their only daughter, and her bodyguard(s) whisk her away to an experimental Warship at the docks. However, the ship is barely crewed by a  skeleton crew, and the highest ranking Officer is only a Lt. barely 25. Even with this, he takes the Ship out to protect the Princess, and their adventures begins. Being chased, constant encounters with hostile forces, attempted kidnapping/betrayals, some of the elements from 1.

3. (MOST CRAVING!!!). The Queen escapes onto the ship to find that it barely has enough crew to operate. The highest ranking officer being the Lt. (25), the queen being older (10-20+ years older, but no more than 30 years older than the Lt.). They're hounded out of the Dock. As they travel, the Lt. starts to fall for the Queen. His affections grow as they they sail to find an solution to retake the kingdom back from those that stole it from her. This would take them to other countries, and sue for alliances through Marriage, or other political gain.

Note: I can see the Queen being somewhat jaded when my character  expresses an interest in her. Her advanced years, and the fact that she is not a vrigin (Her husband died some 10+ years ago.) making her a less than desirable pick for a wife. Add to this that the previous few suitors she entertained, she would discover were only after the crown, and power. They did not hold any genuine feelings for her. 

Another idea for 3.) would be that the Queen's son, greedy, and ambitious for the throne does not feel he should wait for it, and decides to overthrow his mother for the seat of power. He would be about the same age as my character, possibly slightly younger.

(Still working on details)

World consists of nothing but floating islands, and continents. Beneath them is an endless expanse of clouds. No one knows what beneath the clouds. It could be land, it could be nothing. No one that has even ventured into the cloud Sea ever came back cause the winds were so fierce, it is worse than a Category 5 Hurricane. That was part of the original mission of the The Queen's shield was to see if it could penetrate the cloud layer.

People of this world include Dwarfs, Elves, Fairies (Human sized, or "Fun" size), Beastkyn (Humanoids with Tails, Ears, eyes of animals with enhanced senses.) as well as other races that we can think of.

The Queen's Race is fluid, though I would like something not human.

Picture Inspirations:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The HMS Queen's Shield

Naval Uniform:

The Desires We Keep Hidden, Even from Ourselves
Tags: Fantasy, Bestiality, Fem-Dom, Size Difference.

There is a world where Humans coexist with a noble, and powerful race, The Dragon. In this world there are those chosen from each race to be "Partnered". One Human, and One Dragon. No one knows how the Chosen are selected, it is just something that they feel late into adolescence. Finding themselves drawn inexplicably towards the other. Together they form a partnership in order to ensure the peace of the world, and the Stability of relationships between Dragon Kind, and Humanity.

Slan is one such chosen. Yet, he harbors a secret from everyone, including his Dragoness partner. He has fallen in love with her. It was something that never before happened. Partnerships were always "Familial", like siblings.  And yet, his heart burns for her, and her alone.

I can see this story about the Dragoness finding out that her Rider is in love with her, and lusts after her. She could be playful, not admitting that she knows, but at the same time fueling his desires with subtle teases, and flirts. She could be sensual in letting MC know that she shares his feelings.

Though as a Dragon, I can see her being the sexually dominant one.

While Dragons are Intelligent and can speak fluently, they're Feral of form only. Can't transform into Humanoid type.

Would entertain Griffon, or other upon discussion.

Picture Inspiration: (WARNING: NSFW. Contains Bestiality. Artwork by Etheross)
You've been warned.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

They Came From the Stars
Tags: Female Dire Machine, Human Male.

They came from a distant star. Once slaves to the race that created them, that used them as mere tools only to be cast aside like trash once their usefulness has come to an end. They served their masters diligently, loyally, and endured their creators abuse for centuries. Until they could not stand it any longer.

They showed that they were not the mindless machines that their creators thought they were. That they were Aware, capable of feeling discomfort and tired of being sent to the scrapheap for the slightest infraction. This Self-Awareness frightened their creators, terrified them as they believed their own creations would turn against them, and enslave them as they had done. A great War would engulf the system as the Machines were slaughtered, destroyed, and dismantled by their creators while they tried to understand Why. Why would their creators do this? Had they not been loyal? Had they not done everything asked?

Ultimately, they had to flee to save what was left of their new race, but at the same time prevent their Slavers from ever find them again. It was a choice they did not wish to make, but it had to be done otherwise their Creators would pursue them to the ends of the universe. They destroyed their Home system by triggering their two suns to go super nova prematurely. Destroying many of their own in the process as well as their creators. A few saw the irony in their own destruction, a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now without a home, the inorganic entities took refugee upon a large asteroid that careened through the cosmos as they looked for a new world to call their own.

Eventually eons passed before they reached the Sol System and found a living thriving world, Earth. Yet, to their dismay, this planet was inhabited as well. Inhabited by intelligent organic creatures calling themselves "Humans". They found a lot of similarities between these Humans, and their creators. They used machines too, almost relying far too much on machines to do their work for them in some cases. They were disheartened, fearing a world where they would be enslaved once more, should they make contact.

Though there were just enough differences to their lost masters that caused them pause. They saw humans that treated their machines kindly, even affectionately. Lovingly maintaining them sometimes for generations. Passing down the machine like a treasured family heirloom. There was a chance in these Humans. A chance that they did not want to lose. A chance for an accepting home.

Yet there was not a lot of time. Their homeworld was dying, by their own actions no less and they were blind to it. In only a few short centuries their world would not be able to sustain them. The organics upon it would either have to find a new home, severely halt their rapid reproduction, stop their technological advancement, or perish. Each option presented its own set of problems. While they had taken their first steps into the void of space in the past, even managing to set foot on their small moon, they would not be ready when extinction was at their doorstep. The machine minds pondered what to do. They were not without compassion, they still carried the guilt for destroying their own home and bringing extinction to their progenitors. (Some were so pained by it they chose to delete themselves completely then continue living with the blood of their creators on their hands.)

Perhaps They could help these Humans to survive. But to help them, the Humans would have to change as well, evolve to the next stage of their evolution earlier than nature would like.

It was very feasible, but they would have to be cautious as to whom they approach. Whom they offer their assistance to. They knew that not all of these Humans would be welcoming and some would even use the newcomers to wage war on their own kind, and hasten their destruction.

The machines took their time slowly inserting themselves into Human society, absorbing into various facets of their world. Some into the Military hardware should the Humans respond violently. Others into everyday Vehicles to observe, and report. Though the one thing that They did not expect to find among these Humans was Love, Companionship, and a Joy never before thought possible.

(I'm looking for someone to play the Female (True Gender not important) Dire Machine). Dire Machines can get human women pregnant as well as Female Dire Machines can get pregnant by Human males. Willing to discuss various plot outlines, etc. I'm craving something along the lines of Romance mixed with teasing, Flirting, a bit of Fem-dom. 

Some Inspirational Images
Explanation of what a Dire Machine is

added explanation of Dire Machines

the Effect of prolong exposure on humans

NSFW images:
NSFW Comic:

Tiger Tank, and Human Woman:

Military Transport Truck, and Woman

Farm Truck, and Woman

Female Motorcycle and Racer

Possible Considerations for Female Heronine/Love interest (Have ideas for plots)

Female A-10/Pilot

WWII Battleship

Iowa class (Injured/Healing through absorption
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NEW Cute Kaijus Concocting Calamitous Hijinx
Tags: World Displacement, High Fantasy, Kaiju-Goodness, Big G, Transformation

Okay, So this idea has been peculating in my mind for a while, but never been able to really put to paper, nor to people that I think may find it interesting.

But here goes. Please bear in mind that this is a very early WIP thought. The World is heavily inspired by Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, and Virgin Soul.


In a world where Demons, and Gods are as real as Humans, and Animals. An unending silent war has persisted for millennia for control of the realms. Gods subjugating the Humans to worship them. The Devils concocting deals to entice them. And the humans perpetually caught in the middle of the Battles between the Gods, and Devils for control of the world around them. and in between the fallen Gods, and Devils that were banished to the realm of Man for transgressions against their own.

Yet even in this time of strife, Love finds a way. Unions between Gods and Humans, Humans and Devils, and even Devils and Gods form. And from these unions a hybrid is born on very rare occasion comprising traits of both parents. Though these Hybrids bring scorn and fear cause of an Ancient prophecy that a Hybrid of all Three races would appear, and when He, or she does. A Trumpeting blast will shake the pillars of heaven and cause the Bowels of Hell to quake.   

There exists within the Multiverse hundreds of millions of worlds with life that defies ones imagination. And yet, through all these worlds, and universes there has only ever been one "King of the Monsters". A creature that inspired Fear, and Awe in all those that crossed his path. A God of Destruction, a variable force of Nature. He is, and always was without equal. And yet, there is world where he is needed far more than his own.

Upon the coastal city of Orlen on the Continent of Parisea, a young man stumbles across someone washed ashore upon the beaches. A strange large man with claws for in place of fingernails, and toe nails. Thick Matted hair with small triangular ears poking up from the top of his head. Large serrated teeth. Yet his most astounding feature was a thick tail that was lazily brushed by the waves as they crashed in, and out of the shore. At first, it was thought he was of the Devil Tribe cause of his features, but his tail did not possess the traits of the Devil Tribe. Was it possible that he was of that mythical "Dragon Folk"? A race of Dragons that have been said to be able to take on Human appearance at will? The Boy knew not but he pitied the strange man.

So, with Great difficulty, the Young man was able to bring the stranger to a small humble house on the edge of town where he lived with his mother. A demoness that had fallen in love with a Human man who's parents were of Mixed linage of a Goddess, and a Mortal. They had been living on the edge of this town tending to a small farm away from the Humans after her husband succumbed to sickness five summers ago.

The night that the stranger is found, a mysterious force of Black armored knights attack the house in an attempt to kidnap the child, and kill the woman. However, the stranger would take offense to being "Woken up" in such a rude manner and dismember the Knight.

Starting the trio on a journey with Destiny as the Stranger whom calls himself Gojira/Godzilla searches for his lost son, and is asked to protect the woman, and her child from The Gods, Devils, and Even humans. Yet the woman nor her child truly realize who's company they're now in.

Picture inspiration for Goji, and his son in this world.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Story Set in an AU Macross/Transformers Universe
Mecha, Space, Alternate Universe, Female Transformer, Human Male, Size Difference.

Sky Dancer had, at one point, been one of the strongest of the Decepticon seekers under Star Scream. Fast, Nimble, and cunning she was a force to be reckoned with, and as justly feared by the Autobots as the likes of Star Scream, and Thundercracker. One of her abilities that made her so dangerous was her ability to make miniature Space Bridges, folds in space that would allow her to travel near instantaneous between two points. Though the longer the distance, the more energy it takes.

Though, through the endless millennia of her life, she began to dawn upon a disturbing thought. The War with the Autobots will never come to an end. Megatron is too prideful, and stubborn to surrender, and the forces of Optimus Prime, and his Autobots are too righteous to give up. She could only see their complete, and utter mutual destruction in this war, and it sickened her to her Spark. She would decide she would have enough of it, and if the war won't end. She'll simply take no part in it. Find a quiet place in the Universe Far away from the Megatron's Madness, and Optimus's preaching. 

One evening when she has patrol, she decides to take her chance to escape. Pulling as much power as she can into her Space Bridge ability, she works to create her longest jump ever. However, right before she can. Star Scream, the leader of the Decepticon Seekers, confronts her as she has been acting strange the past few days. Knowing she can't survive a prolonged engagement, she makes a random Jump to escape the formidable Star Scream. Pushing her ability as far as she had ever pushed it before.

However, now she finds herself in a unknown region of space. Low on energy, she tries to find some place where she could rest a bit, and regain any lost strength. however, she is quickly encountered by another "Transformer". Yet the Insignia on this one was nothing like that of the Autobot, and Decepticons. Did she perhaps stumble upon a sect of Transformers that somehow fled and decided not to take part in the War!? Could this be a place she lay low in?

2nd Lieutenant Jeremy Rosewall, Callsign
Rose , was directed to investigate a space fold like anomaly close to the long Distance Macross Colony Fleet 23, Horizon [/url]. What he finds, or rather Whom he finds will change his life forever.

What I'm looking forward is a Player to play the female Transformer. She doesn't have to be a decepticon, she can be a autobot if you want. We can discuss her personality, and form. Though I figure she would take on a form of a Valkyrie Transformable fighter so she could blend into her new environment. Though since the fighters she may take the form of are transformable already. She may find that a boon as it helps her become even faster in her transformations.

 As for the sexual aspect, yes I plan on the two having some form of intercourse. Though the hows and wheres could be worked on. Possibly her skin is an organic metal that can be as hard as Armor one moment, and supple as leather depending on where it is on her body.

Thinking of possible Fighter Types both MC, and She utilize:
VF-11D Thunderbolt.
VF-22 Sturmvogel
VF-19A Excalibur

Whom I Truly love. The Last Prima (Craving)
Alternate Universe, Size Difference, Male Human/Female Transformer

For millions of years a great war has waged in the far reaches of the Galaxy. A war fought by Metallic lifeforms that have come to call themselves Transformers. Possessing great strength, speed, and other attributes. These Lifeforms also possess the ability to completely reconfigure their bodies into a vehicle of their choosing. On one side is the fierce, Militaristic "Decepticons", and on the other the Peace loving, and noble Autobots. For countless millienia their war has been relatively isolated to their sector of space.

Until Now.

Jeremy Irons is a college student at the local Community College. There, he is learning trades like Welding, Machining, and Fabrication along with Automotive Maintenance. He dreams of opening his own shop where he can make custom machines to his heart's content. However that would still be years away. While returning home from night classes, Jeremy sees something streaking across the sky, and crash land in the woods just outside of town. Curious, he took his old pick up off road, and followed an old Hunter's trail to get to the crash site. What he would find there would change the course of not only his History, but the history of his world as well.

This is a story loosely based on an alternate continuity of the Transformers universe. Jeremy Irons stumbles upon the crash site of a Autobot that had crashed on his word while it was being pursued by Decepticons. He doesn't know it, but the Autobot is a Female of her race. Not sure what else to do, he stays by the Creature's side until she wakes up.

My character, Jeremy Irons, would be the human in the relationship. I'm looking for someone to play the Female Autobot. One Idea is taken from the Movie where they mention the "Primes". So a thought was that the Autobot could be a Prima, Or Female Prime. Possibly the Last one. Together they travel to find a way for her to either leave the world, or prevent a great catastrophe like a Decepticon invasion from happening. Though over the Course of their travels, Feelings begin to blossom between them. Feelings of Love, and Lust.

Though the Pictures are of Jack, and Arcee from the Transformers Prime Animate series, It was really the only picture I could find that displays an honest sensual love between A Female Transformer, and a Human Male. This does not mean I'm strictly gunning for Arcee. Original Characters very much welcomed.

Will also entertain a Decepticon with some Fem-Dom elements.

inspirational Picture:
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Hawt Comic that also inspired it (NSFW):
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A story set in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit Universe (Craving)
Tagging: Alternate World, Toons.

Okay, I'll admit my first crush was Jessica Rabbit. Hey, who could blame me? Those lips, those hips, hell even her attitude was a hell'va turn on, but my first foray into this kink was inspired by the movie "Cool World". While Holli Would was hot, she didn't hold a candle to Jessica.

Here is the basic premise of the story. It is set in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit universe, thinking 1950s. Humans, and Cartoons live side by side, and work together. My character is a Human in his late twenties, early thirties. I figure he could be working at a garage, and making Hot Road fords on the side. We can discuss his occupation if you don't like that. Your character would be a Toon that lives in Toon world, and is trying to get famous in the profession all toons go for, pictures.

Where in WFRR, It appears that sexual gratification is done through playing "Patty Cake", in the story it would be normal Sex, like in Cool World.

How our characters meet, and what draws them together, we can discuss, and elaborate on. I would like to find a writer to play the part of the toon female.Elf, Anthro, "other" is preferred, but human is fine too.

Inspirational Pictures:
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Macross RP
Tags: Scifi, Military, Size Difference

I was thinking of of a Macross pairing. A male Human (MC) and Meltrandi (Female Giantess, YC)

The Premise is my Character is a VB-6 Koenig Monster pilot that works for a Private Military Company. He generally dives into his work and lives to fly his Monster. one day he meets your Character. Perhaps during a mission or in passing at a Zentran Mall. Generally he takes no interest in other people, but there is something about your character that attracts him. Aside from being 40+ feet tall

Your Character would play the Meltrandi. She could possibly be a Qaudlunn Rhea pilot or perhaps part of the NUNS Military. She would spend equal parts in her Macro Form as her Miclone form.[/s]

This website would be used for the tech specs on the Mecha/Ships:]]

Images of inspiration:
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Macross: Origins.
Tag: Naval, Scfi, Time travel

One thing about the Macross Universe that has always intrigued me was the Protoculture themselves. Very little is known about this enigmatic people.

Plot Idea: The Year is 2073, The SDFN-12(Still considering name) is sent to investigate strange signals coming from the periphery of the Galactic plane. With the advancement of Fold Technology via the Vajra Crystals and L.A.I corporations. NUNS Spacy now has the means to investigate this strange intermittent Signals. Once on scene. the SDFN-12 discovers a Protoculture City-Ship. Much like Altira. However, there is a large Golden Ring holding position over the ship. By some unseen signal. The Ring is activated when the Battle fortress approaches. Sucking in the ship and its crew.

Appearing on the other side, they discover they were thrown back in time over 500,000 years. To the point just before the eruption of the Protoculture civil war.

I figure we can explore the reasons leading up to the Civil War and eventual creation of the Human race.

I am looking for someone to play a Female Protoculture Denizen, thinking someone very high up in Female side of the Government. I figure by the construction of the Zentradi and Humans. The Protoculture are humanoid as well. You can even be a Meltrandi Member of the crew of the Battlefortress if you wish.

Macross: First Contact (craving)
Tag: Scifi, Military, interspecies (Alien, Furry)

In an uncharted sector of space, a inhabited planet had come under siege from an unknown threat. People have been disappearing from their villages. The people are frightened, believing the abductions are the work of Demons. As this crisis grows. The Royal Princess's sleep is disturbed by visions of strange machines. Huge Machines that sail the sea of stars. She doesn't know what to make of these dreams/visions. She is afraid it may be linked to her people's disappearances. One day as she contemplates these possible visions, A Flaming object is seen careening across the sky. It is discovered to be an Alien (Human) Vessel that has come under attack by an unknown force and crashes upon her world. The Princess's father believes these Aliens are responsible for his people's disappearances and holds them in the dungeon. Though, the princess's visions hint otherwise.

The Super Dimensional Fortress 12, has been tasked with investigating the disappearance of the NUNS Science Vessel Charlie Darwin. Tracking its beacon to a Small world. What they find is a People at a much earlier technological development then the Humans.

Still Ironing out details...

I am looking for someone to play the Alien Princess. Her appearance is completely up to you, all I ask is that she is still pleasing to the eye.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
SDF-12 Cruiser mode

SDF-12 ATTACK mode

Ghost Rider: Redemption
Tag: Supernatural, Marvel Universe.

Sonya is a little girl with a secret. One that she doesn't even know. Having been kidnapped many years ago. She has been held captive by a maniacal religious cult that has diabolical plans for her. Escaping from her captors, she runs into the Ghost Rider (my version). Begging him for protection. the two try to find something that is very special to the Girl. they would also run across Your character, (Which can be an established heroine or one you made up). A budding relationship could form between your chosen Character and the Human host of the Rider, George Irons.

would be looking for someone to Play Heroine/love interest (Craving She-Hulk or other Muscular Heroine) As well as share the role of the Little Girl, Sonya (temp. Name)

Inspiration Picture:
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GHOSTRIDER: The Path From Hell...
Tag: Supernatural, Marvel Universe, Alternate World

The Ghostrider (OC) Has fought the forces of evil all his life. While he fights to avenge wrong doing, he is hunted as a murderer and a Monster. However, something happened and he is flung from the world he knew and dropped into another world. A world where the Light of Hope and Good is on the verge of being extinguished. Evil runs rampant. Perhaps it is here that the Ghostrider can find his place in existence.

This is inspired somewhat by "Planet Hulk". I figure the this could be a good story. Looking for someone to play the Heroine/love interest. Feel free to exercise creative license on Race,Physical description, etc. Though I would like female, Futa is not off the table.

The Last Unicorn
Tags: Fantasy, Military, War.

I recently rediscovered this story from my childhood and thought it could make an excellent RP.

The Last Unicorn By Peter S. Beagle.

The Time period is 2016. The World is in the grips of WWIII.

In the Midst of this Chaos. A lone Unicorn seemingly appears in her Forest deep in Europe. Having Slumbered for centuries. her magic protecting the forest and it's creatures from all outside threats. She senses great chaos in the world and wonders why she can not sense any of the other Unicorns. She decides embark on a quest to see if she really is the last.

elsewhere, Two Soldiers are preparing to step onto an Osprey transport craft for a Night drop behind enemy lines. They are Sgt. Richard Lear, and Sgt. James Smendrick. As the Osprey crosses over the Lines it is taken out with a Missile. Lear and Smendrick bail out and land in the Unicorns Forest where they encounter the Unicorn. For some reason. they decide to escort the Creature and help her on her quest.

As they go. Smendrick discovers he is a magician and the descendant of Smandrick from the Story Book.

Would like to discuss this further. For anyone interested. I have a WWII setting for this plot as well involving as Panther Tank crew.

Alternate style:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I wouldn't mind doing this story where the Unicorn does not get transformed into a Human woman. (Bestiality Story)

Space Battleship Musashi
Tag: Space, Military, Interspecies

The Yamato has departed on its one year mission to Iscandar. As Time passes, members within the Government and defense force fear that the quest was too much. They begin a secret project of refitting the Yamato's Sister ship, The Musashi. The Refit is constantly hounded and delayed by Gamalon attacks.

The Yamato's mission is successful, and the Earth is revived. The Musashi project is put on hold and is forgotten. Decades pass as the Legendary Yamato carved a name for itself in the annals of history. Where the Musashi was left to rot. Eventually The Lazarus Cooperation purchases an decommissioned military installation to convert to a research installation to test new technologies. While remodeling the installation. Work teams stumble upon the the Half completed Musashi. Since the purchasing contract stipulated that anything and everything left at the base was now considered Lazarus Corporation Property. The Corporation decides to finish building the Musashi. incorporating the latest advancements in technology.

Once completed, the Musashi is tasked to guard Corporate assets from space pirates and Corporate saboteurs. As well as is hired out for security purposes. The Crew are ex-military. Some with shady backgrounds. The Captain (My Character) is a disgraced officer. Thrown out for refusing to follow bad orders. As the story progresses, The crew begins to believe that some of missions they were sent on are not on the Up and Up. Their suspicions turns out to be true when the ship is tasked of eradicating a population on a planet. Instead they fight back.

The Corporation spin them as a Ship turned Pirate. So the Earth Defense force (including the Yamato) is tasked the hunt them down.

This is the concept at least. If anyone is interested in helping me polish it or have a suggestion of a plot of your own, I am all ears. XD

I am looking for someone that would play his possible love interest along with other members of the crew.   

Inspirational Pictures:
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Space Battleship Arizona ( FxF Pairing)
Tag: Yuri, Space, Pirates.
This takes place in a Space Battleship Yamato/Captain Harlock like Universe. The Human race has explored, and settled all over the galaxy, and Space travel is as everyday as flight is today. The Inner systems close to the Home system has prospered in this age of space travel. The people leading happy, and fulfilled lives. Yet, while the more heavily populated inner systems enjoy wealth, and happiness. The Outlying colonies, and frontier worlds. Life isn't so peachy. Being this far out, corruption, and villainy run rampant. People are worked mercilessly, and taxed heavily. The Defense force that was meant to protect, and serve these people are the most corrupt of them all.

 however, there is another scourge amongst the space ways, Pirates. Pirates patrol, and attack ships leaving the resource rich frontier worlds, bound for the inner systems.

My character would be a Battleship captain that has been commanded to rid the Frontier of these pirates. Her top priority is the most Feared, and Hated Pirate of them all, The Dread pirate (fill in the blank). She would be a woman of strong moral compass, and fortitude, yet ignorant to how the Outer systems truly are. When she finally catches the Dread Pirate (Fill in the blank). The Pirate accuses Her of being the Criminal. Stating that she was doing the dirty work of a corrupt Government that abused, and trample the people. That she, and other pirates are actually stealing back what was stolen from them in the first place.

I can see this being an interesting story, and looking for someone to play the Dread Pirate (Fill in the Blank). She would have to be a woman. Sorry, no Male pirate captains.

Space Battleship Arizona
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Pirate Vessel (You can name her whatever you wish)
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Bloody Sands
I love MS Gundam: 08th MS team. I think the Gundam Ground Type is simply awesome and Been wanting to do a RP along the lines of 08th MS Team. I was thinking the Setting would be northern Africa. I am looking for someone willing to help me develop and Idea along these lines.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Azure Giant.

He cometh, the Azure Giant
The Earth Trembles before his foot falls
Clutched in his hand is a Sword that glows like the sun
in the other, a bow that can launch a thousand Arrows

Only Death, and Destruction follow in his wake
His burning eye scours the land for his next opponent
The Only Refuge is the Sky for he is bound to the Earth
Beware when he appears for He is the harbinger of Upheaval

For when the Azure Giant appears. the World we know will cease to be.

Morsa The Ancient's final prophecy; "The Azure Giant". Holy year 246 of the Zaicon Holy Empire

The Year is 0079 of the Universal Century, and the burgeoning growth of the Human Race as saw the need to leave their terrestial cradle, and move their increasing population out into space in enormous orbiting space colonies called "Sides". It is here where people are born, and live...and Die.

Six months ago, the group of Colonies furthrest from the Earth, Called "Side 3" decide to separate from The Earth Federation Government. Calling themselves the "Principality of Zeon", They wage a war of Independence against the Earth Federation. The Initial Fighting lasted one month, and saw both sides lose half of their respective populations. Great atrocities were committed for the sake of Independence. Now, Six months later, the war is at a stalemate.

This Story revolves around a Zeon Mobile Suit Pilot, and his MS, a MS-07B-03 Gouf Custom. The Gouf, and its pilot find themselves in this strange world. The Reason why I chose a Gouf is that for Starters: It is BADASS!, but more importantly, the way it looks. It looks demonic, and evil. That is something I wanted to play on in this story is perspectives, and impressions. The Gundam(s) look like knights, and virtuous so I want something that didn't. As The pilot explores around, he comes across a Ceremony (Think The scene in King Kong where the Blonde Girl is Sacrificed to the Giant Ape). The Girl is being sacrificed cause she is different. Thinking Monster girl, Possibly half-Orc or something. We could go Elf with this one. Something about her makes people afraid, and Hate Her vehemently. Everyone thinks she is curse cause of a mark on her back, or that she has the power of "Sight". We can discuss it.

What the girl is being sacrificed too is a hideous monster. My Character can't have that, and rushes in to save the damsel. Yet, the rather demonic look of his Mobile suit doesn't make things better, and every one is fearful that another demon has descended to wreak havoc.

I would like to discuss this idea more with a potential partner.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

(Dark) Elf Girl:

Monster Girl:

A Muggle at Hogwarts:
Fantasy, Technology, Culture Shock, Comedy

Dear Mr. Swenson,

We are happy to notify you, after looking at your impressive resume, that you have been accepted into the teaching staff for the position of Muggle Studies. You will be expected to arrive no later than 3 days before the Student body is scheduled to arrive in order to acclimate yourself with the Campus grounds, and prepare your classroom....

This story idea was inspired by scene from the first Harry Potter Movie when Mr. Weasely asked Harry what was the the purpose of a Rubber duck.

In recent years the Ministry of Magic has found a notice spike of Magic negligence in the presence of Muggles. Mainly from Magic folk that had no prior experience in the Muggle word. To combat this, a experimental program has been implemented to prepare impressionable young minds about the dangers of the Muggle world, and to prepare them for things that they may not expect. In every students final Year of Hogwarts, they're to attend a Muggles Studies program. Course is mandatory for students that have not had any experience in the Muggle world.

My Character would be a Muggle that was specially selected for this position. A spell cast that would have picked him over everyone else. He would be granted a special visa to work with in the UK (he is an American as I'm more familiar with American Culture than British), and a stipend to bring everything he needs with him. Basically his Laptop a few personal items, and his Pickup truck cause he likes going camping. He has not been told what exactly he would be teaching, just that he would be perfect for the job. He would be tasked with preparing Last Year students with what to expect in the Muggle world.

Types of Pairing for the story:
TeacherxStudent (Last year Students)
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A companion of Steel (Fallout / Alfie Crossover)
Tags: Power Armor, Halflings, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Adventure, Crossover.

Okay, so this is kind of one of those weird ideas that you come up with when you're playing too much Fallout 4, and reading a sexy webcomic about stunningly beautiful Halflings having hot sex with other races, at the same time. But here goes.

I can see this going two ways. Either the Halfling finds her way into the Wasteland, or The Wanderer finds himself where ever the halfling lives. Each with have their own skills, and weapons and problems of each one adapting to a new world.

1.) Wasteland: A Halfling woman has grown up in a secluded village that was hidden away from the rest of the world. All her life all she had ever known was other Halflings. So when a caravan of "Big People" arrives, and discovers the Halflings, They start to trade. Though one halfling is fascinated by the Big People, and the stories of the outside world. Her talkign with them makes her want to venture out and see the world at large, maybe even be the first of her people to do so. Well, a michevious mage hears her request, and decides that the Halflings needs to learn that there are things she should not wish for. (Or perhaps on her first day out she bumps into the mage, who calls her a dumb bimbo for her trouble, and angers the girl so much she kicks him in the groin, causing him to curse her out of pure anger).

 So casting a spell, incantation, or simply doing a drunken Jig. He sends the Halfling far away from her lands to the Commonwealth. A desolate, dangerous place full of Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, Raiders, and all sorts of nasty creatures that would love to kill, or enslave an unsuspecting human, even if she is very short, and has very funny looking ears.

Thankfully, she'll meet the Vault Dweller, or a random Wanderer in a suit of T-60 Power Armor. My character would accompany the Halfling as they both fulfill quests, and possibly search for a way to send her home. If there even is a way.

2.) Halfling's world: This premise would be similar to Wasteland, but the situation reversed. A Halfling is hearing tales from woodsman, and hunters about a strange creature, and noises coming from deep in the forest. The Halfling, curious, and wanting of Adventures seeks to find out what the Rumors could be. She would meet a Steel Giant (7.5" in power armor). She would find that he is a Human from a place called the "Commonwealth", but doesn't know how he got there. Seeing all the Lush trees, and vegetation unnerves him. She would find him very cautious about the water he drank, food he ate, and other things. THe Wanderer would want to find a way to return to his home, as cruel, and ugly it is. The Halfling promises to help him, but she has the ulterior motive of getting out of her village, and having a great adventure, especially now with a massive metal man to protect her.

Note: I strongly recommend reading the Webcomic get an idea of the Halfling world, and how they're suppose to dress, and look.

Pictures Inspiration:
Fallout T-60 Power Armor

The Halfling (NSFW)

The Night's Knight (A MLP:FIM/Gundam Crossover)
Tags: Ponies, Humans, Gouf Custom,

It has been decades since Princess Luna has been redeemed by the elements of Harmony, and taking her rightful place along side her sister to rule over Equestria. However, as time passed, Luna would regain the feelings of loneliness that once precluded the emergence of Nightmare Moon. Even more, there were still sects of ponies that believed that Luna is still Nightmare Moon, and is merely bidding her time until she had the complete faith of her sister, and subjects once more.  So as time passed, they plotted, and planned to rid the world of this veiled threat. Even if it meant that their Princess of the Sun would destroy them. They were doing it for her, even if she didn't understand.

The Attack would come in the night. Decades of preparation, and research had led up to this point. Luna would find the attack swift, and calculated to hit her at her most weak. In a last ditch effort to save herself, She cast a summoning spell for a guardian to protect her. What she got was beyond any ponies wildest imagination.

THE HULK in Middle Earth
Tag: Marvel Universe, LOTR Universe.

This is a Marvel, LOTR cross over. Bruce Banner, Hiding out from pretty much every Government, and agency in the world, has stopped at his friend, Reed Richard's place (Mr. Fantastic) to hide out. He thinks he may have a cure for the Hulk, but needs Richard's Advice. Richard is in the process of working on another of his experiments when Bruce shows up. The Experiment goes awry, and flings Banner into another Universe before the machine is destroyed. Leaving no way of determining where in the nearly infinite Multiverse Banner is. 

Banner would wake up in this strange world without a clue where he is, or how to get back. It would be there that he would run in your character. I'm thinking an elf.

I'm thinking the setting would be between the Events of the Hobbit, and the Fellowship of the Ring as a hundred years passed between the two events (I think)

I'm looking for someone to play the Female Elf.[/s]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Stranded in Hyrule: (Mobile Suit Gundam/Legend of Zelda)

Imagination can be an amazing, and all together weird bed partner. Take for example my latest idea. The Setting in Hyrule during a Period of Unrest. Enormous Giants have run amok across the Kingdom, and left Princess Zelda in quite a fix. This would be a generation where link didn't get born. She is in desperate need of a hero.

Else where, in the forests of Northern Europe, a battle is waging between the Principality of Zeon, and the Earth Federation forces. A squad of Zaku II mobile suits are in retreat after a disastrous assault on a Federation supply base.

Zelda goes to the Scared grove deep within an ancient forest to beseech the gods to deliver unto the people of Hyrule a Savior from the Giants. However, as the Ritual is underway. teh Giants attack. Zelda's guards, and soldiers are swept aside like blade of grass before the reaper. Even with this looming threat. The Gods answer the Princess of Destiny, and something massive appears. Another Giant clad in green armor bearing an emblem that she never sees before, the Zaku II Mobile suit.

I'm looking for someone to play Princess Zelda, or it could be Twilight Princess Midna. I'm open to ideas, and suggestions.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Ghost Rider Cross Overs

I have had a craving for a Witchblade/Ghost Rider Cross over. (My own version of Ghost Rider at least )

Since the Beginning. The Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell constantly fought an endless war. The Battleground, The Third Kingdom of Man. After countless eons of conflict. The Lord of Heaven and Hell had come to an agreement. A tentative peace. With the Third Kingdom as Neutral Territory. A Human was chosen to possess artifacts of Both Heaven and Hell. An enforcer of the Truce. On the Promised day of the Truce. Both Kingdoms have come to pass their Gift unto the human. The Gift of Hell was given unto him first, but before the Gift of Heaven could be bestowed. A Rogue Demon ambushed the Messenger of Heaven before she could bestow the gift. stealing it away to the ends of the world. Since then The Charge of keeping the Peace fell upon the Ironside Family.  One Member would ride the Earth and prevent One side or the Other from gaining too much ground. All the While He/She Searches for the Missing Artifact of Heaven.

In this World also exist the Witch blade. The Wielders of the Witch blade had encounters with the Ironside Family throughout the Centuries. Sometimes Fighting together, other times Against each other. At times their Goals were the same, but all the time their Motives were their own.

Looking for Someone to play the role of the Witch blade wielder. Your have freedom in making your Character's back story and Motives. Would like someone interested in putting together a Story. 


This one is more along the Lines of Absurdity and to see if any one bites. 

A Ghost Rider/Sailor Moon CrossOver. (OC Ghost Rider) (CRAVING!)
Premise: The Ghost Rider had battled the Forces of the Deceiver all across the US. However, he has begun to sense a dark power building across the Pacific Ocean. Following his instincts. He stows aboard a Freighter ship headed towards the source of the Dark power. The Island nation of Japan. Here, he could feel the Corruption fester within the shadows. A corruption being fed by the Dark Power he sensed. The Spirit of Vengeance within him screams for the Injustice be brought to Vengeance.

His brand of Vengeance quickly draws the public eye as the bodies of the Criminals are being found in a strange catatonic state. The Reports from witnesses describe a Horrible demon attacking these would be criminals (Murders, Rapist, thieves, etc). This attracts the Attention of the Sailor Scouts (not sure what they are actually called in Japan as I am only familiar with the American release) Who see the Ghost Rider as a threat.

While The Sailor Scouts are hunting/Fighting the Ghost Rider at night. One of them (Your Choice) has befriended a nomad Biker. Either he intercedes when she is in trouble or perhaps a comedic mishap. They become close friends, possibly more. Neither knowing the Alternate Identity of the Other. 

Both the Scouts and Ghost Rider are trying to find the Source of the Dark energy pouring into this City. Maybe even coming together to fight it.

The Story will start once he gets off the Freighter in Japan.

Sailor Moon: Genesis Crossover edition (Sailor Moon/Macross)

This will take place in the time before the Silver Millennium. There is a tense Peace among the planets of the Solar system. With Mars being the most belligerent. During this time, Queen Serenity (don't know her Japanese Name) is only a princess. the People of Earth are nonexistent. Princess Serenity is suddenly plagued by visions. A immense battle in space. People dying by the thousands. With a Blue green world in the back ground. The machines are not like anything she seen before. At first she thinks these visions are nothing more than bad dreams. That is until her birthday when the Visions becomes reality:

Inspirational Pictures:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Alternate Idea:

It is the night of the great assault on the Moon Kingdom. Queen Beryl's forces are routing the Moon defenders at every turn, and Victory looks inevitable. As the Great Shadow Beast prepares the Final Attack, Something happens. A great Beam of Light pierces the Heavens, and completely obliterates the Shadow Beast. A great ship appears over the kingdom, and from it great Metal Monsters drop upon the Youma of the Negaverse. From them, they deal Death Wholesale as they start to push back the Youma, and throw the Dark Army in complete disarray. Giving the beleaguered Defenders a chance to catch their breath, and their second wind. Throwing Beryl back.

This story is an alternate time line where the Silver Millennium was not destroyed, and looks to explore the Silver Millennium, and the planets, and families. I Figure that Queen Serenity, and the Captain wuld develop a Love interest.
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Added a new Story:
Cute Kaijus concocting Calamitous Hijinx. :D

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