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May 24, 2018, 04:54:00 PM

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Author Topic: Are YOU up for a Challenge? Eclectic Prolific Male Writer seeks Same in Female  (Read 300 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

     Thanks for taking the time to read this, just one small thing. Before  wasting your time and going on let me  say if you are seeking a ‘perfectionist’ ya can stop reading now, I am sorry but I am not perfect and if you can not handle my little imperfections I think it best you move on to another thread. IF however you can deal with a some grammar issues, some spelling mistakes and a male with an over active imagination who loves to read and write just about ANYTHING than you have come to the correct thread or ... 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' (and if that made you smile than your gonna love me).
     Now having said above I should be honest and truthful, there are a few kinks that I just cannot really get into, they are listed in my O/o’s but why make you waist time going there? Let’s just get them out here..
Off’s – Smokers, Feces Play, Golden Showers, Bestiality, Vore, Gore, Pain for Pains sake and I really do not do Male/Male threads , the closest I do is Futa/Male or Female Pegging Male.. there you go all the No No’s on the table.
** I also only write in forum threads, however I will use PM’s to work on the story and keep in contact, but what we write should you choose to write with me, must be done in a forum **
On’s – Turn On's what a concept, you simply taking the time and reading this can turn me on, knowing you want to write with me turns me on BUT every man and woman does have certain things that catchers there eye and I am no differnt so my major turn on's are – Red Heads, Glasses, Smiles, Compliments, Long Threads.. and whatever it takes to bring a flush to your cheeks and a naughty smile to your lips.


     Okay so you have read this far and now wonder ... ‘Where or What is the Challenge?’ well here it comes.. I want to write with you and I want you to tell me what it is you want, what it is you desire, what itch you have that longs to be scratched, YET no one seems to be able to step up and reach that mental spot or have the courage to do so.
    I have spent hours, days, weeks.. here on Elliquoy trying think what to post to entice writers, some times I have been very successful, but many times not. I know if you are reading this you also may have spent just as many  hours or days or weeks working hard for that ONE special post, that one thread you really want to write and NO ONE steps up.. Until Now...
** Takes two steps forward and adds a third just in case **
   Here I am ladies.. Challenge me.. we can start by you dropping me a  Private Message whisper to me or shout what you need and I will do my best to 'service you, it's just that simple and trust me I can do complex as well.
Thank you for reading this ‘Challenge Request’ and here is hoping I get a few Private Messages
Rog the Rake


  Oh and ladies.. if needed .... feel free to pic your Male Challenge lead from the Pinterest Link Below

Offline Briana

OK..First of I must say that you have both my interest and curiosity peaked  :-) I have read your entire post and Yeah, I laughed at Winner, Winner..Chicken Dinner  I can appreciate a good sense of humor.. and Much like yourself....I'm not.. nor do I claim to be an perfect with my Grammer or Punctuation..However I do enjoy a good story with a realistic plot,much like the one you have started. If you are still looking for a writing partner to continue the present story..I feel I could be a good match.  :-)

Now a bit about myself I'm very creative and I love letting that creativity flow into my writing. I am an out of the box kind of person, who tends to enjoy exploring my creativity and I love to be dominated..with that said there are a few things I will not do for example: Feces and Golden Showers along with Bestiality is a Hell No for me..the same applies for gore..and as for Pain,who ever said pleasure comes from pain is an idiot..Pleasure..should never be derived from pain.. :-)

Oh don't get me wrong I have my Kinks/Fetishes But they are not out of the norm...I have always wanted to try Anal Sex and I'm very touch sensitive.. a man running his fingers along my bare skin is a big turn on for me..Everything else that is not on my Hell No list Is fair game :-)

Now with all of that said do you think I sound like an Ideal candidate to continue your story? If so Drop me a PM andlets talk out the details.