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May 24, 2018, 01:30:34 AM

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Author Topic: The Darkness - Plot heavy story (M for F)  (Read 250 times)

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The Darkness - Plot heavy story (M for F)
« on: September 04, 2014, 03:45:07 AM »
As with all things, the world began in darkness.

The Darkness, as since time immemorial, begat Light.

From the chaos of duality, life was born.

Life, which bore both, opposed one another.

With opposition came growth, with growth came our creed.

We protect the Light from the Darkness that seeks to destroy it.

     This is an idea I've been tossing around for a few days now. As such not all the details are hashed out yet (even that little excerpt up there I just came up with haha), but that might be best as it leaves this open for a plethora of ideas to come up with with an interested partner~

Anyway, I'm thinking of a story based on a civilization/number of civilizations, Kingdoms, Cities, what have you where Light is a sort of a holy-esque, harnessable power opposite to the force of Darkness. The idea is that Darkness in the form of a type of creature is a natural force, disaster some would say, that opposes light and the lives of those that live in it. As such, Light is implemented in some sort of weapon; arms, armor, biologically, whatever we decide on if not all of them, and is used to fight off this force of Darkness.

On the other side of things, the Darkness I imagined as a single type of creature that on it's own has some ability but it's main strength is in it's ability to possess living beings. Like a sort of ghostly being that can possess animals and humans alike; the more possessing a single being, the more powerful it/they are yet the more corrupt it becomes.

As for specific setting, I was imagining something of a mix of modern and archaic. Technology based on this Light and somewhat modern-open tech living but traditional in it's customs. Creatures from the kind to be domesticated, to the wild, to the fantasy roaming the wilderness with the dangers of the Darkness all around outside civilization. What I was thinking was that certain members of society can become warriors of sorts who use these weapons of light and are the fighting force of civilization, some sort of rank like knights or something that fights the Darkness.

Plots I had in mind involved perhaps a famous hero who far back (but recent enough to remember as a society still) lead a huge mass of Darkness away from the city and disappeared, assumed killed. Of course only for him to be revealed to be massively possessed and sort of a more sentient enemy in control of the Darkness and is creating something, some sort of weapon to combat the light.

Character ideas so far include a newbie who just entered training/academy or what ever it may be to become one of these warriors, a character who may have started to become possessed or infected by the Darkness but the powers that be invented a way to keep it at bay so it can be used as a sort of dark weapon for the old character with a dark power/side trope. More to come of course but these are the base ideas.

Of course sex and smut is very much encouraged. That of course is to be plotted out with any interested partners as well.


     As for myself I am a pretty active partner. I'm on most days and I post fairly often. I like to chat so I may even mention on said day that I might be busy so it's rather easy to know when I'll be roleplaying with my partners. When I'm on I post usually as soon as or soon after my partner does so I can't really give a certain amount I post per day or week or anything other than to say I post a lot ^^. I love planning and chatting with partners and I'll never duck out of a story without conversing with my partner over any issues and trying to fix them before hand if it comes to that so I ask that any interested partners stick with the story less the inspiration becomes ruined after starting a good story then having to start over. It's happened way too many times before and I would like to prevent it so please, frequent partners only.

I prefer to roleplay with females but I may be convinced by any male partners who might be interested depending on how much interest and contribution is shown.

Hope to hear from you soon! ^^