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Author Topic: Rel Mayer's Picture Inspiration Request Thread! (All Welcome!)  (Read 1054 times)

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Rel Mayer's Picture Inspiration Request Thread! (All Welcome!)
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:30:16 PM »
Picture Inspiration Plots

Hello everyone!
This is some pretty standard stuff. It's basically just pictures that I have compiled that I'm wanting to play.
I'll list some vague plots below each picture, but everything is up for discussion to suit your needs.
If you're interested, please include the picture in the PM and tell me what sort of scenes/RP you're wanting from it.
Let me just say that my plots are super vague, so please feel free to elaborate on them.

Do not post in this thread.

I also request that you take a look at my O&Os.
Please be aware that I only RP in Threads on Elliquiy.
Please also be aware that I require at least two paragraphs in response from you, but prefer players in the 3-5+ range.
Nothing is set in stone, so please feel free to give me your input on particular pictures if they stand out!

The Pictures!

The Beauty in the Forest

Light or Non-Con. M/F or F/F.
Looking to play this lady as a sort of innocent woman of the forest who lives there.
Possibly not accustomed to people and becomes rather fascinated with your character.

The Blackmail

Non-Con/Bondage/Extreme. F/F.
Looking for something relating to blackmail. Possible themes include pain, blood, torture, but willing to work with my partner's kicks/limits.
I'll play either role in this.

College Friends

Light/Non-Con/Bondage/Extreme. M/F or F/F
This is completely up for discussion.
I just really like this character model. I imagine her as being a bit of a tomboy. A little sassy and a bit of a rebel.
I sort of like the idea of a friendship forming into something more.

The Creation Gone Wrong

Extreme. M/F or F/F
Looking for blood play and a bit of gore.
Willing to work with your limits.
Want to play a creation that feeds on human blood/flesh.
Want to play her as innocently doing it.
Master/Slave possibly?

The Modern Geisha

Light/Bondage. M/F or F/F.
Want to play something along the lines of a modern geisha.
She can be a hooker or possibly someone that just sells her skills.
Smut heavy please! I mean look at that face.

The Lady That Saves You

With this I see her as saving a warrior in battle.
Nurses him to health and a romance forms.

Professional at Crime

Light/Non-Con/Bondage/ExtremeM/F or F/F
I see her as working for some sort of professional crime gang.
She can either be a daughter of a boss.
Or maybe just a badass member that seduces men.


Extreme-HorrorM/F or F/F or ???
I have no idea with this one.
Any ideas you may have, I would appreciate it greatly!

The Older Anime Babe

Light/BondageM/F or F/F
I really don't know with this one.
She seems like a boss, someone who controls some sort of army.
This is just one of my stockpile images, but I want to play it.

Tease Me!

Light/Bondage.M/F or F/F
I would just like some teasing.
Smut based.
Some bondage would be nice.

Tease me...Again?

Same sort of deal as the one above.
I sort of see her as a secretary who is being punished for some reason.
Or possibly a unloyal wife with her husband's best friend


Light/Bondage. M/F
It's the adult version of Rydia from FFIV.
Umm...fandom please?

Magic or something

Light/Non-Con [/b]M/F[/b]
I can see my co-partner working with this character to defeat something.
Maybe she's magical and they request her magical assistance to remove a curse.
...or something

Snow White

Light/Non-Con M/F
No idea why, but I really want to play snow white.
We can follow the story, we can change the story.

More than Best Friends[/u]

I think the title says it all.
Exploring best friends becoming lovers

Tied Up

Bondage M/F or F/F
Pretty much says it all.
Probably a one shot.

The Steampunk

Light/Bondage/NC M/F or F/F
I'm not really savy on steampunk, but this girl speaks to me.
I'm thinking she good me a merchant?

The Crazy Catgirls

Extreme F/F
Obviously crazy catgirls with a lot of violence.

The Innocent Vampire

Bondage/ExtremeM/F or F/F
Really thinking about a vampire that doesn't drink human blood.
Innocent in nature.
Maybe another vampire can learn to corrupt her again?

The Cute Fantasy Warrior

Light/NCM/F or F/F
Unsure about this one, but I know that I would play her as fairly sweet.

Modern Jane and Tarzan

Light M/F
Title basically says it all.
Always thought the concept was rather sweet. Possibly romantic

The Runaway Couple

NC/Bondage/Light M/F
I like the idea of NC being incorporated into Group Sex.
I also like the idea that they're either murders or thieves escaping the law.

Come into my Rapture

NC/Bondage/Light M/F
I've been entertaining this idea for a while.
I haven't played the DLC, but fuck I mean...
Have you seen her? Elizabeth in Rapture is just perfect

The Fangirl

Light/Bondage M/F or F/F
Ok, so. I have an idea that this girl is just a super fan of some musical band.
She gets to meet the main star and have dirty naughty times with them.
I want the band to be a complete OC though.

Get out of my Master's Castle

NC/Extreme/Bondage M/F or F/F
The idea that I have for this is that she is a guard.
Anyone who comes in has to feel her wrath and she possibly takes advantage of them sexwise.
Lots of fighting involved with this one. Would prefer Extreme.

Lovers After Death

Light/Bondage/Extreme? M/F
I'm not quite sure what direction I want to take with this, but definite romance.
High fantasy element?

Mutant Slave

Bondage/Extreme/NC M/F or F/F
Smut based please!
I'm unsure what she is exactly, but damn I wanna play her

Can We Ever Be Together?

Light M/F
I imagine two lovers that can't be together.
Maybe once in a blue moon he can visit her chamber.
Sort of a sad romantic story dealing with lovers that can't be together.
I can see the man having a curse that prevents him from having a human form all the time.

Playful Guardians of the Sky

Light M/F
Gimmie dat romance!
I would like to build a sort of sky world and a romance within it

The Robot

NC/Bondage/Extreme M/F or F/F
Robot that either becomes self-aware or is programmed to do exactly whatever her master requests.
Is a sex robot...obviously.

The Apprentice

Light/Bondage/Extreme M/F or F/F
Thinking about something along the lines hooking up with the sensei.
Some fighting, that leads to sexy heated sex.

The Sadistic Wolf Lady

N/C/Bondage/Extreme M/F or F/F
Thinking that someone recruits her.
To kill bunches of people
And to have sex with people.

After Shower Sex

Light M/F
This is a One Shot.
Just some steamy after show sex.

The Girl Next Door

Light/NC/Bondage/Extreme M/F or F/F
Doesn't everyone have one of these? ;)
Just the rebellious girl next door.
I can play her dominant or submissive, but keeping this character model.

A guy I want to play.

Light M/F or M/M
My muse to play men is back, but only in anime and asian males. Hrmm...fickle isn't it?
I'll do something romantic or casual sex style. PM to discuss plot.

The Summoned Cat Slave

Light/NC/Bondage/Extreme M/F or F/F
Thanks to KS for the pic!
I read a doujin once where this cat slave comes out of the TV and basically is a little slut for the person who summoned.
So yeah, basically that's the plot.
Smut based? Of course!

Whew! I know that's a lot of pictures, but I really just wanted to throw them out there and see if anyone wanted to bite.
Please PM me if you're interested.
I hope to hear from some of you. :)

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Re: Rel Mayer's Picture Inspiration Request Thread! (All Welcome!)
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2014, 08:51:36 AM »

The Feisty Ranger TAKEN

Light/Non-Con/Bondage/ExtremeM/F or F/F
I see her as a bit of a thief. Would be interesting if she was stealing something from a merchant?
Possible punishment for stealing from a -insert rich person here-

Chun Li and Sagat TAKEN

Non-Con/Extreme M/F
Please View This

Sibling Incest-Taken

Light.M/F or F/F
Possibly Romantic?
Would be interesting as a F/F pairing

You opened my tomb. Taken

Non-Con/Extreme M/F or F/F
Someone opened her tomb and now has to feel the wrath of her curse.
And sex. ;)

The Mechanic

Light/Bondage M/F or F/F
I can see her being the go to mechanic for possibly people working with cars.
Maybe a war setting?
Possibly gundams and she's the maintenance lady?

The Cheating HousewifeTAKEN

Bondage/Light M/F or F/F
Title really says it all.
Husband probably neglects her. Poor lady.