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May 17, 2022, 01:06:27 pm

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Author Topic: Ideas for longer term, romantic, one-on-one, F seeking M Rp's.  (Read 853 times)

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Ideas for longer term, romantic, one-on-one, F seeking M Rp's.
« on: September 03, 2014, 10:53:10 am »
Brief Disclaimer
To start, I just want to advise any interested partners to glance at my O/O, or PM me regarding any questions or concerns about the possibility of us working out as partners. I realize the time of year is a little busy, and I myself am rather sporadic at times but am trying to post consistently. I'm looking for quality Rp, with someone who wants a one-on-one, sometimes a slow-building romance versus a rushing-in sexual connection. I am intrigued by depth, detail, availability and a shared interest in the story. Please PM me if you're interested, so that we can determine if we'd make a good partnership.

The Live-In Nanny
A single father needs help caring for his very small, very young, child, after childbirth caused his wife to pass away. He has a bit of baggage to carry, with the grief and sadness he had felt after losing her, though their marriage seemed to take a turn for the worse during her pregnancy, certainly no one had expected her to have such severe complications. He's struggled on his own now for a few months, managed to take care of her to the best of his ability, barely making time for himself as he provided for his daughter. Family was always nearby to lend a helping hand, or financial assistance, whenever necessary. However now, it's proving to be too much for him to handle on his own. He put an ad out over the internet, searching for a live-in nanny through a well-known and reputable service. Perhaps he's already met several interested women, none of which struck him as 'the right one,' until he finally does meet her. She comes to his home for an interview, to spare him the hardship of having to find a sitter while he meets her, and they instantly click. However, their connection might be more of a physical one than he originally anticipated. Yet, even still, after meeting her and seeing her interaction with his daughter, he can't refuse her, and the next day she moves in. The rest of the story revolves around their circumstances, getting to know each other with the common interest of that precious baby; she being curious about his stoic, mysterious nature... and he, trying his hardest to fight the urges he makes her feel, urges he hasn't felt for years.

This is a story where I expect our characters to build a romance over a long period of time, with a lot of hesitation and slow build-up in the process. I want for your character, the single father, to struggle with his desires for the Nanny, while my character also has a hard time feeling assured that her attraction to him is 'decent.' I want them to bond slowly but surely, and develop a connection that neither of them can deny.

The Fairy Godmother
Things aren't always as they appeared in Disney movies. Sometimes, Fairy Godmothers are assigned to men, not just women, and sometimes these men are ordinary and average, not royalty. Such is the case in this story. The first year of college can be a little intimidating for anyone, especially for someone like the student this story focuses on. He has never been considered a ladies man, in fact, some might call him socially awkward, and perhaps that was because of his nerves, or maybe it was a deeper rooted issue. Whatever it was, it seemed that he needed to find a way to help himself, before his reputation preceded him. So one night, he turns to his childhood ways and makes a wish upon a star; a wish for a love that lasts forever, with a beautiful woman, who adores him. That was when, in perfect timing, his Fairy Godmother made her appearance. Unfortunately for him, things weren't like in the movies, it wasn't like she was invisible to everyone except for him. Quite the opposite actually, she had no wings, she did not fly or float, she had no magic wand, and most noticeable; she was far from invisible. Their relationship is one which every man likely dreams of; her goal being to satisfy him, to make his wishes and dreams come true, to make his life as fulfilling as possible. Meanwhile, he needs to hide her in his dorm room and hope that no one finds out about her, especially considering her strange quirks, and inhuman-like behavior. For, the thing is, if she is ever found out about from a human other than him... she disappears forever.

This is another story in which I want a slow and steady romantic build-up, a story where both characters help to influence each other; she helps him to build confidence, while he helps her to understand the world he lives in, one which she is enamored by. In the end, perhaps he even realizes that he doesn't need any wishes from her to make him satisfied... maybe all he really wanted, all along, was just her.

The Help Desk
Just hired on as a temp for a few months, the new girl in the office is getting a lot of attention. She is by far the youngest and most attractive girl there, eager and willing to learn. All the guys are making passes at her, in the break room, by the coffee maker, passing by her cubicle. Yet no one is as interested in her, as the Lead IT guy. He discovers that by making her computer or phone crap out on her, he can make himself seem like the most useful, and helpful, guy in the office. Without him, her work for the day doesn't get done. Little does she know, he is actually setting it all up to talk to her on the phone or shadow her computer or even stop by her cubicle to do a little fix and repair. For a darker spin on this story, it's a possibility that the IT guy finds a way to blackmail her, perhaps by catching her scrolling through Facebook rather than doing her work, on a Friday. He can threaten to tell her Manager, which will surely get her fired... or, if she wants him to keep his mouth shut, then she has to do whatever he thinks up, to keep him 'distracted.'

This story is a little different in that, I can picture it going one of two ways; either it is a long-lasting, slow-build-up romance story... or it's an unexpected romance, which only pops up after blackmail is thrown in, forcing a decision to be made by my character, tension to exist between them, until she realizes that she actually likes hooking up in the copy room, and sneaking around during lunch breaks. I can be swayed to do either idea, depending on a partner's preferences.