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October 28, 2021, 01:09:35 pm

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Author Topic: Does Being the Good Guy Pay Off? (Male for Female) ~ Romance Story?  (Read 653 times)

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Premise – Is it possible that the deeds done by a virtual stranger have such a profound impact on another that for years they use that one instance, that one act done for them to mold there life? If this is possible could also that one act done for them also form an attraction that for many years after every person they ever dated or considering dating they compare to that person from that one deed?
      If the above is plausible then what would the reaction be when five years later, by chance the person effected comes across the person who they feel so strongly for, that they have compared every other person they ever met by that one act, and that person does not even recognize them now?
      I can not help but one if the would feel upset or intrigued and if intrigued perhaps they want to know what this person is like now? If they live up to the idea that was created by their imagination from a deed done .. one night.. long ago… when there were 15 and there hero was 22.
     If I hooked you with the above words, read below for the idea of the thread I am looking to write. I of course would plat the now 26 or 27 year old male and you the 18, 19 or 20 year old woman, if you are interested please Private Message me..

     Also I am looking to explore this in a forum thread, not over Instant Message or Private Message. I also consider this a some sex to a much sex story line , not a stroke story line and I am looking for someone to play a young woman who took what could have happened used it to change her life for the better, that this one instance had a profound impact on her but also created this sorta idea in her mind of what the perfect man would be, and with that in mind could the dream match reality?

      Alex was not certain why he was going to the party, he had been friends but not close friends with Mark and Lisa, yet when he had been invited he thought .oO(why the hell not), he was 22 and single out on his own and maybe he could get luck. If nothing else it would be better than being at home or at some bar.
      He had a few rules for life he did his best to live up to, 1st – No smoking.. he hated it.. 2nd – No drinking and driving or if he did have a beer it was ONE .. TWO at most and then he did not drive for at least two or three hours.. His 3rd rule was he never poached someone’s girlfriend or now.. wife. His life was just that simple, but it was about to get complicated as he would break one of those three rules this night.
      One of the reasons he was troubled is that this was a ‘Divorce Party’.. Mark and Lisa had issues and after 12 years of marriage enough was enough so they decided to split up. There where are three children in the mix, two girls and a boy, Lisa was given custody of all of them so they would not be at the party. When he showed up the party was in full swing, since it was October several people had decided to make it a ‘costume’ event as well and he laughed at some of the get-up’s. What he did not find funny was the sight of the Mark and Lisa’s baby-sitter there. He knew she was 15 or 16? Yet here she was a beer in hand on the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.. this did NOT look good to him.
      Alex was no prude but still most of the people here were in there thirties aside from the babysitter and a few more girls he considered possibly too young he was the youngest guy there. Like an idiot he had brought a bottle of Jägermeister , Bottle of Vodka, Bottle of Peach Schnapps, two gallons of OJ and Case of Genuine Miller draft.. why an idiot? Well because before the night was over he drank the bottle of Jägermeister with Mark.. just the two of them.. was doing Vodka and Peach Schnapps drinks with NO OJ and had at least 12 of the 24 beers in the case. That my friends is the very definition of an idiot.. if he had not been young and in good shape it probably would have killed him.. it did give him one hell of a buzz.
     Mark did have one good idea, when he showed up his keys and wallet were taken and locked up, he was told under no circumstances would he be allowed to leave. In a way Mark and Lisa saw him sorta as a little brother, and them splitting up bothered him, but he also knew how unhappy they were. He really did not know most of the people there now, and the smoke was killing him.. some of it he noticed did not look normal and that even in his drunk induced state felt and was wrong.
    The killer event of the evening was when he was heading down the stairs from using the bathroom, or trying to it was occupied and he knew there was one in the basement, he really was not feeling good so he hurried down but not before he heard but did not digest three guys talking about the ‘Maid’ and how she was laying down in the bedroom.. he saw them head up as he hit the kitchen.. that was when he calmly asked people to move aside.. from the sink. They did so and he proceeded to throw up.. this would not be the last time before morning and this could be in fact what saved him from all the alcohol he had drank.
    It was after he had thrown up and started the sink that his mind went back to the four guys in the hall and the comment.. maid bedroom laying down.. costumes.. woman.. A few were wearing costumes but he only cared about one, Mark and Lisa’s underage baby-sitter. “Shit” turning around he headed up the stairs and found the room.. three guys one girl almost passed out.. NOT good.. he was drunk three of them much older.. .o0(fuck it) “Hey get your fucking hands off my sister she is only fourteen” even drunk the shout of sister and fourteen was enough to make them stop and look at him.. he did not hear what they said as he pulled her from the bed got her to her feet.. and out of the room.
    How he found his keys, he had no idea.. nut he did and he found his wallet.. He got the girl into his car.. she was almost passed out. Before he got into the car.. his stomach told him. ‘time to have fun again’ and he threw up.. second time.. not the last either.
Though for the life of him he could not remember the girls name passed out in his car.. he was able to buckle her in and drive her home. See he had driven her home before, for Lisa or Mark.. she lived close and when he got out he was not really thinking so ringing the bell he stood there, with drunk underage girl, smelling on vomit and abet of alcohol.. thankfully it was her mother who opened the door.. the look she gave him sobered him even more. He did not speak but did sorta push hand the girl to her mom .. “Marks an Asshole.. he got a divorce from Lisa and she got the kids.. do not let your daughter over there ever again.. I do not think anything happened but it was dam close.. Thank you and have a good night” that is what he said as he moved for the porch railing threw up again.. and then was gone.
    Making it home he old had to throw up once more on the side of the road and once in his bathroom.. all and all he thought he did good. He even called Mark’s home and after thirty minutes he gave up trying to explain he was not LOOKING for Roger but he was Roger and he was home.. it was also the last time he really spoke to Mark, he did speak to Lisa and was told that the mother of the girl wanted to know who he was and she had asked Why? And been told what happened.. Lisa used it to her advantage and the Marks visitation was cut from twice a month to once a month, she also apologized to the woman and said that the ‘Young Man’ was a friend who even though must have been drunk off his ass and did not drive when drunk took it on himself to get her daughter out of there and do the right thing.. so we should leave it at that, and that is how the story ended.
BUT.. what if that was not the end of the story?
    What if four or five years later the girl, whose life was changed because of the act of a man she only knew in passing, who she only knew as Alex a friend of Mark and Lisa’s who drove her home and seemed nice and attractive but a bit shy had done something that she did not think guys did. What if she remembered in passing the men talking about what they were going to do to her.. not with her.. but to her.. but she had been too OUT of it and if he had not shown up .. her life would have been ruined.. what if she crosses pass with that man, only he does not recognize her.. because she is no longer the ‘whatever or however looking 15 year old’ but is now more mature and self-confident and feels like she owes this man and wants to show him, but does not want him to know why.. not yet..
    She also would be curious and want to know if that one night was a fluke or if this man who looks like he is still single is actually what she imagines him to be.. and if he is.. than just maybe she can be what for him something special. So she spends a bit of time learning who is now.. before decided she wants to see if she can become part of his life and find a way to Thank Him for making her the woman who she is now.
    Please let me know what you think of the above and if interested Private Messages are the way to go.

One last thing.. I find images or pictures help.. below is how Alex looks now.. it is the eyes, the hair and the tats that drew her eye and she knew this was her 'Hero' from long ago..

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The other reason was because of the car he still owned and she saw him maybe working on... perhaps it is the car that she uses to find out more about him..
Pics of the 1972 Old Cutlass


& with that she finds where he is living...
Front of House

As well as what the inside looks like sorta.. she found he had posted work he had done by hand .. on the bedroom.. so she knows he is good with his hands..

Okay this is not exactly how the Master Bedroom will look but close
Just click on the link and you have some idea , but add a skylight and there is more room

However if she does a drive by it is what is at the back of the house that makes her laugh as if ONE was not enough.. she can see he is working on another car

Pics of the project car - 1969 Old Cutlass Classic -