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Author Topic: Way of the Wicked - PF adventure, need 1-2 extra players to complete a group  (Read 428 times)

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Offline LisztesFerencTopic starter

The Kingdom of Talingarde is the most noble, virtuous, peaceful nation in the known world. This is the story of how you burned this insipid paradise to the ground.

It’s only fair. They burned you first.

  I have picked up a second Way of the Wicked group, a pathfinder adventure module about the PCs as doomed, lowly villains who escape and eventually become the scourges of the land. I have three players and need another 1 or 2 to round the group out. The three players have already started the game, but all they have done so far is killed four guards and escape their cell, so it’s still very early on, they're still 1st level and in the prison.

  Here is a preview of the module, along with character creation rules, but I will summarize them below, as there have been two tweaks to them:

Character Creation
1.   For stat generation, choose a Focus and Foible. Your Focus stat is 18 and your Foible is 8. Then roll four 410s, adding 7 to each and assign them to your remaining stats in any order. Reroll if no number rolled is higher than 12, or the sum of your four rolled stats is +2 or less.
2.   Maximum HP at all levels and Fast Learner as a bonus feat at 1st level (even if you aren’t human).
3.   In the preview you will find a list of Crimes, choose the one you were convicted for. This is your first trait; you may then choose a second, non-crime trait.
4.   No synthesis summoner. Regular summoner is fine. I will consider 3rd party material, but no promises.

I’m not too worried about composition and covering every, but so far we have a summoner, an oracle and a slayer. If you are interested, PM me your character concept and basic mechanics.

Offline Interdiction of words

I raise my hand high for this one. Do you happen to have a character sheet I could use to make a character?

Offline LisztesFerencTopic starter

  You can use myth-weavers or various other character sheet websites, or just use the simple format I do:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name, Race, Class, Nickname

  AC: (Touch:, FF:)


Melee attack:
Range attack:



Class Features:


  Physical appearance:
Skin tone:


Offline Interdiction of words

What classes have been done already so I am not copying anyone?

Offline LisztesFerencTopic starter

  Summoner, oracle and slayer.

Offline Interdiction of words

Alright I will go for something along the lines of a necromancer

Offline Blinkin

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PMed a character concept.

Offline OyabunKobold

I'm interested in this though Id have to read up a bit on it and throw together a character sheet.

My only question is the fast learner extra feat would that take up the human extra feat slot or is it that + 1st lvl + human feat?