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May 24, 2018, 11:16:15 AM

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Author Topic: A Pair of Villains from TheVillain [M lf F, Varies]  (Read 241 times)

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A Pair of Villains from TheVillain [M lf F, Varies]
« on: September 01, 2014, 11:43:17 AM »
I had a few ideas to toss out together with a common theme. There are debatable details in both ideas, like how extreme they can go in terms of sexual content. PM if you're interested for either basic idea and we can hammer out details.

"Ghostbusters: Legacy"

The story is a famous part of New York culture at this point. 30 years ago the ancient Sumerian God Gozer with its minions Zuul and Vinz Clortho tried to come into our world to destroy it but the then fledgling Ghostbusters managed to stop Gozer and save the world.

Now a household name - Ghostbusters, Inc. is THE premiere supernatural investigations and eliminations service with branch offices in dozens of countries around the world. With Egon's death last year, three of the original four guys are even still around in the firehouse office of New York if obviously their roles are much less physical. The torch has been passed down and around for the actual work.

So 30 years after the famous Gozer Case, a new case starts up with women around New York claiming to have had a supernatural sexual encounter with a being that has oddly familiar PKE readings and a mysterious agenda.

From his point of view though Abhas thinks he would of made a better Keymaster then the fool Vinz Clortho, though admittedly can see why Gozer didn't select him considering that Zuul was his sister. But finding himself in a physical plane on a world in which his sister's murderers are nothing but praised, he enjoys himself as he ponders his revenge - and admittedly a female Ghostbuster is catching his eye...

"Hush: The Silencer"

His codename is Hush and his name is very well picked. Kevin Cronin was born physically deaf but with heightened psychic potential, his power would manifest itself when in a moment of panic he cancelled out all sound around him to level the playing field. Recruited by a secret branch of the CIA that existed to weaponize the talents of psychics, Kevin was trained to be a very effective agent.

Unfortunately, it turned out that at least a third of the missions didn't come from a recognized chain of command - their services were practically for the highest bidder. Many others in the project struck back for revenge. Kevin decided that revenge was a sucker's game.

Going Freelance, Hush is now open for business as a mercenary and assassin. He's new to the business but he does have a unique talent. He might of been born deaf but his realized psychic potential means he can sense, generate, control, and cancel out Sound with his mind alone. They may say they're using a Silencer, but Hush really can quiet the sound of a gunshot to absolute silence.

So now Hush is looking forward to a life of bullets, babes, and bucks - if he can survive superheroes, other mercenaries, supervillain clients, and the ups-and-downs of the merc/assassin business in general...
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