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Author Topic: All is Fair... (Alien Futa/Human F pairing preferred, Human M possible)  (Read 1021 times)

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All is Fair...

"The humans were the aggressors. The filthy savages saw themselves as pioneers branching out into a new frontier and felt justified in claiming space as their own all because they had yet to encounter others. They bounced from planet to planet, poking their noses into this and that and slammed down their flags any and everywhere they could. It wasn't until they came face to face with another life form that they even paused for a moment in their random and senseless claiming. Not until they ran into my people.

We were foolish. The Queen of our race thought to temper their childish whims to own and control everything with kindness and hospitality and at first it seemed their endless thirst for domination might be quenched by the wonders they were invited to behold. There was peace for a time and we taught them things, helped them learn to advance without further killing their planet. We showed them how to see with more than just their eyes and they should have taken what we offered and left but... Well it seemed they were incapable of learning in truth.

The first blow came as a shock. They mastered our space travel technology quickly and with extreme haste brought their armies to lay waste to my people and our planet. The greedy abominations sought to rob us of our heritage and hard work while damning us in return. By this point in our history the Queen was a being of peace and light. It was true she was technically a warrior as all our females are but after what amounted to human centuries of peace among our people she had lost the sharp edges that had once made her such a formidable weapon. When our world, our very livelihood was destroyed, she went down with it. Her tears striking the dust with one final decree: Find peace.

It has been a little more than 20 Earth years since then. The pain of that grave loss still echoes within my people... what is left of them. In the onset of war we lost more than half the population with the other half taking to the large craft that had remained from our early days. Still more of us took ill and faded, passing on from this plane to be with the Goddesses. Those of us that remained immediately regrouped and with a heavy fist of justice we struck back at the humans, bringing the fight to their dying Earth. For more than two Earth decades we have fought back, showing them the error of their ways. They, blinded by their own ignorance, foolishly did not see it coming. In their rush to defeat us so quickly they did not even consider that they had not yet uncovered all of our most potent secrets. They sought to wound us, to kill us off... but all they did was make us angry.

I have said it once and I will say it again and again until my bones crumble to dust. They drew first blood and now they will choke on it. We will never cease, never surrender. Earth will be ours, a poor replacement for the home we have lost, but a replacement nonetheless. For one thing has has already been made certain in our battles: I am not my mother."

The Plot: This is open to some tinkering but the basics are that sometime in the future Earth goes to war with an alien race. It is a long, drawn out and brutal affair but finally after 15+ years they've all but lost. The Earth is a war ravaged mess and a large majority of the remaining population have been colonized. The fight still rages on in some places of course with pockets of resistance everywhere but what is left of the government is attempting to negotiate with the aliens in an attempt to find a solution that might mean the survival of the human race. The current Queen of the aliens, is resistant to these attempts at "peace" mostly because she suspects the humans will turn on her people the moment they let their guard down just as they did before. She'd much rather stomp them out altogether but her people are also dying so if there is peace to be had, she must find it.

That's when she comes in.

Held in one of the detainment centers for weeks (why is up to the player) no one realized the asset they had in the daughter of xxxxx (someone important). It was by random chance that the Queen spotted her but she knew right away who the girl was and ordered her released into her own custody. Which is where our story begins...

The Aliens:The aliens are known as Felids to the humans. Their appearance is a combination of feline and human and most have ears, a tail, extended canines, a larger and more dense musculature compared to humans. Some have fur of sorts, others do not. They are a matriarchal society where the women are typically more suited to war than the males. Futa's (females with cocks) are a minority but are generally highly prized, even more so if they are fertile through both set of genitalia. The Queen is one of these sorts. Felids reproduce less often than humans but typically have two or three children at a time. Mating is a combination of choice and biological compatibility (compulsion even) but once it occurs, Felids mate for life.

The Humans: Your typical fare. Varied in terms of motivation, intelligence, resilience, etc. The protagonist's specifics are largely up to the player but I'd prefer her not to be a doormat, please. I am aiming for a romance here and the Queen will not respect nor want someone with no spine.

What am I looking for: A combination of romance, smut, and plot. I would like partner who is comfortable helping me flesh out the world and all the small details through their posts and who isn't afraid to surprise me. I love plotting as much as anyone but I don't want to plot every little detail before hand. There is also the chance for multiple characters, side plots, other relationships, etc depending on partner interest, or even turning this into a three writer affair if someone would like to wiggle their way into things and make this more of a triangle than a straight up deal. I could also try this deal opposite a male human if there is interest but keep in mind my Queen very definitely has a cock (as well as vagina).

Limits can and will be discussed before hand. My O/Os are HERE, please have a look. I'm fine with some rough stuff but I'm not aiming for repetitive torture scenes. My Queen's cock will also be a relatively realistic size. Your human will start out as property... whether that theme continues for a more D/s or M/s sort of feel or it shifts to something less defined is up for discussion as well.

Post length - I'm not a Nazi with this sort of thing. You write as much as you feel the urge to. I typically give what I get. Ideally that is at least two paragraphs and less than a novel. I will NOT reply to one-two-three liners.

Posting speed - I'm not terribly strict on deadlines as I find they can kill a muse when it starts to feel like work. I will typically aim for once a week, more if the muse permits. I am patient with partners so long as I know the interest is there. If it is not, just tell me. I'm not the sort to get angry or upset.

Feel free to post here if interested or there is a question about something I may have overlooked. PMs are also welcome.

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Re: All is Fair... (Alien Futa/Human F pairing preferred, Human M possible)
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2014, 08:55:00 am »
I have a couple question I would like to throw out there, firstly are the aliens a hivemind? You have described much like a hive of bees would do in this situation. Second, what do these aliens look like? I haven't seen much as body wise about them. Last does she need to be a Futa? I like M/F or F/M pairings more then H/M.

Offline KokaineTopic starter

Re: All is Fair... (Alien Futa/Human F pairing preferred, Human M possible)
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2014, 11:15:15 am »
They do not have a hive mind, individuals each have their own identities and free will. They simply follow their Queen. Any similarity to bees is purely coincidental.

Also for this rp I am wanting to play a futa. I could be convinced with the right partner to alter that but as of right now that is what I am rolling with.

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Re: All is Fair... (Alien Futa/Human F pairing preferred, Human M possible)
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2014, 11:25:37 am »
I can RP with a Futa if my character isn't... well you know. I play mostly male character for the most part. Still you didn't really answer the question on what the aliens look like.