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Author Topic: Seeking of literate partners, m or f.  (Read 670 times)

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Seeking of literate partners, m or f.
« on: August 31, 2014, 05:27:45 am »
Salutation's everyone and welcome all,
 It was Enchanting to meet you...

Currently seeking: open for more role players. PM me. <3

Please note before reading on that I do not role play through Aims, yahoo, or privet messages.(I use instant messaging for OC and plotting I either use PM or Skype. E-mails I might be persuaded.) But I prefer Forum's.

Either welcomed to use my own ideas or your own. I'm prepared to start from scratch. Just please don't give my hope ups when plotting and decide and string me along. Be honest. I'd admire you for that.

                                    Allow me introduce thy self.

You may call me 'Eternal0snow92' but that's wee bit formal, so by all mean's call me as you wish or Snow. I will basically answer to anything, even Oi. Despite being a member in 2013 November. I have recently been more active and earned my rights to be approved. I am a British member, although I can understand that this is a global site and we don't all speak English. - Or at least have it as a second language.  Kudos for that! <3  I'm very aware of the time differences so please don't let that discourage you. I'm a patient partner.

Writing has been a deeper then passion of mine, been a in-the-closet- for almost 10. years. But Only been role playing YAOI for nearly three years. Role playing had really opened doors and improved my confidence tremendously. So I have a few years under my belt. I like to what I consider a non-restriction writer. Meaning that I like variety, even though I have written only Yaoi. I'm prepared to try straight and Yuri to broaden my experience as they say another feather under my cap.  Prepared to try something new that you might of been craving for.

I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to positions, I will warn you that strategies, plotting however is not my strongest  point. And have been told by various people that the more detail they want makes the Role play strengthen and have a better chance, to being told little detail within the plot and people get confused on where the plot is actually going. Mainly because English wasn't their mother-tongue. So please if I start getting confusing that's either my enthusiasm in play or my Dyspraxia. Which is my weakest endeavour.  I write how I speak so if you spoke to me in person you can see the traits within my writing. If you can see past that, I'd love you forever. You wouldn't believe how discriminated I get because of this little piece of me. It's why I prefer role playing then writing a novel to keep me on the straight and narrow.

But if any of this becomes too much. I can understand, if you have pointers, I'd be happy to hear them. But this isn't my fault I can assure you that all of this will be worth tolerating when we finally manage to get the story going. - Communication is absolutely vital with me.
What themes I'm particularly looking for.

I love the idea of angst,
I love the idea of Tension
I love the idea of plot then just sex.
I love the idea of detail.
Chemistry between to characters, unforced.
Sexy steamy scenes,
Action and romance.
In depth characters.

What I'm not looking for.

   One liners. (Simply no)
   That's not prepared to do negotiate.  (I'm tolerant to a point but if you say 'I'm just submissive'
I don't really like labelling characters. I'm sorry I don't know my characters and they are NEVER pre-thought out. They develop with the role playing partner. I learn what they want me to learn. They have their own personalities. I just don't want to disappoint you.
Someone that doesn't put effort into their posts. I cannot work with just three lines.
  Doesn't communicate about what they want from the RP it's our RP.  If something is not to your taste don't disregard it please. I can negotiate.
To be able to put your thoughts and ideas to the role play and not constantly follow.



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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Seeking of literate partners, m or f.
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 03:32:04 pm »

Possible pairings

Gameshow Related
-Hosts x Contestant

Affair Related
kind of speaks for itself doesn't it?

Athletics (Sports) Related
-Team mates
-Teammate x Teammate

-   Vampire x Werewolf
-  Vampire x Human
-  Vampire x Hunter
-  Shifter x Human
-  Vampire x Werewolf
-  Demon Priest x Priest
-  Alpha Werewolf x Ex-Alpha Werewolf
-  Vampire x Human
-  Vampire x Hunter
-  Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid x Elf
-  Demon Angel Hybrid x Demon
-  Vampire x Vampire

-  Split Personality
- Fairy tales
- Witches
- Elves
- Fairies

Gun Related Theme

- Witness Protection Program (Bodyguard x Civilian
- Gangster x Cop
- Warden x Prisoner
- Prisoner x Prisoner
- Mafia Boss x Rookie
- Bodyguard x Employer
- Cop x Mafia Don
- Cop x Mafia
- Gangsters
- Mafia
- Bodyguard
- Cops
- Soldiers (military style)

Home Related

- Brother-in-Laws (Sister's Brother x Sister's Husband)
-  Uke x Uke's Exboyfriend's Twin Brother (Aka a Stranger)
- Son x Dad's Work Friend
-  Babysitter x ''Kid''
- Father x Son
- Parent Trap: Estranged Son x Father
- Brother x Brother
- Brother x Brother
- High School Student x Best Friend's Father

Hospital Related

Magical Occurrence Related
Everyone lives in reality but then something "impossible" happens: a wish comes true no matter how absurd


(Things that don't really have a place)
- Look-a-like x Trophy wife
- Spoiled Brat x Enemy
- Old Friend x Kidnap Victim x Therapist

Mistaken Identity Related

-  Boyfriend's Twin Brother x Amnesia Stricken Uke
-  Amnesia Stricken Seme x Conniving Uke
-  Amnesia Stricken Seme x Trap
-  Be Careful What You Wish For - Personality Switch
-  Be Careful What You Wish For - Body Switch
- Be Careful What You Wish For - Identity Switch


- Greek Gods
- Sirens (Mermaids)
- Greek God x Mortal
- Merman x Human

Opposites Attract

Black & White characters
Yin & Yang

Outerspace Related


Pet Related
Animal Hybrids

School Related
-  Student x Teacher
-  Mentor x Student
-   Philanthropist x Juvenile
-  Class President x Student Council Member
-  Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge
-   Popular Guy x New Kid In School
-  Boy-next-door x Secret Admirer - Cute Version
-  Boy-next-door x Secret Admirer - Sadistic Version
-  Librarian x Student
-  Nerd x Bad Boy
-  Bad Boy x Wallflower
- Popular Guy x Anti-Social
- Student x Student
- Punk x Crossdresser
-  Punk x Wallflower

Science Related

- Guinea Pig x Scientist
- Lab Rat x Scientist
- Robots
- Mad scientists

Servant Related

master x slave
unwilling employee



Work Related
-   Magician x Assistant
-   Boss x Employee
-  Ex boyfriend x Ex boyfriend
-  Singer x Owner
-  Actor x Manager
- Boss x Employee
- Escort x Manager - ExBoyfriend Drama
-  Escort x Club Member


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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Re: Seeking of literate partners, m or f.
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2014, 04:18:46 am »

All bets are off

setting: Greek mythology based on Apollo and a vampire. 
Part needed: Negotiable 'names can change'
'Could be male x male or M x F'

Children are innocent, willing to believe in the tooth fairy, santa clause. You get it. The list goes on but when you get older, you start become sceptical about most thing's. Including the gods that control the earth inhabitants, weather, sea, land, sun and moon. But without these crucial elements we .wouldn't survive. And I'm not talking about the bible. Sure God get's noticed and has his own bible but what about the others? Quite frankly they are pissed off about it. Without the belief of others, they are more so mortal. Their existence is meaningless.

Helios, now known as Apollo. Is sickened by the loyalty of mortals. No respect, no dignity not even mentioned in museums tours. Yes he knows about it as well. No praise and thought often about taken the light away.  But once he takes human form and explores the reasoning's behind the mortals. Falls in love with a vampire. A darkness endeavour. Darkness and light do not mix at all. But will Apollo understand this? or will he burn [her/him]?
You really are a what?

Setting: Modern Transylvania
Needed: A boy to imitation of the vampire, or a woman that attends to the tours.
M x f,  m x m.

 After living in such a helluva long time. Immortality got the best of him. He had been betrayed by wives in the past to cripple his trust. He had been betrayed by family who were driven apart by a mob that tried to follow the old legends of the vampires. Dracula as many vampires believed them selves to be. Like the old black and white films. He lives alone in a castle or owned a castle in Transylvania refurbished it every now and again to modernize is.  After coming back to circling around the world hunting the undead.

He finds a boy, pretending to be him. Fake fangs, wanna be vampire. Who knows too much about his history. He thought he was earning some money not realising he was sabotaging a life of another drawing unwanted attention. Now this could go into ways, he draws attention of his life mate who is a female on the tour or he could fall in love with the boy that attracts the attention and with a deal set between the two will now guard him in day light hours.

Let me book you, you're next appointment:
Setting: Modern
Pairing needed: A female devoted wife who falls in love with the therapist.

They were a perfect couple, so perfect it made you sick. You know where the husband follows the traditions literally sweep's his partner of his feet. It makes you cringe of how love sick they are. How they are able to kiss in public never seemed to have a care in a world.  But what if the relationship was just for show? that behind close doors that they did have arguments and they did need help? May be even domestic abuse. A female is really having a hard time leaving her worthless husband as she calls it. Despite all the show-business of the gestures, she is tired of clearing up of the drugs, the abuse. She goes to a marriage councillor  and she tries to get his help secretly. But we all have secrets. She falls in love with the therapist and their secret meetings become more then just need to know basis. But what she didn't know that he was his long lost brother...