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***Re-modeling thread, excuse any weirdness!***

greeting & about me
Hi there! I'm Pan, a twenty-one year old female from North Carolina. I like to read, write, role-play, and watch movies. I have an obsession with cats (so don't bring up cats unless you REALLY want to talk about them), I love reptiles, and I adore Skyrim. I'm married in real life as of June 14th 2014 ♥. Outside of role-playing, I love to talk to my role-play partners, so if you want to get to know me just ask for my skype id. (:


01. Respect me. I can't stand when people are rude and I won't stand for it.
02. Please tell me if you get bored or if you don't like my posts. If I don't know something is wrong, I can't fix it.
03. Tell me your ons/offs BEFORE we get started.
04. Don't demand things of me. I'm a person, not a dog, and I'm definitely not your slave.
05. Please be sure to read my ons/offs list. It's there to help YOU out. I will NEVER hesitate to block someone for attempting to do something on my off list.


Blue is the role I prefer playing, if specified.
This color means I'm dying for this role-play.
Italics means that it is close to being taken out of use
Strike means that I'm not looking for this anymore


MxM, MxF, FxF

I don't have any specific plots in mind but I have two characters - a male Khajiit assassin and a female Redguard bard. We can create a plot that works with the plot line of the Dragonborn, the Civil War, or perhaps even something with the Companions, Thieves Guild, or Dark Brotherhood. It's up to you.

The themes that I like in this world revolve mostly around the lore, religions, and even the combat aspect of it. Tamriel is a dangerous place to live at this time and people fear for their lives because of the civil war and the rumored return of the dragons.

Harry Potter

MxM, MxF, FxF

I prefer to do Potter era and my favorite year to do is the sixth year (Half Blood Prince). For this setting, I do the following pairings (my character is in bold): Draco x Ginny, Draco x OC, Draco x Hermione, Fenrir Greyback x OC, OC x OC, Snape x Hermione, Draco x Harry, Ginny x OC.

When I do marauder's era, I prefer them to be in the age range of 16-17, so either sixth or seventh year. For this setting, I do the following pairings (my character in bold): Snape x Lily, Snape x OC, James x Lily, OC x OC, OC x Sirius

I do not do post potter. Sorry, it just hasn't caught my attention much. I am more than willing to do an AU setting, but that's something we'd have to discuss. I would kill for a Fenrir x OC role-play because I'm in absolute love with the thought of a non-consensual scene between Fenrir and a sixth year student. I have plots for some of the pairings (like Draco x Ginny and Draco x Harry).

Vampire x Slayer

MxM, MxF

In this role-play, I like to play the slayer. I don't care what gender my character is, but I enjoy the hunt. I like to role-play opposite vampires that are usually older, somewhat playful in their style of evading the slayers that persue them. I have a few ideas in my head for plots, some of which are about why the slayer is after this particular vampire (killed their family, mistaken identity), and others about what happens after they meet (perhaps the hunter becomes the hunted, or maybe the slayer is forced to become what (s)he hates most). I could go either consensual or non-consensual with this, though I don't see this becoming any sort of romantic relationship. I see it as a gritty kind of love-hate mix that neither of them fully understand.

Murderer x Witness


I prefer to play the (male) murderer in this scenario. I do have a plot in mind:

She is the sole witness of his latest murder - a loose end that needs to be fixed. The problem is that he finds he may have bitten off more than he can chew. The witness becomes the person in power and uses it to manipulate the man to do her bidding and kill those who have wronged her in the past.

This plot would have a female dominant where she takes control over him. It could end up staying a non-consensual kind of thing or change into something that they both enjoy, all depending on what you're looking for. I could honestly go either way. With either of them, he would admire her in his own way and think of her as a goddess of sort.

Vampire x Werewolf

MxM, MxF

This is honestly one of my favorite role-plays!

I adore playing werewolves and even more so when they're playing opposite their mortal enemy. Depending on how you feel, this can go one of three ways!

Action: A new pack has moved into the known territory of a clan of vampires. A representative is sent to meet with the pack's leader, a ferocious but young 'wolf with an ego that needs to be cut back down to size. The 'wolf picks a fight with the vampire, partially to send a message to the clan but also to send a message to their pack that they are still the alpha.

Romance: A young 'wolf fears for her life and her virginity while living in her pack. She learns that she has been promised to their alpha, an elderly and rather cruel man that takes pleasure in the death and torture of others. She runs to the last friend she had, only to discover that her friend was turned into a vampire. Both fear for their lives and decide to embark together to escape from their fates.

Action/Romance Mix: When the alpha picks a fight with the vampire's representative, some of the members of the pack find themselves uncomfortable with the decision. They break away one-by-one, only to be captured by the vampires that had formed a ring around the pack of 'wolves just in case something like this happened. A 'wolf is caught by a vampire that has compassion enough to ask the rest to spare her life.

Vampire x Human

MxM, MxF, FxF

I have a few plots:

Slayer's Child x Fledgling Vampire
Two best friends are pulled apart by an unlikely and cruel change of fate - one of them is unexpectedly forced into the new life of vampirism. The friendship becomes frayed by the pressures put on them by the slayer and the maker. Will their friendship last?

I would like to develop their friendship before we dive into anything between them romantic. I want it to be defined if they were just friends, friends with benefits, etc. Their age is completely negotiable but beyond that I'd like everything to stay as close to the plot I have posted as possible (which isn't very specific so I don't see that being so hard).

Male Vampire x Human Girl
When the greatest gathering in all of vampire history is about to take place, all vampires are summoned from everywhere on earth to Australia, where the event is taking place. The summons demands that no vampire can cross through supernatural ways and will only be permitted through human ways. It's no big deal, right? But when a plane crashes and few people survive, a vampire is stranded on an island with three humans. While two of them are babbling and near insanity, the youngest is sane, calm even. As time eases by, a friendship forms, along with a spoken promise that she is to never venture into the forest of the island at night. Though once forced into the forest in search of him, she finds out his worst secret ever: he is a vampire.

Teacher x Student

MxM, MxF

MxF: I prefer to play the female student. This can go many ways: having bad grades so she seduces her teacher, or perhaps he bribes sexual favors out of her to get better grades so that she will get accepted to the college of her dreams. Depending on what you're interested in will decide how I portray my character. I can do anything from slutty little minx to an innocent, naive girl confused about her budding sexuality.

After school tutoring -- theliam

MxM: I don't care which one I play. I like the idea of it being kind of a dream that has come true for the student. He has always fantasized about the teacher and now the fantasy is unfolding for him. The trouble is the fact that he finds himself falling for the man beyond something sexual, which can be problematic considering the fact that they need to keep the budding relationship as a deep, dark secret.

Rise of the Guardians


I have a few idea in mind for this, along with a few pairings that I would love. Most importantly, I am craving something where your character is Pitch Black. This character's voice, mannerisms, face, everything about him drives me absolutely crazy. I fell head over heels in love with him. I would love you forever if you could play him for me!
Pitch x Toothie
Pitch x OC
Jack x Toothie
Jack x OC

If you have any sort of plot in mind already, I'd love to hear it, but if not that's okay too! I'm just really craving some Pitch love. ♥



This movie was pure gold! The characters, music, plot, setting... Ooouh! So good. It made my inner child scream with joy and my devious mind say mmmm, I could role-play that. I have a few pairings in mind but not too much of a set plot line. Perhaps we could work something out?
The character I'm interested in playing is in bold.

Elsa x Hans
Hans x Anna
Kristoff x Anna
Kristoff x Elsa
Elsa x OC

Frozen / Rise of the Guardians Crossover


I have a full-fledged plot in mind for this, as well as an idea of a plot.

Elsa x Jack plot:
As a child, Elsa could have sworn that she saw him. A constant guardian as her powers grew. She would stay up at night and hope that she might catch another glimpse of the mysterious man with white hair like hers. As she grew, she came to think of him as only a dream, an imaginary friend. Things change when she returns to her Ice Castle to find him there, admiring her work.
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Elsa x Pitch Black idea:
When he's turned down by Jack, he catches wind of another person that has the same powers as Jack. This person is a young queen, freshly free from all her responsibilities and inhibitions. He forms the idea to bring her to his side, either by showing her the power she can truly have and teach her to use it for his wants, or by forcing her to be his slave.
Thread: Frozen Nightmares
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Fireman x Rescued Woman


This role-play is going to be very centered on a romance and revolve more around love than sex. If you don't want that, I'd suggest you check out some of my other plots. I prefer to play the fireman, but I can play the rescued woman if I'm asked to.

Plot: During a high school party, the nerd of the school and the 'hottest girl in school' are both drunk enough to sleep together. Three months later, she mysteriously moves away and is never heard from again. Ten years later, the fireman rescues a little girl and a very familiar-looking woman. Much to his surprise, it's the girl, and the child is his, the result of the one night stand.

Princess x Servant


Like the above plot, I want this to be more about their love than about their sex. I don't mind it getting steamy but I don't want it to concentrate on that. I think for this plot to work we'll both have to double with minor characters from time to time but other than that it's mostly about the love between two women. I prefer to play the princess.

Plot: A princess is soon to wed the handsome, charming, prince of a neighboring kingdom to seal a contract wedding and bring peace between the two lands. Unfortunately, the princess finds herself already in a relationship, one that has been kept a deep secret until now. Her parents have told her that she needs to end the relationship or her servant would disappear. In a last chance to keep their love, they run away together, penniless and in danger.

Prince x Prince


There's no real plot that I have in mind for this beyond a relationship that is a huge scandal between two kingdoms. Neither of the princes are first in line so they don't feel like they should be forced to marry a woman that they don't love in order to bear an heir. Things change when the older brother dies, bringing one of them to the first in line for the throne. (Sorry, that idea just kind of came out of nowhere.)

If you have any ideas for a prince x prince, I'm always more than open to hearing it! I love the drama that can go on between two powerful men.


MxM, MxF, FxF

Nuclear War: I like for this to be centered around action and survival over romance (though it's not out of the question!). I like for my partner to be creative when it comes to writing this and not shy away from the terrible (and ugly) truth that comes with a nuclear war. I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind talking about keloids, radiation poisoning, sickness, and even death.

Zombies: Like with the other plot, I want it to be centered around the adventure more than the romance. It would be great if we could plot out how the zombie apocalypse came around to be. How was the first person infected? How does it spread? How do the zombies act?

Ghost x Hunter


I'd like for this to be a romantic role-play! The hunter is going to be her hero and I want it to be romantic how things come to be.

Plot: A ghost is trapped reliving the night she was murdered over and over. A hunter, set on destroying this frightening specter, finds himself transported back in time to investigate her past, and maybe prevent her from dying in the first place. He has limited time to figure out what happened and possibly save her. But what happens when and if he does?

Chasing spirits -- Torterrable

Monster Girl x Human Girl


I'd like this to be romantic / sexual. If possible, this is the role-play that I want to have unbirthing/insertion in if possible (maybe a very large monster girl with a human girl or something of the like). I don't have to have it as a consensual relationship, but it doesn't have to be non-con! The plot is something that we can talk about, and I'm open to pretty much anything. I will state that I'm not a huge fan of creatures like centaur.

Monster Man x Human Girl


Pretty much like the one above, but with less concentration on the fetish of unbirthing. I'm up for other types of fetishes, and I'm willing to try something with oviposition, though only if you have a plot where it would be viable for my character to be doing that. With this, I really like creatures such as werewolves, dragons, tentacle-creatures, perhaps even an alien life form. I'm open to other things, but those are what comes to mind for me when I think a monster man. Either that or some great horned demon creature (which is just as sexy as just about any of the others!). I don't mind if we concentrate more on sex or romance, or possibly a mix of both, I just don't want something too horribly sappy for this.

Sexual torture

MxM, MxF, FxF

I don't have any pairing in mind, or even really a species in mind that i would like for this. I just enjoy the thought of sexual torture - consensual or non-consensual. I have a few plot ideas, but nothing that's really solid beyond just an idea.

Idea #1: A kink porn star wants to test the limits of her endurance in an upcoming movie to get the ultimate profit. She's told the producer to do anything to her that he can think to do and see how long she lasts before she's forced to tap out. Will she be able to take the pain and the pleasure or will she have to call it quits? Will they even stop when she asks?

Planning -- seeker619

Idea #2: A young virgin wakes up one night feeling dirty and oddly violated. When she takes off her clothes, she finds her breasts and crotch covered in bruises that tell a story of rough sex. The problem is the fact that she doesn't remember it, which bothers her intensely. Scared of that her virginity had been taken by a rapist and her not remembering it, she goes to her male best friend to help. He explains that it hadn't been a rapist. Much to her surprise, he tells a story of her seducing him late last night, leading to a night of surprisingly hot, kinky sex that he hadn't suspected... The only explanation is a black out, though who is she when she's not aware of what she's doing? (Essentially, Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde.)

Kidnapper x Virgin Victim

MxM, MxF, FxF

The kidnapper is someone that has never met their victim up close before. They've watched from afar and admired them, convinced themselves that there is a budding love story between the two of them, only to have their heart broken when they confront their 'love' with all of this information. Confused and hurt, they decide that it must be that they feel forced to act like they don't love the kidnapper, so the person takes them and goes on the run with their new captive. The delusion only builds the longer (s)he is with him/her, coming to a peak one night when they're alone. The only obvious thought to prove their love is simple - to make love. Over and over again...

In MxM, I prefer to play the kidnapper, a dominant male. In MxF, I prefer to play the virgin victim, a submissive female. In FxF, I have no preference!

I don't mind which we do in this, I'm just interested in trying it.

Giantess x Human Girl


A brave young adventurer hears of a magic bean stalk and a giant's castle with a goose that lays golden eggs. Eager for the gold, she sets off to find this giant, only to be captured by it. The giant turns out to be a giantess, curious by the small creature that has stumbled into her land. The two of them make an agreement - the adventurer will leave the goose alone in return for living, and she may take one golden egg for every day that she stays with the giantess and tells her about the world that she is from. The deal is struck and is perfect, but how long will she stay?

Game of Thrones


Hound x Sansa: She dreams of freedom from the marriage with Joffrey and escape from her imprisonment. All she wants is to return home to her family and resume her life. While planning her escape, Sansa's plans are foiled by the Hound, who has other ideas in mind for her. Depending on what you want, this could either become romantic or non-consensual. I don't have a huge idea planned out, I just love them together.

I have a few other pairings, just no real plot: Hound x OC, Joffrey x Sansa, Tyrion x OC, Joffrey x OC

Werewolf x Virgin Girl


Think along the lines of Little Red Riding Hood all grown up. Perhaps we could follow a similar plot line of an innocent girl going to check on an elderly family member that lives far away in a cabin in the woods. The journey is long and dangerous but she is forced to go alone because she's believed to be old enough to take care of herself without the help of an adult. While on her journey, she is tracked by a beast that remains unseen and comes to her elderly family member's cabin only to find that it is empty, though a strange person is there, insisting that they are the elderly family member.

But something is obviously not right.

Ghost x Human Girl


H'okay. I have a plot in mind for this:

Every night for the past week she has woken up from the same dream - a mysterious but handsome stranger fondling her in the most intimate of places. She has woken up startled, confused, and highly aroused. What she doesn't know is that her 'dream' has been influenced by her nightly ghost visitor -- that is, until she wakes up while he's still there.

If you want, we can do something different, but that's for us to discuss!

Cyborg x Human


Plot: She was made to be perfect for him in every way. She was everything he had ever dreamed of in a woman and more. She looked like his favorite model, she had the voice of his favorite singer, and the personality of a very obedient and loving servant. Her creator had made all he ever wanted and had made her... Perfect. But everyone knows there is no such thing as perfect. Despite countless hours spent on making her the perfect woman, she has a major flaw that destroys his entire plan. She simply doesn't love him. Tiring of playing the role of obedient wife, she seeks out someone who is who she loves and after many years, she thinks she has found the person. But now questions are raised. Can a cyborg feel love?

We can talk about her appearance, personality, etc to fit what you like and what I would enjoy playing and we can build the world together to make sure it's very enjoyable. This will be geared more towards romance and adventure rather than just sex, sex, sex.

Beauty & The Beast


A young beauty trades her life for her father's and is now the captive of a beast (literal or figurative). She finds herself missing home but tries to make the best of her situation by looking at the better side, which happens to be the expansive mansion that this Beast lives in. Depending on your preference, we could have this as either a master/slave situation, or possibly turn into a romance like the Disney movie does.

Naughty Nun x Student


This role-play is going to revolve around the sexual aspect of their relationship and probably going to be a short-term role-play. If you have an idea that can make it into a long-term role-play, please feel free to share it with me.

Plot: A woman turned away from her homosexual lifestyle to take up a more religious one as a nun, but years later she finds herself struggling with the new spanking policy in place. With one student, she finds she simply can't resist from punishing the girl for being so out of line...

I prefer to play the nun. I like the idea of the woman wrestling terribly with her religion but her desire to dominate and punish / please the girl coming out on top. It will be somewhat of a non-consensual on both parts, though maybe the student likes it? Up to you! ;)

Avatar: The Last Airbender


Book One

Prince Zuko x Rebel
On his search for the Avatar, Prince Zuko stumbles upon a rare and exciting discovery - a girl unconscious in the woods. Uncle Iroh convinces him to bring her back to the ship and let him nurse her to health. The girl becomes more than just a drain when they manage to talk information out of her while she's fevered and delirious. The Avatar is near and she knows where he is hidden. But now that she has been nursed to health neither kind deed nor rough hand from the soldiers can get her to talk. But maybe, just maybe, Prince Zuko can...

Book Two

Prince Zuko x OC
Plot #1: Starving and near death, Zuko is taken in by a group of nomads willing to help him get back on his feet and nurse him back to health. Though he is thankful to be alive, he feels that it's time he separate himself from them and go on his way after the Avatar once again. The night he goes to leave, he is stopped by the girl that found him and she has one request -- take her with him.

Plot #2: A bounty hunter has found one of the most elusive subjects she's been after - the Blue Spirit. She's surprised when she pulls off his mask to reveal that the Blue Spirit is the exiled Prince Zuko. This is most definitely an interesting find worth his weight in gold, but the journey back to the fire kingdom to turn him in is long, so there's plenty of time for him to sway her on turning him in. Maybe, just maybe, he could even get her to help him find the Avatar...

I love to have romance plots with Zuko! I don't exactly need him to be strictly canon, so it's okay if you go AU. I just like him. :3

Demon x Young Summoner

MxF, MxM, FxF

In order to save their village, a young summoner decides to attempt at summoning a powerful creature to aide in the forces that are attacking. The spell goes horribly wrong, summoning a demon instead of a savior. The demon, seeing the summoner's desperate need for help, offers a bargain - his/her life in exchange for everyone's safety. With no other choices in sight, the deal is struck and the summoner is now the slave of the creature they summoned, a demon that is cruel and sadistic.

Planning -- Scarification

Employee x Boss' Daughter


A valued employee finds out the boss' deep, dark secret when he's working late one night. Now armed with something that could ruin not only his reputation but could possibly destroy the company... He plans on exploiting it to get a better job, but then he catches sight of something he's never seen before -- the boss' daughter. He knows that she cares about her father and his business more than anything else, and he plans on putting that to the test. Just how far can he get her to go in order to protect her dad's reputation?

Master x Slave


We have fast cars, faster internet, and human slaves. Ah, what a time to be alive. Ever since slavery was legalized again it has boomed in America, with the lower class pumping out more servants for the upper class to use, in any manner that they like. Most have turned to using these enslaved people for free labor to make their business boom, but others have them for home use or... Entertainment.

Degrading the Tease


For years she has been teasing him by leaving her blinds open while she strips, completely sure that he can see her as she puts on a show. It's how she gets her excitement in life but he wants more. So to shake up their relationship, he decides to teach her a lesson about pushing a man too far. He breaks into her house just before the show is supposed to start so that he can show her exactly what happens. He decides that since she had degrading him into jacking off to the view through his window that she will be the one on the receiving end of his urges.

Planning -- TheDoctor46

Dance, Esmeralda, Dance!


Watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame as an adult, there's some perspective on it that has changed. I'm still head over heels in love with Esmeralda, the wild-spirited gypsy girl who wants nothing more than the freedom of her people... But I've also noticed how incredibly hot it is to hear just how bad Judge Claude Frollo wants her. He's so desperate to have her that it's either choose him or the stake... And it's pretty hot. I don't have an idea really ironed out, but perhaps we could mutually come up with something after you listen to the song that makes me turn into a pile of cream.

Click for YouTube video!

The Defiler


More specifically, Azog the Defiler. I couldn't help but fantasize about this character while watching the Hobbit from his flat out scary appearance to his bulging muscles and thick thighs. I couldn't but wonder if his cock was as big as the rest of him. But hey, he's an Orc, so he's probably hung like a horse. Not to mention the fact that he most likely didn't get the name 'The Defiler' for cuddling bunnies. I can just picture him getting a good hold of a relatively young, innocent elf and ripping her cunt apart with his need... Delicious. Pain, sexual torture, and degradation because orcs are considered some of the dirtiest beasts in the world... And why not keep a prize for further use? ;)

Song Based


Hum Along, by Ludo -- Youtube
Love Me Dead, by Ludo -- Youtube
In My Room, by Insane Clown Posse -- Youtube
Plague of Butterflies, by Swallow the Sun -- Youtube
Go-Getter Greg, by Ludo -- Youtube
The Horror of Our Love, by Ludo -- Youtube
But It's Better If You Do, by Panic! at the Disco -- Youtube
Porn Star Dancing, by My Darkest Days -- Youtube

I'm also open to suggestions from things you create from my ons / offs list!

wanting to try

- unbirthing / insertion
- breathplay
- female dominant (on SOME things)

i don't do

- twilight
- anime
- most tv shows
- incest
- watersports/scat
- pregnancy/impregnation/childbirth/lactation
- anthro characters (sorry, they just don't appeal!)
- anal, when it comes to women.
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Updated with a new plot -- Master x Slave
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New plots: Dance, Esmeralda, Dance! and The Defiler
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New pairing ideas:

Cop x Stripper

Cop x Prostitute

Prostitute x Married Man *

Currently craving: degradation, face-fucking, and non-consensual
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