Digimon RP (Working Title)

Started by Kai, September 19, 2008, 03:40:24 PM

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Digimon and the Digital world have become common knowledge. These days, Digimon can be seen throughout the human world, though only on select days, and many humans take off on a trip to the Digital World for weeks on end. The digital world has changed with the human world and the time rate is now about 5:1. Meaning five days in the digital world is equivalent to about 1 day in the real world. Some of the digimon have been created by the hands of fans, and are now existant as one-of-a-kind. This has made the digimon type count sky rocket.

People can access the digital world in a variety of ways, through their computer, a special train, or simply by using the machines set up on the streets, though those are at a price, yet provide the safest means. Recently, the access to the Digital World was closed and anyone in possession of a digivice was asked to relinquish it. After having taken care of the problems in the digital world, which resulted in a re-write of half the world, it was finally re-opened. Unfortunatly, anyone wishing to have a digimon partner would have to start anew.

It has been two weeks since the Digital World has been opened, and an ominous cloud looms over both worlds...

There's the intro. Sorry if it's not put together very well, but I've never been good at storylines.

A few simple rules beforehand:

1. Profiles here first please.
2. God-Moding is a no-no, not even the main villains are invincible.
3. You may not kill off other player's characters without their consent.
4. Rogue Digimon MUST kill before they can digivolve.
5. Rogue Digimon can not revert to a previous form.
6. Tamers aren't anywhere near as strong as digimon, never will be.
7. Please... This takes place in a modern world, humans don't carry around medieval weapons.
8. The only guns I want to see are Beelzemon's. (jk) Seriously, even if a human shot a digimon, it wouldn't do anything, so don't bother.
9. Two warnings. That's all you get. I'm a nice guy, most people only give you one.
10. Follow these rules and any others and everyone's a happy panda.

Now that those are out of the way, here's a couple of guidelines. They're like rules, but control how the RP is played out a bit.

When the RP starts, Champion is the highest level for a Partner Digimon.
One Digiegg per person to start. I will throw some out there later.
Your digivice type doesn't matter, just remember it's functions and don't go adding anything on the spot because you don't want to lose.
We all lose once in a while, but our digimon won't be deleted if we don't give permission, don't make a big fuss about it.
If you like Biomerge to attain Mega, that's fine. Though it's pointless until much later. If you have a digimon that requires Fusion, you may have more than one partner.
A single tamer can have up to 3 digimon.

Alright. There's that info. Might add more later... But for now, some profiles:

Name: Isaac Nomura
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Oreintation: Straight
Alignment: Good
Type: Tamer
Digivice: Grey and Black D-Arc.
Eggs in Possession: Friendship
Appearance: (Still to come)
Digimon: Eirymon
Digimon Gender: Male
Digimon Orientation: Straight
Digimon Appearance: (Later)

Rogue digimon just need to fill out the top stuff, next to Type, put Digimon. Villains would put Villain next to Alignment. Please discuss it with me if you want to be a villain.