Screen is pixelated and funky

Started by Xenphir, August 27, 2014, 04:42:44 PM

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Well it started yesterday but sometimes at random my screen will become kind of pixelated. It reminds me of low-quality youtube videos and having less pixels, but different? I don't know how to explain it and a screenshot won't do anything to show it. But my screen is filled with thousands upon thousands of little dots that sort of make a fuzzy looking effect. It is most noticeable in dark colors and instead of smooth fading it doesn't fade well at all.


It is almost certainly the sign of an overheating/failing graphics card. Open the case, try cleaning the fans, especially the one on the GPU itself, but more than likely, you are looking at replacing/ or upgrading your graphics card.

Find out what you have, if you don't know you can open up the windows button, and down at the bottom search for dxdiag, you'll find a program and you can run that, it'll tell you your graphics card. Check around on the net, I like NewEgg and Tiger's Direct, myself. They tend to have the best deals, you can usually replace the card fairly reasonably priced and it's an easy swap and install to do yourself.

Before that, though, be sure to go to the graphics card website and download the latest drivers, it could be something as simple as an outdated driver, but my gut feeling is that the card is overheating/starting to fail and you'll want to run through those initial tests and line up a replacement while it is still functioning enough for you to do it.

Good luck with your issue.
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Well I know its a Nivida and we've had it for years so I probably will have to get a new one. Thanks for the advice, I'll check it out. ^^