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Author Topic: A Little Power (M for F)  (Read 544 times)

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A Little Power (M for F)
« on: August 27, 2014, 09:12:31 AM »
I am currently looking for roleplaying partners for a couple of plot ideas that have been floating in my brain.  I generally like writing partners who can put both heart and thought into their writing.  I love seeing what's inside the head of the characters I'm playing across.  I like both stories that are sex with plot and plot with sex.  While the characters that I play can be all over the spectrum, even my harsher characters reveal a softer side.  Although sometimes it is very deeply buried.  Don't take the outlines below to be fixed in stone.   I'm willing to tweak the scenarios to match my writing partner's ONs and OFFs.

Scenario One - A Little Power is a Dangerous Thing

One of the staples of mind control erotica is man gets mind control powers following some kind of accident.  Man then proceeds to mind control every female around and has sex with them.  Yawn.  Bored now.  To me mind control is an interesting plot device, but stories run on conflict.  So the mind control powers need to be limited in some fashion.  If the mind controller can take over everyone around him and make them do anything at all - no conflict. 

In this story the protagonist doesn't have super mind control powers.  He has some potent, but limited mind control powers.  When he goes off and tries to control the Girl-Next-Door, he finds himself in trouble over his head.  He thought that mind controlling the girl was harmless fun.  She thinks of it as rape.  He'll have to find his balls and learn to use his limited powers to humiliate, coerce and blackmail the Girl-Next-Door.

The Girl-Next-Door should be a popular girl at school, but Alfred doesn't really know the real her.  So she could be anything behind that mask from sweet and innocent, to megabitch.  What she needs for this story to work is a strong backbone.  Having been a victim of Alfred's mind control, she wants revenge, even if she doesn't know how he did it and can't prove he did anything.  The player should also enjoy humiliation, because while Alfred cannot control her all the time, he can force her to humiliate herself.

The protagonist is Alfred North - he hates all the nicknames from his name: Alfie, Fred, Freddy.  He's also not fond of people casting him as Batman's butler, but given he is a geek who dresses preppy, he gets that a lot.  He is a naive young virgin.  He's from a rich family, but not assertive so isn't really in the popular clique.  Alfred has a huge crush on the Girl-Next-Door, one of the popular and pretty girls that never gives him the time of day.

His family had no problem indulging his interest in science.  So he had an fully stocked lab which includes controlled chemicals that no one in their right mind would put in the hands of an unsupervised teenaged boy.  Alfred, having watched the movie Lucy did some research and discovered that while CPH4 was fictional, there was a real hormone Protocadherin-2 (Pcad-2) that when introduced in a developing fetus initiates brain growth.  He decided to try to synthesize it for his science fair project.  In the fine tradition of mind control stories, his unrefined batch goes boom, mixes with some other chemicals and he gets doused with the resulting solution.  After he was rushed to the hospital, tested and released, he discovered he had limited mind control abilities.

Once Alfred discovers his abilities he'll use his abilities on the Girl-Next-Door.  He'll be surprised when she remembers being controlled, knows he did it and is pissed as hell.  While she cannot readily tell the cops she was mind controlled, she can make Alfred pay.  Alfred in return will counter this by using his abilities to humiliate/blackmail/coerce Girl-Next-Door to being his obedient plaything - even when he isn't focusing his ability on her. 

Suggested Limited Mind Control

  • Alfred can cause one person to follow a single command while he maintains focus.  Example: Girl-Next-Door give me a blowjob.
  • Alfred's victims feel an odd sensation while being controlled.
  • If he restricts himself to small in-character commands they will likely not trigger suspicion.  Example:  Mom, let me buy these chemicals for my lab
  • Asking for something out-of-character will leave the victim knowing that something is wrong.  Example:  Girl-Next-Door ordered to give a blowjob will know something is wrong and be horrified she can't stop herself.  She won't know how it is being done, but will figure out pretty damn quick that Alfred is responsible
  • His victims cannot resist and will promptly follow his command.  Example:  Girl-Next-Door will promptly give a blowjob, regardless of the circumstances.  So she would start going down on him even in public or in front of her parents.
  • His victim cannot do other conscious actions while performing that task.  Example:  Girl-Next-Door couldn't crush his nuts with her left hand while performing the blowjob
  • His victims can fill in vague commands as they sees fit.  Example:  Girl-Next-Door doesn't have to try her best, she could gave the lamest blowjob ever.  Alfred can counter this by giving better worded commands.  (Give me the best blowjob you can.)  However, when Alfred gives poorly worded commands, his victims can exploit this to her advantage.
  • With repeated usage on the same victim, the victim will learn to recognize the odd sensation of being mind controlled.  That doesn't enable her to resist it, but she'll know when it is happening, even if it is a minor command.
  • Alfred cannot control emotions or memories.  Examples:  Fall in love with me.  Forget the last hour.  You're sleepy.  These don't work!
  • Alfred's commands don't grant skill/ability beyond what the victim has.  However, the victim will try to follow impossible orders.  Example: Give me a great blowjob Girl-Next-Door.  She'll try, but is limited by her skill.  Doesn't make her a blowjob queen.  Example 2:  Jump over that (tall) fence.  She'll try, but will smack into it and fall down.  Example 3: Go to sleep.  This isn't completely under conscious control.  She'll lay down, close her eyes and try to sleep, but won't instantly black out.
  • When Alfred loses focus, he loses control.  Example: Having his first orgasm in Girl-Next-Door's mouth will certainly cause him to lose focus!  Girl-Next-Door kicks him in the nuts.  (With practice, Alfred will learn to maintain enough focus through orgasm not to get kneed in the nads.)
  • Collary to above, Alfred cannot give delayed commands (call me later), or create rules (always call me master).  He only gets one command at a time and he has to maintain focus to make it happen.
  • Alfred doesn't get a manual.  He has to discover the limits of his powers by experimentation - mostly with Girl-Next-Door.

Body Modification - OPTIONAL

For writing partners interested in body modification.  This could be added to the story if desired.  If it is included, I would like to make it an additional unconscious power.  Alfred cannot consciously control other people's bodies (or his own).  However, when he appreciates a girl's tits, ass, or features, unconsciously he gives her body a little nudge.  When that girl is one he is interacting with a lot AND she is still at the age where her breasts haven't quite finished growing, this will cause them to grow.  Not instantly, not overnight, but she will experience a growth spurt.  She might see other changes altering her to his 'perfect girl' image:  narrower waist, bubble butt, more prominent nipples, lips that almost glisten even without makeup.  Fuller eyelashes.  Staying teenaged in body over years.  This power could work unconsciously on Alfred himself as well.  His unconscious thoughts will slowly perfect his own body as well, giving him better muscular tone and strength without working out.  His asthma slowly goes away, he grows taller... and of course his cock gets larger and his balls capable of producing larger loads.

Scenario Two - Come as you Are (or You Are as You Come)  - Transformation / Fanfiction

UPDATE:  Now being run as a solo thread with Neysha:
Kubla Con: A Very Potter Convention (Thymoit & Neysha)

However, is available as a shared setting.  Meaning I'm inviting other players to use this setting for their stories.  Potentially these stories could crossover.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.

But Kubla Con was a much different story.

On the November long weekend during some indeterminate year Eric Winters, a rich and somewhat eccentric man, decides to bankroll a costume contest at the Kubla Con convention—known for it's costumes and somewhat wild nature. That year the con is overflowing, and Eric Winters himself brings an ancient Native American artifact – a raven mask. At the start of the awards ceremony he dons the mask and a blast of magic flashes out, effecting the entire convention center and its grounds, turning everyone into their costume. Eric Winters himself turns completely into a raven.

For those of you familiar with the Buffy Halloween episode, same concept.  Throughout the con, everyone was transformed into their costume character.  The big difference from Buffy - they never turned back.

The Setting, background, how the transformation works, a summary of the fallout and stories based in this setting can be found here:

This is a physical and mental transformation to some degree.  You can choose how mentally impacted you are.  If you want a total mental transformation and fully believe you are are the character and not a cosplayer, that's possible.  For myself, my character would be about 40% their original self and 60% who they dressed as.

I don't normally do fandoms, but I've been on a Harry Potter/Hermione Granger kick lately and this would be my preferred pairing.  I guess you can guess from that pairing that Ron Weasley gets kicked to the curb.  If he does show up, I'd like a Clueless or Idiot Ron.  If there is a Draco, Snape or Voldemort - they're a villian.  This story will very much be plot before sex.  I'd like to see a hook up eventually, but stage one is simply surviving the chaos.  Stage two is helping impose order.  Stage three is probalby dealing with major villians that have been brought to life.  Mixed in there is trying to decide if they want to get back to normal and romantic interaction.  While this will be a consensual storyline, I wouldn't object to Hermione having a kinky side in the bedroom.  Given her repeated blind trust in authority figures, I always thought she had a submissive streak in her.

I'm open to starting with my writing partner being my best male friend and undergoing M to F transformation when Eric Winters activates the mask.  In fact that might make the romantic subplot more interesting.  However, you would have to come up with the reason your character chose to cosplay cross-gender.  For HP, maybe there are three male friends, my character wanted to go as HP, third friend as Ron Weasley - your character who was somewhat effeminate (got pressured OR volunteered to be Hermione). 

I'll consider other pairings, but I don't watch a lot of anime, so don't know Bleach, Naruto, etc, and I only have a basic understanding of DC universe.  Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and Agatha Heterodyne might be interesting.  I wouldn't want to be anyone of a Superman level of power.  Should be someone who is threatened by others, not capable of overpowering all threats.

If anyone is interested into making this a group story, power to you.  I'd be glad to play in the setting, but I would like to have my own thread with a writing partner and visit other people's threads when we cross.

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Re: A Little Power... Mind Control Plot (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2014, 12:28:19 AM »
Updated with new scenario:  A Little Power Is a Dangerous Thing

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Re: A Little Power / Cosplay for Reals (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2014, 01:57:03 AM »
Scenario Two:  Come as You Are added.
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