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Author Topic: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!  (Read 3685 times)

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #125 on: November 02, 2014, 01:31:07 AM »

Name: Anaïs Desjardins
Age: 250 (appearance - early 20s)
Species: Seniatta
Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Vivian’s Personal Assistant
Role Within the Fae Community: None at the moment
Education: Private tutoring from her governess in all the classics and music, training from her father (in terms of fae powers)
Hobbies: Shopping, reading (a fan of Alexandre Dumas), messing with humans
Fluent In: English, French, Latin, Wolof

How Do They View Humans?: Chattal


Hair:  Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’5” (165 cm)
Physical Description: Cafe au lait skin
Character Model: Kat Graham


What Do They Feed Off Of: She feeds off of human emotions but she gets the most nourishment from fear, anxiety, confusion, panic and despair.

Power(s): She can influence people’s motivations with a simple touch. Her influence can last hours after she has touched them but she is working on it so that it lasts longer.

Strengths: Good at knowing when someone needs something before they ask for it, intelligent, levelheaded in a crisis

Weakness: Hands (if her hands are covered with any sort of material she can’t use her power on others) she cannot influence those that are happy, not good with people, not the best fighter (hopes to start training to fight)


Self obsessed – Anaïs is selfish. Growing up without any real friends or siblings, she never learned to care or worry about others. The only people around her were servants (who were beneath her) and her father (whom she hated). She never really had anyone she cared about other than herself. Even now she finds it hard to care about anyone other than herself.

Vindictive – If you hurt her or cross her Anaïs will do all that she can to make sure that you learn never to cross her again. This trait has not won her many friends but it has established her as one to be respected among her peers.

Shallow – Anaïs rarely bothers to understand people on a deep level. She will make a judgement about you in the first few moments of meeting you and that impression will stick. First impressions for her are everything. If she doesn’t deem you to be suitable then she won’t bother getting to know you any further.

Judgemental – Anaïs judges people, often harshly, and she believes it is her right to do so.

Cruel – She enjoys causing others pain. She enjoys exerting her powers on those that she deems are below her. As a child she would often terrorize the servants in her home as a form of amusement. Once her maid had made the mistake of giving her a cup of tea that was a few degrees lower than the ideal temperature. Anaïs threw the entire cup of scalding tea at the cowering girl demanding another cup of tea.

Cold – Anaïs grew up in an isolated environment. Her father gave her no affection. He never told her that he loved her or that he was proud of her. Being affectionate and warm is completely foreign to her.

Loyal – She can be extremely loyal once you gain her respect (though it isn’t easy)


Anaïs is the product of a fling between a French dark fae Seniatta and a Senegalese dark fae Oracle. Her parents met when her father went on a trip to the West African nation. Her mother died during childbirth so her father took her back with him to Marseille in Southern France. Growing up in the late 1700s as a woman of colour, her father felt it proficient to hide her from society. Of course not an issue for the fae community (skin color did not matter to them) but more for the humans that surrounded them. A ‘mulatto’ wasn’t too rare a sight in France but there was still a lot of prejudice.

So began Anaïs’s lonely upbringing in her father’s estate. She wanted for nothing, except for love and warmth, the two things she would never get from her father. Anaïs simply learned to live without it and instead enjoyed having complete control of a house full of servants whom she often terrorized with tantrums, insults, and physical abuse. Her servants fear and frustration provided her with the most sustenance. Her father didn’t care what she did as long as she excelled in her studies.

She had a governess that taught her lessons in the classics (Latin, Greek, poetry, literature), music, and dance. Since there was no lady of the house to handle the affairs of the estate her governess taught her how to organize the household and make sure that everything ran smoothly.  Her father is a powerful Seniatta and he personally saw to her magical training. He expected nothing but the best from his daughter. Her father never praised her for her triumphs in their lessons but he would punish her if she got anything wrong either rapping her knuckles with a stick or hurling insults at her. She remembered clearly one day when she had finally been able to convince the maid to pour a bucket of ice water on herself, her father had nodded. He had finally acknowledged her achievements. Although she would never admit it, it is a memory that Anaïs cherishes.

Once her father deemed her training and education complete, Anaïs was able to come and go as she wished, until it was time to begin training for her Dawning. At the young age of a hundred she left Marseille and went to Dakar, Senegal to reacquaint herself with her Senegalese heritage. While there she tried to learn as much as she could of West African magic and folklore.

Anaïs spent as much time as she could traveling. Her world up until that point had consisted of her childhood home and she wished to learn more about the world around her. She travelled throughout Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe learning as much as she could about the fae, magic, and folklore of each country she visited. She was gone for decades before finally returning to Marseille for her Dawning training.

Her father handled some of her training but he also hired another fae that was specialized in this area. It was a grueling process. Her trainer stressed the need to make peace with her father. She ignored her trainer, saying that she had no issue with her father. This of course was false but Anaïs didn’t really feel like having a heart to heart with her trainer about her relationship with her father. After completed her training Anaïs thought she was ready. Unfortunately she wasn’t ready. She was forced to listen to her Dawning trainer and confront her father.

It was one of the most difficult thing that she had to do. She told her father exactly how she felt; that he neglected her emotionally, that he had abused her emotionally. Her father countered saying that he gave her the best of everything. Growing up he hadn’t had anyone to train him and teach him how to control his powers. He had never had anyone to protect him and that everything he had now he had acquired on his own. As a father he did the best he could for his child by making her strong and resilient. Everything he had done was for her benefit. To her shock Anaïs broke down apologizing to her father. She still didn’t agree with his methods and she still disliked him but it was true. She wouldn’t be the woman she was today without her father. She owed him everything.

Having made peace with her father Anaïs was finally ready for the Dawning. Entering successfully through the doorway she received her invitation to the Temple. The Dawning the most grueling thing she had ever gone through. She was forced to witness the worst parts of herself. She was made to confront every hard truth about herself, even the ones she had never known were inside her. By the time Anaïs made it to the other side she knew more about herself that she had ever before, and she embraced it. She was at peace with herself.

After passing her Dawning Anaïs decided it was time for her to move on and begin a life of her own. So she made her way to New York City. She had never been to North America but it would be an interesting experience.

She still has a tumultuous relationship with her father and because of that she rarely visits her hometown even though she misses the beaches and the weather. It is obligatory that she visit him every few decades. Her father is getting old and could die very soon and Anaïs can’t decide whether she’s dreading it or looking forward to it.


François Desjardins - Father
Joséphine Sambou (deceased) - Mother
Vivian – her employer
Shay – possible protege

Likes: designer brands, make-up, fashion magazines, macaroons, the beach
Dislikes: unattractive people, humans who don’t know their place, overly nice people, strangers who presume they can simply start a conversation with her
Fears & Phobias Being controlled (i.e. mind control, potions, meren, etc.), falling in love
O/Os: Anaïs is not interested in relationships or getting to know her sexual partners on a 'deeper level'. She's there to gave fun and then they go their separate ways. She often prefers not to linger after sex. She tends to be more attracted towards men but she has slept with women and has enjoyed it. She likes things to get rough and isn't  opposed to some light bondage.
My OOs
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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #126 on: November 02, 2014, 05:48:59 AM »
Hello and welcome!

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #127 on: November 02, 2014, 08:34:00 AM »
Welcome Marjolaine :)

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #128 on: November 02, 2014, 07:37:24 PM »

Name: Kennet Ahlgren
Age: 114
Species: Raven (shapeshifter)
Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Private Detective/occasional corporate espionage
Role Within the Fae Community: none in particular
Education: Given how important computers are in the current information age, Kennet frequently takes classes to keep his computer skills honed, has no completed degrees but has been none to take a class or two when he needs to know how to do something or needs more knowledge about a subject
Hobbies: jewelry making (it calms him and he likes making the pretties though he tends to keep his best pieces for himself), computer gaming

How Do They View Humans?: Often entertaining opportunities

Hair: Red
Eyes: Black (they pass for really dark brown when in human form)
Height: 6'3"
Physical Description: Kennet is tall at 6'2" and rangy, with broad shoulders but otherwise a fairly light build. His most distinguishing feature is his long, bright golden-red hair which he generally wears loose followed by his dark eyes which always have a bit of a bird-like quality even in his human form. He is fairly relaxed in his appearance, some days he may be sporting stubble and other days not, and he tends to dress in black most of the time though he may occasionally show up in white just because. There is a quickness to the way he moves, as if his reflexes are always on the verge of fight or flight, even when he's relaxed.
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of a raven with outstretched wings on his back when in human form
Character Model: Danila Polyakov

~In depth~

What Do They Feed Off Of?: Secrets and information, whether gathering or revealing it, the greater the impact of the information, the more sustenance he receives from it. For instance, discovering that someone's favorite color is blue would be relatively little nourishment -- discovering someone has snuck dirty nukes into the city would keep him full for quite some time.

Power(s): Can take the form of a large raven, can travel to other planes (or transport others there) via black smoke they generate, has exceptional eyesight and reflexes even in human form
Note: The black smoke that allows travel between planes is not innate but as a result of some spell or substance known only to the Ravens.

-- Combat: Is skilled at hand-to-hand combat though he is most likely to try to avoid physical conflict than pursue it. Proficient with dual axes and has weapons that are charmed to stay with him through changes of form.
-- Personable: Though no extrovert, he's learned how to talk to people and get a good response, the simplest and quickest way to get information. When he puts his mind to it, he's fairly good at manipulating your average person into spilling his/her guts.

-- Distractible: He can be caused to lose focus momentarily at times with this lure of other information or secrets to be discovered. In addition he is so keenly aware of his environment that sometimes his attention can get pulled to something small that most people would find easy to ignore.
-- Flockless: Ravens in general are much more efficient working in a flock but he has declined to join another flock after leaving his family and so has no back-up and no assistance when pursuing his secrets.

Secretive: As information is his stock, trade, and sustenance, he is never forthcoming, even frequently about simple matters that most people wouldn't think twice about sharing. This can make conversation with Kennet a lesson in patience sometimes. He generally reveals information only at a time of his choosing or when there is direct profit to him.

Possessive: When it comes to things or even other people, once he feels something belongs to him he becomes very defensive about holding onto it. It's why though he makes a pretty good living, he doesn't flaunt how much he has but prefers to horde it away which is why few will ever be invited into his home.

Impassive: It's hard to get a rise out of Kennet as he tends to keep his cards close to his vest. He's seen all manner of things in his life and so is hard to shock. It takes a lot to prod him into a display of emotion.

Solitary: Ever since he decided to forego the flock, Kennet has mostly kept to himself beyond the occasional hook-up. He's been burned by some ties in the past so for now is going it alone. He also has been moving from city to city every few years and so hasn't had a chance to make many new friends anyway.

Perceptive: Whether physically or mentally, not much escapes this raven's notice. Whether it's spotting something in his environment or reading people, he gathers a lot of information just by keeping his eyes open.

Clever: Kennet is a smart guy but more specifically, he's good at thinking on his feet and coming up with ingenious solutions to things.

History: Kennet was born in rural Sweden in 1900 into a large family of dark fae ravens so his course was pretty much set from birth. Kennet was brought early into the 'family business' so by World War I, he was already out in the field with the rest of the flock albeit in a tertiary role. He was generally seen as a promising raven, there were many expectations upon him, and WW I was definitely a terrible time for humanity but an excellent time for raves who made a fortune and kept themselves well fed playing both sides of the military secrets game. During the brief interlude between wars when the flock was primarily just enjoying the spoils of war, Kennet fell in love with another young raven, a lovely young woman by the way of Annika and the two became engaged in a passionate affair.

War called again. With the advent of WW II the flock went into action again. Competition from other flocks, light and dark, was high and quickly created a raven-eat-raven environment. Kennet became increasingly discontent and eventually left the flock, an action that caused a rift between the two young lovers as Annika was still very much devoted to the flock. Alone and aimless for the moment, Kennet came across an attractive woman by the name of Serafina Rinaldi with whom he became briefly infatuated, not realizing she was a seniatta and was using her wiles on him. She eventually influenced him to make an information exchange that happened to interfere with an operation that his former flock was carrying out  and as a result they found themselves ambushed and ion the operation, Annika was killed. Serafina made sure it would trace back to Kennet so the flock came after him and he spent the next several weeks on the run during which he figured out just what Serafina was and what she had  made him do. In time the flock learned about her role in it as well and they shifted their focus to finding her but she was long gone. The flock gave up its vendetta against Kennet but he wasn't exactly welcomed back so with the end of the war, Kennet moved on to the United States to start over there.

He has since worked as a singular agent. The cold war proved a prosperous time as well, and it allowed Kennet to build up his bank account but of course, it was never just about the money. He's been a bit of a ghost among most fae communities he was a part of, largely just concerning himself with his own affairs and trying to stay away from court politics. Throughout this time Kennet continued to attempt to find Serafina but before he succeeded, he got word that she was dead so it remained unresolved for him. He still has a distaste for seniattas to this day.

Recent history has seen him moving from city to city every few years just to keep things fresh. He primarily just takes human contracts from simple PI cases like cheating husbands to more serious corporate espionage. He only very rarely accepts contracts from other fae though he can occasionally be swayed to do so if the price is right. He has just moved to New York and is in the process of setting up an office so he has yet to make any connections here.

Connections: to be determined locally, various family members still in Europe

Likes: a good tail wind, indiscretion in others, shiny things, listening to people recount memories, his hair.
Dislikes: People interfering in his business, Seniattas, those dumb Thor movies, loud music, formal court matters
Fears & Phobias: Betrayal, being magically influenced or controlled
O/Os: My On/Offs, Kennet in general likes variety in the bedroom, anything to keep him from getting bored (while following the guidelines of my offs).

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #129 on: November 02, 2014, 07:48:08 PM »
Niferbelle! *glomps and hugs!*

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #130 on: November 02, 2014, 07:49:02 PM »
Hihi! :D

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #131 on: November 02, 2014, 07:51:57 PM »
Welcome to the game! :)

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #132 on: November 02, 2014, 07:56:59 PM »
Trying to get Cerigo to have a look at it now ;).

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #133 on: November 06, 2014, 02:41:03 AM »
New character!


Name: Gannicus Vinicio Aurelius
Age: 250
Species: Bacchus
Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Club Owner
Role Within the Fae Community: Tax Dodger
Education: Lehigh University, Mentored by private tutors and his father/uncles.
Hobbies: Gardening, Napping, Lounging, Partying, Receiving Messages, Promoting clubs and parties, Interacting with celebrities.

How Do They View Humans?: Source of food, income and pleasure

Hair: Short, Black Hair
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'11
Physical Description: Gannicus has a lean-athletic build with broad shoulders and trim waist. He keeps his hair and nails neat and well groomed.
Distinguishing Features: His smile
Character Model: Michael B Jordan


What Do They Feed Off Of?: Frivolity and celebration - As long as there is a party, he will never go hungry. His clubs are a constant source of sustenance, income and information for him and his allies.

Power(s): Madness - Has the power to induce madness, the degree of madness varying from person to person (Insanity, Dementia, etc).

Revelry - Gannicus can appear anywhere a party is held and can easily improve/kick it up a level. He is a living party monster.

Strengths: The Gift of Gab - He knows how to win over a crowd even if he has his own doubts.

Enterprising - Gannicus wanted nothing from his father when he left home to make his own path. He is a proud owner of all that is his. In times of need, he can focus and  achieve his goals to secure his way of living.

Weaknesses: Distractible - Some of the best parties can really distract a person. In the heat of a moment, Gannicus might become distracted and be forced to face the consequences later.

Cocky - Gannicus believes he can talk or charm himself out of any situation. Most of the time he is right, when he isn't, he might grow a little concerned.

Personality: Charismatic - Gannicus knows how to win over a single person or a crowd, he is a firm believer in the saying: "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Hedonistic - Like their great ancestor, The First Born (Dionysus himself). Gannicus is a hedonist. The most important thing in life is indulging pleasure of the mind, body and soul.

0ptimist - Life is a party, why sweat the small stuff? Even as the empire his family loved fell, or the world was pulled into a war, no big deal let's drink. He loves life and can spin (mostly) everything into a positive light.

Single Minded (Negative) - When life is your playground, it can be easy to lose sight of bigger things all around you. "Whey miss a friend when you can make three more at the next party? People died, a funeral, no thanks, I will be at the Emmy's that weekend."

Deceptive (Negative) - Celebrations and parties were what the Aurelius family used to climb the social ladder and establish themselves for generations to come. Deception is part of who they are, their goals sometimes taking priority over pleasures.

Ambitious (Neutral) - Gannicus wants to prove himself to his father. It is the task of every generation to grow the name in one way or another. Gannicus wants to be famous and well known, he wants to see celebrities drinking his wine and attending his parties.

History: Life for Gannicus began in the fields of Tuscany, Italy. His youth was spent running around with his numerous cousins, exploring the woods, getting into trouble and everything else in between for Fae children his age. As his powers manifested, he was taught to control them by his father and uncles. It was a struggle to control the constant urge/hunger to party or overindulge. Teaching a natural hedonist a semblance of control and discipline took a lot of time but he succeeded in after a century.

Feeling he was ready to branch out on his own, Gannicus told his father of his desire to travel the world. Before he was permitted to leave, he was given the "option" to choose a side. Like most Aurelius family members, he pledged to the dark and his parents were pleased with his decision. With his loyalties made, his father began arrangements for his son's dawning. Trajan's connections were passed to his son, anywhere he went, he had a network to guide him as needed.

Gannicus world tour ended on the east coast in the early 1900's. He opened his first club in New York City which catered exclusively to the Fae, later it was opened to humans as well. The club turned into a speakeasy during the time of Prohibition. Those were great times, a few more clubs were acquired during that time, locations he still owns. Things became hard as the stock market crashed and the depression forced him to close some places down until it passed over. The second great inspired him to reinvent what he knew, since then he began to keep a closer eye on trends and the importance of celebrities and their value.

His dawning took priority in the 60's, but he succeeded after facing some of the demons his father had warned and prepared him about. One of the demons was his own father, that was one of the hardest rites to overcome. The second hardest was having to cope with the death of his uncles and the division that it created within the family, having to witness them all killing one another nearly drove him insane. After the rite was passed he visited his family back home for a decade before he returned to work back in NYC.

Currently he continues to work in NYC, keeping up to date with the trends in the city. In the past decade he has opened and invested in wine bars and other niche markets that cater to different clientele. The majority of his time is spent at a lounge with the vintage feel of the speakeasy days. Below that lounge there are more interesting attractions but you need to know a password. A strip club has also opened, a high class place that caters to the wealthier clients (Fae and Human) of the city.

Connections: Family/Friends/Etc

Tiberius Aurelius

Alyona Aurelius

House Aurelius

House Aurelius dates back to Etruria, Lands in Italy whose culture would later be absorbed by the Romans in to their very own. It was this house that introduced the Bacchanalia to Rome and used this event to raise its own influence within both Fae and human society. Political arrangements, blackmail and coercion were common as debauchery and revelry at these gatherings. No one seemed the wiser as the Aurelius family grew in power, at one point an Aurelius sat as Emperor to the Empire. The noble family settled across the empire in positions of power, leisure and wealth, always paying homage to Dionysus himself.

House Aurelius is one of the five founding families that became the "Dark" fae in Europe. Similar to the Clan's of the light, the Houses that founded the dark would later migrate to the United States and their influence would spread worldwide. While most Aurelius males tend to be Bacchus, there have been a few born into the family of different species 

House Aurelius continues to operate mostly out of Italy, operating business closely associated to their skill set (Wineries, clubs, etc). Few members have established businesses in other countries, such as Trajan's son Gannicus who has been working out of the East Coast in the US for a few centuries.


Patriarch - Trajan Tiberius Aurelius, current and oldest member of the family. He recalls the empire at its height and took great pride in in being part of it all. He has retired to a villa in Tuscany and has left most of the family business to the various members of the family.

Alyona Aurelius - The favored lover of Trajan, he made her his bride and the sole mother to his children. The water nymph spends her days in the rivers and pools she insisted upon once the couple retired in Tuscany. She is away often to pester her children.

Augustus Aurelius - Trajan's brother, he surprised the family by pledging to the Light and more when they learned of his "harpy" mate. Once their father passed, Trajan set out to mend the estranged relationship between brothers, unaware of what was transpiring. Upon learning of his death, by his other brother Julius, he struggled to accept his passing but eventually coped with the loss. Trajan has sworn to help Nathalia find her father to avenge his brother.

Julius Aurelius - Bacchus, Dark, Deceased. Killed by Nathalia after he was tricked into slaying his own brother for his fortune. Nathalia's father (The manipulator) remains alive but has not been seen for centuries.

Likes: Wine, Gourmet Food, Music, Theater, Literature, Parties, Celebrities, Gossip, Political games and schemes
Dislikes: Labor, Drama, Stress, Body Odor, Glitter (It gets everywhere!), Bad sound systems
Fears&Phobias: Moments of Clarity - Even in the most crowded room a person can feel alone. It is a fear his father has spoken about, reasons he had a family and "cut back" on the partying life. Indulging on the revelry is fun but at some point a person grows tired of that. Gannicus is afraid of moments like those, sometimes trying to ignore them and hoping he can get right back into the party!
O/Os: A hedonist at heart, he seeks pleasure in the many gorgeous forms of the female body. Men do not interest them but he does appreciate the form, even indulging in playing voyeur and watching them. Receiving is his main focus but he also enjoys giving it as well. His mood varies, sometimes he likes a long passionate night, other times a quick romp, once in a while he dust of the leather cuffs and chains.

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #134 on: November 09, 2014, 05:17:43 PM »

Name: Diana D'Aubigny (original name is Dianaica)
Age: 999 about to turn the big 1000
Occupation: Heroine...lover...whatever she damn well pleases
Role Within the Fae Community: ????
Education: Proper education for early England, and has kept it up with personal studies (and a few classes) since then.
Hobbies: rescuing damsels in distress(yes a guy can be a damsel:P), sword fighting, preforming, music of all kinds, adventure, painting/sketching (let me paint you like one of my french girls )

How Do They View Humans?: Nice distractions from time to time, have trouble keeping up, but taste sweet at times. Easy to manipulate or play with, but she doesn't out right try to harm them. Their like children that think they know best when really they have no idea what they could be getting into.

Hair:Black Curly
Physical Description: Diana seems to have an aura of sexy that surrounds her, her honey toned skin and wild untamed curls only added to her unforgettable look. She has several tattoos one that includes a series of leopard spots that trail down her back.
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo's (see pictures)
Character Model:
Rafaela Avidago

What Do They Feed Off Of?: Diana feeds off the memories that she evokes from the people she sings too. It is the emotional energy that comes with the memory. She does not take the memories(unless using her abilities to do this).


Memory recall:Diana is able to use her voice to have her target audience recall memories. These memories come into full focus as if living them again.

Forgetting: Diana has the ability to sing so beautifully that all who hear forget everything else and pause to listen to the music. Entire battles have come to a halt because of her singing. This ability can be used when focused to cause a person to forget a certain memory.

Play the body like a song:

Diana's voice as most Alkonost can bring forth pain in those that hear her voice, even so far as pushing them towards death. But with a great deal of training she has learned to make this gift something more positive, and all together interesting. She is able to sing and evoke certain physical responses within her audience’s bodies. (IE becoming aroused, inducing the bodies healing factor (speeding it up)feeling that state of panic within your body, the physical reactions to certain emotions)

Her voice: With or without her powers Diana's voice has always been a thing of beauty in any of the romance languages she knows.

Social butterfly:
Diana has never fit into one particular spot or another. She has spent time with the ruffians that most avoid, and the upper class that some can only dream of. Her ability to fit in anywhere has gotten her far in life, the charming demeanor and open views have led to a great many interesting encounters.

Blades/ Fighting styles: Diana has become a master of most any blade, in her hand they become weapons of art as well as pain. These skills have been fine tuned through her many years of training.  Diana has over the years learned several different styles, though after time they have all come together with her sword play to be something very much her own.

Seduction and Sex:
Diana is not a woman to shy away from what she wants. Men, woman, both at the same time whatever the combination she embraces it and has found herself quite the seductress as the time passed.

Lust: Diana has been known to let her physical craves get her into some rather interesting situations. She does not deny her love of making love, after all why hate something that feels so wonderful?[/b]

Her voice: If someone were to take away her ability to speak she would not be able to use her powers.

Strong willed: Diana has always had an unshakable will, not even when the highest of society looked down upon her did she bend to their demands. She was a woman of invention, achievement, and daring deeds that still get spoke about today.

Diana lives by an honor code all her own. Started by her father and molded to what he lives by today. Granted being a dark fae means that honor code can be a bit unconventional at times.

Passionate: Diana is no stranger to passion and at times a slave to it. But it is something that burns brightly within her to this day.

To live the way she has you have to be confident. No shy wall flower would ever accomplish what she has in life. Though this confidence boarders on cockiness, it has gotten her through a great many sticky situations.

Brash: Diana is not one to coddle someone. If you can't handle the truth or being confronted about something then don't speak with her. Diana is never one to hold back when something needs to be said, and yes this has lead to very interesting moments.

Cocky: Diana has over the years become rather sure of herself and her skills. She does not shy away from a challenge and refuses to acknowledge she can't until it is normally to late to regret it.

History(its a long one)
Dianaica was born in 1015 AD; the name came from her mother as she believed it sounded beautiful and almost goddess like. Her father a warrior of renown and her mother was his lover turned wife once she became pregnant. The world a much wilder place back then allowed Dianaica to embrace he curious nature and need for adventure. The world still so young and in the process of changing, kings still fighting over lands and dividing and changing them left people trying to struggle and find footing within their given sides. But Dianaica grew up knowing love and a passion for life that her father always lived by.

Once old enough Dianaica began to explore not only her powers but more of the world as well, living within the much wilder fae community of the age, she learned to enjoy the good things in life. Her world was filled with love, passion, desire, music, reverie, and countless other moments that only added to her untamed nature. It was a wonder she didn't get into more trouble over time. Learning to fight, standing against the normal social standings of a woman and following her own Honor code. In all honesty her father couldn't be more proud.

Once her dawning past Dianaica chose to leave her homeland and find her personal path in life. Decades past with her popping up throughout history, outlandish stories spread.  In later years Dianaica slowly began to work her way through the different realms of society. Arriving in France in the 1600's, taking on the name Diana D'Aubigny and making a deal with an older man, he would say he was his daughter as a way to account for her history and mysterious appearance. And she would take care of all of his debts and keep him up while she stayed with him.

 She lived a life of privilege and title that meant she could live for a long with barely lifting a finger as a member of high society. She could have spent her days with her chosen husband without having to fight or struggle for anything in her life. But that was not something she could see herself doing for the rest of her life. Her "father"(the man appearing as such to the human world) was the Commander within the Army of France; this meant that he was the man responsible for the training of the King's guard.

The unconventional relationship allowed her to learn a great many new skills. This man taught her the finer points of swordsmanship and gave her the ability to stand on her own in most any situation. She was taught as he taught his soldiers (she picked up a few pointers from his soldiers as well), showing her the finer point of what he thought the necessary life skills such as horseback riding, drinking excessively, gambling, fist fighting, avenging you honor, and how to handle most any blade with a great deal of mastery.

Diana's grand life of adventure and boldness seemed to continue. The human world around her believing she was just a young regretfully unmarried woman. In truth Diana was as always herself. She was a wild and untamable woman sleeping with whom she wished and causing a great deal of trouble. She has even gone as far as having an affair with one of her "father's" comrades. The young Mademoiselle D'Aubigny soon proved too much for the older man. Her wild nature soon became too scandalous for even her father. So he saw to marring her off to a nearly spineless man named Monsoir Maupin hoping her new role as a wife would calm her down enough to start a family.

Maupin was a count and lived in one of the smaller colonies across the sea which meant he very rarely spent time in France. Diana refused to leave her home only to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a man she could not stand. So the two rarely saw each other, in fact the only true thing she gained from her husband was a title, some money, and wedding, all of which allowed Diana to user her marital status as a way of being able to do as she pleased and get away with a level of promiscuity that she could not as an unmarried woman.

So while her husband was sent off to India, Diana moved to Marseille and started an affair with a fencing master Nathaniel. This man happened to be on the run due to murdering a man in Paris. Nathaniel trained her in the finer arts of fencing for a while, but soon Diana realized she no longer need his teaching and left him behind to continue her life elsewhere.

Diana began giving sword exhibitions across Marseille to hone her skills and make some extra money. Her shows were known for their flamboyant nature and the challenges she extended. She would pull her sword, sing a few songs and then challenge anyone in the audience to battle her in a duel. If someone stepped forward, she'd sing a humiliating song about them, and make them look like utter fools who could not handle a sword to save their life.

Her skills surprised most, yet some where more shocked and angry. One such man even accused her of being a man. That she was a man cross-dressing as such to try and make some money. Diana responded by ripping open her blouse and telling the audience to judge for themselves. Needless to say she was never accused of being a man ever again.

Through her travels an interesting opportunity arose during one of her shows. A man of note within the Opera community attends the street performance after hearing her voice calling through the streets of Paris. He was so impressed by her melodious contralto voice that he decided that she was meant for so much more then the street show and fighting men.

Within a few months the woman known in Marseilles only as La Maupin stopped being a street performer and became  the lead actress in the world's most respected Opera. She took on leads such as, Pallas Athena, Medea, and Dido. Of course, her fiery temperament in love and combat meant that she either slept or sword fought with most of the men and woman in the opera at various points of her career. One such story came about when one of the men was being overly-aggressive with one of Diana’s female friends. Diana attempted to handle the situation calmly but it was not to be. And she ended up waiting for him until he began the walk home.

Diana stood in the street sword drawn, and challenged him to a duel for honor. When the man refused to fight Diana grabbed his very own cane and beat him before stealing his pocket watch and leaving him in the alley. The next day when asked about it the man in question tried to lie and say he was jumped by three men. As soon as he said this, Diana pulled out the man's watch and called him out about lying and forced him to kneel before her and beg for forgiveness in front of the entire shows staff.

Diana was also a well known bisexual, unashamed of her love of both men and woman even within an age where it was looked down upon. She was known for dueling over female lovers and seducing any woman that caught her eye. Of course being a woman Diana could get away with some of the feats that a man in that day could only dream of. One of the most memorable moments was when she became a nun simply to seduce a sister in the convent.

It is said that the beautiful blonde was sent of to convent by her parents when they found out about her lesbian relationship with Diana. Of course this did not sit well with Diana and she would not be refused what she wanted most. So Diana entered the convent as an initiate, created a diversion by setting the church on fire and kidnapped her lover. Afterward they spent months together in a small home enjoying what their bodies could truly offer.

Another such grand event came when Diana fought three drunken men at once, beating them each down after they attempted to rob her. By the time all was said and down each man limped away with several stab wounds, though Diana did feel somewhat bad for one of the simple men after leaving him in such a bad state. So she went to his home to see how he was doing and ended up seducing the handsome man. They spent several weeks together doing nothing but enjoy each others bodies.

But it was on of these heated moments that lead her down the path that would change her life forever. While attending a Royal Ball in the palace of King Louis XIV she caused such scandal that Diana ended up having to go on the run. She not only showed up to the party dressed as a man, but she showed no shyness when it came to dancing with every beautiful woman in attendance. In the process she made fools of many of the young men seeking to make one of these woman their wives. But what became the final straw was Diana kissing a marquise in front of the Royal Family. Several noblemen were so enraged that they stepped outside to duel Diana after she refused to act as they saw fit.

She left the men that challenged her bleeding in the streets, this of course lead to a great deal of trouble for Diana. And she soon had to run or be put before a court of men she knew would have her killed. Diana fled from France and spent the next several years under a new name and try...the key word is trying to behave.


Likes: music, drinking, men, woman, sex, dancing, preforming, learning a new martial skill, a good fight(it gets the blood boiling),

Dislikes: dishonorable behavior, picking on someone weaker then you, hitting a woman, whining, anything that taste sour, boredom, being told she isn't capable of doing something,

Fears&Phobias: being unable to fight for those she cares for and being forced to watch them be hurt or worse die.

O/Os: Ons: Good Kissing, touching, licking, bondage, spanking, passion in general. Power play, strong men, kinkiness (lets face it she isn't really afraid to almost anything once), the outdoors

Offs:bad kissers seriously a girl should not be think is he gay or eww I'm going to be sick, bathroom play, being forced, weak partners, , dirty smelly partners even in this way of life you can find some way to wash, humiliation,partners without passion
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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
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Name: Gabriela (Gabby) Marigold Cabral
Age: 22
Claimed By:
Occupation: struggling Artist...Stripper
Education: High School-Collage drop out
Hobbies: Anything artistic (painting, sketching, playing music even dance anything that she can express herself through), having a good time with friends(or in general Not having daddy's rules around anymore make things much more interesting), swimming, staying active, Movie night(what movies popcorn, cold beer a comfy couch and maybe someone to use as a pillow...what more could a girl want :P)

How Do They View Fae?: Curiosity killed the cat, Well Gabby would smile and say the cat had 8 lives to spare...:P

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 8"
Physical Description: Gabby isn't the traditional beauty,not the perfect little size six. She has a lush curvy body, with legs that seem to go for days. As she stands at a tall 5'8" tall. Her soft brown hair falling in long waves nearly all the way down to her butt. The sides of her head are shaved, but that can be easily hidden by the long locks if she wishes. Gabby's skin has a sun kissed tan that never seems to fad and her measurements are 35-24-28, her full breasts come to full C's.
Distinguishing Features: Currently only her hair
Character Model:
Carol Seleme


Linguistic:Gabby has always had a rather easy time of learning languages. Something just clicks with her and she has become fluent in, french, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and still aspires to learn more.

Quick thinker and learner: Gabby is never one to be knocked for a loop for to long. She thinks fast and uses her mind to get out of (or into) different situations. Gabby has also always been able to pick up on most anything rather quickly, both gifts have helped her survive in the new life she had chosen for herself.

Dancing: Gabby has been taking dance lessons since she could stand. Her father didn't think it a productive as it didn't lead to any sort of promising career but and one does not need anything beyond the basics in his eyes. But as long as she kept up her studies with the added classes she was allowed to attended. These classes(she dabbled in different styles ) became a place of refuge for her in later years.

Art and music: Painting was a gift from her mother who loved art. It started out as silly figure paintings and grew into something much more for Gabby. Now a talented yet unknown (unprovable) artist Gabby sees it as one of her many skills and passions. The cello was her fathers choice, thinking anyone of high society should have this addition to the skill set. It is more of an ignored talent as it was forced upon her, perhaps she will one day find the passion to it as well. 

Her naivety about the fae world: Gabby doesn't know much of anything about the Fae world (totally clueless at the beginning) and only knows what stories she read about it.

Lack of resources:Since tell her father to perch and rotate(leaving the family behind) Gabby hasn't had any of the family wealth or resources and has had to start from scratch. Which has been easier said then done at times.

Finer things in life:
Gabby still has expensive taste from when money didn't matter in her life. She tries to accept her new lower station in life, but still craves the finer things in life that she once had.

Artistic: Gabby seems to ooz an artistic energy that she embraces and expresses through her different talents.

Flirty: Gabby has always been a flirt. Some call it teasing, but Gabby enjoys the attention giving or receiving and has at times taken it further when the man really interests her. (secretly she has had an appreciation for beautiful woman as well, but has not been so bold to openly flirt with them)

Fiery: Gabby's temper or inability to simply bite her tongue has gotten her into the situation she is in now. And will most likely lead to more interesting moments later on.

Determined: Gabby is rather determined when she sets her mind to something. Its why she hasn't simply run back home to be taken care of by daddy. She wants to stand on her own two feet and become stronger...and she is sooo not giving up any time soon. That determination has filtered through the rest of her life.

Creative: Gabby has always turned to art for her outlet, her father required her to learn the cello but she has learned to enjoy it. Her passion lies with painting and dancing, the music most often becoming her motivation to put out some masterpiece or a good show.

Gabby has no real direction to her life anymore. Each day is just a way to the next, trying to figure out what to do to keep herself in the crappy hotel room she stays in and eat at the same time. She has no real goal, at the moment she is just trying to find her footing again.

Gabriela Marigold Cabral was born into a well to do family, her father a high ranking executive within his company, her mother from a wealthy family. Her mother had been an art curator but after marrying Gabby's father was forced to quit. Her father was a strict man and believed that woman had a place. That thought process only continued after Gabby was born. The youngest of three siblings and the only girl made her the prime bargaining chip for her father.

Gabby's mother passed when she was young, the sad moment was only forgotten due to her father insisting they moved on. A point he drove home by marrying another woman not 3 months after her mother had passed. It angered Gabby to no end, and caused her to lose a great deal of respect and love for her father. But still it was her life and she did the best she could with it. This in the grand scheme of things wasn’t hard. As long as Gabby did as she was told, her father allowed her to live a rather lavish lifestyle. So for years Gabby tried to fallow the many rules handed down to her. Her brothers free to do nearly anything they wanted, but she was always to be the woman her father demanded her to be.

There wasn't much love in her house growing up. Holidays were phoned in, and family vacations were most always taken separately. In fact the closest people Gabby had in her life were the staff of their large home. It was them that helped her to remember to smile despite the demands put upon her. And for that she would always be grateful.

Years passed as Gabby grew to a beautiful young woman. Her father giving her the best education anyone could offer at a local private school. She was taught everything from languages, to the cello (her father insisting that she learn something classical). Everything meant to make her seem desirable and sophisticated. And Gabby tried her best to fall in line and find some form of happiness. But when her father suddenly pushed a man to marry upon her things changed.

It was as if her father had arranged the marriage without even asking. Like some old tradition that should have been abandoned long ago. It was then Gabby began to fight back, and the more she pushed the more she realized. Her father became demanding and nearly abusive in his demands. She was his daughter and she would do as she was told. That is if Gabby wanted anything to do with the family money. Needless to say she fought back, and in short told her father to perch and rotate before leaving.

This rebellion lead to Gabby being not only disowned but also tossed out on her ass, thankfully Gabby had enough cushion to bounce back rather quickly. She grabbed what she could and left into the city. Gabby was forced to drop out of school, and has been bouncing around and doing odd jobs to stay a float. Her art not really getting her much pay Gabby has decided to turn to something a bit less savory. Stripping was not something she ever thought of doing professionally, but a girl has to eat…and if it would piss off her father it was only a plus.

Connections: OPEN to any connections just poke and ask :)
Likes: Music, art, warm weather, lollipops(sweets really), Good food(spicy is always yummy), Traveling(though not so much anymore due to money), learning or trying new things, Her new found freedom and lack of rules, The beach, cooking, thunderstorms,
Dislikes: Her father, assholes, bullies, drama, snobs, being lied too, people that are pissed off all the time,
Fears&Phobias: Being forced to go back to her father and live a life trapped in a gilded cage, married to an asshole. And snakes...she's scared of those creepy snakes.


Ons: Good Kissing, touching, licking, bondage, spanking, passion in general. She has had fantasies about the dom/sub lifestyle but has never experienced them. strong men, kinkiness (lets face it she isn't really afraid to almost anything once), the outdoors

Offs:bad kissers seriously a girl should not be think is he gay or eww I'm going to be sick, bathroom play, being forced, weak partners, , dirty smelly partners even in this way of life you can find some way to wash, humiliation,partners without passion
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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
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moved to the char thread

Name: Magdalena Lanza
Age: 430 (appears 25-30ish)
Species: Mara (nightmare)
Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Bartender at Elysium
Education: Life
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, skateboarding

How Do They View Humans?: Amusing and convenient playthings, mostly

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5'3
Physical Description: Short, toned and generously curvy when it comes to boobs and booty. Tanned skin, dark hair and eyes, most often at least grinning and her movement is a mix of playful and agile.
Distinguishing Features: Dem curves, ...and several tattoos
Character Model: Tianna Gregory


What Do They Feed Off Of?:
Fear, and strongly favour fear caused by nightmares. Fear in the face of immediate danger is the weakest form of energy to them. The more unreasonable it is the better, which is why fear resulting from a nightmare (something entirely fictional) works best. Fear caused by Lena's own created nightmare is obviously more affective than the alternative.

Dream Manipulation: Can cause severe and real feeling nightmares through physical touch and telepathically after that initial contact has been made. (Just touching a person won't establish the contact, she needs to actually cause a nightmare by touch to establish the link.)
Psychosis: Can cause psychosis in a person through nightmares over an extended period of time without interruption, for instance throughout every night for a couple of weeks. This presents differently for each person, as it draws forth something that is already part of their personality. (We all have some parts that will turn into psychosis if they get so severely out of hand.)
Shadow Cloak: Can wrap shadows around herself and whomever has physical contact with her for any amount of time where said shadow is present, rendering those cloaked invisible. If the shaded area is large enough to move around in, she will remain cloaked as she does so.
Sleep Paralysis: Can cause the physical and mental state of sleep paralysis, giving the illusion of heavy weight pressing on the victim's chest. If telepathic connection has been made already she can do this from a far, if it hasn't she needs to do this by physical contact. Doesn't have to sit on the victim though.
Protective hibernation: Can fall into hibernation which creates an extremely strong shield around her. While in hibernation, she is unconscious and an invisible aura prevents physical harm. It can be penetrated but it is difficult and requires fae elemental powers, or willow. This hibernation is something the Mara chooses to begin, but has no control over the length of it. While in hibernation, she creates nightmares for every person she has a telepathic connection with and the older the mara is the more likely it is for her nightmares to affect people in the vicinity of her resting place.  Magdalena has done this once and her sleep lasted seven decades.

Street smarts: Having been on her own since she was a teenager gave her a wide arsenal of experience based knowledge and skills, people skills ranking high up there along with more hands on skills like picking locks and avoiding alarm systems. But the biggest advantage of all these is simply the frame of mind it's given her, the resilience and the survival instincts that keep her on her feet and out of trouble.
Creative thinking: On one side, crazily vivid imagination and knack for abstract solutions. On the other side, a 'hundred and one ways to get into a person's bedroom without getting caught'...

Willow: Anything made out of willow will cause her discomfort on contact. Untreated wood will burn to the touch and if held to her skin for any amount of time it will cause actual burns and a reaction similar to a bad infection or allergy. (As an example, many of her ancestors have been buried alive in willow caskets where they then died an agonizing death, to make sure they weren't in hibernation which would create even more issues with their powers than when they were walking around.)
Recovery: If she spends an entire night causing a nightmare and feeding from it, she will pretty much crash for at least twelve hours after she's fed. Doing that while keeping job hours is obviously not a good idea, so she limits the time of her feeding, but she does need recovery time of around the same time she spends feeding off nightmares. (Feeds for 2 hours, needs to sleep for 2 hours.) In the shorter feedings, she can go on with her day or night but will be drowsy.
Lack of control over psychological consequences: She has no control over whether or not her nightmares cause psychosis, be it mild or strong. She knows that extended nightmares will do this, but basically can't prevent it and can't make it happen faster or with more impact. In some occasions this has happened with people in much shorter time than she's used to, those people either already mentally imbalanced or vulnerable to such, and she has no control over that.

Feisty: There's no holding back her determination or confidence. If you cross her, she'll slap you. Maybe not literally, but you'll know you've been slapped... She speaks up for herself and for those she cares about, she doesn't hesitate to tackle projects that seem out of her league, and her quick temper is easy to rile up but thankfully just as easy to calm if you know the right methods.
Bossy: Being in charge is a role she likes and is used to, to a point. When it comes to her personal life this shows in her tendency to call the shots and twist things so that she is indeed able to. At work it shows in how she runs her bar, yes her bar. Technically it's just the bar at Elysium, but anyone who works there knows they best not try to test her reign of that particular area.
Funloving: If there ever was a woman who appreciates a good time, this is her. Be it a rocking party, a crazy journey or simply hanging out with her friends, count her in! She's quick to smile and quick to laugh, loves music and dancing which is a good thing considering what she's been doing for the past decades.
Reckless: She should perhaps have a little more sense of what consequences might follow her actions, but the truth is she most of the time just doesn't care. Things have a way of working out, and she's gotten away with most of her antics so far, so why fret?
Loyal: If she deems you worthy, she has your back through and through. She's very loyal to those she likes and even more so to those who've proven loyal in return. This extends to her place of work, and whatever she gets involved with. When the matters she's loyal to clash, she's extremely uncomfortable and tends to withdraw in order to stay out of the issue, but if she's forced to pick sides she's more likely to just vanish than actually do so.

Born to a German mother and Italian father in the Duchy of Parma, 1584. Both of them were Mara's and dark fae. Her mother had fled Germany during the Trier witch trials (who lasted well after that), since it was hardly safe to feed when people were highly suspicious and trigger happy. Her father had been on the road, looking for a new place to settle in for a while, and there it was: An epic lovestory in the making, complete with questionable heroics and reckless acts of love and loyalty. It worked, however, not so well for the daughter they produced.

Both parents were used to being on their own. Having each other was managable, but a kid... Lena was mostly in their way. By the time she could by any means be on her own they left her. One morning she woke up and they were gone, and that was it. She was seventeen at the time.

For a long time, Lena bounced between towns and got into all kinds of trouble, her youth and her kind of powers not helping with the whole 'making friends in useful places' deal. But eventually she found her footing, and once she'd gone through her Gathering (a horrible, nerve wrecking and nearly fatal event where she got to taste some of her own medicine), she pledged with the dark and her path got a little clearer, eventually resulting in her Dawning.

Nothing of note happened for a long time, aside from the occasional 'oops' moments with feedings getting out of hand and the like, until she found herself back in the regions of her birth home or close enough, Tuscany. House Auralius was a powerful figure in politics and being quite the little anarchist, Lena was easy to buy as a 'hit' on the Trajan Auralius' wife Alyona. She was to drive the water nymph insane and get enough funds to easily make the move to wherever she decided to go next (being a Mara meant she couldn't stay too long in one place at risk of being found out, and this would result in less than happy circumstances). However, Alyona discovered her and instead of having her killed for the attempt, spared Lena's life. The two struck an unlikely friendship which developed quickly into something closer, but no hearts were harmed in the making of this story. Alyona was utterly in love with her man, and Lena... Well Lena doesn't fall in love. The Auralius' son Gannicus was in the last stages of his training during this time, and Lena met him briefly in passing a couple of times. Enough times to recognize him again when their paths crossed but not enough to form any kind of personal relationship. She did however hold loyalty to the family, not only after the gift of mercy but after the friendship shared.

Much later on she was happily bouncing from one place to the next in America when a New York Auralius caught her attention. It was initially out of respect and loyalty to Gannicus' parents that she joined the startup of the speakeasy club which later took form of present day's Elysium, but as years passed her loyalty has been earned by young Gannicus himself. The bar is her domain, pride and home away from home. New York has proven quite lovely with its masses of people and enough craziness going on to effectively hide Lena's feeding habits.

Connections: Elysium staff and regulars

Likes: Her work, skateboarding, snowboarding, dancing, partying
Dislikes: Fighting, underfae, law enforcement, politics
Fears&Phobias: Accidentally causing nightmares bad enough to harm someone she cares about. Being buried alive.
O/Os: Writer's. Lena's a little on the dominant side but nothing that would take her into the Domme category. She has a thing for high socks on girls, and accents (as in language) on men. Absolutely incredibly bisexual and has a healthy appetite ::)
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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
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The game has its first PC ran club, so people who join can make IC connections with the owner and its staff!

Vinicio (Pictured above) owns Elysium, a club that caters to just about everything depending on what level you are on.

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
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My girl is ready for the GM whip <3

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
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Name: Korinna Ahlgren
Age: 562
Species: Muse (aka Leanan sídhe)

Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Art Gallery Owner, Entertainment Recruiter for Elysium
Role Within the Fae Community: None at the moment
Education:  Private tutors, her artists
Hobbies: Watching films, painting, singing, visiting art galleries
Fluent In: English, Swedish, Greek, Italian, German, French, Latin

How Do They View Humans?: Food, entertainment, pleasure.
Some are worth talking to, some are not.
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’5”
Physical Description: One would not think that a strong jaw would look good on a woman but somehow it made Korinna look more feminine and gave her face a striking shape. Combined with piercing grey eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips Korinna is the picture of femininity. Her skin is not overly pale despite her ash blonde hair. Her breasts are an average size but she makes up for it with long shapely legs and a nice round derriere.
Distinguishing Features:
Character Model: Margot Robbie


What Do They Feed Off Of?: Talent

Species Associated Power - Seduces and inspires artists, musicians, dancers, writers, actors/actresses, helping them become famous and eventually drives them to madness and/or death

Photographic/strong memory – She remembers everything she’s ever seen or heard…everything


Stealthy – Years of climbing out of windows and up walls has helped Korinna to become good at escaping. She’s also good at making her way out of a building quickly and quietly. Her hearing also helps her to hide quickly if she hears someone coming.

Strong Eyesight – She can see things that human eyes cannot. This ties in with her keen eye for art.


Over Indulgent – She is not good and reigning in her appetites and desires. She’s finds it hard not to give in.

Celebrity – She is strongest pulling her artists’ strings behind the scenes. Becoming famous through them makes her powers weaker and lessens the amount of nourishment she gets from her artists.


Charming – Korinna is a people person. She can put most people at ease with her charming smile and her light-hearted humour

Absentminded – She can get wrapped up in her own thoughts and memories, shutting out the world around her

Flirtatious – She is naturally flirtatious and will flirt with anything that moves. It doesn’t mean she’s interested it’s just the way she carries herself

Introspective – Korinna spends a lot of time in her own head, often thinking on past memories, artistic concepts and philosophical questions (as pretentious as that sounds)

Creative – A lifetime spent around artists has helped foster her creative soul. Being an art gallery owner means that she has to come up with interesting concepts for her exhibitions

Perfectionist – Everything has to be just right. Once Korinna starts working on something she won’t stop until it is perfect, in fact she can get a little obsessed with her projects. She has an issue of waiting for things to be just right, causing opportunities to pass her by.


Her mother was a Greek muse and her father a Swedish crow. Her mother, Kallisto, had been running from her own mother. Korinna’s grandmother had planned to marry off Kallisto to a noble Dark Fae family. Kallisto had always been a bit wild and she had refused the marriage. She ran away from home and decided to hide where no one would think to look for her. She traveled across Europe before settling in rural Sweden. It was there that she met Korinna’s father, the type of man that conjured the word ‘viking’ to mind. Tall, blonde, and muscular the two began a tumultuous affair. Then Kallisto got pregnant. Korinna was born in Sweden in 1452. Her mother decided that it was best not to stay in one place so she made her way to Germany. She stayed in Germany for some years with the young Korinna and eventually made her way to Spain. When Kallisto was sixteen her grandmother finally found them and Kallisto was forced to marry the nobleman and leave her daughter behind.

At the young age of sixteen she was homeless with barely any money. She made her way to Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. Thankfully her mother had taught her the skills of a muse. She began a few affairs with some influential artists. They provided her with a roof over her head and nourishment.

She stayed in Florence for quite some time but decided to move on, not wanting to be connected with the early deaths of several artists and musicians.
She spent most of her youth hopping around to wherever the ‘action’ was; Paris, London, Vienna, Rome, Prague, and Istanbul to name a few. One place that she did not go was back to Sweden. Her father didn’t really attempt to contact her. She got a letter once asking how she was or something of that nature. She would never admit it but Korinna is hurt that her father never really bothered to get to know her. From what she had heard he had been married off not long after her mother and she left. According to his letter he had wanted to help raise her but her mother had insisted that it was safer if she had taken Korinna away.

During the early 1700s Korinna sought help from her friend Diana for her Dawning training. She was able to pass her Dawning without too much fuss and of course chose to be a dark fae, like her parents.

Around the turn of the century she had gotten a letter from an Italian Bacchus (Gannicus) that she was friends with. He was going to America and wondered if she would join his adventures in the young nation. She had laughed when she read it. Why on Earth would she go to such a place? What could America offer her that Europe hadn’t already given her? But she soon grew bored with the continent and around 1920 made her way to New York. It was there that she enjoyed the Jazz era. She stayed in New York for a while before relocating to Los Angeles. The film industry fascinated her. She greatly enjoyed LA and the multitude of film stars and singers. During the 60s she split her time between New York and LA. The 60s had been a time of excess and being free of one’s inhibitions and unfortunately Korinna took it too far. She went on a bit of a binge between 1969 and 1971 that resulted in a few deaths.

In the 80s she heard from her mother for the first time in over a hundred years. Her mother had written her a letter saying that she missed her and some bullshit like that. The thing that surprised her was that her mother said that a lawyer would be meeting her that day. The lawyer told her that her mother had bought an art gallery and left it in Korinna’s name. She was stunned. What was her mother thinking? She wanted to refuse it but there was nothing she could do. She was listed as the owner, so she shrugged it off and took it. She had been looking to settle down after spending most of her life traveling. It was a good source of income and it gave her something to do.

She decided to work as an entertainment recruiter for her friend’s club. Why not? She thought, she did have a lot of connections in the music world. And it would help her to be in such an environment.


Kallisto Xanthopoulos – Mother

Ragnarr Ahlgren – Father

Gannicus Vinivio Aurelius – Friend/Employer

Kennet Ahlgren – Cousin

Diana D’Aubigny – Friend/Former Dawning Trainer

Magdalena Lanza – Co-Worker

Likes: Art nouveau, films, most types of music, dancing, working at the gallery, ‘discovering’ an artist,
Dislikes: Uncreative people, shallow people, boredom, hunger
Fears&Phobias: Abandonment, rejection, her grandmother
O/Os: Korinna isn’t really kinky. She likes things to get passionate in bed and she doesn’t mind trying new things but she does have a limit.
My O/Os
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Yes...more staff for Elysium!

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If anyone might be interested in working in security do let me know. I have a Griffin who could use a body or two in her endeavors to guard the Light Elder ::)

Or you know, a friend in general would be welcome as well :P

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*Sends in Cesar's application*

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*Nathalia gets out her big ass DENIED stamp and eyes Cesar's forehead*


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So gonna snap a picture of Cesar's forehead with a denied stamp on it~ That is MEME material in the making! LOL

I passed on the thread to a friend so we shall see if it sparks an idea for them koka :)