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Author Topic: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!  (Read 4607 times)

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #100 on: September 21, 2014, 04:47:59 PM »
Ok, I am thinking about using a Body Jumper who is either a medical examiner or a mortician. He would have a main form that would not necessarily have been his original body.But was a person that suffered some kind of brain damage that there is no one in there allowing him to use the body for the long term. He has power consolidated in this body in order to keep it for such a long time.

His feeding sources would be the residual life force off the recently dead and sorrow experienced by the living. He can jump to living or dead hosts though they would be non-Fae only.

Hey Swordsman. :)

Offline KuronekoTopic starter

Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #101 on: September 21, 2014, 04:48:09 PM »
First off, Samurai Jack!  ;D

Sounds like an interesting concept :-) We do have a character who's a mortician, so you might want to go the medical examiner route, but NYC is a big place, so there's certainly room for two ;).

Offline Aiden

Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #102 on: September 21, 2014, 04:52:47 PM »
Are you talking about Salvatore, Kuro?

If so, his family hails from Morticians, but Salvatore himself is a Restaurateur. He is a certified Mortician but is not practicing.

Offline KuronekoTopic starter

Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #103 on: September 21, 2014, 04:59:08 PM »
DOH!  Thanks, Aiden. My brain, she not working so well today. I'm on the migraine train.  :-\

But see, I was half right, he is a mortician :P

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #104 on: September 21, 2014, 07:32:45 PM »

Name: Dr. Andre Monceau
Fae Age : 264
Species: Hsien
Alignment: Dark Fae
Occupation: Medical Examiner
Role Within the Fae Community: (if any)
Education: Medical Degree in Pathology
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Dancing, (classical), playing instruments. Righting the wrongs committed on select few patients.

How Do They View Humans?: Human lives are stories, for him to watch, study and learn from.

Hair: Black short hair
Eyes: Brown eyes
Height: 6'1
Physical Description: He is slim but fit, he has muscles but is not one to flaunt his strength or overexert himself
Distinguishing Features: dark eyes that pierce and stare into those they glance upon, a tall but slim form which diminishes its presence to allow him to seemingly both be in a room but not make his mark on it
Character Model: Nick Bateman


What Do They Feed Off Of?: The residual energy of the recently dead (about 8 hours being maximum). He also feeds off  of the grief and sorrow that people exhibit from the loss of a loved one.

Power(s): He can jump from one body to another through touch, living (ONLY Non-Fae) or recently dead (8 hours maximum) using the energy he has acquired to take control of it. When in a living host, he can just be a passenger or take complete control. However he can remaining in a living host much longer if he is just a passenger rather than take control as he would need to fight the host. He can try to encourage them to do things as if like whispering in their mind but that also takes more energy than just riding around in them.

Moral Code: One does not kill or actively hunt humans in order to feed. One does not encourage humans to kill or harm others. And one does not allow  harm to come to what would be declared innocent humans even if this conflicts with other fae. And if one does come upon a true tragedy it is ones moral obligation to right or bring justice to those at fault.
Experience: He has lived or 200 years and has studied the lives of countless individuals even in some cases living their lives after their death. He has filled many roles, seen several mistakes and does his best not to commit them.
Pathology: If anyone knows how to kill people and get away with it, it is him. He has been doing the job in various ways for several decades in one form or another.

Acquired Weaknesses: He picks up the weaknesses of the bodies in which he inhabits, picking them up for the duration of the stay in the body and a short while after in his own body.
Over analysis: He has  the trouble of breaking a situation down into too many small parts. It makes it so that sometimes he puts too much unnecessary thoughts into something that should be simple.
Moral Code: His moral code can cause him to clash with other Fae or even human beings as he will often go out of his way to "fix" human problems.

Educated - He lives a very cultured life, and so forth, he goes to plays, operas, and spends much of his time enriching himself in life. He brings this into his interactions with others along with allowing him to do his job efficiently.

Adaptable - With his habit, he rights the wrongs through the bodies of those killed, so he must act like them to accomplish his goals. But also a Medical Examiner, he must be good at getting used to various sights, stories and so forth in relation to his patients.

Ambitious - When aims for a goal, he eventually achieves it.

Invisible - As a medical examiner, his job is to examine a body, report his findings and assist the police in any other way he could. He also feeds off those bodies so he minimizes his impact on the world as much as he can. He would rather be a face in a crowd than on some billboard somewhere.

Obsessive - When a wrong needs to be righted, it needs to be done. He will find some way to do it. It does not matter if there are several obstacles in his way, he will work through them until it is done.

Ritualistic - He follows a pattern, a very predictable pattern in his everyday life. He is a workaholic, in order to feed himself and give him access to finding out about the lives of humans.

Andre was born in Haiti to two dark fae parents. His mother was a body jumper, while his father was a witch doctor. Though he was born in Haiti, his family relocated to England through the use of his mother’s abilities. In England, he received a classical education. His mother who was a cultured woman and very much a patron of the arts wanted only to be where her surroundings were most beautiful and intellectually stimulating. His father being seen with a multitude of beautiful women, caused him to be accused of adultery. Due to these accusations she and her family had to move to France. In France, he was influenced by the ideas of the time. At this time, France began to go through turmoil and its people unhappy.

When he came of age after lots of experimentation with his abilities. He decided that since his power was quite literally to use the corpses of humans as puppets then he considered all of them to be puppets. And so he joined the dark fae, thinking that they were the ones most aligned with his way of thinking. His family was also taken into consideration when he made this choice as choosing light may have alienated himself from them.

However Andre grew distracted, enticed by a young lady named Mariamne. Their romance lasted for several months. However, she increasingly became entangled in the Revolution. Something that Andre himself chose to stay out of. Eventually, it cost Marianne her life. She was turned in by those she trusted and publically guillotined for her purported transgressions against the people of France. Andre began at once to search for those responsible. He managed to catch some but for a select few, who, realizing they were being hunted, fled to America. Not being one to let the guilty escape, he pursued--crossing the Atlantic to the newly born États-Unis.

During his hunt he was intercepted by a man who saw right through him. He was chastised initially for his actions, yet was asked if he wished to get justice for others in a proper manner. Death was only deserved by its dealer.

Only a year or two after his mentor began teaching him. His mentor left, leaving him to apply his advice to Andre’s life. So he grew more active, becoming a doctor and learning how to care for life rather than take it away. Every good man changed the community for the better. Yet it went farther than that. He watched how society began to change and how time passed. Soon he could hear the raising of voices against that evil of slavery. He could even see that too would soon lead to war. And unsurprisingly it did. He did not partake of the war which needed to be fought by men more than fae. So he started to fade back, to watch as time passed him by. Injustices needed to be worked out from time to time. Accidents happened, mysterious deaths occurred all in the name of good.

At the time of his Dawning, Andre went through an experience that was rather confusing but affirming. The journey he had showed him the good he had done. The people whose lives he enriched. But not by his dealing with death but by the ways he lived his life. His activities in the community, improving the lives of others were more valuable. Yet at the end of his journey, it affirmed his justifications as well, showing that in some select cases they were a necessary evil. But not an evil he needed to enact often. He was not meant to be a butcher, or a hand of fate. He was meant to be a role model for men.

And in this he acquired a new ability, he could put his consciousness in the minds of living people. He did not have the amount of control that he has when in control of a dead body. Instead all he could do was influence or suggest. Outside of a certain range, the connection would be broken and he would be restored back to his own body.

Nowadays, he is a medical examiner, working to better the lives of people affected by crime and corruption of the citizens. He is a member of several charitable organizations and commonly found to be volunteering one place or another. Only in the darkest of circumstances does he feel the need to equalize out the murders of others.

Connections: Family/Friends/Etc

Likes: The Ladies, Wine, music, dancing, a good party, a good death
Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, beer, fast food, drugs, body piercings, Lepers and those who are already dead inside.
Fears & Phobias: Mesmers/Body Jumpers: He is afraid of his own kind because of just the amount of destruction they can bring about. Around them, he either wants to kill them or get as far from them as possible. In his opinion, he should be the one in control. If that control is taken from him, he feels that it could undo all the good he has done.

« Last Edit: September 22, 2014, 12:11:03 AM by Swordsman18 »

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Re: Blood Oath - A Lost Girl AU Urban Fantasy Game - LGBTQA Friendly - Accepting!
« Reply #105 on: September 26, 2014, 04:34:36 PM »
We could really use some more light fae characters to round out the mix ;)

Offline KuronekoTopic starter

We're still looking for more players to join us, particularly those interested in playing Light Fae characters (before the Dark overtakes New York ;) )

Offline Hyacinth


Offline Kokaine

 Sooooo... a little birdie (or rather a little Flower ::) ) told me I should give things another shot over here so if I can, I'd like to re-submit my original character. She's unchanged.

Shannon Metaxas

Name: Shannon “Shay” Metaxas
Age: 21
Species: Seniatta
Alignment: Dark
Occupation: Student / Occasional con-woman
Role Within the Fae Community: None
Education: High school, Junior in College - Psychology major, engineering minor
Hobbies: Riding her motorcycle, reading, partying, tinkering, gymnastics, swimming, dancing

How Do They View Humans?: Shay was raised by humans and as such feels about the same about them as she views any creature. Some are good, some are assholes who deserve everything coming to them. She wades among them and typically sees herself as one of them until she is reminded that she is not.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6”
Physical Description: Shay is slim up top with a modest B-cup and thick and curvy on the bottom half. She keeps herself in excellent shape with a toned core and strong arms and legs. She tends to dress to the occasion, usually opting for whatever is most comfortable while not being totally unflattering unless required to dress up. Generally speaking she gives off the same vibes as any typical college coed since she has learned how to school her expressions to some degree. However, there are times when a glance into her eyes can reveal both a keen intellect and edge of mischief that can be dangerous to the unsuspecting.
Distinguishing Features: Shay has a birthmark in the shape of the symbol of the clan that killed her birth parents. It's on the back of her neck right at her hairline.
Character Model: Nicole Mejia


What Do They Feed Off Of?: At this point in her life Shay feeds off of human food and does not require humans as a food source in order to survive. However, her abilities are addictive and using them causes her to feel the urge to do so again and again. She enjoys the feeling of power and control that manipulation brings. As Shay matures, gains power, and/or uses her ability with more frequency she will naturally begin to feed off of the very spark that pushes a person to do those things beyond simply surviving/their unique motivations, leaving them far more lethargic, apathetic, or prone to procrastination and the like. She is also fed by the emotions generated by fulfilling those tasks her victims are set to, generally leaving them feeling rather hollow with no sense of victory or accomplishment.

  • Influence - A Seniatta can control inner motivations, humans being the easiest to manipulate. They require touch in order to influence the emotions of their victims. However, unlike the manipulative powers of other Fae, the influence a Seniatta exerts on someone can last quite a long time though duration is also dependent upon the will and power of victim. (Think of it like a compulsion though the source of it would be unknown unless the target is sufficiently powerful, or keenly observant and knowledgeable about the Fae.)
  • Self-sufficient - She's not even quite sure how she does it, but Shay never seems to fall on hard times for long. She's quite good at looking out for herself, and while avoiding trouble altogether just doesn't seem to be possible, she is good at getting out of it.
  • Highly intuitive - She generally understands people on an instinctive level though she doesn't always want to. She is still very young and unpracticed but she can sense an individual's true motivations even without touch if she has enough time to study them.
  • Tinkering with machinery - Being around people can sometimes get her incredibly wired up. Being around machines and things is how she relaxes, how she levels out and regains her focus.
  • Athletic - she's not studied any form of self defense but she has exceptional balance and body control from swimming and gymnastics so she'd likely be a quick study if taught.
  • No understanding of her power - Shay has no real understanding of what she is other than the fact that she's apparently a fae who can influence people.
  • Ignorant - Fae traditions, history, expectations... she's not really aware of much of it. She pledged herself to the dark because she felt she had to, because they found her first, but she's yet to be given the information she seeks.
  • Materialistic - Shay is instinctively drawn to things that will give her comfort and pleasure, even when danger also looms.
  • Desires connections - She tries to keep away from attachments but deep down she wants them, it is her truest motivation though she is blind to this fact.
  • Intelligent - Shay is sharp with a potent combination of book smarts and street smarts, that has kept her out of serious trouble thus far.
  • Observant - Growing up in New York has left it's mark on Shay. The most useful information is usually not what comes out of a persons mouth but rather all the stuff they don't tell you. It's in their body language, the way others around them react, the sounds that stop suddenly, or the sudden shiver you get up your spine.
  • Playful - Shay doesn't always feel like she fits in but perhaps as a defense mechanism, she has learned to simply enjoy what she can while it lasts. Rather than get too serious or connect too deeply, she maintains a playful and sometime elusive quality that often draws people in even while it keeps them at arms distance.
  • Impulsive - This is especially true when it comes to her powers. She's also a little bit of an adrenaline junky so that doesn't help her impulse control any.
  • Dauntless- Shay is rarely, if ever, motivated by fear for herself.
  • Loyal - A very un-dark trait she was told, but Shay sticks by those who earn her loyalty. Though doing so is not usually so easy.
  • Directionless - Shay has no real direction, no ultimate goal in life (that she is aware of). Right now it is as if she is waiting for a sign or to be pointed somewhere by someone.
History: Shannon is the offspring of a Seniatta and an Akvan who spent much of their lives doing harm until they an a foul of the wrong clan and got themselves cursed. Their curse was to suffer just as much as those who they harmed going forward, their very actions turned back upon themselves, and thus a life of forced repentance was built. The two chaotic fae settled down and had a child out of boredom, and while they thought their life of will power fueled restraint should have earned them a gold star, the enemies they'd made previously did not think a couple years of 'time off' in any way equaled repentance. First Shannon's father was killed, the madness induced in him severe enough to drive him to step in front of a speeding train once the cries of his past victims became too much. Her mother was allowed to live in fear and paranoia for the next year as she withdrew from her life as a successful criminal attorney, but eventually she was gunned down by a hitman hired by one of the goons she'd sent to jail for life.

Shannon's life was most certainly in jeopardy then as her parents' killers had every intention of doing away with her as well, however, because of the timely interference of a human couple who sacrificed much for a single wish, Shay was whisked away to live a life of blissful ignorance. She would never hear of her adoptive parents' sacrifice, or of the clock that loomed above their heads, but she did grow up in a fairly normal lower middle class world. At least until the day she turned 16 and their apartment building burned down.

Only she and one other family managed to escape the blaze and Shay's escape was because she'd snuck out to meet a guy. Because of her miraculous timing and the lack of a solid alibi (the guy she'd met hadn't told anybody he was meeting her and they hadn't been seen by anyone) Shay was named as the top suspect in the arson and questioned rather roughly until suddenly the police seemed to just... forget about her. It was odd but one minute she was being hounded and followed to and from school, and the next... it was like nothing had ever happened. Except that her parents weren't coming back. It was of course her own abilities that began the process, as she'd willed the lead investigator to pursue other leads. This abrupt change alerted one of the fae imbedded in the NYPD and after a bit of an investigation they seemed to come to the right conclusion and drew the heat away from her to find the real culprit since other fae had died in the blaze.

It was shortly after this that Shay would meet the figure responsible for her introduction to the fae world. After being taught about a few of the more basic laws and falsely led to believe she had no choice but to pledge herself to the dark, Shay found herself slowly returning to the routine of a normal life. She finished high school and started college on a full scholarship and has been slowly wandering her way aimlessly through the dark ever since.

  • Sponsor - Connection to the dark fae thus far. (role is open)
  • Serafina Rinaldi - Birth mother. Considered quite the force in her glory days. Deceased.
  • Dirk McKenna - Birth father. Brutish, chaotic, not generally thought to be very bright outside of his very particular skills in 'enforcement' but utterly inspired there. Deceased.
  • Nadia and Paulo Metaxas - Adoptive parents. Deceased.
Likes: machines, parts, electronics, stuff she can take apart and fiddle with, people watching, staying in shape, bending the rules when it suits, enjoying herself, physical closeness
Dislikes: having to worry, being caught, cages/bars, weird vegetables, liars, getting her hands dirty, early morning classes, her student advisor, being asked about her 'goals and aspirations' or the question: Where do you see yourself in X years?
Fears&Phobias: She fears becoming someone she cannot recognize. Her darkest nightmares all involve her being alone with nothing and no one around. She's also not too fond of uncontrolled flames.
O/Os: Shay is pansexual with no preference for one gender over another, it is generally personality traits and demeanor that attract her. She likes to play, preferring rough and/or sensual experiences for now since no one has managed to inspire any sort of romantic feelings in her, though that is open to change. She can easily top someone or bottom for them, it just depends on the individual. She typically engages in casual relationships, however she is open to something more permanent and even possessive be it monogamous or polyamorous. As long as it's not an off for the player, it can be discussed. Player O/Os are HERE

Offline Hyacinth

Offline Kokaine

A can a whoop ass. LMAO!

Online The Dark Raven


Offline KuronekoTopic starter

The Dark has a new leader and lots of minions to serve her, but the Light could use a few more to protect honor the old man dragon that leads them.  O8)

Offline Caela

How did I not see this until now?!

Have to do some reading, but will likely have a sheet submitted to the GM's this evening or tomorrow.

Offline Hyacinth

Woot woot! :-)

Offline KuronekoTopic starter

How did I not see this until now?!

Have to do some reading, but will likely have a sheet submitted to the GM's this evening or tomorrow.

Whoot indeed!  If you need any help or have any questions, Caela, feel free to shoot me or Cerigo a PM ;)

Offline KuronekoTopic starter

Okay, my show is open and I actually get to go home tonight before midnight. Yaaaaaaaay *pumps fist weakly*. However, I might just pass out rather than get a post up. Blergh.

Offline Caela

Whoot indeed!  If you need any help or have any questions, Caela, feel free to shoot me or Cerigo a PM ;)

Thanks hun...I'll probably have a WIP to send to you guys later tonight for looking over and tweaking. She's been fun to make in my head. :D

Okay, my show is open and I actually get to go home tonight before midnight. Yaaaaaaaay *pumps fist weakly*. However, I might just pass out rather than get a post up. Blergh.

Rest is good! Get some sleep and let your body, and your muse, recharge.

Offline KuronekoTopic starter

We could still use a few menfolk and Light fae to round out our little community if you feel like joining us. We don't bite. Unless you ask reaaallll nice ;)

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Some of us do. :D

It would be lovely to see more players in the game though.

Offline Kokaine

Dropping this here for now but I still need to get to the history portion. Which, btw, if anyone wants to connect their character feel free to let me know and we can work it into her history >.>


Name: Nathalia Rocha (Thalia to most, Rocky to a few)
Age: 1342 (appears to be in her late 20's/early 30's)
Species: Griffin (Shifter)
Alignment: Light
Occupation: Owns a Private Security Company, contracted as Head of Security for Monarch Securities / Mercenary
Role Within the Fae Community: Head of Security for the Elder, Company provides services for Fae clients
Education: Life. A few degrees earned over the years.
Hobbies: Collecting Weapons from various eras, Reading, watching Musicals, Programming & Hacking

How Do They View Humans?: Humans are largely inferior beings who need more than a little guidance if they are ever to be anything more than the mess they are. Still, they are useful in some ways and hold the potential for more if they'd only open their eyes and minds.

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"
Physical Description: Nathalia is a striking woman of average height. Her build is deceptive in that it gives little to no hint to the true strength she wields, but is pleasantly curved and kept trim by both a high metabolism and her lifestyle. Her usual attire leans toward dark colors and practical styles suited to the world of security but she has been known to make the effort to highlight her femininity when it suits the occasion or when requested by certain individuals. She is fond of jewelry and usually is wearing at least one piece of high quality bling as it helps placate the part of her drawn to treasure.
Distinguishing Features: She has a number of tattoos, mostly script and tribal, in various places that she adds to periodically.
Character Model: Cleo Pires


What Do They Feed Off Of?: Flesh, particularly eyes and entrails, though she needn't feed often that way since she is also capable of feeding off of fear. Humans are her primary source but fae will also work. Animals can work in a pinch but won't last long. As a griffin she likes her prey alive and often hunts "bad" humans such as rapists, child molesters, abusers, and murderers and she has a habit of playing with her food.

Shape-shifting - She turns into a Griffin. A creature possessing the furred body of a lion with the feathered head and wings (fully functional) of an eagle. Her front legs appear to be a hybridization of a lions forepaws and an eagle's feet being large and furred but with deadly talons and toes capable of grabbing things. She is capable of both sets of vocalization as well as partial shifts that allow her the use of specific traits or features more completely while still in human form.

Superhuman Senses (particularly sight, hearing, touch) - Her senses are exceptional, top notch among the fae really. Some would say her greatest asset is her eyesight as she can track small movements from a great range and pick up on minute details with exceptional accuracy, even in the dark. Her hearing is highly sensitive as well, as is her sense of touch. Her senses of smell and taste are only slightly above that of a human.

Superhuman Reflexes, Speed, and Stamina- Nathalia is capable of reacting at speeds that might seem nearly instantaneous to a human and is graceful and agile in ways that mimic a bird in flight. Her ground speed is certainly above that of a human and is generally on par with most common predatory shifters however, her top flight speed easily out classes that. Her stamina directly correlates to how well fed she is but it too certainly exceeds that of a human.

Enhanced Strength - She is stronger than even the most gifted human and even some species of fae, though she is not by any means the strongest.

Superhuman Durability and Healing Factor - It takes quite a lot of damage to put her down and keep her down. Combine that with a healing rate that while not instantaneous is noticeably faster than a humans and she is a dangerous foe. Of course, healing lots of damage usually requires her to feed...

Longevity - She is not immortal but she does appear to have stopped visibly aging and will live a very long time provided she doesn't get herself killed.

Hand to hand combat skills - Nathalia has trained in hand to hand techniques since she was a young girl. Her current style is a mix of several disciplines learned through the ages including the techniques of her own tribe as well as Capoeira (which is a favored style), Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Lie Detection - Through observation of a person's vitals, their face, body language, as well as the ability to pick up on small traces of forensic evidence she can generally detect deceit with alarming accuracy. This skill also allows her to anticipate trouble with those individuals who may be gearing up to attempt something foolish.

Weapons proficiency - Not by any means a wiz with just any weapon but she is capable of efficiently using small blades and projectiles, bow and arrows, hand guns, and some military grade firearms. Her weapon of choice tends to be her own claws but she also favors a bow when it is practical. Due to her eye sight her marksmanship is top notch but she hates firearms.

Programming & Hacking - A personal hobby that has turned out to be rather useful on occasion. She's not the worlds greatest but for researching and even tracing some attacks, she's gotten quite proficient.

Poor Swimmer - Perhaps because she is so thoroughly a creature of land and air, the sea has been closed to her? She can handle a pool or wading near to the shore line, but going any further would be a disaster.

Self-Conscious of Griffin Form - Her childhood left her more than a bit self-conscious to the point that she hesitates to fully shift even when it is clearly the best option.

Possessive Tendencies - Griffins are known for protecting treasures and those things regarded as precious. This trait is present in Nathalia and with it comes a slight possessive streak that can rear its head from time to time with those people and things she views as hers.

A pair of strong, rough hands (male) / Alluring curves (women) - Nathalia has always had a healthy appreciation for sex (even while mated, they weren't a sexually monogamous pair) and can't seem to resist certain traits.

Solitude - She has adjusted to modern living just fine but occasionally she needs to escape the press of humanity (and fae) as well as all the concrete and steel to just be alone and decompress.

Children - Odd as it may seem to some, Nathalia actually loves children and they love her. She is a whole different person with them and will go to great lengths to protect a child in harm's way. She once imagined herself bearing her mate's child. He died before that could happen but some small part of her always pauses at the sight of a child.

Superhuman senses - While she has enough control and precision to utilize her senses to the fullest, it is still possible--difficult but possible--to overwhelm them with an abundance of stimuli that can confuse, desensitize, or just outright cause a headache.

Bold and Direct - Nathalia respects power but she will not be cowed by it. While she chooses her words carefully, she will say and do whatever she feels she must to make her point. Of course, she's also prone to skipping all the pointless chatter and simply acting.

Particular - To the point of near OCD. Nathalia likes everything around her to be just so. She is a neat freak when it comes to her own spaces and has been known to clean/straighten/rearrange anywhere she is for more than a short time.

Honorable - When Nathalia gives her word--and she is careful not to give it casually--she sticks by it, no matter how uncomfortable. To be forsworn or named oath breaker is worse than death.

Thorough - In everything she does, the woman makes sure she doesn't cut corners. She takes the time to do her homework, is observant, and keeps notes on everything (coded). Some risk can't be avoided but she likes to be prepared and one never knows when something will come in handy.

Practical - Some might call her ruthless or even blood thirsty but they'd be wrong. The griffin is just extremely practical when it comes to serious matters, often opting for the surest route to success even if it means going straight through someone. She is capable of mercy and of giving chances where warranted but sometimes the only way to be sure an obstacle is no longer an issue is to wipe it out entirely. She takes her job very seriously.

Patient - She can wait a very long time to achieve what she wants.

Closed Off - Since the death of her mate, Thalia has kept part of herself closed off from everyone in the hopes of avoiding ever feeling pain like that again. The once openly playful and affectionate woman now believes herself incapable of love or deeper connections and while she will 'make friends' or play nice, she avoids any true intimacy that might open her up again.

Haughty - Thalia is a proud and regal creature and as such she is often found watching others with an expression that suggests they are somehow beneath her. She hates to admit when she is wrong and apologies often need to be pried from her lips if they come at all.

Passionate - Being closed off does not mean that Nathalia is truly dead inside, no matter how she might at times wish she was. She is still an intense and passionate woman, something that tends to bleed through, especially when she is relaxed or actively enjoying something.

History: Nathalia was born in what is now known as Brazil in a time before written record (672 AD). Her mother, a beautiful and beloved Fae woman, a rare thunderbird, was claimed as a spoil of war between the tribes and taken as a wife by a foul and most wicked male griffin. He coveted the woman both because she was beautiful and because her people would willing follow, but also because she possessed the one thing that nature had cruelly withheld from him: wings. For a time it seemed as if her mother managed to rub off on her father, easing him, gentling him toward the people and keeping them in a time of peace for a short while until she finally bore him a child. A daughter. A disappointment.

Bound by traditions and customs that even he could not ignore, he could not get rid of the burden he felt his daughter to be. Instead he pushed her, forced her into the role he would have asked of a son, showing no mercy. At first it seemed she would break, especially after an incident that nearly saw her drowned in the great Amazon, but she did not. Nathalia was resilient and determined to make her father proud but following her rites of passage into womanhood (her gathering) she learned that it would never be. He would always be envious of her wings and hate her for possessing what he did not but there was nothing to be done for it. Not even her mother could temper him and in his hatred he made sure that Nathalia paid the price for nature's gift.

Eventually, Nathalia would flee her father's reach, heading north and dodging rival tribes who would have used her for a bargaining chip had they caught her. She lived a solitary existence, picking off those who dared to forcefully pursue the unknown creature that stalked the rain forest, encouraging the fearful stories that began to circulate. Soon there grew to be those that worshiped her as an incarnation of a non-existent goddess. She tried to reject them and yet, their sacrifices proved difficult to ignore, as did their pathetic cries for help. Nathalia had no illusions of setting herself up as anything all powerful but the more the people's confidence in her grew, the more she felt obligated to protect and shelter them. Particularly those who sought her as an answer to the darkness that her father had become. She could not abide by the gluttonous waste and terror that accompanied her father's rule.

It would take centuries for Nathalia to amass power enough to try and rival her wingless foe. In that time great tribes emerged and flourished, only to perish under the shadow of the evil that hovered above them, feeding off them and taking anything of value for himself. Her people, the ones that worshiped her and those Fae that drifted to her side, grew until an allied network of tribes rose up to combat the tide of rising dark. It was during this time that the griffin was to face her own challenge, one that could not be handled by simply walking away or turning to others. No, it was her very nature that she was forced to fight as her Dawning approached and attempted to drag her down to something lesser. Without assistance, her Dawning was as great a trial as anything she would ever face and expecting the worst, the woman retreated to a secluded cave and took refuge there away from those who might accidentally suffer at her hands.

To this very day, Nathalia cannot recall exactly what happened during her Dawning, only that the blood, sweat, and tears she shed during her trials were all worth it in the end as she emerged empowered and renewed. Following the feast to celebrate her re-emergence she did not hesitate to rally a small group of Fae supporters to help her invade her father's tribe and steal away the one thing she treasured most: Her mother. A true queen to rule the opposing forces, with Nathalia at her side as her protector and champion.

War was inevitable after that. However, it was not the all out bloody clash and waste of humans. It was subtle, almost an art. Each side scheming, plotting, working to undermine the other in the most resolute ways and seeking to reign over the various tribes that surrounded them. It wasn't until the Strangers (the Portuguese) arrived that each side, both light and dark as they now were, agreed to a truce of sorts that would begin an uneasy peace. But not before the tide of blood spilled over.

The history books will tell you that a large number of natives died following the arrival of the Portuguese to their shores in 1500 due to the diseases brought with them. What they will not tell you is that the war between opposing factions of the Fae claimed just as many, if not more, including both Nathalia's mother and father. Soon both tribes found themselves pressed into war with neighboring tribes and floundering in the absence of true leaders since her father had fled after killing her mother during a secret meet that he had orchestrated. She never did understand what drove him to leave since the victory should have been an accomplishment for him but nevertheless, Nathalia vowed to get her revenge. Her mother had wanted to call a truce on all sides, to stem the flow of life, but her father would hear none of it. He rejected her offers of peace every time and drove more and more to their deaths in a pointless war before he disappeared and another rose to claim his place.

The serpent that took over the darkling tribe as The Curare was no better than his predecessor. He agreed to the truce but war continued and the temporarily united tribes were pushed to repel the strangers from their land. A task that was found to be much more difficult as more strangers arrived and among them were Fae that had come to explore new lands. Upon finding other Fae already inhabited the land they fought back in an attempt to 'civilize them' as they claimed in their strange tongue. It was among these explorers that Nathalia would first meet the man that would later become her mate, as well as his honor-less brother, in an almost literal clash of weapons that somehow seemed more like foreplay than an actual fight. Neither would truly win the fight though she did give him a rather distinct set of scars that he later claimed had gotten him more action than he could handle as he'd gone from merely beautiful to rugged and dangerous. She'd have liked to say he was exaggerating but having seen the bacchus in action she'd known he was telling the truth.

Eventually the overt clashes with humans died down and with both sides finding their footing among the colonization of the land and seeking to gain their own footholds in this new way, Nathalia found her attention wandering to the whereabouts of her father. He had not been seen since that fateful night but Nathalia had made a vow and she'd intended to keep it. With nothing more to tie her to the place, Nathalia left her home in the early 1600's in search of her mother's killer and would not return Brazil again for quite some time.

Her travels would take her north. As a woman traveling alone she quickly learned that it was easiest to stick to the open wilderness, though she did occasionally offer her services as a mercenary and bounty hunter of sorts in exchange for information about her father. In colonial America in the 1700's she would again encounter the bacchus known as Augustus and the two would enjoy a brief but intense affair before she moved on. Their paths would cross several more times in the next decade or two, each time seeing them become more entangled and each time Nathalia finding it harder to leave him. Finally the pair met again in the late 1830's in the West where she had taken up a position working for one of the new Fae leaders in the new frontier. Mercenary work was rather plentiful in an environment where a stroke of luck could make or break a man and she had plenty to occupy her and keep her in place.  Augustus seized his chance then and coaxed the griffin into becoming his wife despite the appetites he harbored.

Nathalia found happiness there in California and the arms of her mate but she never relinquished her quest to track down her father. Perhaps she'd have been smart to but she'd made a vow and breaking it would simply not do. Old fashioned thought gave way to more modern attitudes and Nathalia began to establish herself a little more visibly, making use of the contacts she had made throughout her years traveling to close in on her father's whereabouts. It wasn't until the later years of the gold rush that she managed to get close to the man, closing in so tightly that he manipulated Augustus' own brother into killing him--to get his hands on the fortune her mate had begun amassing due to sound investments--to throw her off. And it worked, the loss of her mate throwing her into a grief stricken rampage that caused perhaps more trouble than it was worth.

Then again, she does possess the skull of Augustus' killer, his brother Julius, to this very day. She still doesn't yet have her father's but she has not forgotten her vow--even if it must take a back seat these days--and she has most certainly learned from her past mistakes. Something that is reflected in her work. Needing a change of scenery, Nathalia moved to the East coast permanently in the 1860's. She has not been back to California since leaving and has only been back to Brazil very recently. She wasn't very impressed with the Fae there but perhaps that is because she is still not very fond of serpents. Not that she mentions that to the dragon she now helps to guard.

Connections: OPEN
Augustus Aurelius - Bacchus, Light - Deceased Mate. Killed by his brother.
Julius Aurelius - Bacchus, Dark - Deceased brother of her mate. Hunted and killed by her. Only his skull remains.
Oliviana - Thunderbird, Light - Deceased Mother. Believed to have been killed by her father.
Rodrigo Santiago - Griffin (wingless), Dark - Father. Alive and avoiding his daughter.
The Curare - Serpent, Dark - Leader of Dark Fae in Brazil.

Edward Vadderung - Ice Dragon, Light Elder - Leader, Employer, Responsibility. Slight pain in the ass.
Kuriyama Miho - Bakeneko, Light - ...

Likes: Cooking (and eating), dancing, warm nights, sun bathing nude, rainstorms, the view from up high, music of various types, bright colors, painting, fruit--the juicier the better.
Dislikes: Being seen in full Griffin form (self-conscious), lemons, coconut, being touched without invitation (she's very sensitive to touch), too much clothing, the cold, the uninvited in her home, Serpents, being cooped up in man-made flying contraptions despite being a licensed pilot (for emergencies only!).
Fears&Phobias: She has a deep seated fear of deep and/or rapid moving water due to an accident when she was a child.
O/Os: Raised to believe that Griffin's mate for life (may or may not be true), Nathalia believes her heart died with her mate. Sex is still fun and enjoyable but that's all it is, a good time.
Sharing food--like having someone cook for her or even feeding someone or being fed from someone's fork--is a serious turn on for her, as is dancing, sparring/working out, and blindfolds. Fast or slow, rough or gentle, she's very sensual. She'll fight you for control but loves to be pinned. Anything that is not a player off (found here) is open for discussion.
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