Handsome, awkward, and yours (m for f)

Started by sluggerjackson, August 26, 2014, 11:29:44 PM

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Currently taken
I've wanted to do this for a long time.

The general idea:
I would play a returning combat veteran who's going to college as a freshman at 30. He's smart, soft spoken and day to day seems ill at ease. Most students dismiss him as a "crazy vet" and assume the worst. Others want to believe he's just a dirty old man because they've caught him staring at them a bit too long.

The truth is, he lived with only men for years and now he's surrounded by gorgeous young women. He also is ill at ease with some of his kinks.

You'd play one of these girls. Beautiful, hyper intelligent and just discovering your own power as woman. You realize you could take control of this man. You glean that he's not comfortable with his kinks. Late in a corner of library one night, you tell him you know what he really wants. He now belongs to you.

This will be more complex than just smut or fetish play. What starts out as mere dominance turns into a relationship. But one that's built on humiliation and control.

a romance perhaps? mutual emotional disgust mixed with addictive sex? Private humiliation that turns public? some outside crisis that requires them to stick together?
all of the above?

I'm looking for a thoughtful partner to explore this with me.