Alpha Test Phase 1: Storytelling Comicbook Combat System

Started by sluggerjackson, August 23, 2014, 05:15:43 PM

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(I had this up yesterday, but I realized the advert did not really do my idea justice)

This is a long one'dr will be in the last post

The pitch:

I want to create a storytelling dice system for initially Superhero vs. Villain style games. This system is going to be designed from the ground up with the particular needs of the Elliquiy player base in mind. Which, most of the time is wanting the heroines to end up defeated by her enemy. Typically humiliated too. The system when complete will hopefully provide this while not involving a lot of math or tracking. It should also compliment the storytelling between players instead of hindering it.

Eventually I plan to expand this system to include other adventuring functions (escaping traps, chase scenes...etc...). I also plan on providing "variation rules" for the tone of different games. By this I mean:

"It's a dark dangerous"- Heroes and Heroines are at a disadvantage against Villains.
"Stem the tide"- modified rules for Heroes and Heroines awash a sea of weaker enemies.

In the end I want this system to easily accommodate group battles with multiple players as well as one on one role plays.

For the time being, I have the primary rule concepts for one on one encounters.


What phase 1 is:

In phase 1 I ideally need to get 2 to 3 people to do individual 1 on 1 sessions with me. Since this will involve a lot of stop and go adjustments I need patient players. While these stories will be light on plot and development I am still looking for descriptive writers. I still want to enjoy myself while doing this. Also I want to see how much the system does disrupt the game (allowances being made for the initial learning of the rules).

Now, I'm GMing or playing the bad guy in no less than 3 free form story intensive games. So I'm going to insist that whoever comes to join me in this experiment please be prepared to destroy some heroines.

I realize...
This probably doesn't seem like a particularly appealing prospect, so let me sweeten the pot:

-With very few exceptions I will let your imaginations run wild during these scenes. The nastiest darkest things you've ever dreamed up. (the restrictions can even be negotiated)
-You will get mentioned in the rules thread by name as a brave Alpha tester. (Yeah...I know, that's not really much)
-you can play any villain or monster you want from any canon or any game you've already played or whatever. In fact the weirder the character the better I'll see how the rules work.

Players of any gender welcome.


Additional thoughts:

-I don't know if this is something community of E needs or wants. But it's something I want to try.
-I do have table top game development experience, so I'm not approaching this from nowhere.
-In case you didn't know:
      A storytelling system is similar to a RPG system however it tends to abstract rules more often, encourage adjustment of the rules, and focuses less on things like equipment stats.
The classic example would be the core rules of Whitewolf Game's World of Darkness



Testing a dice system, need players to be villains.