In the darkness it lurks... (F for M character) non-con, possible impreg

Started by LamentingQuill, August 21, 2014, 12:08:32 AM

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Lily Redwood accompanies her brother and his friends on a deep woods camping trip, going to a brand new place her brother discovered that was both breathtakingly beautiful and isolated, the perfect rustic camping experience.

What they did not anticipate however was that the forest was home to a fearsome creature with a habit of devouring any victims stupid enough to venture into it's domain...

The first night would go by fairly smoothly, the creature more observing his prey than anything else, deciding when it should make it's move. It would notice Lily and decide that unlike the males, she was not food and met his ideals for a mate.

The second night would be when the creature strikes, slaughtering Lily's brother and all of their friends, taking the frightened Lily deep into the forest to it's lair to be courted and mated...



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Sounds good, I'm up for this.

As it stands, I cannot really say yes or no until I know a little more about you. A would be very beneficial for you to create an on's and off's thread, to help people understand what you do and do not like before anything gets started. :)

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Darn work and school is getting in the way. I will get posts out as fast as I can but it is going to be hard on me as for you.

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Hmm, nice idea... I would like to toss my hat into the circle

Sent you a PM, get back with me when you can and we'll see if we should begin talking shop.