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Author Topic: Darkest Desires  (Read 666 times)

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Offline Eternal0snow92Topic starter

Darkest Desires
« on: August 20, 2014, 04:00:13 pm »
Salutations one and all, welcome to the creative side of my mind.

I work with m x m, f x m, m x f  and also F x F

Please PM me if interested I only post in forums. <3

What I can offer you as a partner:
« Lots of interesting plots and twist & ideas to keep it fresh.
« Long detailed replies (Although this depends on how much is given)
« Jack of all trades when it comes to, seme seke and Uke.
« Patience as I understand we all have commitments. (No longer then 24hrs if longer
you will be notified)
« Realistic in sense. Even fantasy I will not god mode. I know with magic is concern it's easy to think your invincible.
«All my characters pretty much take control and reveal as much or as little as they want and any information is new to me as it is to you.

What I need from you.

« Longer replies the better, but not novel size but that depends on you. (At least 4-6
average per reply. No one liners please.
« I want a team effort so both of us will come up with ideas for the RP. I absolutely refuse to be the only one putting in an effort.
« Don't worry if English isn't your native tongue. Just make sure it's readable and I will do the same.
«Understand I do have a learning difficulty but this shouldn't effect my planning on posts.
« If your going away on hiatus for whatever reason please tell me, sooner the better. Don't worry if you disappear for a month due to an internet/work related issue. I'm very understanding I was without internet for a month and now how frustrating it can be.

... Still here? Good I hope I haven't scared you away. Then you understand what I expect and what your letting your self in for..

Affair Related
kind of speaks for itself doesn't it?

Husband x Mistress
Millionaire x Journalist - A "Love" Affair
husband x ex girl friend

Athletics (Sports) Related
Team mates

Split Personality

Gun Related Theme
Soldier x Soldier
Bodyguard x Celebrity
Witness Protection Program (Bodyguard x Civilian)
Gangster x Cop
Warden x Prisoner
Prisoner x Prisoner
Mafia Boss x Rookie
Bodyguard x Employer
Cop x Mafia Don
Cop x Mafia

Home Related
 Brother-in-Laws (Sister's Brother x Sister's Husband
 Father x Son's Boyfriend
 Inheritor x Property
 Son x Father's Boyfriend
 Twin x Twin
 Brother-in-Laws (Sister's Brother x Sister's Husband)
 Uke x Uke's Exboyfriend's Twin Brother (Aka a Stranger)
 Son x Dad's Work Friend
 Babysitter x ''Kid''
 Father x Son
 Parent Trap: Estranged Son x Father
 Brother x Brother
 Brother x Brother
 High School Student x Best Friend's Father

Hospital Related

Magical Occurence Related
Everyone lives in reality but then something "impossible" happens: a wish comes true no matter how absurd

Greek of War x God of Love
Greek god     x mortal
shifter           x shifter

Mind break~
Crush x Harmless Stalker
[Part 1 - Stalker x Victim] & [Part 2 - Doctor x Victim]
Stalker x Victim

Things that don't really have a place~

 Look-a-like x Trophy wife
 Spoiled Brat x Enemy
 Old Friend x Kidnap Victim x Therapist

Mistaken Identity Related
Boyfriend's Twin Brother x Amnesia Stricken Uke
Amnesia Stricken Seme x Conniving Uke
Amnesia Stricken Seme x Trap
Be Careful What You Wish For - Personality Switch
Be Careful What You Wish For - Body Switch
 Be Careful What You Wish For - Identity Switch

Merman x Human
 Pirate x Merman
Greek God x Human
Greek God x Greek God
Greek Gods
Sirens (Mermaids)

Opposites Attract
Black & White characters
Yin & Yang

Outerspace Related

Pet Related
Animal Hybrids

School Related
 Student x Teacher
 Mentor x Student
 Philanthropist x Juvenile
 Class President x Student Council Member
 Ex-Boyfriend's Revenge
 Popular Guy x New Kid In School
 Boy-next-door x Secret Admirer - Cute Version
 Boy-next-door x Secret Admirer - Sadistic Version
 Librarian x Student
 Nerd x Bad Boy
 Bad Boy x Wallflower
 Popular Guy x Anti-Social
 Student x Student
 Punk x Crossdresser
 Punk x Wallflower


Science Related
Mad scientists

Servant Related
Millionaire x Stripper
Prince x Prince
Master x Butler
Master x Genie
Master x Slave

 Vampire x Werewolf
 Vampire x Human
 Vampire x Hunter
  Shifter x Human
  Vampire x Werewolf
 Demon Priest x Priest
  Alpha Werewolf x Ex-Alpha Werewolf
 Vampire x Human
 Vampire x Hunter/Master x Slave
 Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid x Elf
 Demon Angel Hybrid x Demon
 Vampire x Vampire


Work Related
 Magician x Assistant
 Boss x Employee
 Exboyfriend x Exboyfriend
 Singer x Owner
 Actor x Manager
 Boss x Employee
 Escort x Manager - ExBoyfriend Drama
 Escort x Club Member
can be a variety of settings