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Author Topic: Five Lights illuminating the way (Adventure but four slots remaining)  (Read 283 times)

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Offline Interdiction of wordsTopic starter

 This is the year 953 in the reign of the almighty dragons in the land of Itrodia, a evil is arising from the north from the great desolate mountains. Something about this evil is very old and demonic in nature but this evil seems to be coming from deep in the mountains. The demons have conquered many of the mountain including the Orcs and Goblins. These races have been subjugated or caught under the thumb of this nefarious race from the under-escape. As the mountain races were conquered the eyes of lust were cast upon the fertile lands all around the mountains. Intrusions, attacks and kidnappings have all happened, humans have had the worst of all the attacks as villages are burned to the ground. War is on the horizon, causing the races of good come from near and far to meet together in the human town of Dagbor to form the Council of Light. Any race desiring to defeat this evil has been summoned to the meeting in an effort to stop the evil from spreading. Will you pick up the torch in an effort to stop evil or are you joining this quest for some other reason? 

What is this game?
This is a Freeform Fantasy Adventure game where you will join up with five other people on a quest to defeat the root of all evil. You could be of any race, career or of either gender trying to defeat this nefarious race that seeks to rule over your people. Chosen from the best (Or pure luck) to go on this quest is a great honor but a great risk to your life. Will you be able to handle whatever the enemy throws at you? Will you succumb to the seductive side of evil? Only time will tell but my character will try to guide this group on a ultimate adventure filled with any sort of treasure and danger you can think. The fate of the free world hangs in the balance, it is up to you to stop this new threat and restore peace to the land of Itrodia.

Sexual encounters fight happen through out the story but keep in mind that there are kinks that some people don't like to see but I will give a general overview of what kinks there will be. Bestiality, monster sex, and other forms of NC or C sex in this game. No Rape though, so keep that out of this game. Other things pertaining to sex can be asked in by PM.
What is the land?

What races can I play and what classes are available?
Any race is available for grabs as long as it is good, if it good then it is acceptable but if the race is closer to evil or on the side of evil I would recommend that you submit the idea to me before putting it into a character sheet or I could be conviced that this person has switched sides if the story is good enough. Though any of the main tier are acceptable (That is your warrior, mage, berserk, wizard, warlock, cleric, ranger, and rouge) anything else would you run by me before making a character sheet about it?  Submit Characters by Pm only.

1. Magic may be in this game but I want it to not be over powered or over used, you need both strength and magic to overcome any foe. Many DMs will tell you this so we are going to stick to this idea

2. I am opening this game up to more dastardly characters than I have in the past.  Remember the rules of this game however and if you think someone may not like to be the center of your evil intentions talk to them first and talk about what your are thinking. 

3.  There will be many enemies and foes that we will have to defeat so we can't bogged down with too many sexual scenes. If there is a time and place where we four are doing a sexual scene then it fits together otherwise take into a PM or a different thread for the time being. I know that sounds harsh but it is for the better of the group.

4. Read the OOC character thread to help you build your own character but please only post interest or possible ideas for the story. I would like that there would be a somewhat even amount of females to males but more females then males

Sample Character

Name: Arch-Skymage Thal'deris Zehir
Player: Interdiction of Words
Concept: A lone Wizard summoned by the Council of Light along with his apprentice
Trouble:  Being self pretentious and thinking your all high encompassing of other people makes you seen as an ass.
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Orientation: Heterosexual
On’s: Weather, snarky and strong women, dominating others, wit, beauty, his excessive semen splattered on the bodies of women and BJs.
Off’s: Being stolen from, being tied up or imprisoned, seemingly frail and dainty women.

National Affiliation and Ancestry:

Hair: Whitish Blue
Eyes: Light blue
Height: 6’ 11”
Weight: 385 lbs


Personality: As one would expect of a Archmage, Thal'deris is loud, rude, and crude. Snarky and arrogant, Thal'deris fancies himself the best in the business which differs from day to day depending on what one might need done. But he has a silver tongue and knows how to use it well and had he not found himself in the life of Archmage, he would have made an excellent diplomat. Charming to a T, it can often get him into trouble, but where his charms fail him, his skills do not, only fueling his arrogance more. For his apprentice, he puts on a strong and carefree face, but when alone, he lets the truth show; that he rarely knows what he is doing, that his life style will catch up to him. Few have seen the serious side of Thal'deris, usually only in the most dire of circumstances, and those that have often don't live long enough to mention it, though rarely by his own hand.

Background: Born and raised in Taltos, Thal'deris was the third son of a third son. Which meant when visiting the grandparents, he had to suffer the treatment his wealthier and more ‘to-do’ cousins would put him through. He often found himself in the kitchens, playing with the baker's son and daughter. They would often pretend to be on grand adventures, going anywhere they wished with no one telling them what they could and could not do. Over the years his magic grew to limits not even his family could see. Control over the clouds was soon mastered and he began to teach his knowledge to others until the Council of Light needed his help.
Arch-Skymage, control over clouds to cause weather but he can only control the weather for so long before he begins to grow weak from trying to control the weather above him but he can control the weather on a smaller scale for longer periods of time.
Character Sheet Code
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=400 padding=8]<insert image>[/img][/floatright][b]Name:[/b]
[b]Concept:[/b]  <A short description about who you are: >
[b]Trouble:[/b]  <Everyone has a trouble. It could be addiction, troublesome family, owing money to the wrong people, arranged marriage, whatever>

[b]Race Affiliation and Ancestry:[/b] <What is your nationality and what Nation are you currently a part of?  How do you feel about your country?>


[b]Description:[/b] <Text, Images or Both>




Rules and Regulations

The following are the rules and regulations set for Five Lights. Please read these thoroughly and understand that by applying it is implied that you understand what you have read and commit to it. While we attempt to keep these rules stagnant throughout the course of the game, if something begins to pose a problem we will make a rule about it and enforce it.

Disclaimer : We reserve the right to add rules as necessary.

  • Be excellent to one another. Do not fight. Do not squabble. If an altercation between players occurs, please bring the matter to myself or your residential GM who will solve said problem.  I will be perfectly happy to sort out the discrepancy between the players and arrive to the most fair and just solution allowed. Do not turn us into a broken family.
  • Do not God Mod another player's character! Due to the nature of the characters it is easy to accidentally cross into this territory. Please do not control their actions. YOU control YOUR character. On that same tangent please do not make yourself invulnerable to everything. Nothing more boring than a “perfect” character.
  • Never, EVER do something to a player's character they do not like. Consult with the player before making a decision that you think might be a bother to them, even if they list it as okay in their Ons and Offs. Communication is paramount between players! Please use it.
  • Communication is important. If you are going to be gone longer than a day or two, please try to notify the GMs. We are very understanding about outside life – Trust me. I, myself, am a Full-Time Worker, Husband and Dad and I go to school part time. I am busy and sometimes it gets hectic. Everyone has lives. That is okay. But let us know so we're not missing you.
  • You are not expected to post once a day. While it isn't expected of you, more posts are undoubtedly appreciated by your fellow players. However, if you know you are getting ready to leave for a week, we ask that you try not to get your character wound up in a plot that is going to change things drastically. That will bog all players and prove to be quite a pain. We ask that all players post, minimum, once a week. A single post within seven days isn't so bad, is it? Quicker is always better and preferred, though.
  • Please have a good grasp of the English Language and Grammar Structure before applying. We fancy individuals that use complete sentences, full thought, and detail their posts with enough for another character to react to. I am not tying certain post lengths to this game, but I beg you not to use one to three line posts. That would be VERY difficult for another player to react to. Use your best judgment, but give enough for the players to respond to. Multi-Paragraph is best. Remember, a paragraph is a construction of thought usually ranging between three to five sentences.

This is first come first serve on when the character is competed.
  • Thal's Apprentice: Open
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open

If lots of interest is shown then I will open up more spots...
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Re: Five Lights illuminating the way (Adventure but four slots remaining)
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