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Author Topic: Hentai Based Requests (Male seeking Female) -Links NSFW-  (Read 910 times)

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Hentai Based Requests (Male seeking Female) -Links NSFW-
« on: August 20, 2014, 08:17:03 AM »
I enjoy reading hentai manga online. Occasionally I come across some plots that I find interesting and I'd like to roleplay it out, maybe do an afterstory and see what happens after the manga ends. I'll be posting links to various hentai manga here and explain the basic plots to them. Some are meant to be one-shots, some are meant to be long-term, and some can be both. Also, don't feel like you have to base your characters off the characters in the manga exactly. I want to roleplay the plot and idea, not the characters. :D

Help With My Fetish (long-term) *****REALLY CRAVING*****
A girl has a wonderful relationship with a wonderful boyfriend. They've been dating for some time, and it's clear that these two were meant for each other. Unfortunately though, the girl begins to develop an interest in anal sex, and her boyfriend is disgusted by the idea of it, so she's afraid to suggest it to him. She tries masturbating, but after a while, she's unable to get off by herself. Needing help, she turns to a guy who she believes to have plenty of knowledge of this. He begins training her ass, letting her use various toys and techniques to play with herself. Eventually she becomes addicted to this. She starts putting off her dates with her boyfriend to meet up with the guy to train her ass. Finally she begins to crave him. She tells him to fuck her in the ass, reap the fruits of their training, and it feels better than she could ever imagine. Right there, she dumps her boyfriend for this guy, letting her enjoy anal sex whenever she pleases. I'd like to do a similar version to this. A girl dates a very vanilla boyfriend. He only does vaginal sex, uses condoms, and they rarely do oral. Wanting to explore her fetishes, she asks a friend or a classmate to help her out. Here, they can explore whatever fetish you desire, maybe a few. Anal, public scenes, toys, outfits, videotaping, whatever you want to have your girl explore. Eventually she finds herself addicted to sex with her friend and breaks up with her boyfriend, maybe sending a picture of her in the act.

Hentai in 3D (long-term)  *****REALLY CRAVING*****
A young man is enjoying his hentai game, really enjoying it. One night, on a stormy night, while he's playing his game, lightning strikes his house. His power shuts off and he's lost all his data on his game. Once the power comes back on, he notices he's no longer alone in his apartment. A naked girl is lying on his floor, strangely enough, the heroine of the game he was just playing. Now the girl is trapped in this unknown world with this boy, forced to stay with him. And on top of that, she's been cursed when she was young, to go into intense heat at certain points in time. If she is to fight it, the urges get worse, and the only cure is sex, and lots of it (the creators needed a reason for the hentai heroine to get fucked a lot). Luckily, she's now living with a healthy young man as he shows her around and helps her adjust to this new world. I'd like for us to play out this relationship, with the heroine either falling for him or simply becoming addicted to sex with him. Due to her curse, it can effect her anywhere and at anytime. They are in his apartment, out shopping, at a restaurant, anywhere. And the beauty of it is that your character could be anyone. A princess, a ninja, a knight, a shrine maiden, a regular schoolgirl, anything. If you'd like, you can even play as actual hentai characters, feel free to let me know.

Perverted Neighbor/Girlfriend (long-term)
A young male otaku is in the middle of playing his favorite erotic game when he find out that he has a new neighbor move in next door. At first glance she's extremely cute, sort of resembling the 'heroine' of the erotic game you play. One of the boxes she carries collapses and various hentai and erotic games spill from the box. She tries to run away in embarrassment, but ends up tripping and hurting herself.  He helps her up and takes her into his room to help her recover, maybe offer her a drink. The two chat and get to know each other, seeing that they have very similar interests, and she's even interested in the game he was playing and asks to play it with him. Later that night, she comes to his room, asking if he would make her his bitch, wanting to be treated like the characters in her games. From there, we play a loving couple, trying out new things based on the hentai we enjoy, maybe even having her cosplay. Plenty of ideas as she willingly becomes his sex slave.

Cheating Wife (one-shot or long-term)
A beautiful young wife is waiting for her husband to come home after he called to tell her about attending some party after work. He finally comes home, but he's brought a guest, the new guy in the office, who just happens to be an old lover of the wife. While the husband passes out from being drunk, the wife and the former lover chat and try to catch up. He starts to tempt her into becoming his again, asking about her sex life and reminding her of the fun they use to have together. While she wants to remain loyal to her beloved husband, she's unable to resist the temptation and agrees to one session of sex, and he'll leave her alone for good in exchange. The two go at it, and she's reminded of why she enjoyed sex so much. Unfortunately, she doesn't want him to leave, and the two go at it for the rest of the night while the husband recovers. This can be a one-shot where we play out this very scene and ending it with their affair beginning, or we can make this go on longer and play out their affair, with him making her try new things and get even more devious.

Groping Service (one-shot or long-term)
A man is riding a train on his way to work. The train becomes crowded and he becomes pressed up against a young attractive schoolgirl. He accidentally gropes her and fears that he'll be seen as a pervert. She takes his hand and asks him if he wants to touch more and begins charging him money for it. He pays and begins groping her on the crowded train. They eventually get further as she sucks him off and even offers sex for money. He pays the price and fucks her brains out, in front of the other passengers. When he leaves, she waves goodbye and tells him to use her services again if they ever meet up in the future. We can play out just this scene or we can keep going as they continue to meet up, maybe even meet in places other than the train. He ends up becoming her biggest customer as she soon finds herself addicted to him.

Lustful Manager (long-term)
A beautiful young manager runs a restaurant, making a successful business. While she enjoys her job, she's exhausted, never having time to kick back and relieve her stress. She finally decides to hire some help, and the boy that comes by ends up giving her an idea on a new position just for him "Her Personal Stress Reliever". She has him use and abuse her, letting him do whatever he wishes with her, and she loves it. I'd like to roleplay out this scene, as well as his eventual career with her, getting paid to have sex with his manager, maybe getting a bit more daring with where and how they do it.

Cheating With The Brother-In-Law (long-term)
Another cheating wife idea. This wife is unsatisfied with her husband in bed. He's always working and he's always tired whenever he's home. She loves the man to death, but she needs to be pleased. Luckily her brother-in-law lives with them. She gets drunk with him one night when her husband falls asleep before she can have sex with him. The two end up going at it and she learns of this new way to get her sexual satisfaction, although she has some rules for him so that things don't go wrong in the long run (such as cumming inside of her). Eventually he gets tired of having to hold back. When the husband has to go on a business trip for a week, the brother takes this chance to act and has his fun with her. He's a bit more forceful with the wife, and while she likes it, she knows she needs to be careful. However, he gets a bit too forceful. He has his way with her, tying her down and fucking her for hours. Eventually she stops caring about the rules she set for him and lets him do as he pleases with her.

Horny Ghost (one-shot or long-term)
A young man has been able to see ghosts his entire life. While it's strange, he's gotten use to it and normally ignores them. All of that changes when he meets a particular lewd ghost. For days, she constantly performs lewd acts in front of him, and only he's able to see it. This drives him crazy and he eventually forces himself onto her, having his way with her. The two go at it until she finally is left satisfied and moves on to the next life. His tormenting should end, but the ghost girl comes back, deciding to haunt her new lover. I'd like us to act out this scene, as well as some fun scenes with their relationship developing, with her having her fun with him in public places, trying to get him to have sex with her. If you'd like, we can throw in more ghosts, maybe there's more like her.

Lewd Jogger (one-shot or long-term using a series of one-shots)
A curvy and attractive woman goes out and runs everyday. She wears tight clothing and her breasts bounce with each step. This often attracts the attention of many male joggers and they try to follow her into a secure and quiet place. Of course they fight each other and one must come out on top, a race to see who can keep up with this woman. When she's in a more secluded area, she turns to face the winner and offers him to have sex with her. The two go at it, and she moves on when they are done, coming back to repeat the same process the next day. I'd like to do a scene like this, or a series of one-shots where she has sex with a different man each time. Sometimes she may meet the same guy, other times it's a different guy. She tries to take different paths so that she can meet different guys, so we can do this in various settings.

Masochist Crush (long-term)
A young man has developed a crush on his attractive coworker. The strange thing is, he feels as if he's seen her getting intimate with their boss at times. He tries not to think about it, due to his strong feelings for her. When the manager gets transferred to a new location, he finally confronts his coworker about his feelings for her and what he saw. She admits to being intimate with their boss, claiming that she was his sex slave and that she only took the job so that he could abuse her more. Unsure of how to cope with this revelation, he forces himself onto her, trying to prove that he can be a better master than his former boss. She finds that he's amazing, better than she could imagine, and she agrees to be his pet. I'd like us to play out this relationship, of a young man being in love with his masochistic sex slave. She wants him to abuse her, and yet he wants to simply go out on dates with her.

Fight The Final Boss (long-term)
A young man has always enjoyed playing his favorite fantasy RPG, although he suddenly stopped once he got older and started shifting his interest in girls. Sadly, he never finished the game, and the world in that game was never saved from their demon king. While most people wouldn't think twice about this, nobody ever really thinks about the demon king herself. There she was, waiting for the hero, wanting him to confront her and resolve this fight once and for all, but it never happened. Tired of waiting, she goes to confront the hero in the flesh, coming out of the game and into the real world. She comes out right as he was masturbating and decides that she'll help him with his troubles, if it'll get him to play the game again. After a passionate session, she finds herself drawn to him, refusing to return to the game and instead stay with her new over. Now other players of that game will have to go without a final boss. I'd like us to play out their relationship, with the demon king learning about this new world and always trying to keep the attention of the hero. There's also an afterstory to this manga where the princess comes out of the game as well, angry that the hero is in a relationship with the demon king and fights for his affections. I'd love to do a sort of comedic roleplay involving the two fighting for his love.

The Cosplayer (long-term)
A young man has started working with his friend's sister, who cosplays. It originally started out as her coming to his place to dress up in cosplay and let him take pictures for her for a price. Eventually that changes when he forces himself onto her, and now the two travel from con to con together, as she cosplays and helps him sell her photos. He often fools around with her at the booth, leading to her getting horny and fantasizing about him having his way with her in the middle of the convention. Eventually they do it, and she finds herself unable to resist him. She makes him her boyfriend and the two continue their cross-country convention traveling, having tons of sex along the way.

Ninja's Revenge (long-term)
A ninja has been spending her whole life in order to get revenge on the descendant of the man that disgraced her clan over a hundred years ago. Unfortunately she finds out that the only descendant is a young man who has no knowledge of his past, and instead is a virgin who often masturbates to porn. She attacks him, and decides that before she kills him, she humiliates him by taking his virginity. She performs various ninja techniques like shadow clones of herself, increasing his sensitivity, and whatever else. In the end she finds out that he's an amazing lover and is unable to defeat him. So she comes back from time to time for a rematch, only for the same outcome to happen. I'd like to roleplay their "relationship" as she continues to try and get her revenge, only to use it as a front for her to get fucked by this amazing young man. She can attack him anywhere and at anytime, not just his apartment.

The New Demon King (long-term)
A demon lord learns of her fate, finding out that a hero will defeat her one day. Deciding to act before that happens, she summons the hero while he's still young. She tries to seduce him and lure him over to the dark side, only to find out that this was the event that would lead to her downfall, and that the "hero" would dominate her and force her to submit her crown as demon lord over to him. I'd like to roleplay the continuation of this where the new demon king unites the demon clans, forcing their sexy leaders into submission until he's taken over all demon clans, basically leading to the ending you see in this manga.

The Living Onahole (long-term)
A young man decides to buy a very special new onahole (pretty much a flesh-light). It's a new sex toy, a living onahole. It's basically a girl built to have sex with their master. This is a pretty basic idea. Boy has a living sex toy, tons of sex scenes with a girl that doesn't need to rely on functionalities of normal people, allowing the owner to be as rough as he wants with her.

Foreign Wife (long-term)
A young man gets a ring at his doorbell. When he opens the door, he greeted by a beautiful foreign woman who claims to be his wife. She's apparently a princess of another land, who's become friends with his parents, whom travel across the world for work. They've agreed to marry off their son to her, so she's come to move in with him. She's not very good at working around the house, but when nightfall comes, she's amazing in bed. I'd love to roleplay this relationship, with a foreign woman in a new land, with only the man she loves by her side. While she's not very talented at anything, she's an amazing lover, and she's devoted wanting to conceive plenty of children for them.

More to come.....

Send me a PM if you're interested and we can discuss the plots further into detail. I hope to hear from you soon and have some fun. :)
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Re: Hentai Based Requests (Male seeking Female) -Links NSFW-
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 10:03:42 PM »
added a bunch more plots

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Re: Hentai Based Requests (Male seeking Female) -Links NSFW-
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2014, 06:56:30 PM »
Added the Hentai in 3D idea

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Re: Hentai Based Requests (Male seeking Female) -Links NSFW-
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2014, 06:43:55 PM »
Added a new plot