Daddy Has A Dark Secret... (F for M)

Started by Usani, August 20, 2014, 03:23:54 AM

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Melanie Monroe is 16 and innocent and sweet.  She loves her daddy with all her heart and maybe a little too much in fact but she doesn't realize that.  She has never had a mother figure since her mother left when she was born.  So it's always been Mel and her daddy.  But, what she doesn't know is that daddy has a dark side. A dark...kinky side!  Her dad has dated women on and off for a few years and Melanie doesn't like it because she feels her daddy is being taken away but she never says anything because she knows hes happy or so she thinks.

One night when Melanie goes into the kitchen to get a late night snack while studying she hears moaning and snapping noises in the basement.  Her dad has always told her to stay out of the basement for her own good so she would just nod and never ask why.  Well, she hears these noises and releases it's his date and then she hears him talking to her and saying some very dirty things.  And it somehow does something to Melanie but she doesnt know what.  So instead she just goes back to her room for the night.

Well, one night when her dad goes to check in on her he finds her in her bed touching herself!  What does he do then?

I want this to involve bondage but in the beginning he will start very light with her like spanking, orgasm control and and biting.  He works her up to the bigger stuff.  Pleeeease read my O/O page and yes anal is in my Offs but I'm actually open to it for this story.  I love using pics for intro posts and this is what I want the father to look like: