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June 24, 2022, 05:15:08 pm

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Author Topic: Mask of Despair [M seeking F]  (Read 652 times)

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Mask of Despair [M seeking F]
« on: August 20, 2014, 02:37:34 am »

Looking for a female writing partner whom can:
- write at least a 3 detailed paragraphs per post (more is welcomed)
- likes deep and dark plots
- likes character and relationship development
- can role play out non-con themes

My Character
This character concept is one that I played a very long time ago and loved so I would like to play it again.  My character is a criminal/outlaw/super villain of sorts.  He is pretty much insane - similar to that of the Joker but a bit more serious about his work.  Some of his character is also inspired from V for Vendetta.  He is very sadistic, cunning and resourceful.  The type of man to use a severed arm to assist him in clapping or scratching his back.  He is highly intelligent and well prepared, yet highly unorthodox at the same time so it's hard to read the layout of his plans and schemes.  He always seems to have a trick up his sleeve.  Also his patterns are random since he is just seeking to cause chaos and is not after something as obvious as money.  He also wears a mask, his finger prints burned off and he leaves no trace of DNA at the scene of the crime.  He is simply known as "Despair".

His powers also help him greatly in his endeavors.  He has the ability to control shadows, to make tendrils out of them, to use them as whips or sharp objects that are strong enough to compete with the hardest of metals.  He can use them to protect himself, get himself out of binds and completely control any situation.  A very useful ability also allows him to travel through shadows that are within eyesight, fading into one and coming out another.  His shadows can also be used for puppetry either by possessing someone's shadow or using shadow strings/tendrils to wrap around someone's body/limbs and control their movements or bind/constrict them.  Since his powers rely on manipulating shadows around him then he can be weakened by bright lights that make shadows fade or disappear.

His actual goal is quite deep and meaningful, it also has to do with his very dark and depressing past all of which I will explain in a spoiler:
His Past and Goal
- He grew up in an abusive household, his father physical beating him and his mother.
- In school he was highly intelligent but a social outcast.
- As he got older and became more aware of the world he grew more and more disgusted with it, with how it was run by corrupt governments and organizations, with how justice often failed and how so many people out there were just complete scum.
- In high school he learned one of his friends was raped by another student and nothing was done about it.
- Out of rage and hunger for justice he repeatedly kicked the teenage boy that raped his friend in the balls until he puked and passed out.
- After that he went home and mercilessly beat his abusive father to the brink of death and pleaded with his mother to finally leave him.
- Shunned by his mother and turned into the cops for both brutal assaults, he was arrested and locked away.
- From here his powers were discovered (perhaps he could have a mutant gene or maybe some organization used the teen for mutant experiments) - kept off record of course.
- Horrible and painful experiments were performed on him at the facility until one day he managed to escape by using his powers, slaughtering everyone that ever touched him.
- Now the only records of him are that of what happened to him before he was locked away and disappeared in the system.  He no longer has finger prints and thus he also wears a mask to completely hide his identity.
- He wishes to become more than a man, he wants to become a symbol and a martyr.
- He will erase the scum and corrupt world by first taking control of it and influencing it, he will become the very thing he hates in order to wipe out the rest.
- He will taint himself with hatred and sins, he will make the world fear him and see their flaws as he exploits them and also tears governments and systems down.
- So in the end he wants to change the world for the better and this is the only effective way he knows how to do it.
- He has become insane with all of the injustices in his life and from being tortured and experimented on.

Your Character
So you would be playing the female lead and really it's up to you when it comes to most of the details.  You could be a super heroine trying to stop this villain, or maybe a vigilante to give this a whole Joker x Batman feel.  Maybe you are another mutant working for the government, or you could just be a very skilled agent of sorts that is highly trained in combat and gadgets...kind of like the Black Widow, just as an example.  Really anything will work as long as she has made it her goal and duty to hunt him down in a game of cat and mouse.

It will almost be like a competition.  Every encounter she is bested by him she has to learn more about his powers and weaknesses to try and best him next time.  He makes it a game to challenge her every time but this is where some non-con themes come into play.  When she fails and he catches/traps her he will molest/rape her.  He will start off small, such as for the first time he may just inappropriately start kissing her and rubbing her through her panties.  Next time he amps it up by fingering her...after that it could be oral and then it could be vaginal rape and so on and so forth.  It never breaks her will though, she is strong and it only makes her more determined to catch him and make him pay - but always catch him since it's against her morals or against the contract of her job to kill him.  Even though she acts like she hates and detests him she could secretly start to love and enjoy how he treats her body and causes her rough pleasure - even though she denies it with her lips her body gives away her true feelings.

Then of course the first time he does cum on her/in her he is actually providing her with his DNA.  All this time and all these crime scenes he did not leave behind a single cell of DNA, and here he is deliberately "giving" it to her.  With this she can pull up his dark past but notice how he just kind of disappeared and went off grid.  He can secretly be showing her the truth and letting her get to know the real him.  It can lead to her finally catching him at some point and hands him over, only to find out that the government agency she is working for or the organization that hired her is the very same one that tortured and experimented on him.  They brutally beat him and when she finds out the severity of the torture she actually ends up breaking him out...perhaps it turns out he got caught on purpose so she could learn the truth behind the government agency/organization she worked for and from there she learns even more about him.

Alright so there is the general idea about the characters, their conflict and how their relationship will generally develop over the course of the role play.  Everything can be discussed, things can be changed or modified.  If you are interested then please send me a PM, but have some idea on the kind of female protagonist you want to play opposite from my antagonistic character.