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March 08, 2021, 05:58:46 am

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Author Topic: Character / plot heavy rp (F for Male character)  (Read 1011 times)

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Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Character / plot heavy rp (F for Male character)
« on: August 20, 2014, 12:04:30 am »
While I realise that E is a sexual roleplaying site, currently I am not in the right frame of mind for a wholly sexual roleplay. So. I am looking for a partner who can weave a tale with me. Whether this is blood and mayhem, drama and intrigue, romance, or something entirely different. I am open to suggestions and ideas and I am willing to listen to any idea you may have. I strictly play female characters, while the players gender doesn't matter, I am looking for a male character to play opposite mine.

I have a few ideas, mostly based off roleplays that I did not get to start (due to the players getting themselves booted off E..) or ones that have seemed to fallen off the face of the planet.

In short -

A serial killer and his victim, only she does something to make him want to get to know her better before he takes the final step. (a lot of wiggle room here)

One of our characters has just been diagnosed with cancer and the other is helping with their bucket list (again, lots of wiggle room)

There are others, but those two are on my mind right now.

I am willing to have almost any sort of violence, blood, gore, etc.

So to summarise, I am looking for a partner that understands that sex/smut does not equal a story. I am fine with graphic, bloody, gory scenes, and I am even willing to do passionate,  hot scenes, but I do not want the rp to centre around it.

I am looking for drama, mayhem, emotion. If you have something in mind, please, message me.

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: Character / plot heavy rp (F for Male character)
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2014, 06:10:32 am »
Expansion due to some differences in ideas.

Serial killer and his victim. What I am looking for here is more a violent (not abuse) romance. I am not looking for him to take her prisoner, but more to keep his story secret from her for as long as he can while he is still killing other women/men/whoever his victims are.

Ultimately I want to explore the side of him where he is trying to be "normal" for her and her finding his secret out or even him telling her.

I see him getting more violent with his kills, but we can discuss all the drama and nitty gritty in PM

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: Character / plot heavy rp (F for Male character)
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2014, 01:06:13 am »
Adding a few ideas and expanding on others. (Adding a few new ones again)

Again, I want all of these to be heavy plot with some smut, not the other way around.

A geeky guy, now to be specific, I am talking the normal kind of geeky guy, not a totally socially awkward guy who can't talk to women, but more a guy who has a love and passion for movies, games, comics, take your pick, and who is quirky and hasn't found the right girl. ((If in doubt, I am thinking kind of like Andrew Potts, from Primeval )). One night out at a pub he is stood up by friends and just as he is leaving he defends the stereotypical "Pretty" girl from jerks.... and the story follows from there. Do they have a one night stand which leaves her pregnant, does she fall in love with him, does he fall in love with her, do they become good friends?

Cancer victims. Ok so this idea can be flipped multiple ways. The main basis of this idea is that one of our characters has cancer and turns to the other for support. Whether they are a friend, aquaitence, stranger or hired company.  My preferred combination is that your character and mine have been neighbours for some time. I like the idea of an age difference, him older, my character younger, and in adulthood they have become friends, having bbq’s, helping each other through marriage breakups/relationship breakdowns etc. I see them having gotten quite close as they are both single now. My character has had a crush on yours for a long time, but never acted upon it, assuming that he would just see her “as a kid” the news that he now has cancer not only tears her apart as a friend, but deeper as well. The story will revolve around his dealing with the news, her response and their relationship.

Serial killer and his victim. This seems to be gaining many interpretations, some have interested me, some are so far from what I have in mind that I am wondering if I should explain what it is that I am looking for in specifics and let people adapt from that. So, he is not a complete loon, in fact he is high functioning, keeps a steady job, has girlfriends, has friends and to everyone around him is a ‘nice guy’. He doesn’t kill because some voice tells him to, but simply more… a hobby in a way. Think Dexter more than raving lunatic. 
My character is his next victim. He has been watching her, noting where she works, all that jazz, and one day she says something, does something, shows him something that makes him decide to postpone her death. Only, he finds that he cares for her. Ultimately this story will be about him and his emotional changes, as well as hers. I see them falling in love, becoming a team in a sense.  What I am looking for here is someone who is willing to go through the details of the emotions, the murders, the psyche. 

Time-travel. I am open to how this will work, whether it is intentional, accidental, based on available stories or something original. I am also happy for the travel to go either way - my lady back or forth, or your gentleman back or forth.

If you have your own plot heavy rp, please feel free to share / direct me to your post and hopefully we can find something to agree on.

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Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: Character / plot heavy rp (F for Male character)
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2014, 10:56:07 pm »
Added an idea, and updated some bits.