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August 12, 2022, 03:36:14 am

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Author Topic: 'The Favor' or ‘Sadomasochistic Tendencies’ done right.. Male seeking Female  (Read 985 times)

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** Reminder do not reply here please Private Message me if intrested and this will be done in the forums **

Before We Begin I would like to say something about this request..
    I took a great deal of time debating on whether to even post such a request thread, it was only when I admitted to myself that having thee fantasy and imagining living it, that the idea became plausible as well as arousing. This was when I decided to put up this request thread. I feel there are others on here like me sharing these ideas, and believer threads like these are healthy ways for us to enjoy exploring areas that we would not normally enjoy in real life. My goal with this thread request is to find a person who shares this fantasy and work with her to bring it to life in words and a forum post.
    I also wish to state right now I am looking for a female to explore this with, or at least a writer portraying them self to Elliquiy as female thus a Lady not a Lord. I also want to add that smokers turn me off so there will be no smoking or talk of smoking or smokers in the thread, feces, vore, gore, and other hard NO’s to be discussed in Private Messages will also be put into effect. But once those hard limits are put into effect .. anything and everything else is on the table.
To Begin With…
Acts of a Sadistic or Masochistic nature should only be contemplated and carried out when the idea that the ‘Pain is for Pleasure’. If the act is simply Pain for Pain’s sake this is NOT healthy on the part of the person it is being done to, nor is it healthy for the person doing it. Inflicting pain on a person for only one’s own enjoyment is something I am not nor will I ever be interested in nor would I tolerate if I ever saw it occurring. However if the Sadistic or Masochistic acts serve a purpose, and are for pleasure. and are done with so as to push the limits of both parties this intrigues me and is something I wish to explore, as the giver of said Sadistic or Masochistic pleasure.. however I will still force limits.
1st – Degradation & or Humiliation will only go so far with me, feces play is most defiantly something I will never do, urination is something I could see doing , unless this is placed as a hard rule or limit to eliminate from the story.
2nd – I refuse to inflict any permeant damage to a person.. breaking of bones etc.. weather in real life or in my writing, as what I write I imagine to be able to do in real life.
3rd – Hard limits/rules should and will always be put in place, I will do my best to bend them and find loopholes so be careful what you wish for, cause I am just the kind of writer that will give you it.
4th – I will not do Vore or Gore if I ever do there must be a reason and a mindset and I have yet to find that reason or mindset.
What you see above are the basic limits I want  in play, if you truly wish to push the idea of being treated as a sexual object, to be degraded, humiliated, treated sadistically as well as mascocisticly than any and all other actions should be left of the table. This thread is not meant for the light hearted but for those who truly want to have that dark side in them pushed and tested, who wish to be ‘hurt’ to be slapped, spanked, fucked roughly in any and all holes, to be treated as the dirtiest slut possible. For it is being treated as such as they get the most pleasure and cum the hardest wanting more. At times also it is not the treatment so much as the idea of it that treatment the hint of it, the not knowing that excites the person and in the end excitement and climax are the goals I will be working towards.
Having stated the above let us start with what I am not looking for..
            I am not looking for a person who wishes there PC to already have had any of these experiences.
     No I want to go with the idea that your PC has the ‘urges’ the ‘need’ the fantasies, but she starts out pure in body as new fallen snow. She has fought these demons and has done all she can alone to deal with them. I like for her to be a virgin, however if you wish her not to be the only object she has had in her is a ‘toy’ and be small or normal size and only vaginal or minor anal. She may also have played with alligator clips or nipple clips etc.. but she does not have the strength to go any further or do anything more herself. The main idea is that she afraid that is she does not find someone she can trust to help her to ‘willingly force her’, she will one day give into her needs with someone who could really hurt her.
     For age she will be seventeen years old it is the summer before her senior year and she has been considering for over a year what to do and who she cannot only confide in but also trust. Only one person keeps coming  to mind over and over, the only person she feels she can truly trust and confide in. She is terrified about what he will think or say or do, but this also sexually excites her and she can only pray that once she tells him everything, begs him to help her.. he will do this.
     This person is her  next door neighbor my PC., a teenager as well of the same age, a boy she grew up with and is still close to. Thought they never dated. She has watched him for the past year and realizes that he is not only pretty cute, okay really good looking. He also is very intelligent as well as protective, thinking back she remembers several time growing up where he showed a protective streak for her, yet at the same time she knows he is a bit of a risk taker as well as seems very confident and sure of himself. Reading up on her ‘condition’ as she has come to think of it she knows she needs someone who is a ‘natural dominate’ but also has a protective nature, and out of all the people she knows, he is the only one she can come up with to trust.
     I also have a bit more back ground on your PC, aside from her being 17 she is also an only child, her father passed when she was 10 years of age her mother works hard and is a very good looking woman. Her mother also has a secret that we can explore in the game if you wish. That secret is she is just like her daughter, so genetically they share the same mental disposition and if you wish to play the mother and daughter we can discuss this. The mother is early forty’s but looks like late twenties. I do not care of the body type, hair color, breast size, etc.. etc.. of either woman I prefer them to be Caucasian and only also ask that they have very sensitive bodies.. this goes for nipples and clits.. the more sensitive the better.
     I chose to bring the aspect of your PC’s mother into the storyline because she will ‘learn’ early on of what is going on with her daughter, and much to her daughters surprise, accept it. Her mother will accept it because confiding to her daughter she tells her she had and has the same urges. When she was younger she ventured down the ‘wrong’ path , for she did not have someone like my PC and she is happy that her daughter has found someone but insists that My PC come over to discuss what is going on. We then will learn it was only later in life when your mother met your  father that she was brought to hand and under control, your father helped to control your mother and give her what she needed. Sadly he passed away and your mother has been doing her best to deal with it on her own. Having my PC in the picture will have quit the effect on both mother and daughter. If you do not wish to write both parts of Mother and Daughter than I will simply write the parts of the mother and keep her contact to a minimal, however there will be contact so please understand and be willing to accept this, this may or may not mean incestual contact, this is not meant to be an incest thread but it could have some incestual aspects depending on the wishes of the female who will be writing with me.
As to the part of MY PC, as stated he is also 17 years of age, he is neither popular or un-popular in school. He is not a jock nor a geek he is his own person and stands out among a crowd even as he blends in. The only trouble he has ever gotten into were times when his sense of morality caused him to immoral acts. It was this that your PC took notice of, not violent by nature he did not hesitate to step up and defend a girl who was being molested, yet you also know he took advantage of his hero actions to get a date with said girl and have sex with her, you also know she says he is very well endowed. For my part I see my character as careful and calculating and does not realize he has a dominate personality until you approach him and make your ‘request’. The wording of which we can discuss but the basis of which is.. ‘You give him control, complete control to do anything he wishes anything at all’ but you do have three simple stipulations for him
"One, I don't want to be permanently damaged. I am on the Pill, so pregnancy is not an issue, but I don't want to be disfigured in any non-reversible way.
"Two, don't do anything that would make you lose respect for me. If you want to make me a slut, a whore, a skank, that's fine. As long as you still respect me. If you want the entire football team to fuck me up my ass, I'll do it for you. But if watching another guy screw me will make you lose respect for me, don't do it. I'd rather have my fantasy unfulfilled than have you lose respect for me.
"Three, the day after we graduate from high school, everything goes back to the way it was this morning.

((My PC takes his time thinks about what you have offered and rather than simply jumping at the chance to have you as basically a slave he could use and abuse, he counters the proposal and outlines it much more clearly, which is why you chose him in the first place))
I sat there examining her face, and this time she didn't look away. If anything, she was defiant. I said, "Are you sure those are the only restrictions?"

"I've thought about if for a very long time, and yes, those are the only restrictions," she affirmed.
"Let me go through the rules point by point," I said. "One: no permanent disfiguration. That leaves a lot of room open. Are you sure that is what you mean?"
She nodded.

"So tattoos are out, unless I reverse them, but I can pierce you as much as I want?" I asked.
Again, she nodded.
"And I can beat you and bruise you, but not break bones or knock out teeth?" I asked.
And again, she nodded.
"Two I could live with. In fact, it would be one of my rules," I said. "But Three I'm not happy with. Instead, if we go ahead with this, our year will start when you say, 'My fantasy begins now', and it will end when you say 'My fantasy is over'. Whether you say it after ten minutes or one year, that's how long it lasts. Can you live with that?"

(( and the above is where we start the start from, once we get everything ironed out in PM’s))
So if you feel this is the something you wish to write.. STOP… take a breath, re-read everything and than send me a PM and we can discuss anything I have left out.
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