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Author Topic: Fandoms the Quill is craving hardcore (F for M character)  (Read 368 times)

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Fandoms the Quill is craving hardcore (F for M character)
« on: August 19, 2014, 12:53:55 PM »
A demon and his moon princess- Devil May Cry/Sailor Moon Possible NC, depending on chosen male lead.

First, I need to explain something about the Sailor Moon involvement in this storyline, absolutely no one but Princess Serenity is involved. The whole super heroine thing never existed here, the Moon Kingdom is still very much thriving on the moon, Princess Serenity never died and never became reborn as Sailor Moon. Also, there is no Prince Endymion as there is no 'kingdom' on the earth, lol, he is long dead and in the A/U I have here, they never met.

Besides, the intended pairing is Dante and Serenity, unless my partner is  die-hard Vergil fan, then an exception can be made 

No knowledge of Sailor Moon is necessary, what is involved is very basic and easily explained if my partner has further questions.

Anyway, here is the plot:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When fearsome demons have finally reached the silver kingdom upon the surface of the moon and terrorize the peaceful Lunarians, Princess Serenity escapes the moon and travels to Earth to seek out the son of Sparda known to be on the side of good, Dante, in hopes that he might help her people dispose of their demonic menace.

Upon arrival on Earth, the princess is first approached by a demon she at first mistook for Dante and soon discovers to be his twin brother Vergil, a demon on the side of evil.
Serenity manages to escape Vergil, though not before unwittingly inspiring an infatuation for her in the normally heartless being, a most dangerous thing to do...

Her prayers are answered at last when she finds the demon Dante and explains to him her plight and his role in the entire thing. 
Dante knows that the mission will be difficult, even more so when Vergil begins sending his minions to search the city for the lovely moon princess that bewitched his heart...

Sample Post:
The sounds of her shoes click clacking on the marble floor as she fled through the dimly lit halls of the Moon Palace echoed in Princess Serenity's ears, almost mirroring the heavy pounding of her heart as it beat like a drum in her chest.

Demons... Here on the moon... No one was certain how or why... but they were here and unleashing terror upon the entire kingdom, Serenity herself had barely escaped with her life when they had reached the throne room... her mother... Queen Serenity the first... had fallen...
It was up to her now to find a way to save her people and one name came to her mind, her mother had once told her about a benevolent demon by the name of Sparda whom had two halfbreed sons... One named Dante and the other Vergil.

According to her mother and what their sources had told them, they regularly liked to see how the Earth was doing, Dante had chosen to align himself with good while his brother Vergil, had chosen to align himself with evil.
Serenity had made up her mind as she fled down the darkened halls towards the teleportation room that she would use to escape to Earth and seek out Dante, surely he would listen to her plight and help her save the Moon Kingdom.

'Pretty, pretty princess... Where are you pretty, pretty princess?'

Terror gripped her heart as she heard that mocking voice echoing about the halls, the same vile beast that had torn out her dear mother's heart had found her and now pursued her, taunting her with it's malicious laughter.
Hiking up the front of her gown to her knees to enable her to run faster, Serenity kicked off her white satin heels and bolted as fast as her nimble legs would carry her down the corridor until she came to the large ornate double doors that would lead to her to the one that would save her home.

Pushing them open, Serenity burst inside, pushed them closed behind her with the bar down from the inside and rushed for the shimmering crystal platform, she punched in the correct coordinates for Earth.
The malevolent demon was now on the other side of the doors, beating against them desperately as if it could sense that it's prey was moments away from going well beyond it's reach.

Just as the doors were beginning to crack beneath the heavy beating the demon on other side was giving it, pale blue and magenta lights began to swirl and engulf the moon princess until she and the lights were no longer there.
It was now to Earth the princess was taken to and there her search for the Moon Kingdom's savior would begin...

Nuada's return (partner is required to have seen Hellboy 2)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala did not die, Red beat Nuada, Liz destroyed the crown and Nuada disappeared while everyone's back was turned (seconds after the crown was destroyed), while Nuala returned with the group back to the BRPD

19 years after the defeat of the Golden Army, Red and his family continue with the BRPD, their children are fully grown and the organization under new much more agreeable management.
However, chaos strikes a new organization of terror arises and has Red's daughter Usagi abducted in the middle of the night, to be used as bait for her father.

Though matters get even more confused for the half demon when an silvery blonde haired male elf 'rescues' her... why worse? The prince decides that Agent Hellboy is incapable of properly protecting his lovely daughter and takes upon himself to 'keep her safe' while the new menace is about, leaving Usagi abducted for the second time in one night.

Though Nuada craves vengeance upon Red, he cannot deny what the demon's beautiful and feisty daughter makes him feel...

What will happen? -Intended to be a romance between Prince Nuada and Usagi-

Return of the White Prince -Sailor Moon

I am a huge shipper of Usagi and Prince Demande, I always thought he got such a raw deal in the anime and that he would have been way better for Usagi than that indecisive and distant as hell prick Mamoru. So I thought, why not bring him back to life, here is the opening I wrote for this idea, hopefully it might interest someone :)

Here is the opening I wrote for it along with the picture that inspired it:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Vicious swirling black wind whipped around her, slamming in her body over and over again as she struggled to drag oxygen into her lungs, let alone summon enough power to the crystal to achieve victory and save the earth once again.
It had been so sudden, the attack of this new enemy, they hadn't bothered with any plots or tricks like those that had come before, they just attacked and they attacked hard, half of Tokyo had already been demolished in the first energy blast from the mysterious invader.

She and the other sailor soldiers had responded to the attack as quickly as they could, but the stranger... he was strong... stronger than they'd ever encountered before... the others currently laid upon the ground around her, she didn't know if they were just unconscious or... or worse...
The light enveloping her from the crystal was all that was keeping her from taking as much damage as her friends had, but if she couldn't summon enough strength to lash back... she didn't know how much longer she was going to be able to keep this up...

“Come on, Usagi...” She coached herself aloud “You can't give up, everyone is depending on you! You have to keep fighting! For your friends! For the world you love!”

“Give it up, Moon Princess!” The stranger laughed, his voice seeming closer now through the screaming sounds of the black wind “You don't stand a chance! Give up now and I may take mercy on you...”

Groaning as she fought against the pressure of the wind to look up from where she sat on her knees, his black cloak and long waist length white hair whipped around behind him, his green eyes glinted in cruel amusement and a cold vindictive smile curved his lips.
He extended one hand and leaned in closer, allowing her to make out his face better through the blackness “You could rule the universe beside me... after all, a galactic emperor needs the loveliest maiden the universe has to offer as his empress...”

“I will... never give... up!” Usagi shouted at him, glaring defiantly as she held the crystal a smidgen higher than before, desperately trying to breath “I will... stop you... I will... save this... world!”

The stranger frowned, withdrawing his hand “You reject me? Insolent wench! I will teach you what happens to those that defy me!”
He strode forward as if the pressure of the wind didn't bother him in the slightest, nor did what light she could summon from the crystal seem to faze him at all, she glared at him exhausted as he raised a hand and brought down hard against her cheek, rendering the soldier of the Moon unconscious, the crystal clutched tightly in one fist.

The stranger grinned wickedly and bent down to scoop the fallen sailor soldier into his arms bridal style “Should have just agreed, would have made things much more pleasant for you... princess...”

It was pitch black, she couldn't feel anything beneath her... it felt as if she was just floating... all alone in black darkness... had she died? Was she in some sort of limbo?
“I failed...” She murmured, a tear gliding from the corner of her eye and down her cheek “I failed them all... I couldn't save them...”

“Don't say that...”

Her eyes opened as a familiar male voice cut through the darkness, she tried desperately to see, but it was just too dark... but that voice... she knew the voice “Prince Demande? Is that you? I must be dead...”
Suddenly the area around her seemed to brighten little by little as a form began to materialize in front of her, the white prince of Nemesis stood before her, his violet eyes gazing upon her warmly with love, his smile was comforting, he reached out and gently drew her into his arms, cuddling her against his chest “Take my strength... fight back...”
Her cheek rested against his chest as his arms closed tightly around her, she could feel such sweet warmth flooding her body and instantly knew it was coming from him... she could feel his power filling her and giving her strength...

“Fight, Serenity... Fight him...”


Green eyes widened in shock as the form of Sailor Moon began to glow with bright golden light, light that exploded suddenly from her body and threw him backwards away from her, the light stung horribly against his skin, he cursed loudly as he picked himself up off the ground, this would have to resume at another time. He needed to make a swift exit.
Not glancing back to see what was happening, the stranger thrust himself up into the air and disappeared in a shimmer of swirling black.


Usagi groaned as she began to wake up, she could feel a familiar set of warm comforting arms holding her where they lay upon the cement, she opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of the still unconscious male “Demande...”

“Usagi... Are you alright?”

Usagi sat up and turned to see Minako limping over to her, she glanced around to see that others were all alive too and slowly picking themselves up, everyone was alive and safe “Yes, I'm okay... but... don't panic... but... something happened... It's Prince Demande...”

“Of the Black Moon?” Minako exclaimed in shock as she limped over a little faster to get a good look “Well shit, it really is him? How in the world did this happen?”
“I'm not sure, but... he helped me...” Usagi murmured, reaching to brush some snowy white hair away from his closed eyes “I don't know how he's here, but... I'm glad...”

The soldier of Venus said nothing as she stood by and watching her princess gaze gently upon their former enemy, she did know though that the white prince of Nemesis had redeemed himself in the end, Usagi would have been killed if not for him... She owed him at least one chance...
Especially after all Usagi had been through recently... Minako still couldn't believe they'd caught Mamoru cheating on Usagi with Setsuna... it had near destroyed Usagi... the soldiers had decided unanimously that Setsuna was stripped of her status as a soldier of the Silver Millenium and both she and her 'lover' were basically banished in a sense... Minako as the leader of Usagi's soldiers made it clear that if they came near their princess again in the future, the punishment would be... severe...

“Let's get out of here...” Usagi insisted “We can go to Rei's for now, it will be easier to let Demande rest there without anyone asking too many questions. We'll decide where to go from there after he wakes up”
Minako nodded in confirmation and limped away to give her orders to the rest of the soldiers, but... she couldn't shake the feeling that this wasn't over yet... after all, no one saw whether or not the enemy had been eliminated...
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Re: Fandoms the Quill is craving hardcore (F for M character)
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Completely revised