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Author Topic: Explore! Write! Create! Sex! Relationship! [new ideas!]  (Read 569 times)

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Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Explore! Write! Create! Sex! Relationship! [new ideas!]
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:47:09 PM »
Hi there, guys. Check my signature for at length introductions, especially the O/O thread. I'm open to ideas and requests, so if you, for whatever reason, want to play something specifically with me than please, please just PM me the idea and we'll talk and see if I'm in to it. I don't really want to run two threads, but consider this a call for the forums as well as email and, if you're approved, IM. I have no preference to whether my writing partner is male, female, or anything else. It does not matter to me and it shouldn't matter to you. Stories don't have to be sexual, but I assume they will be. I roleplay as a hobby. But being that this is an adult forum, I'll probably put mostly adult ideas up that will focus on character relationships and the like.

I play M/F, F/M, and F/F. I will say that I prefer to play a female character, so those roleplays, generally, will be the ones that get tagged first, but I always try to tag everyone at least once a day and hopefully many, many, many more. I post very fast when I'm into something. If you want to see a writing sample, try out my introduction thread or send me a prompt, and I'll respond to it as best I can. It's no problem!

This is something I'd like to try in both roles. A kidnapper is a generic term, it could be anything and anyone, from even an uncle or a cousin, to a hired rogue or someone with a vendetta against the royalty of the region. This would be a roleplay where the Kidnapper decides to keep their poor abductee and turn them into a slave/pet/whatever you want -- and go from there. The setting is open, from modern fantasy, science fiction, to fantasy. I have lots of extra ideas, and I dunno -- it seems like a good idea, despite how generic it sounds. Nonconsensual, obviously -- hell, maybe even the princess arranged to be kidnapped for some reason and then the rules got changed up on her! Oh god, that sounds devilishly fun.

The same concept as above, but without the princess backdrop. This would be a human trafficking scenario. This would also apply to someone getting trafficked and sold to someone completely unrelated. I'd also totally explore this in a realistic setting -- especially if they got so daring as to bring them outside! Once again, will play any role, and want to play both! Very, very obviously nonconsensual! It's fair to say that forced submission is definitely one of my favorites, I guess.

Sounds generic, right? But I've never explored this, and it seems like it would be fun. This would be a real world setting or hard science fiction in the future. This would be consensual. I dunno, it just seems like it would be fun to explore a 'real world' relationship between two characters that switch on each other. For this setting, it would be F/F only, sorry!

These ideas seem pretty generic and bland, right? That's intentional. I'm here for an open call, to get attention and make you wan to do something. When I get interest, thats when I got in depth with my partners preferences. That's when I flesh out the setting, the world, the place. These story's focus basically on a relationship between two characters, but I am not afraid and definitely willing to flesh the world out around them. I guess it's fair to say that I'm looking for these to both be short or long term. The idea is to craft something personal, beautiful, fun, sexy, interesting -- whatever the hell we want it to be!

Like I said, I'm into things that aren't listed here and we can do storys that don't have smut at all if you want, or they're nonstop smut. Send me a your idea in a PM please!
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Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Re: Explore! Write! Create! Sex! Relationship!
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 02:13:39 PM »
Hi, more ideas guys.

A game with a system: I didn't list this in my preferences because I didn't want to sort through all the systems, but I'd love to play something with a system. This could be adult or, more likely, not usually. I really like tabletop games and systems with dice rolling, but I never really have a group for them. Plus, it's not nearly the same quality of roleplaying IRL compared to online. If you have ideas, let me know. I think zombie, apocalypse, etc. settings would be interesting, but anything I'd normally play would work.

Also, games with small groups would be good. 3, 4, 5.

Something involving a grim world where people are gaining powers and dystopian government doesn't like it. That would be awesome too, with or without a system.

I'll probably edit this later with more ideas.

This one is based off of a forum I took part in. So the basic premise is that the world has been destroyed, in that the world outside the major population center is -- well, a wasteland. The major city has plants. The catastrophe destroyed all animal life besides human beings. A scientist got around this by splicing human and animal DNA -- on his own second child -- and created a shifter. From there on, there was a government program or whatever that took second children and spliced them, and then when two shifter's get together, they can have shifter children who first shift at six, etc. They were always sort of treated half animal.

There was an orchestrated riot that resulted in all shifters either hiding out unidentified -- unlikely due to technology, but possible -- or being captured or exiled. Captured shifters are collared and sold as pets to high ranking members of the society. The society is dominated by nepotism. There are different collars. A generic shock collar that can shock when trying to shift, a collar that makes it impossible to shift into the animal form, and custom collars. Shifters have to wear one at all times or face execution.

Shifters often exhibit tendencies of their animal, too. The animal takes on the traits of their human form -- I.E. a black haired tiger shifter would be a black tiger. They have no rights, no protection. The only 'hope' one might have of complete escape would be by joining the radical terrorist group of shifters. Other important aspects would include that shifters seem to be eternally young, seem to heal faster and have slightly enhanced senses. [Something inherited from the setting would be the idea of females going into heat, but I don't really care.] I actually have a very specific character in mind here.

I want to play a wolf shifter. She's blonde, and has blue eyes. She's young -- eighteen -- and is a born shifter. She's 'purebred' in that both of her parents were Mackenzie Valley Wolves, and so is she. She has a gold coat and blue eyes when transformed, and these shifted animals often tend to be much larger than normal -- and even among shifters she's a large specimen. Very pretty, very desirable. Except... she doesn't think anyone should be treated second class. She's strong willed, reluctant. She's the kind that will challenge constantly and consistently for dominance because it's in her DNA. The only person she didn't challenge was her father. Her parents are missing, and she got caught sneaking out of the sewers to try and get food. And I imagine that she was bought before being 'trained' just to make sure her personality is as strong as ever for the story.

If this interests you, contact me!
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Offline Soaring KnightTopic starter

Re: Explore! Write! Create! Sex! Relationship!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2014, 12:05:10 AM »
Still alive! Limping, certainly... but still alive!

In addition to the ideas above [especially shifter? Anybody? Come on!]... how about something with a roman and a gaul or a frank? For those less savvy... a Roman patrician and a captured 'barbarian' from Gaul, which would be what is present day France. A fierce one, captured and not killed by sheer luck and taken through the traditional processing of roman society when dealing with 'uncivilized brutes' -- their feet are chalked, they are taken and split from anyone they know, and brought to the interior to be sold as a slave. Most end up working in fields; a few end up gladiators. And more than a few end up working at a brothel, or as a personal servant.

All sorts of fun things; a language barrier[unless the roman can speak gallic or frankish], a fierce, fighting 'barbarian' spirit; culture shock. Loneliness. Dependance. Cruelty and kindness. Come on. I'll play either or, and most likely multiple characters. You have to want this!

...and i would totally play this with more than one person, too. At the same time.
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